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Ali Hammuda
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All throughout humanity Allah agenda Judah guru from his immense bounty in favor and mercy and kindness upon humanity. He has gifted the prophets and messengers all throughout the errors with books, scriptures, for the guidance of man.

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And of all the scriptures, none of them were as lofty, honorable and wholesome as the finality of them all for carnal Hamid Al Quran Majeed, the book that Allah has gifted us with

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he said Blaha mountains and Alikum Quran Anita Shah, Baba, we have not given you the Quran or prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam to cause you hardship.

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In that Kira Lima Yaksha

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there is just a reminder for those who fear

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10 zeal and me man Haleakala. It is a revelation from He who created the earth was some Allah Tiller hula and He who created the high heavens.

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The intention behind the revelation of the Quran was not to limit our freedom

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or to cause us agony. The purpose the backside of the Quran was to create a godly nation,

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people of Tawheed

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people who are unified in their ranks, people who have a coherent understanding of life, people who are able to deliver themselves and others from the misery and the darkness of this life, to the happiness and expanse and the joy of this life and the hereafter.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has honored Aluma to this let me here with this book.

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And it is a book that has a profound in fact, that has a profound impact upon everything that it makes contact with.

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The Quran impact upon the kuffaar the idolaters of Mecca,

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Imam and bucatini writes in this video on the authority of people who are badass, an incident that if not dies in the rates in summary,

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where our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once standing before Al Qaeda to Musa praying and reciting Quran and around him were pagans observing him in agitation and listening to the Quran.

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In fact, the pagans would make an active effort to cover their ears from hearing the Quran, fearing that they would be overcome by its splendor. Allah Almighty said what Carla levena Cafaro the disbelievers they said learn to smell only heard and Quran don't listen to this Quran. Well Lo Fi and make sounds when you are hearing it being recited Lala contact honeymoon so that you may overcome

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others before they embrace Islam like a trophy live number a devil see who brought the entire tribe of devils to embrace Islam along with Abu Hurayrah who was part of those he used to stuff his ears with cotton, fearing the power of the Quran.

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Our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reciting Quran before the Kaaba from Surah to najem chapter 53 of the Quran and imagine for a moment the beauty of the Quran when it is emanating from the mouth of Al Mustafa Ali.

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As he recites one Najimy either how Malbun Lhasa Hebrew como El Moussa, one young decolonial how, in who are in our view you have and the pagans are listening.

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And he continues reciting till he reaches the powerful concluding ayat of surah. to Nigeria, Allah Almighty says, as effectively as if

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the Day of Judgment is drawing nearer let you sell or harm you doin Elahi Kashi for none other than Allah can avert it, advance it delayed.

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After I mean her the Hadith are Jabu Allah says do you then wonder at this re citation, what have Hakuna Allah taboo and you laugh and you do not weep? Well, tomb ceremi dune whilst you waste your precious lives in play first Judoon Illa you are able to do so prostrate to Allah and worship Him.

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This is an area of frustration.

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So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam frustrated but here is what is amazing. All of the pagans who are observing the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam felt that the power of their limbs had left them and they prostrated behind him.

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Even though he says surgery, then we use Allah Allahu Allah He was Selim be Najmi the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam frustrated when reciting Surah to najem he said was sajama Hoon musli Munna will most surely guna will Jean Noonan's

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And he said along with the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah who has sent them the believers frustrated, the jinn frustrated mankind frustrated.

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They raised their heads from frustration and they began to cast blame on one another. What are you doing? What did we do he he cast a spell on us? This was no trick.

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This was the magnificence of the Quran, the power of the Quran upon the pagans as for the effects of the Quran upon the melodica, the angels.

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Imam Al Bukhari narrating his or her new authority of Abu Salah eating and

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that a companion by the name of Osama bin holiday early Allah who died Iran who was once reciting Quran in his enclosure. And besides him was his horse and next to the horse was his son. Yeah, he had a child.

