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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah.

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We're on page 15. lesson three, the meaning and method of divine revelation and why. So today's lesson inshallah is dedicated to wait. But before we get into that, we're going to

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look at the guidance of Allah, what is the guidance of Allah? What does it mean? How does a person receive the guidance of Allah? And then we're going to go into the meaning of why hate linguistically we don't have time to go into it islamically in detail, we may touch upon it. So those are the two things we're going to look at today.

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When Adam alayhis salam was exiled out of Paradise, along with his wife, Allah tala said could not be to minha Jamia, all of you get out for me at the end the community who then fell into who they are

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going to send guidance, whoever follows this guidance for the whole family whom Allah has no they will not be no have grief on the Day of Judgment. So what is this guidance that Allah tala sent to the offspring of Adam and Islam? Because Allah azza wa jal is merciful. He's not going to create us as some people believe and just leave us No. He's going to create us and keep on guiding us keep them guiding mankind and future generations. How is that done via ye via prophets, the prophets were saved the way so that's how Allah azza wa jal in every time in every era, he sent prophet and he sent away with them. So it's done via done via the revelation. So that allows guidance allows

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guidance is the revelation, the way

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in Surah Fatiha where you're asking Allah 17 times a day to do what guides us in a certain was the theme. What's amazing is that that's the only drought we are making ineffective. You're only making one to guide us guide us guide us. Panama must be important. It is. So what is that guidance a person may ask? The answer comes in the next surah what's the next Surah

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Al Baqarah How does it begin? Alif Lam in Delhi Calcutta Bolero buffet. This is a book which there is no doubt whodunit. Turpin Hoda guidance. It's in the book The Quran in other words, the revelation. The guidance is revelation upon Allah. And also the word guidance comes into the debacle and I have five

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issues a connection. We said in a fancy hygiene a five and a suitable correction, a five panel. So Allah tala is showing us a connection there. If you want guidance, it's found in the Quran, it's found in the book. That's how we are guided.

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So it's via the Quran Noida.

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So, what is why now we said, guidance of Allah is via ye. So what is why?

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We're going to look at this definition. Firstly, linguistically.

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Because you find words in Islam, are defined linguistically and islamically. Let's look at the word ye linguistically. In your notes, it says, linguistically, it's a means of hidden concealed transfer of information. And it refers to signal or hidden words, and writing and inspiration. So there's many forms. That is why you go, Okay, what does that mean? I don't understand. Why linguistically, just remember these three things.

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Firstly, when we say why, what is it linguistically? It means lm.

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lm means to inform, from as to give information as the first meaning.

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Secondly, I'm summarizing what it is in your notes, these three things.

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It's something said here, what's said in Arabic mean fast.

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Sorry, in Arabic means fast. If I said I had a shake on what

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it means, I'm literally saying this thing is fast. So, the word ye linguistically in Arabic actually means fast, because this is a quick transfer of inflammation.

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And thirdly, and lastly, these are the main components of why shame on huffy

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Yes, hidden.

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Coffee in Arabic means hidden. So, like once again, if I were to say,

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how the shade on one main This is something hidden, so you can use the word way to give all of those definitions. So that is the meaning of why linguistically first, lm which means and form secondly, something quick and fast. Thirdly, hidden. So remember that for your next quiz in Charlotte, next term, when we say ye linguistically, what does it mean? Those three things. And there are many types. We're going to get into that. Now. Some examples of that, but it's not restricted to

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The revelation. Usually when people say why the first thing they think of is revelation. And the first thing they think of is cool. And that's true. It's not restricted to that, though. So write that down. That's in your notes. But I just broke it down on an added something extra for you. That is the word sedia. So you can use the word in Arabic, you can use it to describe something fast. If someone was literally a fast runner, you could say, and

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literally, you're quick, literally. So you can actually use those words from a linguistic perspective, to describe those things. You can just say way to describe information, something fast or hidden.

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So what are some linguistic

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examples of what

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these are all in your notes? By the way, just explaining them for you.

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There are many. The first would be what per as per your notes. What does it say?

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animal instinct. That's the first example. These are examples of why linguistically number one animal instinct.

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And an example would be what Allah said in an about the B. He said, Well, oh, how rabuka ln,

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I'll have from one. Well, O'Hara buka. And then Allah inspired the B, with what? And it definitely mineralogy by the Buddha, to take habitations in the mountains. And also, of course, women, a szegedi. Woman my daddy shown, and from the trees, they take homes and habitations and trees and what men build. So that's a form of way, because the baby was inspired by Allah, that animal instinct, it was information given to it by Allah said information. It was done quickly and it's hidden. We don't see that information given to the animals to the bees. So that is why that's a form of why it doesn't mean that the bees are prophets and messengers, we said these are linguistic

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meanings. There are many examples. So animal instinct is one.

