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The importance of understanding the meaning behind popular culture is emphasized, along with the negative consequences of not following rules and the Sombents' concept of "the Sombents". The speakers also touch on the history of Islam and its use of "overburden" and the potential consequences of not being able to deal with negative emotions. The segment ends with a Qaleed session and a session on Islam after a presentation.

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rather early he also Hoggish main my bad due for her behavior to drama later in Alima to mobile i Can you send a Fiat Excel on your Salah TLSAE de moda Yasuda Allah on early he also happy human saw that there's not a job on the bus at nights a beautiful night and the night the Sunnah is to increase your toilet upon the Prophet and all good deeds.

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Yahweh Imam Muslim peace Hey, Abdullah hitting Abbas or the Allahu Anhu. Paul

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How do you try to clarify Muslims right to us by even Abbas within the theme of understanding Iman or one more Hadith tonight and then Sunday and then that's it. I'll move on to something different. This hadith tonight is attached connected to a man very in a very interesting kind of a

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very specific way. So when you hear that how do you understand what I mean? So I must tell us a little bit of something that happens when he says this is narrating a story Allah, La Manus Island.

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The Hill area, we're in doobly doo Murphy and fusi calm oh two fu passive income Villa that when the verse is little Bukhara was revealed the one that says and if you are to expose or show or show off what it is that you have inside your heart, or if you are to conceal it and keep it hidden, Allah will hold you accountable for it regardless.

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duckula perubahan minha che on langit kulula hoomin che? Little bit of a weird sentence, what are you saying out of usados M is it something from that verse enter their hearts that had never never entered their hearts before in terms of of worry of fear of sorrow, as I became very upset when they heard this idea, because the thought that if they as long as he didn't say it or do it that they're off the hook, and that a thought or a bad intention that was not seen through would not be something you'd held held accountable for. Of course this hadith is it has different interpretations. I'm not gonna get into that today, but I'm gonna show you how they call NW Salah is LM fu semi Ana Aparna to

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be very careful face I mean, I know what I thought I say we have heard y'all be listened we heard and we obey.

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Meaning when they heard that, they had some fear. They had some worry. They even had a few objections and some put their hand up but why is it like that? The Prophet audience thought was that um, so you know, they don't know his face. I mean, I know a partner that's what you're supposed to do you say I we heard we listen to understood and we will obey.

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You know Lavina huh? Do you have any food Kalama and Manuel very he way up Aluna to me, Anna. What I'll say in West Maria Ramos Matt in what are in lamb lcsd Hinomoto animal feed Dini, we don't want to lose me I know are gonna look kind of

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like Ilana hula hoop you could feed him for like, Alina. So when he talks about Allah subhanaw taala talks about alakija and I did a couple of footballs actually, just about this specific concept two years ago, where they just sent me I know, I'll say, you know, that's what we've heard and we disobey we don't accept, because it doesn't fit any, whatever agenda we have, or whatever previous understandings we have run out of your slot to warn them say yes, I mean, I know Alana, you hear something, it doesn't agree with you or you, you struggle with it, you just say something I know I'll find out when you hear the words of Allah subhanaw Because if I call those races,

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even ibises but if I look Allah will Eema and if equally will be him.

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My best comments, what happened qualified, Allah who will Imana people who will be him Allah subhanaw taala bestowed Iman within the hearts of the Sahaba and they said it is it sent me I know Altana he calmed down. And

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this here is another example of a moment where you struggle where things are unclear where you are scared where you are in doubt.

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Eman is supposed to kick in.

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That's when Eman is supposed to kick in. is supposed to be activated and then save you and get you to say the right thing. get you to think the right thing. Get you to behave in the right way. That's what Ema is for a man is supposed to be something that you would turn lies and is sitting in there. Once you're presented with the opportunity or within with with a dilemma that could potentially bring out something negative emotion it kicks in and it gets you to do the right thing.

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That's where the profit is assigned to us. And we talk about the Sombrero and the submarine Lulu you talked about true perseverance is what happens when you're when you're facing the dilemma. First time when you're facing the masiva right at the first minute. Why? Because at that minute, that mostly about Will has the potential to pull out a lot of garbage from the inside. But if your Eman is true, if you if you've internalized these concepts and they actually are going to mirror into behavior and you and you've learned this and you practice it then it will kick in at that right moment and the right thing will come out and you will say husband Allah Who am I lucky? You will see

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it all the little Villa hero

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above, or you'll say to a pill to Allah Allah, you'll see it hamdulillah you'll see that Hola, La Quwata illa or in La La Negra Hirogen, you'll say something and you'll think something that's appropriate because email will kick in at the right moment. So the best even though at the time he was a child, he was able to see it. You almost saw it. And he described it as such. It's very interesting, because Ibis is talking about something he saw when he was maybe 10 years old. That's how old he was when this idea was real. Palo Alto Allah Who email and if equally will be him. It's like I saw Iman enter their hearts and then and then kick in and they said something, they said the

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right thing, but assume that Allah Who?

