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pedal Rahim

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humbly lane open alameen salatu salam ala rasulillah and he also be as Marian all praise and thanks belongs to our last panel more dialogue. And may the peace of blessing of Allah be upon the seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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as follows by the respective brothers in Islam, what I wanted to share with you is something from solar solar deficient solar deficient which is the

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loss of Hannah more data in the solar it begins to speak about previous nations that he destroyed and then the the discussion would continue until he mentions to us why he destroyed them and when we get to those that will explain them in detail but at the beginning after the the old study takes he says Adam tala gave a follow up book and the I thought, okay for follow on book Didn't you see he seemed to last a long time Selim Didn't you see how your Lord dealt with and with the nation of

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Dalia see not really see with your eyes, because individual of Allah yourself obviously wasn't alive at the time of I had to see what a lot of soldier had done with them and how he destroyed them. So total here means they say it in the Arabic language as you can even add a loop from the verbs of the heart, you know, the meaning, did you did you realize and have you understood how we dealt with it? Just like for example, if someone wants to call you, or you're explaining something to someone, and then eventually he understands what you're saying? He says, I see what you're saying. And that I see not literally he saw with his eye in other words, he understood with his intellect and with his

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heart he understood that which you're trying to explain. For most of Canada when he says alum Dada gave her father a lot of books he seemed to notice on Send them Didn't you see how your Lord dealt with had you only did you understand with your mind and with your heart? these eight that I explained to you how I dealt with that. Now the question is, if you were to pass by the ruins of art, and you sold them What a mess, what a destruction. The question you'd ask would be what happened? What happened? He The first question you want to know is what happened? Allah subhanaw taala. They seem to have seldom did you learn how your Lord dealt with? Now? What's the difference

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between seeing an authority? follow a book I thought I gave her a lot of books. The question that I must have had the data is asking

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the same thing. Didn't you see how your Lord dealt with that? He did not see the injury. You see what your Lord did with? You know now, Jani, the silver hammer, let's say something happens outside. A terrible accident happened outside you walk you walk out? The first question people ask is what what happened? They asked What happened? No one is going to ask how what happened, they want to know what happened. A lot of Zoysia is not concerned about the what he's seeing in the air, how you're dealt with. Why? This is why because when you pass by the ruins of hat, and you saw them being destroyed, and you remember that there was a nation either a lot destroyed. The first question that

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came to mind was how did how did these people get destroyed because of the strength in their mind? You know, you're no longer concerned in what happened he you're concerned and really, how did they get destroyed these people? If you understood their history in the plan, you'd only know that that's the only appropriate question most of our dimensions of them as being the third generation after know how they you set up why one of the famous statements they had was men shouldn't domina arrogance men should do when they're poor, who's stronger than us when it comes to power? Right? Well most of what Allah gave them a lot of Zoysia said about them for a man for stuck bottle fill

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out the behind it how that they they only they acted arrogantly on earth, and they did not have right to do so. And so when you pass by them, not a single nation at the time tried to fight with them. Power, my strength, everyone would run the other way. Find out when they got destroyed. The question is, how did they get destroyed? If they are no longer concerned about what's happening? You're just thinking, How can a powerful nation like this in history that no one ever tried to challenge? How did they get destroyed philosophy? Tyler asks the appropriate question and says Adam thought I gave a follow up book and that

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is the nation of the forefathers have had was how to love the word government comes from the word of Armenian. One woman will love him his journey. Literally when you crush something and it turns into powder turns into dust. But ya knew their name. They received a meaning of their name. Their name is Ella we are a means to be crushed the powder that's exactly how the ending was Ilana that event, a loss of habitat and now is described

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Something about God. And he says that a man that than a man meaning the possessors of pillars and a madman, and I would it comes down to like a pillar that in a meeting ad where the possesses of pillars, what does that mean? It means two things that they possess bodies like pillows, yani, that is implying strength and power. And it means that they have the ability to build buildings in the size of pillars, only what I built was incredible. And up until this day, their buildings and their structures remain standing and that it lives in Yemen. So only the Arabs when they used to pass by Yemen, for FEMA Fluttershy that you're safe. When they used to travel in winter to Alabama, they

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would see these ruins right, the ruins are still standing up until this day, that's how solid the structure is. That's how solid it is a lot of soil is describing them as that delay man. So when I was in Canada described the ad in the Quran in this surah he described them with the end with their power, they powerful bodies, and the powerful ability of construction, there must have had a dialysis element that in a man and let them you have to have will be led in the structure they put on is something that town never ever saw. cannabis is something incredible. The unique of power law surgeon gave them imagine at the time. There is no hydraulics, there's no drills, there's nothing