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And it's not only restricted to the Bay, but that's just one example from the Quran. Secondly, as per your notes, what does it say? Number two

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naam Allah tala said what oh hyena Illa Mimosa. And I will do a further 50 la he felt he phillium Allah inspired the mother of Moosa to breastfeed Moosa. And then when she feeds for him, cast him in the river. So that was a type of inspiration. In other words, the type of way.

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And three is connected to to intuition.

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It's the same as it talks about more Sally Sam's mother, she had this intuition, his motherly instinct to do something, although there's no rational explanation for it, she just did it. She received a way from Allah. We said, This doesn't mean that she's a prophet, we're talking about the linguistic definition. So she received this inspiration, this type of way, it was like intuition. And thus, she did what she had to do to protect more Sally seller.

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By the way, in your notes, points two and three, it says could earn 2817 change it to earn 28. Seven, to change 17 to seven. The idea in sort of puzzles is seven, not 17.

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So that's for examples, two and three. Both Yeah, it's the same as

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Amara Delano had it. Cannonball Herman, he had this little hand from Allah, he would say something. And then Allah would reveal a lot about affirming what he said. Like for example, about hijab he had an opinion, he said it and Allah tala revealed a lot about hijab, he had an opinion about alcohol, and Allah revealed at banning it. So sometimes people lace upon all the truth flows naturally on their tongues. And it's many opinions from the animal words is from the from the angels from Allah. Some people are just naturally they get it from Alaska. So she received this way from Allah.

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And as it says, in your note, it's sometimes called intuition for

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another example of why linguistically is the inspiration of the Sheltie and the devils. Allah Allah says, we're in a shell Tina Lu hoon. The word Why is there you hone Allah Olia him, to share to inspire the allies. Let's inspire the allies. They inspire each other. Allah v us with Sophie. So during us that was WESA those whispers as was West is from the shelter and that's a form of way. That's a form of wine. So

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the devil's whispers

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and inspiration.

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So when the devils inspire, and they cast the whispers in the hearts and minds of people, we said it's information. it done quickly, and you can't see it.

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Therefore, it's why it's a form of why linguistically, you can't see these worse, worse, you can't hear him. It's done quickly, for example, person see something, they immediately get a bad thought to perform it. A person, for example, might walk past the nightclub owner of the villa, and they immediately get that thought to enter. So that's from shaitan. It's done quickly, as we said, we said, Wait, linguistically means something quick, something done hidden.

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And this is something that musallam Alakazam had, he had, he had revelation and inspiration, all right, when from Allah from a shell thing, because when he came and tried to compete with the Quran, they have got revelation. And yeah, that's true. He did, but linguistic definition of Revelation, meaning the whispers of Satan, because he tried to come with this type of revelation sounds very funny. When sort of gopher was revealed in Napa and echo kofod for so little because what had initial Nikola he came up with something of his own. He said, Yeah, you had data in our clinical data for Solyndra, because

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another one was an outtake after inaccurate to fair we've given you the apple for so little bit out there and pray to your Lord and have a break relax sleep all night, but she was praying all night sleeping all night. It's part of law. He had a lot of different funny revelations quote unquote revelations. One was Yeah, Baba, Baba, lacuna Masada you know, whatever. However, that's of hyrax atop a memo, you have to ease in a chest. Okay, tell me what something I don't know.

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You know, in another one, he tried to compete with sorted field. I'll feel oma DRock ml feel Lahu unfun toil.

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What is the pharaoh make? You know what the elephant is? It has a long trunk. Okay, what's special about that? That's nothing new. So I had all of his revelations with funny

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so that I avoided nutshell tiene la ohana. Illa. Olia him.

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A number five, although there are many more, there are many more. But finally, the fifth example, is the process of Revelation.

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And that's really the fifth example. That's the topic of discussion when we talk about God and and Revelation. It's the process of Revelation.

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And also, the revelation itself is called way.

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So it's two to two fold answer.

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So the process of Revelation and the revelation are both called White. That's a linguistic example of why.

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And by the way, this fifth example, is also the Islamic definition of white.

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So that will leave us for next lesson, inshallah, we're going to look at this limit definition of ye in further detail. So number five, is the Islamic and the linguistic definition of why.

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So what's the revelation of the Prophet Mohammed called?

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So when we say the revelation itself, we're saying what am I? What about the Sunnah? Is that revelation?

