Hasan Ali – Reflecting on the names of Allah #05

Hasan Ali
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters Welcome to the fifth session of us reflecting on the names of Allah azza wa jal. And if you if you know how to get close to Allah azza wa jal, then all you have to do is to put sincerity and put a class what does that mean? That means you forget massive Allah, you forget everything besides Allah, one of the most powerful ways of you getting close to Allah is that at the moment when you're calling him you forget whatever is besides Alaska and I'm going to give you a particular drive that is going to be you know, it's a drug that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam gave, to say that an eyeshadow Viola Juana, now, what I what I like to

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do, and there's many you know, other there's many others before us that did this is that you call unto Allah azza wa jal if you can with all of his Nanshan names, because it makes it even more close that your your dog will be accepted. But at the same time, what you do after the Nigerian names is you make a very powerful, powerful da that is concise, but has a lot of meaning. So the Prophet sallallahu is in and once he wanted it to come near to his side, and she took a little bit of time. So yeah, he asked this is in Eman berhad is a double movement.

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And he said Oh, Ayesha, you took your time coming,

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coming to me. And I showed the law on her she said,

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Mr. Mullah, you know, I was making some drama. And the professor Lawson said well, why do you make this this drama? Okay, and I'm going to say this to you if you can remember this guy

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Allahumma inni name is Luca Malahide equally you don't have to say it all in Arabic If you can't remember the Arabic but just say the English I will I ask you for every good that is there. So after the 99 names that you've done, or after some of the names if you don't know all the 910 names Don't worry just say some of the names you know if you don't know some of the names just say one name at least say one name and what you do is that you ask a lot of them and you say all I ask you for all the good every good that is out there I asked for it wherever it is within me out there I asked you for all the good well our will will be given becoming a shared equally so the first was that along

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with me. I said look I'm gonna hide liquidity hygiene he will add Okay, whether it's close to me whether it is far away from me whether it's near to me or not

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my link to mean Who Am alamanda whether I know of it, or I don't know of it, I asked you for that and I seek refuge in You Where are all the weaker militia equally? I'm asking you to protect me from every evil idea he will add whether it's close to me or far away from me whether I know of it man in criminal Milan, Ireland, whether I know of it or I don't know of it, okay. Now, then you add on this is human bodies as

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well. So you come in Jenna, and I asked you for paradise, Walmart, rather, and whatever is gonna bring me close to paradise. I'm asking you to make me do all those actions. And I'm asking you to save me Ehrlichman and now I'm asking you to take me from Hellfire and whatever will draw me me to help save me from that. Now, everything I've said so far, even if all these dice like man, that's that's so much for me to remember. Then just make the following day I'm gonna say because in other hobbies, a Bedouin had the Prophet sallallahu said to make, you know, he made he made it lent it to her and the Bedouin came to divorce last month, he said, Miss, you have a lot I can't remember I

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wish I could remember all the beautiful, you know,

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the beautiful words that you used in this.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, he said, Well, in that case, he told him just make this job. And this is what he said to him so handla he said, our law This is our law I'm asking you to give me all the good things which was Allah sallallahu Sallam has made raffle and I'm asking you to protect me from all the things that was was a lump sum so protection from so Allahumma in this is also in that other narration I said which is from eyeshadow Viola Han Han in remember how it is so a lot of my knee as Luca Massa what I said okay, you can just say well as Luca masala come in who are the Luca wannabe Luca Mohammed Salah Horton and I'm asking you to give me all those things which was

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hula hula Harrison has has asked for but I will do bigger minmatar with a minimal Luca wannabe. You can Mohammed Salah Harrison and I'm asking you to save me

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From all those things which was last my soap, forgive, so you're protecting from. So what it is look, you say that say some of the nighttime names or whatever the Nigerian names you know. And then after that make a dua and from all the best dogs, we've got other dogs in the Quran first. And if you can't use the Quran, then use the drugs which are similar to last mass given. And if you can't remember anything, then use the drug that I've just given you that there's lots and lots into the eyes of the law. And you can remember the full thing, just that last part I said about the Bronx and lots of other kinds of drugs that he made. Those are the dogs just just make that one simple dawn

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insha Allah, Allah will give you what you're asking for anyway, we go to the name of her the next name, which is Allah is the great subdue. So you could have anyone who comes against Allah, they've got no chance we know that anyway. But our last name is alcohol. Now, with with the name alcohol does the subdue. Now there's a very interesting thing in the Quran is being used about four times. And in three of those times, Allah says Allah hadal aha, he says that he is the