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This is sheer manpower, the drilling and the cracking through the stone and through the Rocky Mountains. And that's how I made that's how they made their houses. A llama that imagine let me let me let me feel Beloved, Allah subhanaw taala called where they lived a billet. He did not call it feeling Medina or fee Jani is something else from Korea feel. The difference between all these words and bellette is that a ballad is called a ballad. When it is well protected and fortified. It knows how to stand and defend itself for loss of Hannah Diana, when he said about the town a ballad, we automatically understood from this, look at the power Look how strong it was that even the borders

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was surrounded. And it was fortified with soldiers or whatever it is that were on the sides of it. And no one was able to go in. No one was able to fight these people and letting them you cannot make her feel bad. That's I had a lot of soldier now he brings the other nation. And he says all of this is leading to one thing, and he's seeing going after this. What's the mood and Lavina Shabbos Sahabi. Well, then in other words, and Didn't you see how you're dealt with the mood, the mood, the mood and Lavina herbal safavi what the mood are those who Jabu Jabu doesn't mean to bring in slang it means to bring and measurable in Arabic language means to crack into drill hole through stone and

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to etching come through stone. That's what jab, jab what what did they actually what did they come through a soft, gentle soft. A soccer is obviously the stone, the Rocky Mountains. And you know, mountains are different types of snowy mountains, mountains that are made of dirt and then there's grass on top of them. They're easier if you're going to dig. But then you have the rock solid, Rocky Mountains, those kinds of mountains is what I dealt with. And what did they do? Jebel they began to crack and draw holes through it with their hands and whatever tools they use, and they made houses Allah subhanaw taala he says, what he told me OMG Valley boo that fairy here, he said the fairy

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fairy he needs your spare time, time of enjoyment. And Alonzo usually sing in their spare time, when they wanted to relax, they used to crack into the stone rocky mountains that is often done fairly him. This is their their job on the side, something that they will do as an enjoyment as a hobby. So how to love and the Venus shareables soccer and the soccer was built to add in a value. And so if they building any houses in Belize, that means that these were water streams. So there was water there, there was civilization there. And as a result, they made their houses and levina herbal sopping wet.

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And then the nation after that, and we'll finally have insurance. That once again,

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a lot of social is highlighting of the mood, the construction ability. So I highlighted their construction ability that in a bad mood. He highlighted their construction ability Jebel safavid Well, and the finalization and that the one that came after them, or fear out as they are dead and fell out, didn't you see how you're dealt with fill out who was filled out? Well, if you're gonna fill out that the possessor of old dead pigs, you know how to you for example, and when they build a tent, and then eventually they hammer pigs into insides and edges. Those are called Oded, the possessor of pigs. What does that mean? It means three things.

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So one is describing number one is describing

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Figure out that out that in a possessor of pigs, in other words, when you have when you have pigs, meaning you have a tip, and when you have a dead, and you have many of them who lives in tents, soldiers live in tents, then when soldiers go from one country to another country to fight them or invade them, Where do they live? They future tense, right then and then, and they live in them. And the more they move ahead in this land, the unpitched attempts, and they move them somewhere else. So because it's mobile, and so on. So when Alonzo just says, What's your own village, oh, they're around the possessor of tents. We understand from that a lot of Zoysia is describing fear out and

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the such huge army that he had, and that's power as well, we'll find out when his army was 2 million as Evan Kafeel mentions in and be there when they hire and they're the ones that this drowned and destroyed a lot of soldiers and destroyed them later on. You can understand up until this day, there has never been an army, this, this huge 2 million of us army would go around. So if you had a bird's eye view, all you'd see is hundreds and hundreds and 1000s of tents within them. Other soldiers that are really into loyal defend out of out of it out there, that's what meaning the other meaning it's highlighting his torture methods that are meant to use the torture, he used to bring whoever it is,

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and he used to crucify them in judo and nothing as a loss or you know, some of the others that Allah says that also live at noon visual who are nothing, he used to crucify them into the into the palm tree. And when you do that, you're going to get any sort of hammer his hand into the tree. In other words, that's a pig going into him. So if you're out there, out there, then it's reported that that's how he killed his wife, Hirsi Ali is set up. And so this hurts how he killed the 700 magicians that eventually saw what is false. And they made such that we're most proud of that and said,

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don't be musella How rude. They were his right had been, they were his magicians equal to cameras, and he put them on the trees. And that's exactly what he did to them. And so we found out that number one highlights is massive army power. Number two, it highlights his torture method, and how vicious and vile and cruel he was in that. And number three, you have your own to do that. It also highlights his construction abilities. How? And if you've seen the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians, you find that they they used to draw men characters, and everyone's carrying some kind of tool in his hand. Why? Because the Egyptians they prided themselves, especially the pharaohs, they prided

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themselves over construction. They love that. Yeah, what proves this is the pyramids, also the ones that they built. Yeah. And he even had that Schumpeter, I have a lot, he goes to the point where he said that they had more power than the previous nations. Why? Because the previous nations, when they made their houses, they only drilled through the Rocky Mountains that were there. It never these people fit out. And these people, they would, they would cut the brick, they would cut the stone, they if you've been to Egypt, and you've seen the pyramids, each stone is higher than what you stand by how imagine that they cut it, then to bring it from where it is and put it where it is.

