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2017 9 28LMMat Chapter of Prayer


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The speakers discuss the importance of praying during the night to stay safe from slurring into darkness and prevent slurring into darkness. They also touch on the return of the Federalist 70 and the return of the true Dawn. Prayer is crucial for achieving desired results, and individuals should ensure their optimal time for hunting in Asia is between 12 PM and 111 PM. Prayer is also crucial for achieving desired results, and individuals should ensure their optimal time for hunting is between 12 PM and 111 PM.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad bin Muhammad early he also had to send him to Sleeman cathedral. Alright, so last time we finished revising the book of purification, or Kitahara. And that's always the first chapter of every book of the last time we started, we finished up double bar. And if you open any book of milk, whether it's cheffy, Hanafi, Maliki or humbly, or even if you study the book of Bahia, or you look

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at or even the look of the Shia, it always starts with Kitahara always starts with purity. It's just how scholars throughout the last number of centuries have always done a good job of actually begin with the most important part, which is purity, and they talk about purity, religious purity, talking about physical purity, and he talked about purity, the purity that is needed for, for rituals, for Salah, and for other acts of worship. Now, the second

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chapter on second Kitab or second Bob is also always get double salah, it's always the book of prayer, always talking about salah, and this is one that is really important. Obviously, I find that

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there's lack of clarity amongst a large number of Muslims from a majority of Muslims regarding issues of Salah what is more terrifying here? What are issues that are

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different upon among scholars where there's more than one thing that you can do, and the issues that are not different upon that you should do all the time, they are obligatory, or they are Jonnie pillars of prayer itself. So today inshallah we'll start reading what the Chinese I will do some comparative on certain issues, other issues, I will not. So if you asked me, I want to ask her or leave it for later. But other issues, I will talk about what the talked about just because I think it'll add something to this review that will help you out. All right. So we'll begin from Quito bufala is

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now we will go till nine and we will go from eight till nine and all year round because I can't start before eight because of the kids and he is going to keep on going back until his 745 At some point to allow them so we'll just go from eight till nine all year round inshallah. So even if we pray Aisha tonight, we may come back for 10 minutes to finish maybe another couple of sentences in the book. And then at nine o'clock, we'll we'll pick up and we'll leave it in the last item sorry.

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there'll be there'll be a couple of more minutes after that if you guys want to stop at Asia, that's fine by me, but we wouldn't have much time like about 40 minutes at this point. All right. So a solid team of rubato Hanson, so the obligatory and they wouldn't have ruled, right, there was a fraud me it's obligatory you, you you must do it Hamsun, five prayers, and this is something that we all that we all know.

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Now, when it comes to the, the number of the obligatory prayers, and the number of records that that they have within them, these are all things that were taken from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and from the actions of the prophets of Allah bison. And there's a difference between the two. What he says is AutoSum is usually usually more most commonly related to us through a heart meaning one person narrating from another person, it's it's a chain of narration that only has one person per per level, usually, but what he did civilize them, when it comes to rituals are usually related to us in big numbers. Why because he, there's things that everyone participated in.

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And after he died, some of the Hollywood Salam nimasa, yet, we're still praying the way they pray during his life. So prayer was narrated to us in the fact that the five prayers and the five and there are a number of records that they have were things that aren't things that are necessarily attached to verbal narration from the prophets, I'm listing them. Rather, it's something is the norm that Muslims had been doing for at least the last 13 years before he passed away, and then was continued. The practice was continued and it was normalized amongst all new Muslims without narration of Hadith meaning someone who was doing Dawa wouldn't necessarily narrate a hadith, you

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would just tell them, Okay, there's five prayers in this hour, you do it, because that's how he has done it all his life. And that's how his parents did it. And that's how the profits adolescent did it. So a lot of things we just now have something called tele to Romana we are family, meaning the total meaning the authentication, the high level of authenticity that these rituals have are not based on