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He said, I began to recite the Quran and I noticed that my horse began to leap up and down violently. So I paused the resuscitation and it calmed down. I continued my resuscitation and he started to leap up and down. So I paused my resuscitation. To say he didn't know who died he said, for her she to and taka Aya and I was afraid that my horse was going to trample upon my toddler for coming to LA. So I made my way to the horse and I ended my salah.

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He said for either a missile of multifocal ROTC. I saw what seemed to be a canopy hovering over my head. Fear and third was Suraj AHA Rajat kinjo we had dama Raha, and within that canopy where lights glowing lanterns are ascending into the canopy, as if they were hiding from me.

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He said the next day I went to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to understand this ordeal.

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He said messenger of Allah was reciting in my Quran closure on my horse began to leap.

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Our Messengers, Allah, Allah, Allah who sent him knew what this was. He said, Accra Daya. Tell me you kept continued reciting about your higher. He said yes, I continued reciting. But then I, it continued to leave. And he was going to trample my son. He said,

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Tell me you continued reciting, Oh, father of Yahia will say he didn't know how late he said. But then at this point, I stopped my resuscitation. And I saw a canopy and there were glowing lamps and they were hiding from me. He said to him, till can make the ICA those where the angels

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cannot stand your will. They were listening to your presentation. He said while Oh Cara,

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Maha Tiara Hannah's notice that you run home and had you continued reciting without interrupting your Salah, we would have all been able to see these angels by them. And this is the effect of the Quran upon the angels making themselves visible for those who recite

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and the effect of the Quran upon Jinn

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passers by, were converted and transformed into activists Doha corners to Allah because of a small bit of contact with the book of Allah.

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And this was when our messenger SallAllahu it he was sending was making his way to apply if to invite them to Islam. And he stopped at a place called word inocula, the valley of Nakhla and he was in his salah, Salah to the Isha and a passer by group of gin. They were under for less than 10 in number. They heard him reciting Quran and he would never have known about this Had Allah not told him by way of what he revelation.

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Allah said to him

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Well, it's sort of in a kind of forum, you know, Jenius them your own Quran. Remember O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when we sent to you a Nafa number, meaning a number that is less than 10, a group of Jin to listen to the Quran, Kala Maha baru Paulo and also to when the jinn arrived at the place of your recitation. They said listen, listen the subject to harsh one another phenomena. When the resuscitation ended when the inner Comey him on duty. They went back to their communities as callers to Allah

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called we are called mana they said oh our people Jin speaking to other Jin Jin giving Dawa to Jean Paul we are coalminer oh our nation in SME I Nikita then we have heard of a recital onesie lemon baggy Musa that has come after Prophet Musa Musa differently by the Unity it confirms everything that came before it. You had the in Al Huck it guides to the truth what you lotteries they musta team and it guides to a straight path. Yeah Coleman oh our nation that Jin said Ijebu that I Allah respond to the Kohler of Allah wa Amin OB unbelieving him, young para la comida no become Allah will erase some of your sins. While you do the Camino has been early

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and Allah will save you from a severe torment.

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A coincidental we may say, contact with the book of Allah, converted a group of paths

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There's buys from the gym, from irrelevant gin to call us to Allah, who were eternalized through there mentioned in the Quran, this is the Harlem at the glory, the magnificence of our book, and this is the Quran and I will say this before I sit down, which if Allah had delivered it to a mountain it would have crumbled. Allah Almighty said Lo and Zina had and Quran Allah Jable. Had we delivered this Quran to a mountain, Laura ADA who has Yun moto sub behind, because she Atilla you would have seen that mountain humbled, breaking asunder, splitting apart from the fear of Allah, evolutionary Republic he said about this if meaning the mountain would crumble because of its fear

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of Allah, that it may not be able to give the glory and the respect of the honor that is deserving of the Quran.

