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Everyone can settle down inshallah we'll be starting in a couple of minutes.

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Bismillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah. Just a few announcements before we begin inshallah everyone can turn the phones on to silent. And if anyone's blocking the carpark

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Can you move your car now, so don't disturb the lecture.

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And just one more announcement before we start tomorrow we have a seminar delivered by Dr. Abdul Majid Ali from Luton. Michelle are we talking about trials and tribulations? So that's tomorrow 430

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It's a three hour seminar to to finish at 730 so encourage brothers and sisters to attend the beneficial today's lecture is in his entire life in the grave, and will be delivered by chef sama source.

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And then hamdulillah Hina Mendel who in a stain or who in this stuff federal without rules will be now human surely unforeseen. A woman say the adhyatma Nina.

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Manga the level philomel bilello woman doodle fella de la Whoa.

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Y shadow La La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu

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y shadow you know Mohammed Abu Zulu sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam am about to fit in a favorite Canon Canon Law he will Haman houda houda Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will show more Martha to her wakulla data 10 did add two more coolabah Datsun bolat wakulla bhullar at infinity

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in actuality, honey, Hawaii this lecture was the lecture of Brava suhaila suhaib, who is from Glasgow.

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But he called and he said that he wasn't able, he won't be able to deliver it. So they asked me to step in on his behalf, which I did.

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So I had been given some outlines about some issues to deal with and to discuss, obviously, if this remain the dose in the lecture of brother suhaib. Maybe he would have dealt with it a little bit differently. But nonetheless, the issues that I was given are all important the four issues that I was given on.

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So one of the issues as it relates to the grave is the common question that comes to our community as it relates to the actual visitation of the grief. We're doing a series here, Fridays about the etiquette of the masjid and the different types of Masjid and what we should do and what we should not do in the masjid.

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As we mentioned all the time, the religion of Allah azza wa jal has given and explained to us everything we need to do. So when it comes to the issue of dealing with the graves, visiting the graves and all of that, it's very clear Unfortunately, this is one of the times and one of the place

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one of the places where a lot of disobedience to allies, which occurs from our community because of ignorance or because people are trying to be sincere and they're trying to please a lie, but they tried to do it in a way that the sunit doesn't

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sanction. So as you say very quickly that when the Prophet came sell the law and sell them to the people in Mecca. He didn't allow the Muslims to visit the graves. They were not allowed to go to the graves in the beginning of Ellis that

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and that is because they were newly converted reverted to the religion. So many of the people still carrying with them baggage and luggage from Jamia and the practices that the people of Ajay Leah used to do at their graves. So sometimes these practices, they are ingrained in people is kind of difficult to get them out. Take some time, knowledge. So then maybe some of it was setting them when the Muslims moved to El Medina. He told them that I couldn't tune a hater comenzado tilaka bore Fazal rojava in the head to the rocanville era.

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I used to prevent and prohibit you people from visiting the graves. Boom, we're in Mecca, and you are new Muslims. And many of you not all of you. You can imagine Abu Bakar Earth man, I really can't imagine them going to the grave in Mecca and doing crazy things. But there was some people who were new to Islam. Not everyone from the companion is on the same level of knowledge. There are people will bed doing this. And they're not like Abu Bakar and man, an alien so forth so on. So he told them I used to prevent you people from going to the graves when we were in Mecca. But now I'm telling you, I'm commending you on couraging. You go to the graves now visit them. And the reason

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why I want you to do that is because they will remind you of the hereafter. So even if a person doesn't go to the grave, because it's his relative, he just follows the janazah or just takes time out of his schedule to go to the grave just to spend 20 minutes 30 minutes there just to contemplate this is your final destination. Ultimately, that will remind a person of the hereafter.

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That general Hadith of the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is applicable to men, and it's applicable to women. Because this issue comes up as well all the time. And a death that happened recently to a member of our community, actually one of my students who comes to almost all of the classes lost his grandmother, may Allah have Rama upon her. She was washed, preyed on and buried by a community here in Birmingham that doesn't pay a lot of attention to doing things the right way. Emphasis is doing is given to doing things according to the culture. So people say things like from the culture, while it's permissible for the grandchildren to see the dead person after has been

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washed. But it's not permissible for the husband, or the wife, or the son or the daughter. And people make her arm or ally didn't make her arm and they make the hell out of law didn't make halau at a time that's already difficult. It's crazy. It's crazy. It's the Thais de la slam the idea when someone dies, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he didn't take a bunch of the community members to go to the House of the Dead person. And now the people who are the relatives of the deceased, they have to cook food and they have to have hospitality to 4050 people three days in a row.