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verbal narrations that are the only one person in the chain rather, it is narrated to us, through a large number of people through their actions. And it is sometimes not paid attention to this is an issue that goes on, identified or unseen by people who study religious literature and religious law that there's a lot of things that became the norm of life to people like the amount of Zika being 2.5% This is what all Muslims knew. Now there's one Hadith narrated by not too many people but within the chain verbally, but that is what Muslims knew and continue to know because that's what he loved. So the Lord he said I'm with the Sahaba when he passed away, so Salah is like the details of

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Salah however, details of Salah pizza

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Have a deferred upon and because and the reason they deferred upon because the prophets of Allah Islam apparently. And this is what I believe to be the fact prayed in different ways. Meaning when it came to details he did different things sometimes it wasn't always exact same thing. And that's why we have narrations that said he did this and other narrations that said he didn't do it or he was observed doing it sometimes and observed not doing it other times. Why? Because when it comes to the details, the brother has a lesson but wasn't wasn't the habit of him at least not to Islam or Islam to make the detail the details of action the details of actions extremely rigid, that's not

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that's not the norm of the deen the norm of the deen is the basics are very clear, are structured or agreed upon, and the details are issues where more than one thing can be done. And that is the norm for almost everything within Islam. And so that is not a an exception to the rule and I hope that that point is clear or you understand what I'm saying. So that's why you're gonna see that a lot of things within Salah What

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are you know, different upon among scholars, sometimes quite heavily based on on their view of the evidence, their understanding of the evidence, and the level of authenticity of the evidence carries. Okay, so we the first sentence of selecting the Frodo to Hamsun there are five obligatory acts of Salah of prayer.

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I'm not going to explain what there was Salah means it'll take too long, but I will quickly refer to the route the route comes from Silla, right? So the route the route comes from side Lanta right. And the concept of Silla that is taken from it means what? connection right so derived from that is Salah, which is the ritual that connects so that is the concept behind prayer. This is the the ritual that connects you with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. It is very specific in that term in that in that matter.

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It's not like other rituals. The point of it is that you connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why you're doing it. That part of it. No one differs upon all scholars agree that the point of view praying is connecting with Allah subhanaw taala you will not find two scars on my dad saying no, it sounded different. Not everyone agrees to that. The mechanics of it however, can be different upon mechanics or less on the priority skill or lower than the actual concept of connection with Allah subhana wa Tada, we just something we all have to kind of keep in mind. Alright, so what is the first one that the minute they start by the first prayer of the day? Now what is the first pair of

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the day?

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Because you know,

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the first pair of day because failure is paired before the sun actually comes up. So if I get it seen as a night prayer, it's not seen as a day prayer. All right, but usually seen as a prayer of the night for most scholars, some of them differ, but most of them see it like that. That's why when you read the book is you will find when they count prayers, now they'll start with war because that's the first pair of of daylight when the sun's up, right. They see for your to be a prayer of the night. Why? Because still the sun has not come up yet. Right? That's the point is actually what if the sun's up when you're praying for yellow, you prayed it too late. correctly, if you prayed for

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joy when the sun's out that you did too late, there has to be for the sun actually comes up. So they start with blood. That's why the number one rule if you're keeping you know what, oh, well, you worked here Shamcey and the beginning of its time

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is our Aleutians.

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What is the other ships mean? What is the word Zoa mean? Like Meridian point to the center when it was zero, it means when it moves away from the center of the sky. So we're standing, we're standing on this piece of land, right? And I'm gonna say that this is east, even though it's on the left, but this is the story that the sun comes up here, when it reaches the middle of the sky, exactly. perpendicular to the ground that you're standing on, of course, can be for all land because you know, the Earth is not flat. It's a drone, but for the place you're standing on. The moment it moves this way, just by one centimeter or one milli is called Zola. Zola is Allah means something was

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removed from somewhere. So gelato Shamis, meaning we the sun was removed from the middle of the sky. Xyla is removed from the middle of the sky. So when I'm going to how I'm going to explain this to you is that when it's when it's right in the middle of the sky,

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if you put a stick right there, let's say this is a 3d picture. Right? You put the stick right there, would it have a would it have a shadow? Would there be shade?

