Muhammad Salah – Tendering The Hearts #1

Muhammad Salah
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa Kapha wa salam ala Iberia he Ladino Stouffer, let's see among Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa. Early he was so happy he was a limited Sleeman Kathira Dear brothers and sisters everywhere Welcome to a new episode in the series of tendering the heart

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in sha Allah today we will learn a very beautiful Hadith from the sound collection of Al Imam Al Bukhari. In the chapter of Tindering the heart or Babel require the hadith is narrated by the great companion and movie a lot of new shorba probably Allah and in what we're not even sure about it about the Allahu Anhu Anna who sent me out Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they are cooler than Salafi Haman of Salah La Ilaha illa Allah who the WHO luxury color the whole koala will hand were who Allah cliche in Kadir Salah some are what call what can I earn her unpeel our call for castrati su l where a lot in Mel women nine were hurt, who killed or met. What Bill Burnett

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I promise you this hadith

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will be very informative. And it is a very fascinating Hadith.

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And moving on up new shorba whenever we're here we're in Abbey Sophia and ask them to write to him about something that you heard from the Prophet sallallahu sallam said yes indeed. And you wrote to him I heard him after the Salah. He used to recite the following dua three times he used to say La Ilaha illa Allah who had the hula sharika lahu la han MOLKO Allah who will handle who Allah cliche in Korea, which means there is no Allah or God worthy of worship, but Allah Allah.

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There is no partner to have in worship.

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You're here you meet he gives life and He gives us and he's able to do all things. Then Furthermore, he said, and I also heard him and Maria IGNOU shorba may Allah be pleased with him said, I heard I heard the Prophet sallallahu selon can I earn her until our call? He's gonna list a few things that the Prophet salallahu Salam used to forbid his companions from indulging into being involved in he said, Number One cannon and kill worker

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were cannon handcuffed at the soil key we'll call

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is that he used to forbid the ideal talk that somebody said, or I heard somebody saying, he said she said, without verifying the information, and accordingly, splitting the rumors, which could be right or could be wrong, we'll find out the meaning the exact meaning of kala wakad. The second provision is worker for artists. And he used to forbid asking too many questions in religion, before the revelation would be revealed to explain to them the ruling in regards to whatever the asked about to haste to ask questions without need or without necessity. And what Illa hatin Mel and used to forbid wasting money, where men were head, and used to forbid preventing what should be given and asking

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for help for a loan for something without really being in a great need for it. And he used to forbid as well, who still own Mahat, being untruthful to the mothers, well, Dale Burnett, and he used to forbid what Bill Burnett which is varying one's level two daughters alive. So these instructions, which are in this hadith, would help to reform the entire community, the individuals, the families, and the whole society at large. Number one, it consisted of one part which is pertaining to the relationship between the servant and his Lord or His Creator,

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which is the other car, the invocations that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam used to regularly recite after the fourth prayer.

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He said in this hadith I heard him saying La ilaha illa Allah wa Julio Sharika long will call our hungry

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You're here you need to or who Allah coalition in Kadir three times after the prayer after we finished the prayer, we're supposed to wait for a little while

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to recite certain of God that the prophets Allah Allah Allah Silla mentioned some great virtues of this earth car are celebrating the praise of Allah Almighty, beginning with their citation of a AYATUL kursi which is the greatest idea of the Quran. You know what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, There is nothing stands between the person and entering paradise, a person who regularly decides adequacy by the end of every prayer along is the cause of the car, except death, which means the person who normally cites Ethel could say hola, hola, ilaha illa, who El Hierro Klum, the eye of Surat Al Baqarah, the greatest idea of the whole Quran wherever he cites this area after every

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prayer is due to enter heaven. Once he dies, he knows his way he enters Paradise, he also instructed reciting

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and while we that follow Allah who

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will follow will robinus once

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after every prayer, except whenever it is fed, and Maghrib. Then he used to recite it three times, the whole set three times to make this be a hunter Hamid and at the end he said about the entire heater masala with the word Hittite means sealing up finishing the prayer. He said sallallahu alayhi salam, whenever the person offers his prayer, as long as you sitting and making those of God, he's surrounded with a set of angels who keep praying for him. So if he sets for five minutes, they are making dua for him for five minutes. If he sets for 10 minutes, for 15 minutes, say as much as you want. They will be continuously making Istighfar for you. Elena will show Kenny the great Imam may

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Allah have mercy on him said I didn't find any better deed with regards to forgive in one sense them sitting after the father prayer to make your eschar and he still far and so on. Why?

