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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Welcome to pronounciation of prayer and this one being close prayer video number nine, we finished our prayer Rubby Johnny McLean masala it will mean the RE Yeti what banana what taka dua, Robin ofili Winnie Whalley, the year with me Nina yo maya cool. Hey SAP Robina wala Amna and Furusawa inland Dauphin, Lana water Hamner, Lana Kona nominal. hacia dean. And from here, tuck my chin to my sternum. Look at the joint what you would call your armpit. I don't have pits. I have a shoulder joint. And in between that I look at my shoulder a Salam aleykum, the metaphysical idea of seeing salaam to the angel center shift. A salam Wa alaykum wa Rahmatullah

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mentally shaking hands with the angel, at least acknowledging him and looking at the shoulder. So that's gonna happen when I look down, chin to armpit, look at shoulder, come back.

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Prayer is complete. I take a few moments, a stowford Allah a stowford, la a Sofia, Allah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, video one transfer, you might have been here for a while, you may have lost track of your body. I'm going to transfer by placing my hands down and leaning to one side, slowly peel out one foot peel on, you can feel it was I sitting on the joint. Now I'm going to rotate and just let this this foot for me. As somebody dealing with a little bit more tense joints is tighter. I'm going to nurse that knee back in. Some of us can enter a full lotus if you would like to one leg on top of the other if you want and you do not need to do so. When you are

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comfortable. I want you to get a second grounded position. Here are my hip flexors. Here's my pelvic bone, the bone inside me. I want you to find, can you feel it? There you go find your hip flexor. Now you're sitting in a seat. hips are stacked. You can feel if you move around in your tush. You can feel those little bones kind of grabbing moving the earth a little Do you feel it that little?

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Not exactly. We're getting there. Once your hips are stacked Allahumma Anta Salam wa Minca Sana, the bow rock diadems Jelani wali kromm Allahumma Anta Salah worming Kassala de abou walk de avond, Jelani one a kromm one I'm settled here one of the first practices after Allahumma antha Saddam, and I can say this is a thing I haven't missed since childhood. May God keep us amongst them was saline.

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AYATUL kursi Ayat al Kursi after every obligatory prayer before speaking moving or talking Anyone else speaking and talking same thing. I had 255 Surah Bacala let's get it on. l waffle. Allahu La ilaha illa when hang Yun a your Allahu Allah ilaha illa who and how you will die you know that whole zoo who that cause all who Sina Dong wala no levou mouth is sama wire the wire mafia, our

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Fein our man the Navi ash Farrell are in Tao who in in Labby in need ne er level ma Bina AB him one mile high febrile why you hate tuna you had poor Nabi Che E min min

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me he in a lobby mash

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was he was he coercing you voice coercing you who somehow was the one our

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summer was the one

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was he outdoorsy you lose some our the one out? Why Yeah. Who do who if though warmer HIFF flew? humara Wahoo one? Riley you ordered Alim I took RC let's look at it.

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Together hola hola. ilaha illa whoo and how you buy you buy you land that horn oh who horn or whole Cena dough what Sina do now on level Matthys sama Do you want my feed

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men the Navi men then Landry Yash fair federal or even though whole in

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in Labby in ni yanapuma bina ad he warm out coil Fairholme why you hate on Abishai II min y la ou he born be che II mean being Cherie and meet me in in Lobby Marcia

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was he had corsi you pose some our the one out why yeah we do have Lou Houma wha hoo ani you'll all leave wibu When it you'll either you'll Aleem

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Allahu La ilaha illa who will hate you or you lotta who who sinner to what I know love uma office sama Wati wa Murfin our men that another yesh Pharaoh wearing devil iLab easy men then leather yesh, Pharaoh in Davao inlab. Easily. Yeah move Albina ad one ma one fairfull What are you people now be che Minarik me he la vie Manisha. Was he good to see you somewhere where it went? Well, who do who have the warmer? Well, who an ally you lovely? A prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in the sound narration who ever read AYATUL kursi 255 Surah Baqarah after every obligatory prayer Fajr though her Asser Maghrib and Orisha there is nothing between him or her and Paradise

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except death. May Allah azza wa jal write for us paradise Allahumma inni S A Luca Jana video number nine pronounciation of prayer I had to Kersey was said a while ago Warahmatullah