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Allah you can live with Allah Who nevsun In Wasaga mcheza To Allah McDevitt. dama, cassava to Allah hammock testamento bene, there are two Kidner in nesina Patna Roberta will attack Mila Elena Elena your salon Kana Hamilton, who led and I know Polina every time he would come to one of the verses that have a dua that you call if Allah when absolutely no Salah either will not hold you or will not burden you with more than you can carry. You will be given what you're deserved, and you will pay for your pay your dues. And then he gives you a DUA to say Oh my Lord, do not hold me accountable when I forget or make a mistake. And then the Prophet Allah you start to some would pause, you will

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say your kulula who had filed Allah subhanaw taala says yes, I will. I will. I will accept accept your DUA. I will not hold you accountable. For what you forget your what you're missing. Rob bene. Well, I definitely like to have someone come out Hamels, Dehiwala lady and Bobby or Lord do not carry upon us a burden, similar to the one that you carried upon the nation's before us, but they'll be isolated, filed. When you make that draw, your Lord says I guess I will have been willing to have a meal or Catalana de Graaff. One Will Ferrell and our Honda and thermo learner, and he will say subhanaw taala. But to find the Prophet alayhi salam is basically and he commenting on these verses

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as he is reciting them to the sahaba. Every time he recites the verse, he says the hula hoop but fine, I accept your DUA and it will grant you that which you're asking for. I will not hold you accountable for that what you make mistake of or you forget, I will not burn overburden you with that what you can't carry and I will forgive you. And I will pardon you and I will grant you my compassion.

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And this is and this is what happens when you when Eman kicks in at the right moment. Allah subhanaw taala will grant you these will grant you the easement grant you the ability to deal with it doesn't necessarily mean you're not going to go through the difficulty that's coming your way. He will grant you the ease that will allow you to get through him change the outcome. He didn't. He didn't abrogate the verse. He just added verses that made dealing with it much easier. But most of it they didn't take back what he said no, he kept it. But he just added it to make it easier for you to deal with. He won't overburden you. He will not ask you to do more than you can He will forgive he will

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look away he will. So it's easier not to deal with this. Why but they had to say they had to say something I know Altana

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call was me I know I'll turn around the same verses overall Anika Robinette you know you can go back and you know if you read this if you understand the story a little bit better because the verses actually kind of almost narrate the story itself. But what I the reason I tell you this story is just because of those words even ibises

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it's like I can almost imagine him or the Allahu Anhu watching the Sahaba and seeing Iman kickin

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seeing them activate their Iman and say something I know a lot of times even though the verse when you first listen to it if you were led to believe something different is very difficult to deal with. I'm gonna be held accountable for everything

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that's impossible to me I know Altana almost said it didn't say it. You reminded them on the inside to Islam and then email just kicked in Yeah, no, no, no, no, no. I mean I know autonomous I mean I know autonomous wherever you want. Wherever you say whatever you decide you're wherever you decrease no problem no problem. So I mean, I know Altana I don't have to like it. I don't have to agree with it doesn't have to suit me doesn't have to be catered Exactly. For my for Sunday. I know a lot of fun. And then Allah subhanaw taala made it easier for them to accept. I think that's something that we should remember Iman has a purpose within us that it should serve. I think we should think about

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the Muslim Desai and Abdullah who are bursts of the Allahu Anhu con La Mesilla Tad hilarya in the doobly doo mafia and who cecum Otto who has he become be Hila

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Dakka Pulu the Sahara but even Hashem Langer the whole perubahan min che

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parla Holman Nabil you'll sell Allah who sent him kudos and yeah, no I'll find that. But if Allah will email and if you put it will be him for God who commands that Allah hooter Ida Robin, Allah attack me Allah Allah, you know, Aslan paella cutfile Robina Willa to humble Nirmala Takata Elena de la quinta fond of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salatu salam spackling Hyundai Shinola ilaha illa Anta Stubblefield go to Lake wa sallahu wa salam O Allah, Allah, maybe you know, have you been on Muhammad Ali's main show? We'll see you tomorrow. So after Jeremiah 10 to 30 with Natalia, we have a q&a session right after

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is baraka Luffy crimson I'm only gonna have like a bucket