Why Does Our Eman keep Changing

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Brothers and Sisters in Islam as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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The topic today is about the fluctuation of Amen.

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And I'm sure that a lot of us have that. In fact, I think every one of us here would have that concern and that worry

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my brothers and sisters, I'd like to begin by saying that you have nothing to worry about. If your Eman goes up and down and fluctuates. Every single person goes through that.

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And this is something that the scholars have almost unanimously agreed upon, except for one of the scholars by the name of Abu Hanifa. And the hunt, he reckons that the man itself doesn't rise and fall, but a person moves away or comes closer. But the rest of them say the Eman itself rises and falls either way they both are approximately the same meaning people sometimes feel closer to Allah subhanaw taala and your Eman fall sometimes

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brothers and sisters what is a man

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a man is a feeling inside your heart.

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It is a belief within your self

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that you feel

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a closeness with to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that closeness is different between one person and another. Isn't that correct? Even within yourself, there are days you feel closer days you feel less close. And days you feel amazingly close. Some people go through a trauma or a hardship. And they find themselves getting closer to Allah more than any other time they felt in their life. And there are others who have a regular feeling of closeness, just by merely hearing the Quran. Just by merely going and praying. Some people will feel a closeness in the night, when everyone's asleep at a time of peace. A lot of the mothers, for example, have children.

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A lot of children, they need some space sometimes. So whenever they have a peaceful moment, such as at night, it is a time for them when they feel close to Allah Subhana Allah, sometimes he was brothers, you're driving your car going somewhere for business or something for your family and you're alone. Your work on, you know, little, I was going to say a cassette tape that was in the olden days now, you put on a recording or something of a lecture that reminds you of the Hereafter or Jana, or Hellfire or the Stories of the Prophets, or the size of the last hour or Salat or anything like that about Allah's names and attributes, or just Quran and you feel a closeness to

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Allah subhanaw taala. And there are other times when you don't feel that close, in times, for example, a social gathering that you have, where maybe there are certain people in that gathering that are not really people who remember a lot that much. And you struggle to do that sometimes you have forced to be among family members. And among those family members, there are those who are not very close to a lot of those who are not practicing at all. And you are there and you have to be there you can't just avoid and get away. In fact, you shouldn't. And you feel that your Eman may sometimes be questioned and challenged a little bit. Sometimes your desires get in the way,

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sometimes you feel a little bit less confident to stand out as a Muslim in front of them or as a believer, sometimes you let things go. Sometimes your children make you a bit tired. And then you just let things go a little bit. Your Eman goes down. Sometimes it goes down when, for example, there's something that your desire wants to listen to or watch. Or maybe you have a particular interest in something from your earlier days and it's sometimes excites you maybe sometimes you're walking through the market and then you hear a song that reminds you of your past or something like that or maybe lifts your spirit in a way that when I say lifts your spirit you know what I mean by

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lifting of spirit in a way that is not really a way that makes you connected with Allah subhanaw taala your Eman gets affected my brothers and sisters there are so many things around us that continue to challenge us up and down. Whether it be your family or your friends, whether it be the environment, whether it be something you're listened to or watched, whether it be a silent moment or a moment when you're excited or someone has called you to share with them. So well Eman is always fluctuating my brothers and sisters. And Allah subhanaw taala knows this. He knows this. And he addresses this in the Quran. Why does he address this in the Quran so that you don't run away from

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him so that you don't give up on him so that you don't doubt yourself so that you don't give up on your

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He doesn't want you to burden yourself. Listen to what Allah for example, says to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when the Prophet peace be upon him will first receive the Quran. And he felt that he had a mission that was heavier than the mountains upon his back to deliver the message while his own people are going to shun him and kick him out.

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He was going to be a very he knows it's very hard, very, very difficult. So Allah subhanaw taala told him, Baha,

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Zan, Aileen canacona analytische call

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for her to let us we don't know their meanings.