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Nothing right. So vote hasn't started yet? It starts the moment there's shade.

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Smaller is that

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the beginning of is called Zillow at that point, right. So it would be this way actually. So just so I don't confuse people who are

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still here. The moment it moves, the moment it moves, it's called Zillow. I mean it moved from the middle of the sky. That is called

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Well shapes the sums, the shapes now is moving the middle of the sky that I swim over begins. That is the beginning of Serato. Bar. All right, people who

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either saw William Cooley che in Mithila, who, by the way,

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and the end of it, is when he Dasara will look militia if the shade of everything becomes twice its size meter or exactly its size Mithuna. Who exactly its size by double is the wall after the beginning of that first shade at the beginning of that first Zoa shade. So when it ends, is when the sun moves forward

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to the point, of course, it's not a black sun or maybe, but

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there's going to be exactly the same length.

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So this is

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that's roughly the same length, right? So this is the end of hoorah.

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no, this is for the gym, hoorah. And Hannah fear for the Hanafi what they say. But

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the end of overtime, either Asara will look, Felicia in Mithila II, when it becomes twice its length or strike. Yeah, so for the for the INFP.

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It's not too far down the road, because the sun starts to aggressively come closer to the horizon at that point. So it's only around 40 to 45 minutes difference for the NFP and for the gym holder. For them, it has to be another exact so as to be twice.

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For the gym Hall, it has to be exactly equal. I mean, this has to equal this got to be exactly the same for the 100. FIA when it's asked to be twice, right, which is a difference of about 45 minutes. So the fee for them starts after a while and ends when the shade of everything is twice its length. Right? And for the gym when it's when it's exactly the same length. That is when the time of the load.

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ends now.

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Talk about there's for the Molokhia specifically have a have an understanding where there's time that is MOSHTARAK, there is a common time for both before and after. That's around that's around Boolean mithril so once it's exactly the same height just before that or after that is the time for that we're the medic ESA that this time works for both vote and answer but they're the only ones who say that and it's a very specific ruling that I'll talk about when we read inshallah text the text of the medic here but just know that they do have something specific regarding common time for load and also the Medicare have something regarding that just kind of keep that in the back of your head

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okay, Mike, if your mind is

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what do they go on, they go on the gym hoods mean they stick to the exact same length, which is what the gym Holder said which was Annabella HIV and and the Maliki agreed to it's only the NFP only the mother will Hanafi that sees it's twice as twice the length basically what we're doing right now LaHood is also as 435 that is what the gym horse says that's what most of them are the majority of them that I've seen if you were to go by the Hanafi would be around five o'clock

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so they just have the understanding of also being another 45 minutes later based on evidence that they understand a bit differently they just have their own again it's all about understanding of evidence they understand it a bit differently they saw their understanding that was meant to be that the shell is going to be twice the length of any of the thing itself and then Jim Holder said no it has to be exactly the same length then they have their debates on why it's it is so you can actually take either one if you want but the gym we would have a stronger evidence on this one and the evidence is a bit clearer for the gym owner. So I will stick with them I will I will of course

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explain to you that there are different opinions regarding things what also so the second thing that also overlooked here is that to Allah will miss the beginning of the also time for the gym who would of course because the and if you have a different understanding, right is the moment the shade exceeds the length of what it's what of its origin, right the moment it exceeds it. So when it's exactly the same, that's when it ends when it becomes a bit more that's when all sort of begins when it becomes a bit longer or taller. The length of the sheet is a bit longer than the origin then that's when also the begins for the NFA Yeah, it's when it's more than twice its length. Right

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because if you have a different understanding of when both ends so their understanding of when else sort of begins is going to be a bit different right? Then Maliki have a common time just keep that in mind and we'll explain that inshallah when we come to it later on. People who Philip tre

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you know will Miss Lane.