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He didn't do that. He didn't do that at all, that people already suffering when his cousin Jaffa COVID-19 Jonathan ebonite vitalant. When he died, the Prophet told his family sallallahu Sallam the family of Jaffa they're suffering they're going through a lot. So you people go and make food for them. And when the Muslims saw the relatives of jack in the street, that's when they would say to them out of the Mullah eduroam. That's when they will say in Melilla Hema alto de la Hema. And they will start seeing those things. Now obviously, close relatives they go to support as for every Ama bucklins A from the community going show their respects. Now they have to cook for everyone and take

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care of everyone. That cultural thing is a problem, because they're already dealing with a masiva. So the point here is, as it relates to this issue of the grave and death, our religion taught us everything of what we should do and what we should avoid, avoid. So when he told the people to visit the graves because they will remind you of the hereafter. That is a general Heidi, a general statement. The Prophet said that somebody would send them to the men and it included the women as well. So it is permissible for our wives our door

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As our sisters, the women of this community is permissible for them to go to the grapes. Now, there is some overlap between the scholars of understand. And the scholars when they had the laugh in the past especially and now they fit life is in their intelligence in the pool. He understood the hurry that way, he understood it in another way. But they laugh with the people today is in the hearts. So when someone disagrees with you, they get upset that you took the other position. So I do acknowledge that there is another position that it's not permissible for women to visit the graves. But I think if you were to really look at the Hadith, inshallah, those scholars who took the other

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position on the truth, so the first issue we want to talk about, concerning the graves is visiting the graves, the permissibility, everybody should take time out at some point, to go to the grave, whether it's your relative or not, don't wait for the day of their aid. And only on that day, you go to visit your relatives because their eat, their aid is a happy occasion. And the Prophet intellia people wait for the day of their eat. He said that their aid is the day of drinking and eating is a day of celebration, not the day to go to be sad like that. As it relates to the women. There is an authentic Heidi, where he says I love what he was sending them love and Allahu zawada to cobourg May

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Allah curse the women who visit the graves, that is a clear Heidi, any Arab who hears those words, the canal, it doesn't take your mind here are their Latin Allahu zawada cobourg May Allah curse the women who visit the graves. So some scholars said based upon this authentic curry women can go to the grave. But other scholars said no, something is going on linguistically in this idea, that is pretty clear that any Arab would know this is a fact. And that is that the Prophet called them and he described those women so the law what he's sending me call them zawada.

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The CM mubaraka file, like the I said, allies file only my you read, whenever we're comes with that wasn't file, it shows a lot of whatever the word is describing is taking place, like Far,

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far means he has a lot of macura not a little bit, a lot. So they said that the Hadith is talking about those women who make it their job in the business to practically live at the grave. Those women who go to the grave day in and day out, and they sit in that the grave. And when other people come to visit the graves, maybe they're selling biscuits, they're selling Halawa. They're selling bird seeds. They're selling little trinkets that you can buy, so that you can put on the grave flowers and this and that. Those are the women that the Prophet was referring to in this hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the lady that does it all the time. As for the lady that does it

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sometimes, as some of the Sahaba did, our mother, our Isha rhodiola, and her, she visited the graves, and she made a lot over people at the grave with the knowledge of the other companions. And no one said anything about it, because there was no prohibition that they knew about. One time even the Prophet himself, someone loved what he was saying them witnessed and he came to the grave. She was actually at the grave. And he didn't say anything. And from what our religion tells us, is that if something we're tapping, that was not permissible, and he saw it, he heard about it, he knew about it. It was whadjuk, for him to address the issue, because if you remain silent about it, then

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that's his tacit approval, and it becomes part of his sooner. Someone did something in his presence. He knew about it, he saw it, he heard about it. If he was if he remained quiet about it after knowing about it, then that's a proof that thing is not haraam, because as soon as the one who makes the belarc and he talks about Alon explains the religion is whadjuk, then he has to talk about it. So he was in her house, sell a lot while he was on he was selling them. And he very quietly stood up while he thought she was sleeping. He gathered his clothes, he put his clothes on and he got into his shoes, and the clothes he wanted to wear outside. And he left her house and he went to the

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grave, and he entered into the grave. And when he went into the grave, he raised his hands up and he started making dua and then after that long extended

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period of time and that long do I just like that in the middle of the night, he came back. When he came back home and he got in the bed, he found that he was breathing hard and our chest was going up and down. As if she had been running or something wasn't normal. Something wasn't natural. He said, What's the matter? Why are you breathing like that? She said, No reason. Yeah, no, sola is nothing going on. He said, If you don't tell me a lie, he jabril is going to come and he's going to tell me. So she said, Well, when you got up quietly, and you took your clothes and your shoes and you went out that way, I became jealous. I thought you were going to go to another one of your wives. Oh, my

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my night. So I came after you to find out where were you going?

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Were you that black mark, that shadow that I saw at the grave? And when I turned you sped away? She said, Yes, that was me out also Lola. So she was at the grave, and he knew it. So you hit her in a chess in a way of playing with her in the way of playing with it not very hard. He hid it in her chest. And she said she felt it. Because that was him giving her edit. And the Edit was do you think I would do something that is impermissible is your night and I'm not going to be fair and just with you know, that's what other people do. I wouldn't do that. She said I couldn't help being jealous, no matter how Steve has a lot of benefit in it. How I Isha

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went out at nighttime. So people will say, the Muslim woman can go out that Muslim, there's no detail for that. But it's better for her to be careful. And if she doesn't have to go out at nighttime, she shouldn't. But there's no proof that says it's haram for her to go out at night. And also for those of us who have more than one spouse, I issues jealousy and her behavior caused her to have that with swass. Spread the Allahu Allah, the Prophet sallallahu was sending them is going to the home of my Dora. No way I'm going to go see what's going on. The Prophet didn't break her leg. The private end breakers shoulder dislocated shoulder. This is something that she did. And he told

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her what he did and why he did it. But he also hit in the chest, not in the hard way. But to let him know, this wasn't okay. Another issue from the mini benefits of the Hadeeth is shows how the man has to know what's going on inside of his house. He has to know what his wife is up to. He has to know what his children are up to.