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He is the one who is alone, yet he is the one who subdued the Great's of Dre. Now, what does that mean? Now look, there's a beautiful thing aspect in this in this particular, you know, in this part of the plan, we're in three different parts of the plan. A Lazarus uses this, why? Because look, I had the the name I had means he is one I had is in contrast to two and three, and four, and so on, so forth. So when you say I had, it means he is one, he's not two is not three is not four, or 567. When you say I'll wind when you say he is alive, and why he doesn't mean he just won, and why he means he is one and alone. He's alone, meaning that there is no second with him. There's no third or

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fourth with him. So

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when you say I had the means that allows what is the one and only God there is no second God, but when you say a wide, he is alone mean that he doesn't need anyone else. So imagine that if there was someone who was like, you know, was out there who was trying to show that, you know, he's he's got mighty power, he's gonna, he's gonna take down a few guys in the streets, okay, and he's alone. If he's alone, then he is prone to being attacked more, because he's got no bodyguards, he's got no one with him, but allows we're gonna use his this name and why he's saying that no, I'm alone as a being meaning that I don't need anyone else. And at the same time, I'm a heart, I'm the one who is abused,

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meaning that you can bring as many as you want against me, but I'll still subdue them. That's That's the meaning that we get from like, for example, if there was even a professional wrestler, fighter, whatever it is, he can go against 10 people he can go against 21 but by the time he gets to a certain number, it's going to be game over. We know this, it's game over, like, you know, even professional martial arts. Teachers, they can't take, you know, so many numbers on the content like 20 people on or 30 people on because, you know, even if they show you that in a movie or something, it's just it's just made up. Okay? That's that's Hollywood for you. But the real world you know, for

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you to come up against so many so many individuals do, you just can't do it, but allows you to insane Allahu Ahad is saying that you can bring as many as you want against me. In fact in a in a hadith

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it says that if the imagine this Allah says if the first of you the last of you that the ins are the humans of you, and the jinn of you if all of you came together okay, so imagine from Admiral Salaam till the last person on the Day of Judgment you know from his time to the last person their demeanor the all the humans got up and all the gyms got up and they all said Okay, now we're all going to attack now live in LA just imagine this happened, that we're going to attack Allah.

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Allah says that look, if all of you came against me at one instance,

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you would not be able to harm me by the list of what you will think you can have.

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So that is a last word who is the who's the alcohol now? The next name we'll come to is Al Wahhab. Now. This is the this is a beautiful name where in Surah number 42 is number 41. A 449. Sorry, allows you jelly he explains that he is allowed to have means that he is the giver and the gift without

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Any reason to get so let's let's think about a gift. When someone gifts you something, there was no reason for them to give you that there was no reason. If somebody provides you with something, maybe there's a reason for them to provide you something. So there's two names that come here, right next to each other one is Alibaba have the great gifter. And one is a result of the great provider both of these names are together. Now why is Allah Israel as they're just saying to us, on the one hand, he is the great provider, and on the other hand is the great gift. Because there are certain things that we need out of necessity. So this is known as it is, which is provisions from Allah. I don't

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know guys, I don't want you to a lot of us might have heard the word risk. And we were associated with the strain where risk is food or risk is money that is wrong. Money and food are part of this. But risk is everything that Allah provides us. So when Allah provides you with a roof over your head, that is risk. When Allah azza wa jal he provides you with a job that is risk. When Allah provides you with time, that is risk that is all provisions from Allah azza wa jal, and all of that comes from his name Allah Zack now, he says in the Holy Quran, woman,

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button Illa Allah He does

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that but Allah says there is nothing that moves on the earth, no creature of mine that moves on the earth, except that I've taken on after taking it upon myself to provide them with what they need. So from the moment of conception in the mother's womb, all the way till the ones death, every single day, Allah azza wa jal has planned to provide us and there is souhan like you think about if you just think about this, it just phenomenal

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is phenomenal. Like the chickpeas that you might be having any thought might be from I don't know might be from Brazil or something. The the flower that you've got might be from Pakistan, somewhere the rice you've got might be from America, the pastor might be from Canada, from all different parts of the world. So the Hanna line, Alvin, think about this, that for months and months, this is this is, this is mind blowing thing, honestly, when I think about something, wow, you sit there, I want you to sit there for your stop. And I want you to just think, okay, that means that is there, that meat comes from an animal, right? And an animal obviously grazed for such a long time, like maybe

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live for four years, maybe lived for seven years, for 10 years, who knows how long that animal lived, okay, could be shorter, could be longer, during that entire process of that animal growing, okay, that little animal from a lamb growing all the way up to becoming you know, a sheep or something. So, that whole animal as is growing allows you that has written for you that that piece of it shoulder, something is going to end up in your stomach. Right? So it's grazing somewhere in New Zealand.