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Will Josie Ruby in a rural bishops. Alright. So they should

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I have a I have a way of looking at something, also where they say that

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the best time to do so or when you shouldn't do also is between when the shade exceeds the length of the origin until, until it becomes twice its length. So for this, I feel that the right time for doing answer is actually here.

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This is where the NFE to begin, the Hanafi had begun over here.

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Alright, so the idea begin when the Shafia actually see the time to end meaning to optimal time to doing so. Well, Phil JOAs withdraws mean, and it's permissible for you to do it until the until the sun actually until sunset until the sun is completely under the horizon.

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Or you cannot see it any longer. Right. So for the Shafia year, this is the optimal time and are you to do also, but this is not for all of them. Meaning saying mean the sheriff Yeah, he was a bit specific when he said that

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prayer times will have an optimal time and a permissible time. That was something that you never show if a coin basically in the way that he did it. But not everyone else follows that that regimen, meaning that Maliki and Anna Vela are all fine, are okay with you doing it anytime since, at the end of the road, or the or when the shade is a bit more than the the length of the origin until sunset, that's that's fine for Oslo. Now, the Anivia start with more than twice, its its origins length, the optimal time for HIV is here is between the when the shade is exactly just a bit more than the length of the origin until it's twice the time of the origin meaning for HIV. for them. It's also

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nice for 35, then the optimal time for the chef as for you to pray also is between 435 and five o'clock. Now if you want to do something, if you want to be any, we taking doing things at optimal time, then you should do Asana as quickly as you can, whenever also done goes out and do it as quickly as you can. For the gym holder, there is no optimal time or permissible time, it's all the same for the Anivia. They stopped, they started a bit later. Okay, I hope that wasn't too confusing, but I need you to know at least that also to start after the shade is a bit longer than the origin are a bit taller than the origin itself. Yes, shopping here today See, like five minutes. For most

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of us being the only timers that only like thematic year where they see you really have to have a good reason. So the amalickiah are the ones who look at it from a from a from a point of view where it's actually it's more cruel for them for you to pray also at that time, unless you have a

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good reason for it. But in all of them without him. There is a consensus amongst the scholars that leaving it just before Muslim is my crew. Right. So this is something that is viewed amongst all scholars that you shouldn't leave also, to just be for a Muslim, you should try to do it as quickly as possible, depending on when they see the beginning of the Salah to be right. So the chivay see it one way or the other view is a bit differently. But all of them agree that you should not prolong or push also,

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later if you don't have to.

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It's just rasa. This is specific for all sudden we'll talk about a couple of other things we'll talk about, but also specifically, there's because there's a hadith of the Quran of praying just around sunset or you know, as the sun is setting, it's kind of that's the time that you don't pray. You're not supposed to be praying. So of course you haven't prayed also you pray also. But there's kind of a pushing awesome until that moment is

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especially the middle?

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Well, again, not all scholars agree that it's also right. So not all scholars have seen or agree that that specifically is talking about us. So some of them say it's also something they say so your some of them say it's actually all five pairs or are seen by, you know, by different scholars. So you'll find, you know, there are a variety of opinions. I think that maybe the reference here is not about time, making sure it's not. Yeah, I don't think it's a time while I'm set up the concept of what's the year of doing it being myself being moderate, and everything is something that's strong in the theme of Sumatra, and this is incidental, Bukhara so I think what it means to use spa is the

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moderate prayer, meaning doing it in moderation. So have you ever asked Allah to hold on to the prayers, and specifically the moderate prayer meaning doing it in moderation, not doing it too quickly? And not doing it and not prolonging it too much? I think that's to me. That's the understanding that makes a bit more sense than timings. Because when you say when you say will start meaning that the minute you look at word most will start as middle and you're referring to time, then this becomes more difficult to kind of pinpoint. Middle of what, right because it just there's too many the reference point is not clear in the I mean there's no reference point for us to say

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what's middle and what's end and what's the beginning. So allow them I think it's more of a moderation point than it is a the but but the majority of scholars

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That that was also but not everyone agreed to that. So that's why it's a bit of a difference of opinion. Okay?

