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Radi Allahu Anhu claimed that he tonight a collection of Muslim is very close by so how you name it and even to say, and this is probably his only Hadith I think maybe he has one more. I can't remember anymore if he has more than one, but this is the one that I'm aware of. And this is within the theme, obviously of Dawa and outreach that we are going to continue with this week and probably a little bit of next week as well. There's a really interesting called

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Hadith because the Prophet alayhi salam within it is going to do something that we you may find a little bit awkward, like it's not something that we're used to hearing that the Prophet alayhi wa salam or someone is visiting would do. That's why I think it's an interesting Hadith to share with you. So what he said this, but the name had been said, isn't usable to find that anyone who say you say the following thought out into Hazel it out Rasulullah sallallahu. Allah who earlier said,

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I came to the profit out of your thoughts on the first time I would meet him, I came to him when he was in giving a hug. And the majority opinion is that at least the scholars think I mean, no one has a shot is that he wasn't giving Jamar at the time it wasn't a hotbed of job, I wasn't in the sermon of Jamar he was getting the hotbar. And the raw value slot to some would any talk he would give he would give would be called the host about

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especially he was standing up. So this wouldn't be called the whole blood because I'm sitting, I would just stand up and it would be called a customer. Obviously, again, it's not a drama hold, but it would still be called that. And these are just this is just nomenclature of the item. And whenever. And the reason that I don't do this training is because once you in the culture of Islamic culture, if I stand up and it's a hold well, then you are culturally and Islamically kind of obligated to sit and listen. But if I don't, then you can just get up believe it doesn't matter. Like it's so this is for your own for your sake. So you don't have to stay here just go because I'm

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not standing. I'm just sitting down. So it's up to you. But once I stand up, the idea is that you had to kind of stay until I'm done. And that obviously restricts people makes it difficult for them. So the Prophet Allah is also commonly I will say that Jamal when he felt there was something important to explain or there was revelation whenever the Quran was revealed he would stand up and he would give us a short hold bias caught up were very short, but he would reveal the Quran and explain something that he thought was important in the Sahaba would listen. So they needed even to say that will be Allah who came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam we in that stance. So he doesn't

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he's out of place as many people come to massage and they don't know what to do. What do you do if you come in someone's standing up and speaking? You come in and drop them? You come to the masjid and I'm talking to you clock in and drop me know especially if you're here you don't do that you sit you wait and this guy first time. First time he doesn't he just accepted his time has no idea he walks in the Prophet Allah is saying they're given. He said yellow suit Allah allows you to record Eborn T attacca. Yes, anyone Dini here? Landry? Medina who there's a foreign man who was here asked me about his Deen. He doesn't know anything about his Deen in the middle of the rock audience. Right

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again? I need the Sahaba look at it. What do you sit down? Sit down close. Nope. They didn't dare say anything because he was addressing the Prophet Allah. You saw some directly. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would respond to vida. Nam? Yes. But if I tell like a hot button, he left a school bus accident, but to my attorney

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for OTA he could see and he called for a cheer by jettison that you are limonium Hola, hola. And he sat me down, you start to teach me from what Allah subhanaw taala taught him had done to her until he taught me what I need to know the mother and then went back for a tomato butter, who Isla city and he continued to finish as well. Allahu alayhi salatu salam, as a lesson for everyone who attended it as a teaching point for everyone who attended this this Yanni occurrence or this incident, that someone walked in, and in the middle of his talk would interrupt him to tell him I don't know anything I need to be taught. The Prophet Allah has taught some valued, valued someone

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asking for knowledge, because the last time someone asked for knowledge, and he didn't respond immediately, I must say Hola, but the Quran came and documented it for him. So then from now on, anyone asking for knowledge would offer it now the idea would be is for him to wait until the Prophet alayhi salam has done an ask. But I think it happened this way and is recorded in the collection a Muslim for us to learn the value of someone coming and saying I don't know, I need to be taught and it's worth knowing what you're doing, and going and helping and teaching them so that you can this is the dollar. This is the importance of it. Some people are already a part of all this

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people yourself. You're here you come every day you listen you you have some Islamic knowledge, you're good, you're on your way. Allah subhanaw taala has put you on the path of Hyatt in sha Allah to Allah and all you have to do is just not to deviate too far. Just stick to it. But a lot of people have no idea. A lot of people don't know. They just don't know they're not comfortable. They haven't done it before. They wish they would love to be but they're not and they're not. They don't know what so they'll come in and they'll do something that's not any appropriate. They'll walk in, they're dressed funny. They speak funny, they don't look, you look at them. This is not where you're

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in the wrong place you should be. This is not how someone comes to the machine should be dressed.

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So it's up to you how you want to make someone feel when they walk into these places the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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and pause this. Had everyone sit and wait while he went and took 15 minutes to teach someone who's asking for knowledge and then when button continue

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Did everyone learned because no one ever objected again? And no one ever objected again, they learned that no, no, this is more valuable. And we still have to sit and wait. And we're all a part of this. And we're not allowed to, we're not allowed. We're not allowed to chastise someone or to make them feel known. You're not allowed to do that. If you're here and Allah subhanaw taala has brought you to massage and you feel comfortable. That's a blessing that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon, you'll be very grateful for it to be very thankful that we are here and we don't find ourselves out of place. A lot of people aren't. So when they do come, and they do something really

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weird or awkward, it doesn't. This does not fit in your in your mind. This makes no sense that you would do this. Remember him Ali is allowed to Islam, in the midst of his talk, he is Danny is talking this doesn't require a lot of oil to know that maybe you wait for the person to finish talking. This guy didn't even wait. And he's saying I didn't I just walked in and I said do whatever I wanted to say. And I know your thoughts and didn't chastise did not correct you when he taught him and he'd make people wait and came back again are these thoughts? I'm This to me is one of the most powerful Hadith regarding Dawa and regarding regarding making massage at places that are comfortable

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and welcoming to people. Because he made a point of doing they could have told him take give me a moment, finished his homework or told the people and here and go taught him no, he made them wait. He made them wait. Because that's what this is about. We're all partners in performing now. We're all partners and welcoming people to our massage and and putting up with the fact that they don't know exactly what they're doing is okay. And yeah, they'll make mistakes and it'll be noisy sometimes and they'll be that's okay, that's fine. That's a part of this whole. We're not perfect either. And we're not perfect either. Just because we've figured out how to maneuver and navigate

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the landscape of MSG doesn't make us any better than anyone else. So maybe we remember that and I think this hadith is just meaningful in that in that regard. The other one email Muslims visa Hey Anthony rabbinical said I love you Allah who call in to hate without Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he will send them a call to Yasuda Allah Roger on every attack I guess you can Dini and I agree. Matt, do you know who but Alakazam Allahu Allah you earlier send them a hot tomato who was attorney for two years you could see in philosopher after the limonium Allahu Allah who had to attend the hotel who

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sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Allah means we are located Baraka, Luffy Saira, Malik, Muhammad light alberca

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please don't interrupt us when we're talking.

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There'll be encouraged by this hadith Ianniello to do it.