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This is a subtle indication, a subtle dig at you and I as human beings, if this is how a solid mountain composed of boulders and rocks, an inanimate object would have reacted if the Quran was sent upon it. What about you? Are you insane or human being? Are you not worthy or of this type of reaction when the book of Allah Almighty is recited upon you? So why is it that Isley and others like it may not always react? How these people and objects react when making contact with the book of Allah? Could it be because our hearts has become harder than stone? This is an option.

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Allah Almighty said to Makkah sabko Nobuko meme daddy dolly Katha Hiya, Cal, hija Marathi Chateau cassava. Speaking about a group of the past Allah said your hearts became hard like stone or perhaps even harder than stone. So now this is an option may be hearts have become harder than stone through sins and an awful lot excessive sleep eating and the rest of it. But there may be another reason

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that's far less complicated, far less sinister, far easier to understand, and maybe easier to deal with what is the other reason? It could be simply because we are yet to understand what Allah Almighty is saying to us.

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And that is why Abu Jaffa email, Nigeria robbery he said in the introduction to his tafsir he said in Nila Jabu Manya Quran, Quran, Allah Allah Allahu Kvlt Dobby.

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He said, I am amazed that those who recite the book of Allah, and they don't understand its meaning, how can they derive any joy from the Quran? How

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sometimes it's not about sins, and Afla or hypocrisy NIFA sometimes it's for a reason much simpler. We are yet to start a structured study of the Arabic language that Allah has chosen for his final communication to men. The Arabic language is the language of Islam, that Allah has chosen for the Quran for a reason Allah Almighty said

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in Jannah, who Quran and Allah Ravi Yun lon the contact we have made the Quran and Arabic recital so that you may understand

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Allah Almighty He said while our cardio Gaurav in early nurse if he had an Quran Emil Cooley, methylene Allah homeopathic karoun We have given for people every type of analogy in this Quran so that they may remember Porter Arabi and hierarchy, Allah Allah whom yet Takuan it is an Arabic Quran with no crookedness, so that they may become righteous in Arabic Quran.

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And Allah Almighty, He said in the concluding ayat of surah, two Shuara were in nothing will attend zero Robben Island in this Quran is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. Nasrallah, the hero who I mean the trustworthy spirit Gibreel brought it down. I'll call be Kelly tekun I mean, I'll move the rain upon your heart or prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so that you become of the Warner's listen be Lisa and in Arabi moving in a clear, Arabic tongue.

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American authorities, the famous linguist, he said, commenting on this area, phylum Casa Jenessa. Now who Elisa NLRB Yeah, Bill Dyani. Rowley, Anessa. Your Aloha, it costs zero to none who will walk there how to do now.

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He said the fact that Allah Almighty has described the Arabic language as morphine, meaning clear, indicates that every other language is inferior to the Arabic language.

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Therefore every Muslim who claims that the Quran is from divine origin. The Quran is the guidance of the Creator of the heavens of the earth.

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to move people from darkness to light, every Muslim who makes this claim it is incumbent upon him or her to start a concerted study of the Arabic language up until you reach a level where you're able to understand the communication of Allah without the need of relying upon a fallible human being.

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That is why the people who came before us today realize that any crookedness, deficiency weakness in the Arabic language of themselves or their children, is the sign that the Quran will be dismantled from their lives. Though they may be how far though they may memorize the Quran. When this begins to go crooked the language the Quran will be separated, though you may recited eloquently here

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and that is why you will be given a cab or the Allahu Anhu one of the for whom the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said take the Quran from him. He said there ILM with Aralia, Turkana, Allah Munna, HiFlo Quran.

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He said, Learn the Arabic language just as you learn the memorization of

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you and I have placed our children in schools to learn the memorization of the Quran, how many have made an effort to put them in a circle where they will understand the content of the Quran to save them from the misguided life that awaits them outside.