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So that's and also yes

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not explain everything. And the Sahaba were told not to ask about everything. And the Sahaba understood that Allah entered the Quran were abstract, and that they were figurative, and the mean and they didn't. So they didn't ask too many questions, because I it doesn't, because knowing which pair it is or not knowing it doesn't that make doesn't make that much of a difference. Because you're saying these are the five prayers you're gonna hold on to all of them holding on to one more than the other is not that, you know, he doesn't really do anything because it's all of them are leaving any of them is a masliah is one of the biggest Milesi you'll do

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of the day, if you've left a prayer out, and you were conscious and you didn't do it, that will be one of the biggest sins of that day for you. So they understood things and they're their command of the language is much stronger. So they understood that sometimes things are figurative, and they would, you know, understand things that within the context of what they were listening to.

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Yeah, awesome. display on time, and we're good.

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That sums up pretty much the whole thing. Well, most people, when most people walk to our head, and for the Shafi area and Muslim and it has only one time for the short video, meaning it doesn't have a prolonged time for the second year, we will all be Shamsi it's the moment the sunsets that's when the this is when Mercury begins.

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So this is also the handover here is also for the Hanafi

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right and here's the beginning of

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the moment the sun sets under the horizon no further sci fi Yeah, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Shamsi, the sunset will be near daddy.

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Ma, you know why

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Westeros will be more solid or you'll suddenly have some luck out. So the time of motive is as much time as that is needed for you to make a then make or to

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get dressed. If you're not wearing your proper clothing. Make it Bama? Pray five lockouts, which is three of Maghrib and two and two after it. So for the FET for this other Shafia. Yeah, that they don't see a prolonged time from I mean, you have to pray immediately when the alarm goes off, unless there's a little while for you, unless you have to. But that is not. That is not that is only for that. Jehovah the

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majority of scholars, of course, see that Muslim time is, is prolonged until the beginning of Asia at a time, meaning until the end until no Hebrew shuffle until the

00:22:51--> 00:23:12

disappearance of the shuffle. And I'll explain that in a second. But with HIV, yeah, if they don't see a prolonged time from me the moment I'm not going to be 712 then you only you only spend as much time as you need to make wudu dress properly make a comma and pray. There's no prolong time but that's only for the cipher. Yeah. And they have their records they have their understanding for them. They have their evidence regarding why

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and that is the method of God for him. I'm shuffling right now method of Kadeem meanings, decipher you have a damaged iPhone. And during his life he had to he had when he was in Mecca, and they moved to Masada and had another month, we studied a little did the new madhhab. But the older man's have no he didn't see he didn't see it to be like that he saw that there was prolonged time until

00:23:33--> 00:23:41

until the disappearance of the red Shafique or the red of the red light in the horizon. So based on their evidence, they're saying that there's time every time

00:23:43--> 00:23:52

that is his view. So that is his view. But there's room for me in the majority of scholars don't don't see they see that it goes until the disappearance of the Shafique now

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we'll move on to a shot just so I can explain the end of modem because I'll explain them the motive by explaining the beginning of the show. When Aisha would have looked at her either via bus shuffle, and the beginning of Asia, the light that is at the horizon. Now, how it works is that there's there are two lights that you see those are the red lights. And then after red, there's a lighter light that is more of a white light, that also that also will go away and after the white light goes away then it's just it's pitch dark until until failure comes back after after after the end of the night. So for the for the middle of Kadeem of Shafi, the high Nabila and the Hanafi. All of them see

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Maghrib all of them seem Muslim until the disappearance of the red Shafique. So there'll be a red sharpie red light here on the horizon, someone standing over looking, you'll see a red light here on the horizon, right. So until that red light is gone, because after the sunsets, there's still light at the horizon doesn't be a red, red Twilight. Now until that goes away, that's most of the time when that red light is no longer there. That's the end of Maghrib and the beginning and the beginning of Asia, and that is for the old method of sharpening and for the Hanafi and Anabela the Maliki