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And it's in New Zealand and you're in the UK, and allows you to have planned as the animals go, now, when is this happening? This happened maybe in 2012, in 2014, that animal is over there in New Zealand, a farmer is reading it, but his shoulder is your name that is written to analog

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imagine and at the same time, all the other food that came somewhere in America in 2017 summer 2019 in Canada, there are certain foods that have been made, I don't know has written your name on it.

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And what he's going to do is he's going to bring it together for you and if you think about the process of how it happens so behind Allah that animal you know get slaughtered and an animal or first started the animal it gets shipped shipped across Okay, comes over to the UK maybe gets slaughtered over here. I want to get slaughtered is ended up in Birmingham somewhere but you're in London, and allows us we'll find a way you know, it'll send a truck down over to London, he ends up in somewhere else and so on. So when you go older you track you all the way down. Right? That food that came to you came to you what somebody drops away if daddy at your place. Right? And they Bodie,

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do you have anything? Oh, okay, I'll have that. That was written for you my friend for eight years. This is a real zap. He has planned every single meal that we're going to have for our lives. The roof over over our heads the thing that is going to provide us with on this ad the clothes that we have this is all from a Prozac. This is all from the great provider. Now, apart from this, what Allah azza wa jal does is that he is allowed to have is the gift so he will gift a certain

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Things that you know he didn't have to give us so food for example is a is a non is a basic provision that that everybody needs so it was taking down himself to provide all his creation with food okay sometimes you might not provide for whatever reason or his will understand that I'm the dead gentleman okay it's not that you know people are going to always be eating you know 24 seven all across the whole of the world is going to give every single person look now there are reasons I want I want to quickly just talk about this look, when allows him to he decides not to give a certain people or a person some food for a day or for a week of whatever there's a reason for it.

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We'll understand that on the day of judgment because it's like not all of us many of us like 99.9% of you that are listening to me right now your you with your eyes You're watching this right now allows well could have given all blind men and blind women he could have given them eyes to see as well but for whatever reason, he takes it away. And one of the big reasons is that he wants the rest of us to have the appreciation that we've got eyes and got eyesight anyway, it's a long thing to discuss. But when allows rarely gives, you know he doesn't provide is showing others that Look, I don't have to provide but anyway

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when he's Alva hub and he is the the gifter

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What that means is things that you might you know, he doesn't have to give you so he doesn't have to give children children are a gift if you look in the Quran wherever Allah is used, like when I'm yeah, exactly as a career advice I'm sending you know grant me children he's used the word habla are heavily grant me and if you look in Surah number 42 149 Allah says yeah, booty Manya Shall we not I in other he will give to whoever he wants daughters, he will give whoever he wants sons and He will give you sons and daughters do whoever he wants and he will make whoever he wants burn without children. Now if you're with our children one of the one of the names to use is Aloha. So you say

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yeah we'll have we will have we will have we will have and carry on saying that name because Korean say that name with sincerity and cola Allah azza wa jal you know there are drivers if you think about it in a plan that is there for you to get certain things so one of those things is Robbie heavily milonga Juliet and five and the one that Zachary and I said I'm using sort of lm Ron use that if you're looking for look, once you've got a wife or you've got a husband and you've got children, for you to have

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for them to be the apple of your eyes for them to be you know, something that you when you look at them you're so happy that martial 100 like have such good children are such good, such a good wife or such a good husband for that to happen is a gift from Allah they remember this it's a gift from Allah because the Quran in surah number 25 and number 74 Allah Allah He teaches us he says Robin I have learned to the first to say this Robin I have done I mean as virgin I will literally yet in a corner of the Aryan while you're not eating peanut enamel Oh our Lord provide us gift us give us something this is this is extra from you. Gift us the the make make our our progeny and our spouses

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make them the apple on our eyes, make them some some people that when we look at them eating Wow, yeah, you know, that makes me really happy. Right? Now, if you look at it, in the in the Quran, Allah is using the word gift because he didn't have to give that that's an extra thing. To have children to have a spouse that makes you feel happy and makes you feel content. That is something which is a gift from Allah, if you've got that, say Alhamdulillah from the bottom of your heart, because there are many who wanted children. And now those children are off the path. And there are many who wanted a wife or a husband and wife or husband become the source of their misery in their

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life. May Allah protect all of us. So this is a gift. So if you if you're looking for a job or something, or you're looking for some, you know, for a law to provide you some basic necessities in your life, whatever you might not have, then use the use the name of Rosa sejarah has that too. So whenever you see our rose up, it's got a flag at the beginning. But whenever we add Yeah, at the beginning, which is Oh, Oh Allah, whenever whenever we add the year at the beginning, then we drop the Elif lamp, you're going to drop the alpha and this is Arabic. So you say yeah, result? Yeah. You don't say your Brazil you say yada, yada. Or you say, yeah, we'll have Yeah, we'll have a no don't

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forget what I told you earlier on that look, if you sit there silently in the depths of the night, and you then use your own emotions, and you use your own heart to reach to allow through these names reach a lot through these names. And you find a nice tune. Yeah.