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And also, the wife has to know what her children are up to. As know the husband is up to without spying without sneaking and compromising people's privacy. So this Heidi whining, the main proof that we're using it for here today is to show if Allah subhana wa tada cursed every woman that went to the grave, then I Isha falls under that umbrella of what the prophet said some of what he was sending them were Hey, hi Tay had a person may come in, he may say, but maybe his words, Allah curse these women. Maybe it came after the incident with Asia. Maybe the incident was he was the beginning of Islam. But he said these other words at the end of Islam, we say still still not the case.

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Because after the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the great companions of the Nabi sallallahu sallam, he died, they pray janazah over him in the masjid. I didn't hear about it. When she came, she asked, Would they pray over him, they say yes, and they buried him in the backyard. I issue went out there, and people follow her. And she prayed the salaat of Allah janazah on the body of that man who had already been preyed upon in the masjid. And now she prayed over him with some of the people in the grave in the macabre, and the knowledge of the companions was there. And that's after the death of the Nabi sallallahu sallam. So it is permissible for the lady to go to

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the grave for a janazah after the janazah to visit the grave, provided that when she goes, she has the etiquette of Islam. He said, they are not from us, the people who rip their shirts open, and the people will scream and wail because of a death, or the people cut their hair off. And this is a practice that kofod jahir used to do. If something happened to a woman, she lost her child, but especially when someone died, she would go and do something drastic, like cut all her hair off and make her head bald.

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And that was a form of showing her sadness and her sorrow. And this is what happens to women as well in our society without even knowing

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The lady is under a lot of stress, emotional pressure. She's just she's stressed out depressed, she'll drastically cut her hair off. And I'll say it's not permissible for her to cut her hair in a way that's appropriate. But not because of some We'll see. But so that's the first point that we wanted to bring to your attention that it is permissible in Islam in sha Allah, for women to visit the graves provided, they have the right etiquette and they behave properly at the grave, no screaming, no putting dirt on their faces, no slapping their cheeks and slapping the cheeks of other people and no wailing. And the other things that you do during the times of and Jamia

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second issue that has been given to me is the issue of the trials of the grave the trials of the grave. This issue of the trials of the grave is an issue that the scholars of the Sunnah used to write in the books of our Kedah, the books of Sulu, soonish, as soon as the great man is mainly blue, yeah, and Mussolini. And other than Him, as a book called shock her sooner, like a better Buhari, and his book, like the other scholars, they put this in the books that people have, the sooner that people handle it, the people of Islam, they believe in the punishment of the grave. And they believe in the trials and tribulations of the grief. Why did they bring this issue in these

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books? Because these books were written as a refutation against the deviant ideas that crept into the religion by the many different groups that they had sprouted up. So from those groups are the hawara of yesterday, not the karate chop today that ah, Boko Haram, Chabad, people like that. No, the hawara job yesterday.

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They have a group, they have a mentality, their group of people, they have a behavior, they have an understanding, and our key that they believe things and they don't believe in other things. The Hawaii trip today share some similarities, like wholesale took fear, wholesale took fear. And once they make tequila on you, the knife is in the safest coming out. Both groups from back then and now they share that. But the coverage of yesterday, they used to have a lot of rabada. The coverage of yesterday, some of them, they had knowledge. Some of them are in the kotoba sector, from the shadow of the Imams of the cannabis sector. So anyway, back then back then.

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But hawara ah bridge, the mark Tesla, and some of them, not all of them, some of them, they said, using the intellect. There is no punishment in the grave, and how you're going to be punished in the grave. How is that going to happen? If a lion were to eat you up? If you fell into the ocean and the shark ate you up? If someone puts you into a barrel of nature, glycerin and you disintegrate it, there's nothing there to be punished. How is your soul going to be punished? The dude in the ground, the worms and the insects, they're gonna eat your body up. So we've been here 1437 36 years after they hit people in the grave for 2000 years, 3000 years for a long time people have been in the

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grave, and the prophets and the messengers came to that right now. They've disintegrated, they are no more. So how are they going to be punished? As a result of that, the scholars of the sun that came and said hey, you people are putting your intellect before what Allah said in the Quran. And before what the prophet said some Allah what he was saying when he told the people low, kind of a hidden magic and min

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addabbo cover manager site even while he said if someone were going to be saved from the punishment of the grave, it would have been his companion side even more ad so that he establishes there's a punishment in the grave. He said in the middle cover Dr. Nigel minha had on the new German has sadly been one very early in the grave. Everybody is going to be squeezed everybody. When Hadid said the squeezing that takes place. One side of his ribs are going to be squeezed all the way to the other side. Everybody with no exceptions. He said if someone were going to escape that, because of his virtues, because of his being because of who he is, it will be my companion sad deep and wide. And

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it's not gonna happen. He's gonna give you like everybody else. His mother, the mother of side was at the gravesite was about to die and she said, all sides

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Don't worry, don't worry what law he you're gonna go to Agenda Don't worry, the profit say hey almost side. Well my you drink How do you know he's going to go to jail? Maybe side did something that you don't know about that is going to land them in the Hellfire, but the Prophet knew that side was going to Agenda Salalah What do you sell them? He was just telling inside, don't talk like that when someone dies and someone is about to die, don't say those things that you have no knowledge about. And that's why as it relates to the issues of the grave, this is all from the unseen, there is no room for us to have speculation and to make HD had and to do guesswork. We stopped where the

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text stopped with us. So the hadith of monken nicaea is another example of that, that the one who doesn't answer correctly is going to be punished. The person in the grave who missed out on answering the questions right? A man will come to him who is exceedingly black. And the black here is not the black of the dounia.

