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a lot more suddenly with sizzling robotic identity, you know, have you been Medina on early he your coffee hmm

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I continue with Sharla with the sewer summaries, and today inshallah we begin the first final use of the Quran, which is the final cluster of sewers that clump together.

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That final cluster is divided into four groups of students that we will talk about every time I move from one group to the other Inshallah, the first group is going to take the first piece

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and then the second group, we'll talk about what we're closer to it, but it's four groups, and I think I've done because I'm less specifically in Arabic and English multiple times in the city. Over the years, in the main reasons being analyzed, extremely important for for people to understand, it summarizes, it summarizes all of the main concepts in the Quran, it says it is the finale, it is the conclusion of the most hobbies, like you read any book, there's an introduction, and then there's the kind of the actual contents and then there you have an ending you have.

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The book is going to end inclusion of the book. And

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it's very similar in that sense, it has an introduction, in sort of facts behind the first 29 verses of Surah Baqarah, and then has a conclusion in the conclusion. So this cluster of suit, or this last one was about like a cluster talked about Dawa. And it kind of pointed out all the different elements of how there's going to be done. After the whole Quran basically taught taught us all the values we're going to need, because it summarizes everything, it concentrates every major value, every major, ruling every major concept and to a very small suitor. So you're getting a very conscious, concentrated dose of what Allah subhanaw taala was explaining in detail in the students

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It is definitely just as obviously, that we got our kids to memorize early on. And I truly do believe I truly believe that if if they memorize it and understood it, and if you actually comprehended what was in it, and each child as they grew up actually learned, what, what the use of minutes, and we understood as Muslims what they use, it meant it's good enough. You don't have to be a scholar of the Holy Quran, you just need to know enough of the Quran in order to carry yourself properly in this in this dunya. And just more than enough, however, he doesn't have any minutes. If you go through the whole music, you'll find no, there's no no Salah knows, nothing doesn't talk

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about. It doesn't talk about rulings, that is something that will come. If you understand how religion works, how Deen works, it begins with the with the values, it begins with the theology with the belief systems who, who and why, and where you're going with it all. And if that is clear, and you're able to solidify that the rulings are as they say, in Arabic houses, they just they're the natural next step. If you truly believe in Allah in the line, you understand what she said, and this is very clear to you, then you're going to be searching to see what does he want? What does Allah subhanaw taala require of us? What is he asking of a soprano, you'll learn? You'll hear to them, it

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won't be a problem, it'll actually be very easy, doesn't take much effort.

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But it's building that foundation first, that will be the biggest struggle, how do we arrive at that and just literally summarize all of that for you. And in a very succinct manner and in a very well organized manner. Beautiful, and I find it very enjoyable to talk about. So I'll start with the first group of students in this business that will summarize everything, all of the major concepts of Islam will be summarized. The first group of students talked about the three main pillars of religion. And what I mean by that, meaning in order for you to embark on a journey where you have a belief system where you have a religion, or you have a way of life, there are three things you're

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going to need in order for that to work for you. And each Surah

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will take one of those pillars and talk about them. Talk about it in a very beautiful manner. Again, it's very summarizing. But the first thing that you need to know in order for you in order for you and I to have a faith have a religion have a way of life that we can adhere to that we can live by, is we have to know what the one who made the faith wants. We have to figure out who he is and what he wants. That's the first thing oh god, there's a very, there's a lack of communication. You cannot do it. You can't really adhere to an ideology or theology. If you don't understand the Supreme Being that put it together what that Supreme Being wants. You're lost basically, if there's no

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communication from jelajah Lola and that is why

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it gives you that initial communication and tells you who Allah is

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Is and What is the story, which is basically the name of the sutra. Now, if your era, this will be very simple, simple to you in terms of the word choice, if you're watching the news, right? What is it called? What is it called? Diamond?