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Because he reflected on the Hadith,

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in which the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has said, if the person finishes the prayer, then he sits in the same place where he offered the prayer to recited of God, you will be surrounded by the angels who will make so far for him. You know asking for forgiveness for yourself is something great. But having the angels to see forgiveness for you that is the greatest. Imagine the angels are saying as in the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu SlMs said they will continue to pray for him. What will they say? Allahu MUFE Allah, Allah Houma ham. Oh ALLAH forgive Him His sins. Oh Allah have mercy on him. Oh Allah pardon him. Wow. I melodica The angels will continue to do that for you. Yes,

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as long as you're sitting.

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So this is a great and virtuous deeds that many people are negligent of, you know, as the Prophet sallallahu sallam was talking about, you know, the virtues of Fatah masala and so some people said and who admits that it said Yeah, to show your family had you come see it and would come to one of you approaching the end of the prayer like while he's sitting to the side that Tasha hood and say both Coachella was called cada, they remember such and such and you remember this and that. So soon after he recites that the shahada and makes us the some people jump right away. Why? Because they have been reminded with many tasks that they want to do. Or the phone was ringing the pager that SMS

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I need to reply this I need to answer this I need to call that person.

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All of that is from Satan. Why to distract your attention from the great work of reciting Ethel corsi and of car and c'est la ilaha illallah wa the hula Sharika which is the greatest zyk ever. The deck which declares the Oneness of Allah reminds with the monotheism is the greatest Allah Allah subhanaw taala said to Musa Allah Salla Mani asked him, Oh Allah teach me something to remember you with to praise you with. He said, c'est la ilaha illallah they said, all your servants say the same. He wanted something very special for himself. Is it almost as if all the heavens in the earth and what is in between were put together in one part of the scape? Allah Ilaha illa Allah in the other

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part, La ilaha illa Allah would

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outweigh all of that? So this is a great deck that and Maria no show up in this hadith mentioned that he used to hear the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam saying it after every prayer three times. What's next? You also say that I heard him saying what can I earn and

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work hard?

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What is clear our call killer means

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it was said in the passive call, somebody said he or she said. So what is wrong with that what is wrong is awfully people spread the news or say spread the rumors or sometimes spread the lies, which could cause a great harm to others to individuals with a community at large without knowledge simply by relying on an iteration from somebody else why did not verify the news. You know, the greatest lie ever which has been recorded in the Quran hydrosol if was sprayed and propagated. Likewise, if we heard somebody saying so and so

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give her bill Mark Eastman and you had disabled Colima Sena it is indeed an enough evil, it is a big evil, to just call out and say and repeat everything you hear without verifying the news.

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So you are spreading lies, and spreading rumors, which could be very harmful. So maybe your Salallahu Alaihe Salam is alert and as to be very careful with two things what we hear and then if we hear it for reason or another, what we say what is your source of informations

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look in Surah strop. There is a beautiful area in which a lot of mighty says who Allah taco whom Allah is Allah curvy.

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In some our boss or our Khun Lola Karna on my school

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do not quote everything you say. Which you have no knowledge of saying, Well, I heard or somebody saw and he did not see it yourself. You did not verify why because virtually a summer

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well for ad in the summer. Well for Adam Cole Hola, Erica Anna and houmous the hearing and the sight,

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the eyesight and the heart, all the senses will be questioned why Allah Almighty what is your source of informations? How did you verify that it is not sufficient brothers and sisters to pose allegations which could be false or acquisitions. Without recognizing that it could, it could not be true.