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The man who comes to the good person in the grave, who be exceedingly white, and his clothes will be exceedingly white. It's not the white of the white people he our brother, yeah, he is white. But he was like, Yeah, not like that. And the black person looks like Dr. Abu hanifa. No man like that.

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The black and the white is different, because it's dealing with the life of the barossa and the hereafter. So the Hummer, over there, it's not like the Hummer here, the milk over the air is not like the milk here. So anyway,

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the person will come, who didn't do well, in in practice, the dean had a lot of mistakes and things like that, that will come in the form of a man that's very dark, Smoke will be coming out of his nose, just to look at him, in and of itself is a problem because the person is going to be afraid. And he's gonna act that person who you

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the dead person will ask him Who are you? And he's in a state of terror. And he's already been hitting the back of his head. Who are you? And that man is going to say I am your bad deeds that you did when you in the life of your bad deeds, and I'm here to punish you. And he will be punished until your piano and he's gonna make a do I owe a lot don't you Oh Allah, Oh Allah. Don't establish the hour. Don't let your mo kiama come just leave me right here because although I'm being punished right now, yo mo pm is going to be worse. So he doesn't want to meet a lot. He says don't allow the hour to be established. Because what he's going to get after that. Yo mo pm is worse. So that's from

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the proof of the of the cover, as well the ayat of the Quran, the Mini is read maybe one or two to you right now. Like the statement of Allahu taala either do human molt cada una de la Li Amman Sati and FEMA tarak to kill in carry Mattoon who iroha woman Maura Egan perusahaan in a new bathroom. When one of them dies, the bad person, the non Muslim, the monastic, the Muslim who was evil. When one of them dies, he will say after dying, Oh my Lord, send me back to the dunya send me back to the to the world in the hopes I'm going to do better works. I'm going to be righteous if I go back. Allah said, No, no, no, no. It's just a word that he's saying. If you were to come back, he's gonna

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do the same thing.

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Because what was written for him, it was what was going to happen. He had a chance, he had a chance. He had a freewill. He chose that path. If he wouldn't back, he's going to do the same thing. Because he can't escape what was written for him. And that does not mean that he was forced to do all of that evil. He wasn't forced. Right now I have the ability to get up and to leave if I want to do that. And I have the ability to see here like everybody here. There's no force over me that I'm feeling that's making me sit here. Allah wrote that I'm going to stay in this place until I get up and I'm not getting up before that. But nobody can say, allow me me stay here. I love

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Alice decree was that that thing was written. But he gave you a free will at the same time. So the I said, No, it's just a statement that he's making. And then he said, women were wrong. He him perusahaan. An actor this death right now. There's going to be the barossa and the barossa is

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The second station for Benny Adam, we come out into this world. And when the dunya and we're living on this top of the earth, and we're doing what we're doing, and there's a mo a, there's going to be an appointment. And that appointment is we're gonna die. And after we die, we go on the other side of this earth, and that's the baratza until your piano. So this particular ayah it establishes that there is the barossa and there is going to be punishment in it. Also the second and last is that we'll share with you in this regard to statement of a level Tyler about what happens to for our own, and the people with for our own Eliza which I mentioned wahaca be added for our own as soon as adad

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and narrow you are doing it and narrow your aduna le have a dual ma ICM when Yama takamasa A to me for our own a shed the other low town and said and the people with for our own, they're going to be punished because of their misgivings and the evil deeds and the hellfire. While they are in their graves. Every day they are exposed to the Hellfire in the daytime. And in the nighttime, every single day is being put to them being put to the wind to let them know, this is what you're going to get. In addition to what they are suffering from right now. depending upon what their crimes were, it's going to determine what their punishment is, like those many IDs that tell what people are

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going to be getting, when they're in their graves, those people will be scratching their faces, and scratching the meat off of the faces and scratching the meat off of the chess Prophet said to gibreel who those people gibreel say those are the people who used to talk bad about the other Muslims talk about the honor. And they would say things they didn't have proof they shouldn't have said it. And that's the punishment, a lot of issues for the people who drink hammer. For the people who do whatever they do, it's going to be problems. So these two I had an other than them. And many of the a Hadith of the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa it was said them they proven they show, there isn't

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a dab of the cover. So the Muslims should not be like the people of the intellect than the Beatles everybody here to I would be not human I died to cover when you pray, seek refuge in Allah from the punishment of the grave. How can someone come now and say, there's no punishment of the grave because he his body was devoured by the insects inside of the earth, his body decayed, and there's nothing there. And that's not even if that's true, his body is not there. Allah is able to do whatever he wants to do. The third issue, honey, is the issue of

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the people's souls.

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And where their souls that people who have died right now.

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Our relatives and the people who have died, where their souls right now

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there's a lot of lag between the skeleton slam because a lot of proofs about this. But in our key that what we have to say and be imbalanced is people's souls are in different places, depending upon the person and what he did, good or bad.