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Right, right, so and if there's a new if there's a very new piece of news, I'll say, I never heard the word never. It means news. And that's how we've always used it. That's really the usage of the word meaning you're going to be given similar to Nevada. So

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it's basically saying all your life, you listen to other people, give you news, tell you their narrative. tell you how they understand the world every time you can take anyone and tell them explain to me, your understanding of life, your perspective, your worldview, telling me the story, the way you think it needs to be told the story of life, the story of existence, tell me tell it, tell it to me, how do you understand it? What is your comprehension? And every person you take will tell you a different story, but tell you their version or their understanding. And all of our lives. We have lived listening to other people tell us their stories. We've watched the news being given to

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us by different outlets, everyone has their own piece of news to offer you. How about you listen to the news coming directly from Allah subhanaw taala himself? How about how about if you were changing channels from one news channel to the other. And then we're given a channel where Allah subhanaw taala himself was addressing, here's the story. Here's the you know, the big catch, here's the big

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story that's going to hear it it is but here it is in the in the narrative in the in the eyes, and the words of God of Allah subhanaw taala himself, which is basically your sort of thing is that, if you want to break it down, simplistically, that's really all it is. It's just giving you this story. But Allah subhanaw taala is the one who's narrating it instead of me or somebody else, or some other news outlets or some other narrative or some other theology or another group. Here, you're getting it literally, you're getting directly with the middleman from Allah subhanho wa taala. To you. And that's how you begin.

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I'm amazed

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that they're asking about, What is everyone wondering about? What is what is it? What are they asking about what's so what's so interesting that everyone seems to be walking around asking What about? I mean, they're asking about the great news, the magnificence news, the pieces of information that only one source can actually give you the break on or, or what are they asking about? And even? Now, when you look at this facility, and they talked about in different ways, some of them say, some of them say yes, the prophecy of the prophet Ali of salt. Some of them say it is.

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Life itself. Some of them say it's the deen, I think it's all of them. I think it's just a story in general. If you want to simplify existence, it'll just be it'll just be a story. And this story is told in the suit I didn't.

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I love the human fi telephone. This piece of news that everyone seems to have a different opinion on. Is that what they're asking about? Everyone's wondering what your what is this? Why are we here? Where are we going? What is what is all this come from? What's the next step?

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Great piece of news, that extremely piece piece of information that everyone seems to have an opinion that's different than the person beside them. No one seems to agree on what this is.

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And we can't agree on much less than that.

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We cannot agree on issues that are much more trivial than the story of the beginning of this whole existence. And live even via telephone a cannula. Say Allah cannula say Allah noon, indeed, they will all find out and will know. And then indeed, they will all find out and they will know. You will figure it out eventually. It's up to you when we want to figure it out, really. So it's never just says here, here's the break. Here's the exclusive

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report on it. Now, if you don't want it now, that's fine. You'll find out later a day will come where it'll become extremely crystal clear for you. But it's just it's just a matter of your choice of when you want to actually get this news when you're going to embark and endorse it and when you're going to acknowledge it.

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And then you'd be getting some time in which I tell him the story from the beginning. I don't know Johnny. He had what did you

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What do you know

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what your island and Leila was your island and I'm Aisha

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Saba and she did you begin supposed to talk to me and did not give you not create the Earth. Me heard it is it is flattened for you to walk on.

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And we do not make the mountains anchors for the Earth to stay stable so you can use it and you can actually benefit from existing on it. Do not create your species in to where you're able to reproduce and like and go on.

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If you don't make sure that at night

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is a time for you to sleep so you can regenerate.

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Do you not make sure that the night time was that your sleep was there for you to strengthen yourself, make sure that the day is a very good time for you to go about your business to make a living and to exist.

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Telling me any of the things that you're hearing things that you didn't know.

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That is new to you. There's actual news.