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It could destroy a family, it could cause a great harm to the whole society. So you have to be very careful with what you hear and what you caught and say to others, this is the first provision in the Hadith, okay, and until wakad To be continued in sha Allah after the short break, stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back back with the beautiful hadith of and mobile Europe Nashoba in Sohei Buhari, in which he said that I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forbidding the following acts can enhance Kaylene wakad Aukey lokaal which is the ideal talk. The second provision in the Hadith can I earn her and Kathy so Allah, so Allah Allah Allah salah, which means used to forbid, asking too many questions, unnecessary questions in religion. And why did he have to forbid that because it happened from some of the companions used to ask unnecessary questions before Allah would decide the ruling of something. They would volunteer to ask about it.

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For instance, during his hug Salallahu Alaihe Salam and he has performed only one hand which is known as the farewell Hajj he delivered the Farewell Sermon. There was about 124,000 audience. They didn't have microphones they didn't have speakers. And interview Salah Salem was addressing this huge crowd

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and in the valley of Mena and once in the valley of Arafa. And interviews Allah Allah Allah cinema said in his speech, all people, Allah has ordained Hajj upon you the whole group

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To perform Hajj, one of the audience cried out loud, he said, Oh prophet of Allah, Oh prophet of Allah have a question. He interrupted him and I want you to imagine that he was addressing this huge crowd 124,000 or more. said, Yes, he said, I think only

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do we have to perform Hajj every year?

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How did the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam react to this question? He neglected it. And he turned around to the other side and he continued, he resumed his talk, but he interrupted him again. And he screamed out loud if you could learn don't have to perform Hajj every year. And again, three times finally an abuse Allah Allah Allah Salam had to teach the whole OMA Listen, would you say Have I said yes, there would have become obligatory

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did not say that you have to perform Hajj every year, I suggest perform Hajj, do not be like the children of Israel. Allah ordered them to slaughter a cow. He made it very difficult for themselves. He initially said any cow. They keep asking questions after questions until they had to pay its way worth of gold. It caused them everything. Why? As a result of asking too many questions, he say salatu salam what really destroyed nations before you castrato Messiah le him work the left whom Allah MBE him asking too many questions, unnecessary questions. So if it is something that you need to ask about immediately, fine. Otherwise do not suggest hypothetical questions. You know what the

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Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has said in this regard. They said, If I say yes, then it means it is mandatory to perform Hajj every year, and you cannot afford it. And if Allah or then something on you and you do not do it, you will go astray. You will be disobedient and you will end up in fire. So all of that was as a result of asking an unnecessary question. I believe now best may Allah be pleased with him and his father said, may Allah have mercy on the beautiful companions of the Prophet peace be upon him. He said I only recorded the Dave as the Prophet. About 12 questions. They're all recorded in the Quran, many of them in Surah Al Baqarah.

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Yes, Aluna Daniel hungry one may say they are asking you concerning. I'll hum alcohol and gambling. So a valid question. Yes. Hello, Anna Karenina healed? Yes. Aluna aka Anna rose in surah. Al histroy asked about the soul. They ask you

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with a luna camera that you feel cool about what kind of charity they should give? What kind of spending they should give any charity.

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Yes. Aluna kanila hayleigh? Yes. Aluna Can you share it hold on up Italian fee? These limited questions and that said what was recorded in the Quran?

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So we're castrati swear nowadays, the application of this prohibition is when you find somebody attending a lecture or

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listening to a lesson. And he asks hypothetical questions. What if, what if this happened or that happened, do not ask something just to show off or to interrupt the speaker or the speech. If it is something serious, which you think that it would benefit the OMA fine, otherwise cease spare the time. And the next prohibition was one other art in wasting money, money and wealth is like the rest of the gifts which we have been given by Allah subhanaw taala. So he ordered us to earn it and acquire it lawfully. And he also ordered us to spend it lawfully in lawful means, and to be moderate, not to be wasteful and extravagant. In the Hadith, the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam has

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said, None of you will be dismissed on the day of judgment from the reckoning

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place before having to answer for four questions. One of them is about his wealth and family he when I left I said who are female and how did you earn it? And also how did you spend it and listen to the Quran teaches us who was shabu Allah 234 In hula, your hipbone and most reefy eat and drink whatever is lawful, but do not waste Do not be extra vegan because Allah likes not the extra vegan ones.