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Yeah, it was.

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Yeah, it was

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whichever way you want to use it you use those names and you call it um for London macdrive for whatever you know you wanted to get from Alaska so

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so we have we have yeah we have we are a zap Ooh yeah

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we have we have the next thing which is Fatah which is Allah zodion is the great opener. Now he can open he can open Rama mercy for us in our lives. And he can oh you can also open things that are not good for people for their lives. Now remember that it's it works both ways. So allows you is the great opener when you want something to be opened like is those of mercy so when when we when we go into the into the message, what do we what do we say? We say I love them. I love my family of love or hermetic Allah open for me the doors of your mercy. And that's the kind of opening we want from Alaska. We want him to open us for the the Bearcat. Okay, because in a in an ayah in Surah RF, Allah

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Israel has talked about him opening the Bearcat or the or the blessings from the heavens and the earth onto people onto a 71 he can do that. That's a lobbying alfetta opening good things for people. And that's the way you want to call it a lot for him to open all these good things for us but at the same time Look, when there's a when there's a certain nation and they start to disobey Allah and Allah gives them a sign.

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Allah says now the Quran that I gave them I send the messages well on the other Sunnah I send for them messengers londa, whom they should have, you know, they should have been those who are devoted to me and you know, people who who say you don't want for the sake of Allah, because really, we're going to be humble in front of these messengers. And we're gonna, we're going to listen to their message. They should have done that, but they didn't. What did they do instead? They were people who, you know, messed around, they they mocked the messengers, and Allah says, fellow man asuma, Luke yuru, when they forgot what I remember what the messengers reminded them of when they forgot

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when they left all that they abandoned Fatah and I lay him abueva cliche. Now listen to this is this is Surah.

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Allah are off to Allah Israel says Surah Al anon, Allah says that I open for them that everything I open for them everything.

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I open for them doors Now you might think, Wow, that's great, what Allah is opening doors for people, you know, and you think, Well, why would you do that for people who are knocking messengers and who are disobeying them now, this is what allows usually he Leo's someone, to their, to their trap, to a certain trap, or to their to their death. So what happened is they got unless it's funny who the man who they became so happy with what I gave them. Now think about this. Look, Allah can open for us, those of His mercy in a good way. Allah can also open for someone and they have everything they want in their life. But it's actually Allah making them enjoy this world, for the

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best of what they can do what they can get an after that it's finished. After that, when they come to their death, they've got nothing else left. That's what Allah did for this particular nation. And he reminds us that look, I can open things. When people have forgotten me, they've left me that abandoned me, I can then suddenly open for them everything. Now, think about that. I really want you to think about this. There are certain gangsters, certain people or criminals, certain people who who don't pray Salah, some people who are making so much money, though, that they've got so many things that aren't done that people who are praying to Allah don't get.

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And you think well, why?

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And Allah says, Don't think this is a Surah Nisa, Allah says, Don't ever think that I've given them all of this because it's good for them.

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In a man only lagoon Leah's dad who is my I am only luring them so that they can carry on making more sense because they don't want to know me, okay, now I'm going to give you everything you want to go. have everything you want. In the end, see, if you get me This is a punishment from Allah. So what we want to believe is, is we want Allah to open things for us. But at the same time, we want to always be there, you know, serving Allah and worshipping Allah and doing our best with whatever is given us. That's fine. When Allah has opened the doors for you and you are in his thigh, you're in his servitude. That is wonderful, my brother, my sister, but when Allah has opened things for you,

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and you're not obeying Him, you're not any servitude. You're not worshipping Him. That's a punishment for you. So all those people right now on the earth, who've got everything they want, or you

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One of the things they want, at the same time they're not people who are either believers or there are people who are there are believers but they don't worship they don't find the time to worship Allah as a result. It's a punishment for those people. So if you've got someone rich like that, you know around you someone who's affluent, someone who's healthy, wealthy, someone who's blessed that you think, Wow, how can they so blessed? They don't even worship Allah? Well, you know what, it could be a massive punishment on these people. Because Allah Allah said, You know what, you don't want me Okay, I have everything you want in this world. Let me see if you get if you get me in the

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end. And as for the believers, Allah say, the way the way you work with the believers, let's say for example, where you know, worshipping Allah, so as to the believes Allah gives some he doesn't give other things. And you got to think why. Why is Allah doing this? I should be the one of I'm always worshiping him, I should be the one who receives the most thing from Allah, right? No. So what Allah is doing here is that Allah is, is testing how long we're going to be there for because if the rule was this, I just want you to imagine this, right?