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What pieces of information is actually news to you? Oh, really, lately, bass, just run on my life. And many of us,

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many of us have been doing it right on sleeping all day and up all night. But explain some time in which I know what what is obvious. But the point here is not to explain to you what you don't know, know, the, the point of this purpose is to tell a story, that this is what I intended, this is how it came to be. This is what's going to happen. All of it, all of this sort of most of it is going to be in the past sentence. All of it, even the parts of it that haven't happened yet will be in the past tense because he thinks I know John, at this time isn't an element for me, This already happened. This is all just this is what I intended, this is what I will and this is what has already

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happened basically

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we built above you know, he went from the earth and now he's looking Allah look upwards. And above you or the seven, or the seven sky, heavens, the sky is the cosmos. Everything that is not earth is called Samana every day, it's just as everything that's not the earth that we're sitting in Arabic is just something

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whether it's close, whether it's fire doesn't make a difference at all.

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When you see

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in the sky, there's a dazzling star because the sun

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man in fed Jaga you know, pretty JB Hunt, whenever we're generating alpha, then we brought down from the sky, the water and from that water, we brought forward life, Green Life, life that is that is nourishing life that is fruitful life for you to benefit from. It's just a story. See, this is how he sees it.

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You can see like, everybody you want, people around the world will see life and whatever it whatever any perspective and insights they want to use. But Allah subhana wa Tada, this is his narrative, he I created the Earth, the way that it is, it is stable, and it's available for you to live on. I pray that all of you and I gave you a certain system to live by you see, you get up in the morning and sleep at night, it's all set up for you. It's all been set up for you to exist in to benefit from it suits who you are, you're actually programmed to enjoy it. It actually this is exactly how you're supposed to be. If you just follow this system, you'll continuously live and you'll be happy in your

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life. Because this is what is this is what you were made for. This is how we were created very simple. And then if you look up, you're gonna see all these guys, these guys with everything that's created within them, and from the sky, you will get all that you need, the rain will come down, it will bring for you what you need to eat it, it's all set up for you. It's all been set up for us imagine any of those elements not being there. We wouldn't be sitting here and talking to our race wouldn't have made many advancements over over time, strong enough to actually come up with all this technology and allow us to exist here. Definitely I wouldn't be here because how could I be here?

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Like ancestors were born a couple of 100 10s of 1000s kilometers away? How would I get here, if the human being did not have everything set up for them properly, so that they can can think they can they did, they can be creative, and they can invent and they can change their atmosphere and change their environment and take all of their resources and use them for their own benefit. It's because Allah subhanaw taala just made it for you. So here, here's joy. It's all set up for you. The earth is set up in mountains, the sky, the rain,

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as well as the sun comes up and goes down. You think about what John Daly verse?

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What is this mean? Well, if it wasn't for that cycle, no life would have ever existed. If it wasn't for this 24 hour cycle of the sun coming up a little bit, just take a look, go to the countries where the sun is up for six months and not there but six months and tell me what life will you find living there. Nothing lives there. Polar bears refuse to live there. It's impossible to live there. Because lately, it's just not compatible with that. But everywhere else. This system is what allows us to be here. It allows us to be here and Allah subhanaw taala is just telling you this story. I made all this. So you're here. So that's the first part. The first part is creation, creation and

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this is key and that this healing, I need the ease that he put in for us to actually enjoy existence the way that we do. He continues to find out for the next few days. So this is his This is his narrative. This is what he is. This is the story he's telling in the oh my god, I mean,

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already doing

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well. 40 hypotheses.

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We're still here for can

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indeed the Day of Judgment is missing.

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because of time,

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me, and it was given a time and when it's time, times columns, it is going to occur regardless of whether you are ready for it or not. Regardless, regardless if you believe in it or not, regardless of whether you understood that that was going to happen or not, it has a specific time.