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Everybody is not in the same place. Those people who may Jihad few said be the lat and they may Jihad correctly. So I can never escape the issue of jihad and our religion, because it's going to always come up. So to be afraid of the word to run away from the word bury the word is not wise. And to talk about it unnecessarily, or in the wrong way is not wise. But the question comes as a Muslim, I want to know what happens to the souls. Well, if a person made Jihad the correct way, and he was killed, FISA BB law, he or he just participated in the jihad, then his soul is going to be inside of the body of green birds that are going to be flying around in the agenda. And under the autoshop

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have some people, when they hear something like that, they shake their heads and say, Man, and Muslims are out of it,

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sold in a green bird flying around. I like and do whatever he wants to do. And we see that on a daily basis. So as a Muslim, we can allow that mentality to cause us to be shy or to hinder us from believing in our religion. As a matter of fact, we should put the person who has a problem embracing what we just said what the prophecy

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We should put him on the defensive and say how dare you be multicolored bear and mustard bear enjoy him and I need how you're going to be so stubborn and arrogant. Can you not see that sun coming up every day and setting every day? That alone is assigned for you that the one who was doing that, and changing the seasons, and he's responsible for all of this stuff. They does what he wants to do difficult about that. And how are you going to allow your little mind to restrict and constrict allows Qatar his ability is pulled up. And that's why none of those is of the Quran they say? Well, ma cadeau de la haka de, they didn't consider a lot of the way he should be considered when they

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disbelieved in yo mo pm me disbelieve that he could send them to be in a row. So they disbelieve that it can reveal a book and so forth, so on. So that's when it shows that some souls are there. Some souls will be in their grave being punished. Other souls will be in their grave, and their grave will be a result, a year older from the reality of a gender. The one who answers the question correctly, who is your Lord? Allah is my Lord, what's your religion? Ellis lamb. What do you say about that man, he's Abdullah. And that also, the angels will say to him, You answered correctly, because Allah allowed you to answer correctly. Now sleep the way the newly married man sleeps. So if

00:36:30--> 00:37:12

a man gets married for the first time, as you brothers, some of you have experienced getting married that first very first time, those of you who are going to get married, one of the best days in the life of a man is when he marries for the very first guy, they sleep the way the newly married man sleeps. So he's gonna be laid down, and then he's going to see is placed in gentleman later on. And then that man will come to him with the white. And you'll say, Who were you? He looks nice, he smells good. He has a nice face, it gives that guy a nice feeling about those situation. He says, I'm your good deeds, your select User, Katya, hajia, aamra, your beruwala Dane and your server and

00:37:12--> 00:37:54

all of that, um, your suburb that you had with your husband, and I'm your server that you have with your wife, and so forth, so on. And then he's going to say, Allah established the our, Allah established the hour, let your camera Hurry up and come. And that's the meaning of the Hadees. Men have the Allah, Allah, holy cow, anyone who loves to meet a lot, a lot wants to meet him, that one who puts in his grave, and he says, oh, Allah established the hour, he wants to meet a lot, because he saw what he's going to get an agenda, and a lot of wants to meet him. That Howdy, whoever wants to meet a lot, a lot loves to meet him. It does not mean for someone to go out and kill himself,

00:37:54--> 00:38:27

want him to mean a lot to commit suicide, because you read this, Heidi, I want to meet a lot. So I'm going to kill myself. I'm driving crazy and recklessly. And I take a lot of chances with my life. You know, some of these people right now, in America, if you want to join one of these gangs, every year, they're coming up with crazy things, you want to join one of these gangs, they give you a gun, a revolver, not an automatic one of those guns with the bullets in it, you spin it around one bullet, you put it on your head and you shoot.

00:38:28--> 00:38:41

If it goes off, you're done. You don't join the game, you're done. If it doesn't go off, they pass it to the next person. And he shoots it, who in his right mind would take a chance with his life like that?

00:38:43--> 00:39:27

A person who gives no value to what life is all about, and what's going to come to light. So the shadow of all of that cadet is that some people's souls will be in their grave. The Prophet said another group of people some of what he was saying they will have a whiteness and a light to them. And others will have a darkness and a gloom to them a gloomy glow dark glow. They will be on the right side of Adam. And on the left side of Adam. The ones with the white glow on the right the ones with the dark, gloomy glow on the left. When Adam looks to the right and he sees those he laughs and he's happy. When he looks to the left and he sees those those souls he starts to cry. Because those

00:39:27--> 00:39:59

are his children will be in the gentlemen that's their souls with Adam and over the air, his children and their souls are dark and gloomy and they're going to be in a hellfire. There are many, many Hadith that describe different things that are going on. So without going through all of those Howdy. That's the answer. Wherever the souls of the people, some of them are in the grave, and some of them are in other places. And this is what they call the the last to know what the different types of issues is to say.

00:40:00--> 00:40:04

issue. But again, Allah does what he wants to do.

00:40:05--> 00:40:53

And his slaves, they just have to get with the program, they just have to get with the situation. The last issue, honey that I was given was the trial of the grave, the reward and the punishment visiting the grave, and the place of the soul. As for the rewards and the punishment, the scholars of Islam as we told you, they never left any stone unturned. Any and everything you want to know about this religion, there's going to be not just one book, but multiple books that you can pick up just on that issue alone. For those of you who do speak Arabic, most of these books, you can download them off of the internet. Most of them are not translated because the original language of

00:40:53--> 00:41:42

this religion is Arabic. You want to learn your religion, do your best to struggle, make Jihad make efforts to learn as much Arabic as possible, doesn't mean if you know the language that you already know your religion. I met a lady or I was called by a lady she was asking me the question, you know, the people from Denmark. They were an our, her country from Kuwait. The people are boycotting Denmark for what they said about the Prophet sallallahu it was selling. So some of those countries in the collegian the Gulf. They started boycotting the companies of Denmark, which is a big problem because the ILA have many of these people are economics and money. So they said officially when i

00:41:42--> 00:42:04

doing business with you people, so the Muslim lady picks up the phone and she says, I have some milk still leftover, some milk. And the milk comes from Denmark is Denmark milk. And it's the only type of milk that my children drink. But because of the boycott, is it permissible for me to drink this and not drink it?