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And then he says, We have not sent down this Quran upon you, speaking to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in order for you to feel

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misery, and hardship and failure,

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so that you may go through hardship in life, to burden you.

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We're not sending this down on you to burden you.

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So don't worry too much. Just go with it. And it will guide you

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don't, don't try to struggle and burn yourself over, not being able to fulfill what I've commanded you in the best way. You will be able don't worry about that you just do what you have to do.

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The Quran was not sent down upon us to burden us the Quran was sent down upon us, to help us and to guide our way and to when we feel that we think that we are arrogant or we're just gonna go to Jannah and no matter what we do the Quran reminds us and gives us a bit of fear. At times when we feel very afraid the Quran comes down to do what to soften your heart and to make you feel secure again.

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So the Quran Allah said for example, in it

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done in fitness. Nilda Xena Kapha Rooney Stein, your cleaner Latina Oh, don't kita is the levena. Oh,

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Allah said, and we did not make

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the gathering upon you when the kuffar gathered upon the promise of asylum as a trial to you for any other reason. Except for those who have faith

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to have taqwa and belief and security in their hearts, in the face to Allah.

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Those who received the book and the Scripture

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so that they may be trialed with what they believe in.

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But the verse which I really want out of this is this part. Where's there that Lavina ermine, amen. And so that those who have believed in you a messenger of Allah can increase in their Eman?

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The reason I mentioned this verse

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is what I told you in the beginning. Eman rises and falls and Allah is acknowledging that in this verse, He's telling you in other words, I know that your Eman fluctuates. I know that sometimes you feel closer to me, and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you're a bit distant.

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And sometimes you receive trials and hardships and in those times, I know that your heart is challenged.

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You may think things that are not right. You may sometimes feel a little bit angry. Sometimes you may get a little bit tired. I know that Allah is saying

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and Allah says what he then

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zealot swore to

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And whenever we sent down a surah a chapter of the Quran upon them, some of them say

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your gums that the E man, Allah says some of you say to each other. Hey, which one of you was increased in the Eman with this new Surah that you've heard? You know when I want you to imagine that you're with the companions and the Quran is coming down bit by bit. And then every time a new sorta comes down, everybody rushes and says Hey, a new sorta has come down and they start to talk to each other like any human does. They say, Has this affected did you get affected by this surah has that raised god man i feel my Eman heightened with this surah Do you feel your Eman heightened

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that means again, that when you hear the Quran you're a man right

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says and sometimes when you don't hear the Quran for a while, you realize that your Eman has diminished a little bit up and down.

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And his verse also tells us that the true believers, what is the sign of Your Eman that is still there. That when the Quran is recited upon you

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it starts to rise a little bit. It starts to get affected.

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Every one of us goes through a time where the Eman kind of becomes like a little flame over a candle.

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And then the Quran comes and lights it up again.

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That's how you know that your Eman is still there.

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Then Allah says,

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well Melodien Fe upon OB model as for those whose hearts are filled with diseases

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for sad at home, Roger Richardson in Regency in him, when I hear the Quran, it just increases the impurity upon the impurity that's already in their hearts when to home kefir on and unfortunately, these people

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they die while they're still in denial and disbelief.

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So number one, brothers and sisters, your Eman rises and falls. So don't doubt yourself and don't think Allah doesn't know that. And don't think that there's anything wrong with you. Number two, the sign that your Eman is still there is that when you're reminded of Allah and when you're reminded of the Quran, it affects you. You find that you start to feel peace you felt you feel fear, sometimes you feel hope sometimes you feel closest to Allah you can't describe so long as you have that every now and then you know that your Eman is in there? Alhamdulillah and you can still work with it. But for those who don't feel anything when the Quran is recited, maybe once in a blue moon, then they've

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got diseases now. Why do I say once in a blue moon because disbelievers even feel something when the Quran is recited because the Quran is a powerful effect brothers and sisters, but the thing is they don't want it they don't want to feel that so they busy themselves with something else to not feel that purity anymore. Like a dirty sponge. You keep cleaning with it, but it won't clean