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You only have to store the day that it will be blown into the horn, the slaughtering the horn that Allah subhanaw taala gives to one of them in Africa to blue in one foot depth to another fledge and all of you will come in large groups, you will all come in large groups, everyone, everyone will come from regard again, regardless of who you are and what you believed in and when we lived in how you lived and how long we live doesn't make any difference. Everyone will come in large groups, people will move your herb into hydrogen, see the huge movements of human beings have lunch. This is what it looks like your milk. Actually you perform hydrogen so that you can visualize a little bit

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of what happens on the piano. Whenever the purposes of hydrogen is you stand there on the day of alpha and you look around and you see people dressed in only two pieces of clothing that are very simple. There's nothing in them and you recall in your mind this is what it's going to look like and you walked in was any fun knowing that one day you'll be walking in the near future you will you will walk this walk again. This is not the last time you walk it even if it's the only time to do Hydras not the last time we're gonna walk it but that two and a half word Yeah.

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And the sky will be ripped up to pieces and it's like there's doors there's like there's holes in disguise if there's if there are doors

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well so he fell in the mountains will be marched and moved to kind of Salaam and he looked like a mirage they're not they're not real anymore

00:16:34--> 00:16:39

there's something different that the essence of what mountains mountains once was no longer

00:16:40--> 00:16:40

was to

00:16:42--> 00:16:44

Sababa that's the cycling phase.

00:16:47--> 00:17:08

There'll be a moment where things will change where the laws it didn't he just say second second ago when he called himself and she did and what do you what did you buy a little teddy just pointed out those same two things saying two creations just at the beginning and your milk Liana those two creations will change in nature that sometimes she does that will have doors in dumb holes because they're ripped to shreds.

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And the alter the anchors of mountains will become somehow become a mirage. Because the law has changed that day. It's not the same laws that govern the universe that we live in right now. The laws was completely changed. Second phase, third phase. The third and fourth phase are just are basically parallel they're horizontal because it's one of the two in the Johanna can meal saw the ball de

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la vie thena fee for

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a fee down wala Shahab and Jaime Manuel was just with in no one can hula Yong Joon

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what can be Yeah, tiene que de

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Aquila che in kita for two bananas, the that and

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indeed your handle has been an ambush waiting for those to come to it. Middle Siberia middle side, somebody else waiting on the other side something is is that is equal in strength to the one that is transgressing and oppressing something that's equally strength, but it's waiting. It's not in a hurry. It's not going to pounce. It's going to wait for the right moment and then it will take what is what it is what is rightfully theirs. And that's exactly what it is. It's not a slot. It's waiting for the moment and then it will take what belongs to it.

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But for whom is it

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and this is the this is the only description that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada uses to speak of the people of Johanna, because it's a very important it's a very, it's a very descriptive concept of Orion is when you mix two things together. It's when you mix oppression. And you mix arrogance, you put them together and you have this horrible thing that is born that is called Yeah, it was cubed, and you put them and you just mix them and then you have this horrible thing that's called ova. And Allah subhanaw taala saying Jana was created and this is what it is for these is for those people hating those who are extravagant in terms of their oppression and arrogance.

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But this is their return. This is their final destination. They will stay there for many ages that'd be fina for Yakama they will find it no coolness and nothing to drink except the hot boiling scalding water of John Lim impure lives.

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Just when we fall fall, this is a an appropriate conference. This is the appropriate conference mean you're being given exactly what they want. But they deserved this is what this is what they worked for. This is what was appropriate for the life that they live in. You will press your arrogance you mistreat people this is what's waiting on the other side. This is this is again you're listening. You're listening. You're listening

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into a

00:20:02--> 00:20:32

bar. You listening to news being given to you, but by Allah subhanaw taala himself so you don't have to listen to others telling you what is and what isn't and how things happen. No, no, no, no. Why do you need others to tell you when Allah subhanaw taala himself will tell you exactly what this is about. Don't look for answers elsewhere. Why? Look for answers to the big questions elsewhere, when Allah subhanaw taala is giving you the answers right up front, it's the first two inches before he summarized all the values. Here's the story, the stories that I created you, I made everything easy for you, I systemized the world in the movement, and so that you can exist so that you can be and

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then there'll be a moment and that moment hasn't been predetermined long time ago, all of these laws and rules that govern you will change. And that day will be a day of fosters a day of separation where everything is going to be clarifying, and is one of two ways it's either Jahannam is little solid, and it's no Paulina, and it's waiting, it's a place as a final destination for the oppressors, and the arrogance, and they will stay there for a long time. And they'll find no joy in it whatsoever.