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If Allah made it like this, let's say for let's just, let's just wipe everything clean. And let's say Allah made it like this, whoever on the earth worships, Allah gets draws, draws draws, those of them answered on your on this, okay? I'll give you that you worship me, you got that? You got it, you got that. And whoever doesn't worship Allah, they get nothing. If Allah made it like that, what would happen? Everyone would come to Allah when they need something, and they'll kind of stain that because they need those things. But they're not there for Allah. They're there for those things. You understand? Like, for example,

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how many people will stay loyal to a company or to a boss or someone if they didn't get their salary?

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Think about it. People are there because of the salary. Okay, so if a lot you know, this is not about money's here, Allah wants to test us to see who truly is there for him.

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Whether he gives you something or not, are you there for him or not. So I'll give you an example. You know, there are people who have had a lot around you in your life, you will know that you don't have to give them anything, but they're always do things for you. They're always there for you. You don't have to give a single gift. You don't have to even say thank you to them. You don't have to be you know, doing anything for them. But they're always doing things for you. One of those you probably go to your mother. Now your mother truly loves you my friend. Okay, your mother's not after your money, your mother's not after your, you know, your belongings or whatever your mother's doing

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it because she truly loves you. All right, you can do you can even you know sometimes get so upset with your mother but your mother mother will never desert you. Write your mother's mother's love is a genuine love for you.

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And Allah His love for us is a genuine love for us. But what about our love for him? That's the question. And for that Allah testis, sometimes it gives us things to believe is he'll give you things and sometimes you won't give you things. Sometimes they will give you things and sometimes you won't give you things to test us as other people who don't come to him. You know what you want everything I'll give you, I'll give you everything. Let me see what happens to you right now. Once you die, may Allah protect all of us.

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So we've got one more look, I've got quite a few names that we really need to come up. But anyway, I'm going to take a couple of minutes of your time my brothers, I'm going to ask you that look. Alhamdulillah Mashallah, I'm really going to be now I'm going to take just just two minutes of your time to just stay where you are. We've we've had a good response, but we want more people to come ahead by email with eventbrite.co.uk. And look, I want to I want to say this to you that it's a month of Ramadan. Okay. And in the month of Ramadan, everything is times by 70 whatever we do, I was just talking to my children yesterday, and I said, Look, you know, you need to increase the amount

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of tilava or the Paramus station you do. And my little one said to me, said, you know, basically talking about the the reward, and look outside of Ramadan, Alif Lam, Meem and you just read a little, I mean, it's 10 it's 10 1010. So you get 30 rewards in total in Ramadan. However, its times by 70 Subhan Allah so that 10 that you had there times by 7700 Alif is 700 lamb is 700 mean is 700 you just got yourself 2100 rewards for saying Alif lambing in Ramadan, then saying Alif Lam him outside of Ramadan and getting just 30 rewards so that you think 13 to 2100 you're 30 pounds outside of Ramadan is 30 pounds. You're 30 pounds inside Ramadan is 2100 pounds equivalent of getting

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reward. And for that reason Look, I mean look, I tell you a very easy way of looking at

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This many other charities are going to ask you to raise 1000 raise 500 ladies raise 2000 10,000 whatever, we're just asking for you to raise 313 pounds with this with this you'll find it in the link have gone to the link you'll find a link there. Our team is ready to get back to you if you just if you just just fill in whatever simple thing you can fill in, they'll make the form for you. You just send it to a few people and inshallah we are asking you only to raise 313 pounds That's all it is. I mean Allah May Allah bless you there's also a competition going on whoever raises the most you know we're giving out on radicans are tickets and so on. But anyway, that's aside besides that,

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look at the reward you're getting in Ramadan. 30 pounds outside of Ramadan in Ramadan is 2100 pounds just for the same period of time. Allah bless you. I'll see you tomorrow again 6:30pm in sha Allah, Zack Allah Hi, Zack mahad for all of you who've signed up and please continue to support the charity and those of you who signing up please after this video, just go to the link below in YouTube or Facebook and just click it and sign up Zach Moorhead salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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