00:42:06--> 00:42:47

This is a lady who has Arabic as her tongue. And I'm not gonna say she's stupid. And that's a stupid question. But these are the type of questions that come from the amateur nurse, just the regular people from our communities, the regular people. So me, or this one or that one? Who's giving Dawa in Allah? If that's the Arab ladies situation, what do you think is the situation and the reality of the revert system, the revert Brava the many people flavel community don't know much about Islam. And then here I come here I come giving Dawa to them. And I'm going to talk to them about issues that are not relevant issues that are not connected to the reality.

00:42:49--> 00:42:59

I'm going to engage them in planting the seeds in the hearts and the minds of the community to hate other Muslims. And all he is is a basic brother who's trying to learn his religion.

00:43:00--> 00:43:41

So those when Mr. Ellis land they wrote about these issues. from them is Eman. Elko, Tabby, the famous Maliki jurist and Morphosis and he was from Spain is actually a European really, from Cordova from Cordova. And Imam Abu Bakar. And Kuru Tabby. He wrote a book and he called this book a TIFF, cara, v one and Mota were more than a hero. If you just say that TIFF, Cara and you put that inside of the internet, you'll get this book at TIFF cara, and they come and tell you about what Allah Allah has prepared for the believers and the people that agenda

00:43:42--> 00:44:03

the people of the grave and the people that agenda and the opposite. Will law prepare for the people going to be punished in the grave and we're going to be punished in the hellfire. Everything you need to know. And no book is going to have everything. So the next scholar came and email me Roger Bell handily, who came after he man. And

00:44:05--> 00:44:40

he wrote a book and he called his book equipment and na watani be how Donald Beauvoir, the book of frightening the people and scaring the people from the punishment of the Hellfire and letting them know about the reality of the people who live in the barossa live in that place. That is after death and before the agenda. And the last book that I would bring to your attention to get all of that information is the book by Emma sooty. Does anyone know Li masucci when he died? Anybody know? I remember he died in what year

00:44:42--> 00:44:42


00:44:44--> 00:44:48

Good job. No Good try. Anybody knows especially for my students. Anybody know?

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

Nobody. I told you guys and the man was UT is any man and every science. He wrote in everything. Everything. Any science. You can think of

00:45:00--> 00:45:32

He was a writer, and he never got married. He was one of those scholars who never got married. And we don't say I'm following Alina Mazziotti. And Amanda soluti as well. He gave some opinions in support of the moment. He gave some opinions that we don't accept. But we do acknowledge when a scholar made the mistake, he still gets one reward. But don't come and tell me so UT said, Alabama. So UT said that the Prophet, his mother and father will be raised up yomo Qian and they're going to take the Shahada

00:45:34--> 00:46:22

that the prophets mother and the father, the Prophet came and they were raised up and he gave them the Shahada, and then they put back in the grave and they died as believers. When the Quran the Sunnah tells us contrary to that, there's no proof of what that is. That's all week. That's not true. But he took that position, but he's a great scholar of Islam, and you'll always hear his name always. So an enamel sooty gelato, Dena Sidoti for a community to know he was he died year 911 911. So you'll always remember as to UT dye 911. I told you students, this is an easy way, sometimes you just got to figure out a way to memorize particular things. This would happen. I'm not talking about

00:46:22--> 00:46:49

911 this 911 here, but it helps you to understand 911 if you go to the internet, you can have this information to see him to give you all of that it is quite a bit. So we're going to start now with honey. If you brothers have any questions inshallah Tata concerning today's better, we'll deal with those questions right now. As an ally equal. Do you brothers have any questions? For father Yeah, he.

00:46:56--> 00:47:25

She can go alone. If a woman wants to go to the graveyard and it's safe for her to go, she can go alone. Isha went by herself, behind the nibi, because he didn't know that she was coming Salalah when you sell them, and go into the graveyard is not like traveling. So if she goes to a grade that's far, far away, then obviously she has to have a marum to get there. But to go to the grave, and a distance, that is reasonable. No, no problem with that in Sharla. For the RV, nor Diem.

00:47:32--> 00:47:33

The person who has a debt

00:47:34--> 00:47:35

and he died.

00:47:40--> 00:48:15

person in the Prophet says I love what he was sending him that person who had a dead his soul. And this is one of the places where the soul is a different place. His soul is going to be suspended, is going to be he deserves to go into the agenda but he doesn't go to the agenda. His soul is going to be suspended until his debt is paid. Or until the people we owe that money to are satisfied with their heart coming back to him coming back to them. So that's what happens with the person who has a debt. That is pretty serious. Now I'm little man

00:48:26--> 00:48:34

is that it's wrong. It's wrong. I met your brother today, Professor if Dr. Terry in London for them.

00:48:42--> 00:48:58

If a lady's husband dies, she has to go through a period of mourning, mourning, not in the morning time to mourn mo you are in IMG. And it's called l dad.