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Have a bit of a different look at things are more closer to the what the chef and he says but but they have their own understanding what we'll talk about that and shalom at this time. Now meaning the Medicare A bit closer to what what I just explained the medic he also see it to be very not prolonged meaning the timing is only 10 or 15 minutes after the event among them, but the jamawar say that until the disappearance of that red Twilight in the horizon. Now when it comes to talking about the beginning of celestial Asia right so

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when the Prophet said I'm talking about the end of Muslim in the middle of Asia he talked about the Abu Shafique the absence of the disappearance of the Twilight or the light that's going to be in the horizon now the scholars defined the Twilight differently some of them said is to white light there is the red light that you will see and some of them said it's going to be the white light that comes that comes after it right so

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I Neva allottee email memos any and a narration from Ahmedabad humble said that the the Twilight is actually the white light not the red light. So and based on that difference, we will find two times for the end of Milan and beginning of Asia. So based on that you will find two opinions regarding when motive ends and when Russia begins bullying children.

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So the Hadith that we have that talks about the end of Milgram, the beginning of a show talk about the word Shafique which is like a letter Twilight, because I wasn't sure.

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Alright, so what is the definition of Shafique?

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So what is the Twitch Twilight because there's two types of like two distinct types of light that you will see at the horizon. Just after maghrib you will see a red light. And then after that red light, you will see a white light, and then both of them will disappear as well. So the gem war, the gem war,

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say it's the red light.

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That's their understanding, noble Hanifa.

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And Lima and Mussolini and there's a narration taken by from Imam Ahmed, you've been humbled that one of the iterations taken taken from him is that it's the it's the white light

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now what difference is there between these timings there's around an hour

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is around an hour to an hour and 15 minutes sometimes that is between both so right now we're praying based on what the gym who says that the chef is the red light. So right now we're praying it's 830 That's when he is so if he were to do based on what the based on what the other said then we will start around 10 ish or 945 something like that 945 would be when we wait for nature begins. So but you might for Imam Shafi what he says and that of course makes a difference for when motive ends because for the gym holder when the red light disappears that's when most of the bends and extra begins right and for the verbal Hanifa and the rest or just this small group that sees it to

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be the white light then when the white light disappears that's when actually begins in Melbourne events so Melbourne obtain is prolonged for for the NFV it's a bit it's a bit longer than it is for everyone else and it's NHS starts a bit later. Now when we're going to read what you met with the chauffeur a scholar wrote here worked in Asia either via chef Aquila, the beginning of the time of Russia is when the red Twilight is disappears fulfill FDR either through delay and the optimal time for you for you to pray it is up to the first third of the night. So from that moment till the end of the third of the night so if you're How do you calculate the third of a night you look at

00:28:39--> 00:28:41

when Muslim and when

00:28:42--> 00:29:27

should or when sunrise right? So right now there's almost exactly 12 hours you can look it over there. 718 is Shadowclan 712 is sunset. So almost exactly 12 hours. So what's the third of 12? Four? So until from 712, four hours that's up to 1112. So up to 11 quarter after 11 That's the optimal time for Aisha for the members. Shafi will Josie la returnee, and it's permissible up till for you up to the time of solitary pleasure for me Shafi and that is also for how the Malkia see it and some of the hyperbola however, I Nephi does not see that there's an optimal time or permissible time for hunting for the Hanafi for them. It starts is charged up to the white light is gone, and it goes up

00:29:27--> 00:30:00

till fajr there's no optimal time and there's nothing actually some scholars talk about the praying cycle Asia and the middle of the night to be there's some merit to that because there's somebody that Narita so we put all these ideas together. It's just it's just to you know, know that there's different difference of opinions regarding of when of when you should be doing it. It is after the Twilight disappears, whether the red Twilight for the gem hoard or the white toilet for the Hanafi specifically and for a part of the high nabina it is when he begins, he managed over ECS that the optimal time

00:30:00--> 00:30:15

is just like a couple of hours after that, before the third of the night is done. For the rest of them. There's no, there's no optimal time it goes up to five your time. So you're allowed to pray until maybe five minutes before but you're you still you still prayed a shot within within the permissible time. Yes.