00:20:57--> 00:21:11

And the reason being unknown gundula, which they never, they never actually counted on a day of reckoning, they weren't ready for it, they didn't think it was going to come, they didn't actually work towards a moment where they're going to be held accountable. And what

00:21:12--> 00:21:45

came it comes again, and I talked about it yesterday, the big problem, a big problem, and something is clearly to you the right thing, and you still don't do it. This is a big problem. This is a form of tic toc. Be very aware of it. Be very careful with you with Allah subhanaw taala showing you something that is correct. You see, he'll help you seeing what is right, but you just don't want it because of some self interest problem. That just causes you to say no to what is correct. All of a sudden, all the great people where people walk by theme, they will stop immediately. If someone corrected them, and they recognize they were wrong. They stop even if they weren't fully wrong, even

00:21:45--> 00:22:12

if they felt if they just felt for a moment. Maybe I'm wrong, they stop they give the person who's speaking to them the benefit, the benefit of the doubt, because they fear of being a being this because they will be Tina Durbin Oh Did they did they refuse the time and time again, in every aspect of what that means? Then everything upside down. But it's all been documented in how it's all has a place where it's been documented clearly for who so take, take it in

00:22:14--> 00:22:18

maybe taking this punishment, you will only be offered more agony.

00:22:19--> 00:22:57

The fourth, the fourth piece, is the parallel choice is the first one. You may wonder why is he telling us the story and he starts with the knob. Why does he start with the agenda? Right? Why don't we start with reward? It's a very simple answer, quite frankly, you see if if I fail to tell you that you may be punished if you make a mistake. You will forgive me if you're going if you're embarking on a journey. And if you do well you get rewarded. And if you don't do well you get punished and I for failed to tell you that if you don't do well, you're gonna get punished, you're not going to forgive me for that. You're gonna come back and that's why you love just as much I

00:22:57--> 00:23:02

don't care about their award, you should have told me that if I don't do this, I'm gonna go to jail, or there's going to be a recall from Yeah, and there's going to be

00:23:04--> 00:23:42

some form of of difficulty for me, I'm have to pay something back. You want to know that? It's your it's your right. So you have to be told about what the worst case scenario is in this or else not fair. And then you can be told about the reward. Because quite honestly, existing neutrally is better than being punished, isn't it? If there are three states where you're rewarded, and you're, you're neutral, and you're punished, well, neutral is better than being punished. If I fail to tell you that there's punishment. And that's a big problem. It's a problem. You won't be okay with it. You won't be okay with it. So don't downplay the importance of understanding that there is a fob,

00:23:42--> 00:24:17

that there is punishment if we don't follow the way of Allah subhanaw taala that he put before us as you listen to the story. It makes no sense why we why we wouldn't write. When you hear the story that Allah is telling me why wouldn't we maybe why wouldn't we want to do exactly what he's explaining in telling us to do it simple. He breaking it down? Here's what I did. I created you're here. It's all set up for you. This is a moment of reckoning. You can be punished or watch out and then in the number first, half hour an hour. Rob? What the hell, La Esmeralda Nephi. her loved one whether kids

00:24:18--> 00:24:18


00:24:19--> 00:24:21

became APA and

00:24:22--> 00:24:59

indeed the pious they have they have a winning equation. They have a place where they will be definitely winning. Haida our honor to play place that is filled with orchards and fruit and and spouses and pleasures, enjoy. You don't hear love who you don't hear things that bother you don't hear lies. You only hear the truth. There is no botlane agenda. There is no cursing agenda. There's nothing that will even even your ears will not be harmed by anything you're listening to. Even someone who's speaking won't have a loud voice won't say something in a way that will rub you in the wrong the wrong way or or send you in the wrong direction or something that you don't find fully

00:25:00--> 00:25:03

joyful in general, it's all it's all going to be set up for you.