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Who says yes,

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it sure is. Absolutely. A lot of people unfortunately, especially in these times, they say take the Quran, but soon they don't really have to follow it option or know the Quran and Sunnah out forms of Revelation. They're called and wahan the two ways are one. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, our time will come when a man is reclining on his couch. And he's saying whatever is in the Quran, take whatever is not leave. In other words, just take the Quran leave the sooner I would have been.

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Allahu Allah and but we know the Quran even exists and these people deny the Sunnah. And let's go for because the Shahada shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah in two parts, to worship Allah to learn and to follow the Sunnah, both of them both.

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And the way you can refute those people who say as per your notes in point five, why am I on decline in hola? rasulillah does not speak from desire in who are in lower when you have rather it's revelation inspired onto him. In other words, everything he says in terms of religion is why

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as opposed to contrary to many beliefs of many Muslims around fortune I've seen this will lie one brother in his home literally he was taking this you know, it wasn't reclining on his couch though. But he was saying this as I was walking out of his home, so I will do below that's wrong. We believe the Quran and the Sunnah are both way. Now question also is the Quran and the Sunnah are both the same level of authority.

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Yes, they are. Authority. If Rasulullah said it's as if Allah said exactly the same. They're not it's not as if the Quran is on a higher level of authority. If Rasulullah said something that

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You have to take it. If we made something obligatory, we are obliged by, for example, Rasul Allah said we are forbidden to the men grow the bids, so we don't have to. It's as if Allah said it says if I lost it. So what asuma said, same level of authority. I'm not talking about sacredness and holiness, the Quran no doubt is more sacred. We know that because we said there are particular shadow rulings associated with the Quran. You can't read it when you are instead of Geneva. You shouldn't touch the ayat with your hand if you have your cycle, your hide your Menzies. We're not talking about sacredness, we're talking about authority for Anna Suna exact same level of authority.

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So what we'll do, we'll stop there for now. And inshallah that's understood. We said In summary, the guidance of Allah is revelation. And that word in Arabic is why so what is why? Today we're going to look at, as we said, linguistically, and there are five examples although there are many more, we said, animal instincts such as the be inspiration and intuition, like the mother Moosa, devils whispers, and also the process of Revelation. And that is also as we said, number five, is also the Islamic definition of why that's, that's what we're going to pick up next week in sha Allah Subhana Allah, Mohammed ignition shadow, England are still felucca, one or two, they will have 10 minutes

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for q&a. So if you wish to step out, and come back in 10 minutes, you are free to do so otherwise, I'm going to stay here and take your question. By the way, one of the forms of Revelation, the process is via the end of debris, or solar received revelation by debris. Now, does that mean

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that whoever receives an angel is a prophet like Miriam?

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Was she an obeah? Or not? She received the angel.

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That's your homework. Look into that? Is Marian I profit? sheer profit?

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Good question. Okay. Very good question. In Arabic, there's two forms of plural you hit read in the translation we, and that's correct. For example, in our pineapple Go for it. So Anna, I gave you a way in for nano. So what is we mean?

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In Arabic, there's two types of plurals. There's the plural of numbers, and the plural of greatness. And this is something even in English the Queen when she speaks, she says we are talking about herself. Now, say we talk about you why saying we it's done out of the Royal way. It's called the Royal way the Royal plural. So that's what it and even when I started my graphic design business, and it was only me I'd say we can do this for your company, we can do that for your company. There's only me and we speak that we speak like that. Well, you know, when a person is giving a lecture, say last week, we said we discussed No, it's only the teacher speaking. So that we there it's it's out

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of greatness. And because Allah azza wa jal is great. Whenever you find we're referring to Allah is the way of greatness. It's never the plural of numbers.

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In Arabic, that's common and and the proof of that also, logically, sister, you can tell her logically, when the Prophet would recite these Ayah to the kofod. Well, they must recall not they believed in many gods, right? Did How come they never said Oh, wait a minute, why are you saying we

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they never said that they never stopped prosumers and Allah say, in your cranberries sherek it's allowed. They never said that because they knew that this is something part of the Arabic language. So even logically, the kuffaar of Quran never brought that as a misconception.

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Yeah, that's true, you know, in earlier nations, that will actually more eloquent than today. Today, unfortunately, we become so poor in the language, not just Arabic, but English. Even in general, people are just very poor communicators. You find the early nations, like for example, look at the works of Shakespeare, very eloquent. You read some of his stuff. So what are you talking about, but a very deep words even in English, and today, unfortunately, people don't even know how to speak and they're not even writing words anymore. They're writing letters lol.

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R FL. So we're so poor and communicating now. It's public what's happened to our language. And that's why back then, so probably even in other languages, not only Arabic but are very expressive. They're very eloquent when they we suspect