00:30:16--> 00:30:30

Those who set up for pleasure being fine. So the Hanafi don't see the Hanafuda don't see that there's optimal and permissible time. They're fine up till then. And then you also said, and a part of the Hanabi. So half of the Hanabi. Alright.

00:30:32--> 00:30:52

And then from from Isha until midnight is some say you can't go any further. Yeah. So for the Sci Fi for him, the optimal time is the first third of the night, then after that is permissible. But no one says He just held on after midnight and it's not haram. It's just it's just a matter of meaning is not an optimal time. You should you should try and do it in the optimal time. That's it. Yeah.

00:30:55--> 00:30:58

There's no like, no, no, no, it's not.

00:31:00--> 00:31:02

Yeah, it's only if you do after, but as long as before if

00:31:05--> 00:31:06

I do want to

00:31:08--> 00:31:11

comment on something before we talk about salatu salam, which is for your

00:31:13--> 00:31:43

email me now. No, we and a number of scholars have followed him on on on commenting this, what he said, since we're studying something shy for you, I'll quote him on something. What he said was my beta Aisha use force Sadducee Layli, Medina and modeling the relationship between Muslim and Asia isn't useful. Susie lane. So a toast of the night? That's that's the amount of time that should be between Madrid and Asia. Now why? Why am I why am I calling that right now? Now, obviously, living in a

00:31:46--> 00:31:48

country in the northern hemisphere,

00:31:49--> 00:32:18

where some, sometimes the night is extremely short. So I did something that I've always thought was worth at least the you know, the discussion or worse the worth. The thought is that if we were to take that rule that MHFA looked at, which is motherhood we can live in Asia is 12 of the night. So right now, based on the timings on that board over there, we have 12 hours of night. Right. So how much should there be between Nisha Moldova, Nisha, right, so we've got 12 hours of nighttime, a toast of that.

00:32:19--> 00:32:26

I'm going to be one hour, right? So if you look at it, it's an hour in mountain around 15 minutes. So it's a bit, it's a bit more, it's a bit more than that. But

00:32:27--> 00:32:49

something close to that. So if we, if we talk about nighttime, during, during July, here, here in Canada, so sometimes you'll find that Muslim is going to be 915. Right? And finally, it will be around 315. So between 915 and 315 is how many hours is that?

00:32:50--> 00:32:54

So exactly six hours. So if you were to take a toll for the night,

00:32:57--> 00:32:59

they would have half an hour.

00:33:00--> 00:33:32

Correct. So why I'm saying that is that if we were to follow that rule, following that rule, and using that rule in countries, where the actual duration of the night is not enough for a full sleep, a full night's sleep for any on average for any individual because especially when Ramadan comes around during those times, it becomes important that we are capable of doing pm illegal and doing telawi and whatnot. If the night itself is not is not enough for us to do just asleep within it, then maybe thinking about this rule, which is

00:33:33--> 00:34:15

between Muslim Asia being a 12th of the night could be of merit, meaning we ended up with half an hour. So if Muslim is 915, then a shot could be around 945. Right. And you when you went around 30 to 35 minutes of praying Esha a bit a bit earlier. And this is of course, viewed within places that have Buddha, that where the night is extremely short is short, to the point where some of the scholars some of the books of Shafi and Molokhia, specifically because some of them lived in Spain. During the end of this time, they talked about the fact that they would observe the horizon, and the Shafique would never go away. Meaning the shuffle would stay there for the read Twilight because