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And you don't want me in Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu who said for me to memorize a portion of the Quran and forget it is dearer to me is a lesser of a problem for me than to make a mistake in the Arabic language

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because they understood that the Arabic language it's about the McCarthys Dorrans the entry into the Quran. The moment the door was closed, there is no more Quran

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and the remote meaning Omar Radi Allahu Allah and who came across a group of archers young men who were practice archery, at Ala Moana remeha

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And one of them missed the target. So Omar, he said to the young man, jokingly Why did you miss the target? do better next time? The young man he said, we are still learning, but the way he said it, there was a grammatical mistake in Kalamoon moto Alameen. We are still learning but the way he responded was a grammatical mistake. Omar, he said wala he Lucha Fili San equal Masha Allah Yamanaka II configure amico. He said by Allah the mistake that you just made in your language is more painful on my heart than the mistake you made when you missed the target.

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Understood, begins with the Arabic language.

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And when me remote meaning Omar came across two Persian men who were doing talav circumambulating around the Canada and they were speaking Farsi, Persian, not Arabic, he took hold of the shoulders of one of them and he said to him, AB Terry Ihlara miyetti sebelah

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find a way to get to the Arabic language

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our predecessors would do is too far when they would make a mistake in grammar or you will suffer Jani from the terrible name second generation Muslims when he would make a mistake in his speech called Lang

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he would say you're stuck pupil Allah Allah forgive me as if he has committed a sin. What about one who has turned his back on this beautiful language for his entire life? Um You don't want me doing it you know the Allahu Allah and who would discipline has the same with they would make a mistake when speaking Arabic he would discipline them.

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He understood the the Arabic language was the entry to the Quran.

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And so make an effort, my dear brother, my dear sister, make a concerted effort to find a way to get to the Arabic language and create a paradigm shift in mindset. This is not a matter of Lova linguistics. Consider the arabic language As a matter of Arcada.

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It's part of your theology. As you study the names of Allah Allah smartlace slifka Don't hang on Oh, no, he don't see a Ruby Tauheed hacky me as you study the doors and chapters of aqidah understand that the Arabic language is on that level as well.

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We used to celebrate many years ago, the many translations that we have today.

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Hamdulillah we have it in Pashto and we have it in Mandarin, we have it in French, and we have it in Polish. And we see this as a strength, a sign of the strength of the Muslim ummah hierarchy. It's not a sign of strength, it is a favor of Allah upon us, it is not a sign of strength. And that is because in the past, wherever Islam would arrive in any part of the globe, the Arabic language would not be too far behind. And those nations would willingly accept Islam and they would take the language as well. There was no need for a translation. And therefore when we speak about the translations of the Quran in the 21st century, we say Alhamdulillah and we say in the same breath in

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nearly la here in LA Raji, how and where is the Arabic language?

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Make a concerted

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effort, my dear brother, my dear sister.

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And set yourself a target and realize the enormous loss that you and I are at.

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When we invite a weak, fallible, deficient, mortal human being to stand between us and Allah subhanho wa Taala and his name is a translator.

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When you believe that the Quran is the kalam of Allah, it is the direct word of Allah to Angel Jibreel, who delivered it directly to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam show the kalam of Allah Almighty from above seven heavens is with you here in dunya is there a greater miracle and now imagine this, what other religions can claim that they have the direct Word of God Almighty with them other than the Muslims. And despite what you have achieved in your life, you allow a human being to stand as a translator between you and Allah.

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How much of the rhythm of the Quran and the beauty and its eloquence and sai jazz miraculousness is lost. When I allow a human being to stand between me and the book of Allah make an effort.

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So you set the target as an Arab and a non Arab

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that within two years, you will recite the book of Allah with perfect Tajweed and more importantly, you will understand the word of Allah without needing to rely upon a translation to yours. Don't say to me how and where to start. The most important part of this discussion is make the knee and if Allah sees truthfulness in your heart, He will open up the way and realize when you do that, and you make this intention, you begin acting upon it. Guess what you have become in the eyes of Allah, the greatest of all people, because our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hi Eurocom, mental lemon Quran Allah Allah, the best of you, those who learn the Quran and those who teach it to others

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