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Do read you follow this advice. I that? Look at the amount of waste that we waste after eating the leftover which is thrown in the trash. Meanwhile, we watch the news. We see. And we watch and we hear that there are human beings, mainly Muslims dying out of hunger, starving

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To death, so he forbidden wasting one's money to spend it in whatever is not necessary are also in whatever is haram. You have to prepare an answer for each penny earned How did you earn it from lawful or unlawful? And also, how did you spend it? As we mentioned in the Hadith, the next prohibition is woman and we'll have so how many provisions in the Hadith kill our con? One kufra to soil asking too many questions religion to a lot in men wasting one's money. Three, the fourth is Mandarin warhead. And the fifth is vocal omad. And the sixth is what dill Bennett what is manner in what hat man and is to prevent the rights from reaching those who truly deserve it? For innocence.

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People who do not pay their Zakah does occur is due in your words, and it is the right of the poor? Don't you think that you are doing the poor a favor by giving him a few words? No. As a matter of fact, it's his rights.

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And you cannot, nor are you allowed to keep it in euros even for a few days without right. Once it is you you must pass it on to those who deserve it. So elmen is to prevent the right from reaching those who truly deserve it and those who belongs to

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the second hat

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asking for help, particularly the financial help like borrowing money, or begging from people. While you're not in need. You could actually make it without having to beg or having to ask, that is prohibited. And Miss Ella or begging without need would come on the day of judgment as a very bad sign on the face of the beggars as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and in the Hadith men are the unwillingness you read to add the law one woman Hi there you read with a clever hula. There are some people who may borrow money from wealthy people or well of people, not because they need it, not because they want to pay the rent or buy food for their kids or put bread on the table.

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But they think they have lots of money. And they may forget about the loan that he gave me. So he borrows from this and he borrows from that. And it is intention, he is not going to pay back such person. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said about him, or Mannahatta how you read with a clever hula, whoever plans are not returning, not paying back. Allah will ruin him and ruin his wealth and his money. But whoever is in desperate need, and he borrows because he has to.

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And his intention is once I'm able to pay back I will. The good news is that Allah Almighty will help him out to set his date and he said at the last one, to the point that Allah will pay and settle is that on his behalf have that is his way. I think we discuss the Hadith about an incident happened with the children of Israel before very interesting in this regard. The next provision is Roku kill or Mahat. What is COVID on that word Roku is to be unfaithful to one's mother, and omet Laura of mothers,

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of course, who could validate

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then on youthful to the parents in general, is a major sin. But he mentioned here the mothers particularly because as they grow older, they become even weaker than the fathers who can still have some savings, some investment can support himself, or if he dies, and he leaves behind the mother who was a housewife, house engineer, she doesn't have fun, she doesn't have support. And meanwhile she has an ungrateful child. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam put emphasis on that he said this is a major sin. It's a destructive sin, to be unfaithful to one's parents, particularly the mother. The last prohibition in the hadith is against what they're better at. It was a very common habit. The

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Arab before Islam, you in Nigeria, they used to be ashamed of having daughters. So if one's wife gave birth to a baby girl, he would rush

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to dig a pet for her and then bury her alive. The Quran recorded that when Allah Almighty said well, they will share a huddle and we'll answer well our room was worse than Well, what can we get out? I mean, I'll come in so in Abu Sharabi, I'm sick of who Allah Hoon me to sue for

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that the use to hurry to bury the door as alive. The thing that is a source of shame. So the Prophet Salah Salem forbade that as well. And this is a murder. Similar to that today what is known as

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abortion for a reason or another, abortion is also taking the life of a fetus in the womb of his mother. And that too is forbidden. Didn't I tell you that? The Islam is a religion in the Sharia of Islam the Sharia of Allah and the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam orders all what is good and forbids all what is evil May Allah Almighty forgive us our sins and guide us to what is best by that we've come to the end of this edition are Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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