00:34:15--> 00:34:49

they would be on the opinion of the read Twilight stay. And the read Twilight was stay for two, three hours. Right? So they were talking about well now middle of a shot, there's like three and a half hours, we're putting in a shot like a two o'clock in the morning. And then there's a few hours. So they would talk about stuff like that. And that would be and there was and they would they would one of the most common considerations that the scholars talked about was that you would go you would do you would pray based on the timings of the closest place where the read Twilight would disappear on a normal on a regular normal average or normal timing like the so you would follow that that

00:34:49--> 00:34:57

group. I found that the the idea that Imam Shafi came up with which is that between Muslim Asia is useful to the sea lane, which is a

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

trough of a night that actually

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

I would have a lot of merit specifically when you're living in countries, when the light is extremely short. That way you could pray Muslim, and then in half an hour, 45 minutes, you could pray a shot and then do telawi.

00:35:10--> 00:35:52

And there was another in addition to that, what is the How long should it take to do the longest a third of the night. So that's the longest he should take, we just follow with Luca who will call Eva to Mina livina match with the client talked about the private private selects and doing pm third of the night is acceptable. So if it's six, six hours, then two hours a third of the night so aphasia, if Malcolm is at 915 then two hours would be up till 1115. So till we actually be done 1115 Adding to that, that most of most scholars like called Al Rahim Allah talked about the fact that the Sunnah of his reciting the Quran is that it shouldn't be less than a hitman, it shouldn't be more than a

00:35:52--> 00:36:25

hitman specifically in places where it's the night is very short, and it's difficult for people to stay up stay up like that. But however, they didn't see delegate being less than than I think these things are important to be considered specifically, maybe now we're moving from Allah is moving out of the summer, we're coming closer to the springtime, but it will become of importance when when you know, circulates another 30 years and Ramadan is back in the middle of June. And then July and the days are extremely are extremely short. Okay. I just wanted to share that as an idea to kind of you know, to think about things

00:36:26--> 00:36:27


00:36:28--> 00:37:06

after that, oh, well it worked here. So I'm not gonna start with visual and the beginning of the time of solid blue in February Cerny, it is the eMERGE emerging of the second visual, right, the second photo, so it's not the first beam of light. So if you're still standing looking at the horizon, from the east, the first beam of light is not fungible. Right, because that beam of light will appear. And then it will go away. I mean, from from for the naked eye, you will see it for a couple of seconds, and then it will completely disappear. And then after that, a beam of light will appear, and it won't go away. And that is called the Federalist 70, or the Fed you to fall duck,

00:37:06--> 00:37:46

which is the means the honest Dawn, right. So that's they may be meaning Yeah, so sorry, true Dawn, so it's no longer it's no longer going to go away anymore. But if you're if you're looking at the horizon, around two o'clock in the morning, around 330, you will see a beam of light, but it will stay for a few minutes and then it'll disappear. And then you'll wait for a while and then another dawn will come up and it'll stick and that's common for you to sign up the true dawn or the second Dawn and that is when Fajr actually begins a hero who Philistia and for me I feel like we did the same thing for him the optimal time is until as far as far as before the sun actually comes up. But

00:37:46--> 00:38:02

when there's enough light coming from the horizon that you can see, you can see faces and much better is a person whose whose face is is apparent. That's why it must mean that she has hijab, but you can see her face so far means when there's enough light that you can see the person's face.

00:38:03--> 00:38:29

For the Imam Shafi up to that point, that's the perfect time to pray, the permissible time with Philip Dre with Phil Josie ilaqua Shams, and then it's permissible until the sun actually the first you know the sun actually emerges from the horizon, but for Imam Shafi has two times a time where it's optimal and a time where it's permissible. Not all the scholars agree to that, but that's what the Imam Shafi says we'll continue with Sharla actually, I think I think we'll start with this.

00:38:30--> 00:38:33

Would you want to come back and continue for five or 10 minutes? Oh, who stopped here?

00:38:36--> 00:38:46

Okay, we'll start we'll stop but we'll start with this. We'll continue on next week at eight o'clock sharp and you're always welcome. Look, I should have been able to really go some lessons earlier so I'd be remain