00:48:59--> 00:49:02

And it is four months and 10 days.

00:49:05--> 00:49:49

And that is the longest mourning period. Everybody else gets three days. His mother, his father, his brother, his sister, his children, son, daughter, niece, nephew. If a person dies, people have three days to mourn that individually. After three days. They have to get up and get on with their life. Doesn't mean they can't be sad after three days. But you have three days to be incapacitated three days to be out of commission. You can't move. You're in a daze, you're in a bubble. You still think and expect the person is going to walk through the door because you can't believe it. You have three days to be like that. After that third day passes, you have to get up and get out and do something.

00:49:50--> 00:49:59

The only person who can mourn the individual longer than that is the wife when her husband died she has to do this. So she has to try to stay in her house.

00:50:00--> 00:50:17

And she asked to try not to use any perfume. She doesn't beautify herself. She's just in the house. My little brother wants to know why. The wisdom from that is it goes to show the tremendous rights that the husband has over the wife.

00:50:18--> 00:51:03

He doesn't have small rights. The Prophet says someone loved while he was setting them low come to Amira, I had in the studio he had in Morocco. And he tested me zildjian. If I were to order someone to make sedge, done bow down to some other human being out of order, the woman bowed down to your husband makes such, but there is no bowing down except to a lot. So it goes to show that lady when she gets upset for something, especially if she has a good husband, and we didn't really do anything, the way she is, she's spoiled. She's something's wrong with her, she has bad o'clock is her, she has a good husband, there's something she should think about. And the one who her husband

00:51:03--> 00:51:07

is a trial for her. There's something she should think about as well.

00:51:08--> 00:51:17

Her worship, her Salah won't be accepted by Eliza gel, until her husband is pleased. So that's the wisdom, my man.

00:51:31--> 00:52:17

They only perceive time as we see it. But so for example, the other the good person, we only see the time between silver. So that's how you perceive it in the gray was a little dry many 1000s of years ago, still, unless he was a bad person, you can see a 6000 years regardless of when they died. Yes, time is in the power of allies with gel as the Prophet says I'm allowed to send them that to Super darphin, Allahu Adar, you can double later when the HA, don't curse the time because allies time, he changes the day into the night, the night into the day. So it's a lost property. So as a result of that he does with the time what he wants to do with the time in terms of shortening it or elongating

00:52:17--> 00:53:04

it, allowing people to live a long time or a short time, and allowing the duration of things to look this way or that way. So yo kiama the Battle of the eye for the bad person, it's going to be a long time. Like the people who are going to say when the hell fire, they're going to say to the angel medic, go to your Lord and ask him to give us reprieve lighten up for us, this will happen. It's going on. And Malik will leave. And there'll be punished in a period of 50,000 years waiting for him to come back. When he comes back. He will look more stern more tough mean and then he did when he left. When he comes back with that mean, look, they can see this is bad news. And they're being

00:53:04--> 00:53:47

punished. Malik will say to them, my law says your punishment is doubled now. And they waited 50,000 years doing what getting what they were getting. Now he comes back after all that time. And it's even more. So the contraction and restriction of time is in a lot of hands. And that is true. The good people they benefit from the time and the bad people. They are punished with the time and even the dunya that is also partly true. prophets Allah love what he was selling was married to 11 women. He had all of those children. He had a community. And yet look at all of the things he weighed with accomplished in one day.

00:53:48--> 00:54:08

And one day, every day, he accomplished a lot. Why? Because it's time had Baraka. His time had Baraka the little bit of time that he had, he was able to squeeze out of all that time, a lot of obedience to Eliza, where we we don't get a lot out of our day for the big.

00:54:17--> 00:54:39

Anybody who did wrong to someone else, and he didn't seek His forgiveness before he passed away. At some point he has to be responsible for taking people's rights. So if he didn't seek forgiveness, he'll be one of those individuals who has issues with Allah. Allah will deal with him in a way that is fair and just and in the way that he deserves.

00:54:41--> 00:54:43

And sometimes he'll forgive him.

00:54:44--> 00:54:54

And he didn't necessarily deserve that. But it's from a loss, a sadness for them. Sometimes he has to be responsible to be punished for it. But those people even if a loving gives them

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

allows going to repay the people who are oppressed and that's why

00:55:01--> 00:55:12

When the people are questioned by monkey and Nicky, you're the one who answers the question right or wrong is going to be set to the one who goes to agenda. Look over there.

00:55:14--> 00:55:19

And they'll look over there and we'll say, this would have been your place in the whole fire

00:55:20--> 00:55:32

had a lot in that seat you look over there, this is your place in the agenda, because the last season and then it'll make that duel. Establish the hour, that chair over the is going to be empty.

00:55:33--> 00:56:00

And a lot promised in the Quran is going to fill up the Hellfire with gin and men. So the people will pressed other people are going to get their chair and that chair as well. People fell down killed all those people from bending and throughout these people killing all these people. They're going to take his chairs, chairs chair, his chin, and the opposite holds true. The one from the agenda, the one from the Hellfire, it will be saying look over there, that was your chair and agenda.

