Adnan Rajeh – Mindfulness of the tongue #10

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of art in modern Arab culture and how it is missing from modern art practices. They argue that art is not just a media product but something that is missing from culture. The lack of appreciation for art and the focus on garbage in modern art led to a debate with Islam, leading to a need for art in bringing people to their hearts and bringing their experiences to life.
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Yeah, he asked this young man Do you know any of it? Colin um, I do a column he in Arabic That means give me an answer to who beta. So I told him a verse of poetry because he made another one and said to beta call Allah He had said to me a debate until I recited for him 100 100 verses of poetry. Takada, the HUD curd and use nem almost arrived at Islam on his own. And the ratio of Marlon bingeable paella in Bologna less. Sometimes words are like magic, and I'll talk about that tomorrow and show that he almost except this time, he didn't make it may be salt didn't accept Islam, never did

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get the private ally aside to assume not only was interested in his poetry, he asked someone to recite those pieces of poetry to him. Now, not only did he ask a Sahabi but that's the hobby knew at least 100 verses

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you know, how all of you know lyrics to certain you're not going to come and tell me I share fake memory, you know them the moment to beat Startseite they write they just come out because you know the lyrics you just know the lyrics not going to come and tell your father about or you know, boast about it. But you know, the lyrics of these songs, or of these pieces of poetry that are important for your time? Normal? It's normal, it's always been normal. It's never been abnormal for you to know the popular aspects of poetry within your time. Should he didn't sway did and why are they even devil did and the provider you sought to ascend didn't find it weird that they did, he asked he

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actually expected them to and ask them to recite it upon him. He was more interested in the part of popular culture that had a little bit of wisdom in it, or you saw to Islam. He wasn't interested in the garbage that talked about misogyny and, and the idea and the culture of * and drugs and, and kind of carelessness and no he carried it aside with the part that had a bit of wisdom in it. Even if it wasn't Islamic wisdom, even if it wasn't though he'd wisdom, even it was wisdom that was composed and thought of during the time of Chinook by a missionary who died and Mushrik and never had anything else to add to that than that. But he was still interested in the wisdom that existed

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in that he expected the kid to know it, he knew it and he had him recite upon him 100 verses and why this generation he said I got scared like is he doing this to see how much I know from this. So he can chastise me for knowing it. Because they should know the Quran instead and provide do I know all this poetry, everything they did, they knew their poetry, they knew their poetry, poetry well with the documentation of their culture of their time. piece of art is so important for any society or community to prevail. You need it. If you take any you take a community, you take a faith or an ideology, and you you rip out the concept of art and throw it away. Just wait. Just watch them

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shrivel into nothingness over time. Because they don't have they're missing. There's something's missing. It's a miracle. Allah It's a miracle that our Muslims till this day we stand the way we do. Because we have lost we don't have art, we haven't had art for a couple of 100 years. But Subhan Allah the Quran carried us through all of it. Because the Quran is so artistic in its own nature, because the Quran you cannot recite it with you have to sing it. Understanding that what we're saying here is not what I'm talking about Danny performing on the stage, meaning you can't just read it as you speak. You can see I've already told you the cover Robbie is in our call a little tight

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and you get you do that we kick you out of the machine, we bring someone else, you have to read it in a voice you have to do whenever there's a med you have to go for accounts. When there's a when they had to do two counts. There has to it has to sound in a certain way. That's art. That's art. That's art. What is that? That is art. You're not allowed to recite the Quran, except artistically, you're not allowed. You're prohibited to recite it as if you're reading a newspaper you have to read it artistically. Even though it is the most profound philosophical, law based text that has ever ever existed. The Huck the kalam of Allah subhanaw taala. But we understand the concept of it. The

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Prophet alayhi salatu salam had a high appreciation of art, he expected his followers to have a high appreciation of art. If you don't have a high appreciation of art, I am telling you cannot appreciate the Quran. You can't you can't if you don't appreciate or you can appreciate the Quran because the Quran has an aspect has a very strong, beautiful, beautiful artistic side to it that if you don't understand or you can appreciate that part of the Quran that's missing for you. That's why people don't enjoy the Quran anymore. They don't they read it because they have to, but doesn't do anything for them. They don't sit there and complete joy. I remember like I see.

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Well, I hate not just doing it.

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Let's just say even even artists today they don't. We have an Arabic culture for people who are huddled know that modern modern Arab songs are garbage. But if you go back to like the old days in the 60s and 50s you had people like them consume and you had like 30 people who would sing for an hour, right for an hour. Until this day there aren't lives on because they when they sang it for

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They there was a there was a there's compassion and there was some there were some connection to it now it's all just di Neva CGI. And I don't know I've been playing around with it. It's all it's all this garbage. It's not I don't know why I'm getting old. So you know, whenever you get older, start looking at whatever is there anything is all bad but that they still had that compassion that passion to them. The Prophet alayhi salam when he was saying the end felt it, it came to the words, you felt that when you heard him it assaulted him because he meant he not only did he read it, he understood what he was reading and he meant when he was reading, and that's how the Sahaba did. And

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that's how it was done for a long time. Until recently. I think it's not just the fact that we're disconnected from the Quran. No, I think it's because we're also disconnected from art from, from tasting art and enjoying and appreciating art. I think there's something missing here. Something missing. And I'm not saying go and listen to all the garbage that's out there and not there's not even a debate about music here. That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to say that as a culture as a community as a face. i We need art. You can't expect me to be able to bring Shabaab to the massage and to keep them here without it. You can't You're asking me to do the impossible is not possible.

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You need art and keep it going. The Arab had their poetry and it was irrelevant. Why do you think a sun and cut and carbon Ebola Wallahi Islamically. They hadn't. They were not. They were not early on. And they were not great Yaniv fighters. They actually have a story of Abdullah not being a great fighter and being very scared when he was given the the leadership of Buddha but they were artists. And the words they said would live on their poetry till this day exists. Till this day you can we don't memorize but it's still there. Hola. Hola. Hola, hola. And Dana without also Donna what else Elena, but in Zeeland, Sakina and Elena with a bit of luck in El Macatawa Lena and in Urdu, fitness

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and Albanian and the Prophet Allah has also been a been a you know, sort of like Selim. And those words lived on in their minds. Because there was poetry. It documented a time it documented a feeling it gave it gave him something to refer to the day we said that, till this day, we seem fallible. We don't even have authenticity to that song. We can't even authenticate that song but it because it's so meaningful to us. You're here to write about what you think of the Think of individuality you saw to us and we think of Medina you think of a stallion that you see a lot in your mind you can see without on the car, but that's what you see. It's art. It touches you to

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something beautiful.

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Without that something's missing. He appreciated the earliest thought was, that's why we have these ahaadeeth We have to learn to appreciate that again, or else we're walking on very thin ice. The other way that you know Muslim one feels so heavy and it should even psuedo Allah one who call Rajiv to rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa early he was selling them a Yeoman for Kyle has dabbled in machinery Omega to me, you're salty, but go to Nam for Tata he Fancher to Baden Bacara. He ventured to debate and propaganda he had to debate for pardon.

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