00:25:09--> 00:25:12

They won't be disenchanted either in shallow water bottles

00:25:15--> 00:25:52

just a beaker or ball and it's messy. It's different than the first one. The first one there were a conference was appropriate. What you do is what you get to one and say, oh, one punishment, in general is not like that. The reward the recomp is just, it comes from your Lord and he uses his word is named Vika, because that's full of love. And it's full of care alpha and he is going to he's going to give you much more than what your he sub said, you're going to get meaning he's not going to be one. And then one reward. No, it's going to be one hasna and reward that you didn't even think was possible. This is the story he's telling from time to time. I can't understand how we could hear

00:25:52--> 00:26:04

this story and still not walk his path. How could he tell you this is what I have prepared for you this is this is the story that what I've done this is where you are where are we in the story? This is where are you you're still in that first phase

00:26:05--> 00:26:31

the movie you're still in very early on that the ending the conclusion has not come yet. But the conclusion you're being told what's going to look like and you're being told it in a way that how could you not choose the second one? It continues to find out I'm not saying don't be somehow it will ugly? Why am I being a rock man? I mean who? Baba yo male guru Well, Mala Iike to software later callala Munna Xena, man welcome.

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Does that in the blog next we just found out the recumbents from your Lord. And then he described himself supine, which is the fifth piece knowing that Allah subhanaw taala is probably somewhere where it will early The Lord of the cosmos and the earth and the cosmos. And everything in between everything that you observe and everything that you do not have the ability to observe and you don't even know about

00:26:56--> 00:27:03

a man when he describes himself supine, and that's why it's probably some of the

00:27:04--> 00:27:12

men because it's gonna be it's all being told is striving. So it's a battle. It keeps on going. The Most Merciful, the Most Merciful.

00:27:15--> 00:27:15

I mean,

00:27:16--> 00:27:37

no one gets to tell the story. No one gets to tell a story when he's around some kind of a dialogue. When he speaks no one gets to say anything. What right do I have to say anything above and beyond what he said? Subprime. There's no clipart there's no narrative, there is no clipart means narrative. There's no narrative that exists as long as Allah subhanaw taala is putting out a narrative you creative, who's gonna put a narrative besides Him.

00:27:38--> 00:28:08

And on the day, you will mail tomorrow for William Allah equal to Safa. When all that when the great spirits and all the angels stand in line based on his commands upon what data no one speaks, except those who Allah subhanaw taala gave their permission to speak and says the truth galica Leone will help that is the day that is the day of truth. That is the day of righteousness. And then the verse that this whole story has been building up for the students, we're building a telling a story building up to this one, this one piece where he says, I know what to

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it, either A or B. And those of you who have the will, those who want to will find their way back to their Lord. My bed is the way back you'll find your way back. You're here right now you came from a different place, you are your you generate you are generated in a different in a different realm by a different force. And then you were sent to this world and it's your job to find your way back, find your way back if you want to. If you truly have the willpower, if you this is something you truly care about to you understand this story, you will find your way back to your Lord. And you'll come back and you'll be with them supine with data just like this. This whole story should have

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ended in American either I don't

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know my own goldwind Mobile Home app, but we have to care for you. Yeah, they tend to rob indeed, we have warned you from punishment that it's very near it's coming on that day that human being will look at what they need, but they did look up what they achieved and

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and although How will be regressed. And the disbeliever will say I wish I never lived. Yeah, they tend to Rob I wish I never had I wish I wish I was nothing. I wish. Nothing but it's too late. So hi, hello, I'm Nick Shinola. Go to Lake wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad. He was often be

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a lover