00:56:02--> 00:56:26

But a lot didn't give you the success that your chin Hellfire, Allah established in the agenda that she is going to be empty, his chair that's empty, someone's going to get that chair because he oppressed him, someone's going to get that chair that's empty because he did good, and so forth and so on. So everybody's going to get there we compass this brother than that brother and then that brother, then that same shower for the

00:56:29--> 00:57:17

two angels ever die. There's a lot between the scholars What seems to be the case is that the home will be blown and everybody is going to die, except those that Allah gives permission for them not to die. But we don't have Hadith to say he was excluded, he was excluded, he was excluded. Some scholars said that the angels blow the horn. He doesn't die because at the blow horn. Prophet said when the second horn is blown. He's the first one to wake up and he opens his eyes and comes back to life. And then you'll see Moosa standing there awake, he said, I don't know if Moosa died, or if Allah exempt him and he didn't die. So that shows we can't come and say he died on it and we don't

00:57:17--> 00:57:21

know. So about the angels. Allah knows best.

00:57:33--> 00:58:16

No, no, he didn't read the prayer but someone that did prefer it she that's what she used to do. In the month of Ramadan, she memorized operand, but she used to let her slave boy Li her in the Quran, and tarawih tiama Lane. He didn't memorize she did. But she allowed him to take the most half and leave her in the prayer, reading from the most half, he would read. And because he didn't memorize and she wants to read the whole Quran, she will be back the listening. So she never said although she said I'm a woman, I know what I'm doing this special rules, she's still always followed the religion. So people prayed for her and she prayed behind them that brother than that brother.

00:58:25--> 00:58:30

selling the barossa live is done your finish done.

00:58:31--> 00:58:40

Nothing else to do. And that's why the Prophet told the people sell the lighting semithin person dies, three things follow him to return and one stays with him.

00:58:41--> 00:58:49

His money, his wealth and his family, they go with them and they return and his deeds go with him and his deeds, stay with him the deeds from the dunya

00:58:50--> 00:58:53

and that's why the dead person said when he died today they're

00:58:55--> 00:59:03

not corrupt kharab de regioni lighly, Anasazi and female interrupter Allah returned me back so I could do good deeds.

00:59:04--> 00:59:38

Because you can do good deeds down here no more done. Your there is no tackle roof tech refer to this and do that none of that. The prophets and the messengers on the grave, and they are praying in a way that Allah knows the reality. They're praying, but it's a special ruling. It's not like us being up here and we have to pray for us and not going to be shot. So there's no Khalifa in the hereafter in the barossa there's none of that stuff. Now is the time to do deeds. Last question, my man right there.

00:59:42--> 00:59:45

me alive Rama Pang, your deceased

00:59:49--> 00:59:50

for the dead.

00:59:54--> 00:59:58

I was wondering what would you say to somebody whenever that mourning period

01:00:00--> 01:00:05

When we lose people who are close to us and relatives, we should take a

01:00:07--> 01:00:08

lesson from the death.

01:00:10--> 01:00:11

Life is short,

01:00:12--> 01:00:19

get your affairs correct. Don't carry on these disputes that are unnecessary because people are not going to be here forever.

01:00:20--> 01:01:05

And in regards to how to mourn, do the good things that are going to benefit the dead person by following up what the student had told us to do, how to create some sadaqa jariya for the dead person on his behalf, and just avoid innovation and avoid Masia disobeying the Prophet sallallaahu. Selim at this time, when people were born festivities in Islam, when people are born, when people die, when people get married these festivities of the times, when you see the religion and the reality of the community, people don't know what they're doing. We do all kinds of crazy things. So as it relates to mourning the deceased after three days, that's all the morning that we do. Now,

01:01:05--> 01:01:19

what we have to do is try to extend the legacy of the person who died that people know this is what they were about. And we try our best to follow up and being this way, like the * who was buried here the other day, or who died here the other day.

01:01:22--> 01:01:24

He was the relative of

01:01:25--> 01:01:42

Saudi to name their mother's brother. It's one of the first people from the elders who participated in this mistake. I don't believe the mistake adult Hadeeth used to be an alum rock a little small house up there on St. George's roll

01:01:43--> 01:01:50

up, there was a little house. We have some elders, who from day one they face is when the source

01:01:51--> 01:02:36

and now they're dying. Like a few months ago, the chef Hamid Diem, the grandfather of heroin in those brothers from old berean we went to his funeral, and they asked me to talk and I was telling the people hearing under this ground lies part of the history of adult Hadeeth in Birmingham, this man right here. So as we saw his grandson's, they were the ones putting most of the dirt in handling the situation. And I looked at that and I said, look at this man's grandsons, all three of them are on the Sunnah. All three of them want to do things the right way. That's a nice legacy. If a person checks out, to be able to leave that behind his children know what they're doing, and their children

01:02:36--> 01:02:49

know what they're doing. So this is the way we remember we celebrate we mourn the people from our debt. Okay, when you mama bless you all, tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

01:02:51--> 01:03:37

It is not permissible in the deen of Allah honey. For us to do anything with this Valentine's Day. Anybody who buys a car, he buys flour, he buys chocolate, he says to his wife, I love you because of this day, he gives a candlelight dinner. any of that because it's Valentine's Day is kaufland Shere Khan, I don't say you're careful. mushrik but this Valentine's Day is one of those holidays of the kafar that Islam says be far, far away from this. don't deal with it in any shape, form of fashion. We love our wives every day. We love our husbands every day. And we love each other every day. And our religion showed us how to show that love. Have a Muslim Allah will send them a bike and then

01:03:37--> 01:03:40

there'll be enough water it was hobby a Jemaine somebody's going to

01:03:42--> 01:03:45

a my main site where you been home