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And then go bring another one and put it next door. And until you go up in this enormous Yani towering pyramid. That's incredible work, it must be sheer power. Yeah, and this was in our lives. Our dad in the third opinion, it highlights the construction ability that an old dad would mean.

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Basically equipment drills, and whatever it is, that they're carrying in their head, when they did the images and so on, highlighted three things, his power is huge, and mighty army. Number two was his torture methods. And number three, and this is what connected to the previous two saw his construction ability allows origin spoke about add, and he spoke and described the construction ability with the moon as well the construction ability and figure out exactly also his construction ability. Why would a loss origin speak about and highlight the construction ability? You need to understand that these ads are coming down first and foremost to fill out to publish? And then there

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is also an amazing mechanism Microsoft who is reciting these air and the primary audience the ones that hearing first, almost half of them are no and then most importantly, the director boyish. Why is it important for college to know this land Quraysh isn't known for any construction ability. These people only they barely made a small hut in the in the in the in the desert and they lived in a bedroom. Obviously so badly they did not have this kind of power. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is trying to bring them anything to them this message. And he's saying that these are nations that existed way before. Well, they were tough. They were strong, mighty powerful. And this was the

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ending they were destroyed, too.

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People aren't even known for any Mike for any power. How do you keep on going in your rebellion and your transgression against the law that is missing or something?

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Did you feel that most of the data would bring your ending so easily more? It's easier than it was for the previous nations. For this was a warning directed to voyage, Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, when he speaks about these three tribes, he says,

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out there, what about them? And levina po Phoebe lead. Those were the nations that bow Philippi land. In other words, they rebelled and they disobey and they transgress the limits of the laws of Hannah hautala in the city they live in Buffalo field, which is true if you look that they have they rebelled against the messenger who Donahue set up and against the loss of habitat that is was that was sent to them. If you look at the case of the moon, they also thought

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and the most vile and vicious of ways, Ghanian laws origin he sends them a she camel, which they requested that was a miracle of a lot to them. What did they do? They weren't happy with it. They went and signed an agreement with the town people and they went and they slaughtered them and they kill them in the most crucial and the most Danny vicious of ways and that's how they ended it they violated the loss of habitat is a miracle that they asked for. So that's all yeah, that's rebellion. Is to cross is to is to come out of the box is this we cross the limit Jani. What you learned from the Whirlpool here is that you and I, we have a box and we're inside this box and the box are the

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limits of a lot. Everything inside is halaal it's ordained its obligation that's what you're supposed to do. Anything outside is considerable. Here you rebel Yanni, for example, hello is outside. Zara is outside and Linda is outside. The one who does them is cross the line that in Arabic is Coco yen is of two types. There's two here and when you break the rule because you're desperate to do so

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let's say you cross the red light, you are desperate because there's an emergency, there's someone in the car that needs to be taken to hospital because it's desperate. It's okay. But then there's not a thing when you cross it and you're happy about crossing the red light, or you don't care about what comes your way. And who's going to speak after that. That is the most worst types of Buddha. And that is what's meant by here. they rebelled against the law and they were happy to do so. And they didn't regret their cinema they did a lot of surgeons and Lavina pavo Phoebe led around also have often been at what was useful here is to him his ultimate goal here was that he got up and he

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that it was your load the most time that is used to get they all engaged. What happened after this alarm Sergeant says Alina both in VLAN

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V and for said as a result of therefore here as a result of their sin, corruption began to spread in the land. And that's exactly always the reason for corruption.

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When you have enough individuals that come in

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that rebelled against the laws of origin that transgress against the loss of Hannah data, automatically unnatural consequence, a natural result of that is that Bahia is that facade corruption begins to spread in the lab for said people begin to live in poverty, you'll find homeless people in the city, and the famine would spread economy or the economy would be damaged. All of this is called facetted corruption. Where did it begin from? It began with a fair enough individuals rebelling against the loss of Hannah horadada and levina often bled for a total fee enforcer for somebody who mala buka so far that eventually the way it was done and destroyed them.

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And look at the way a lot of zoji describes his destruction upon them. But it also may, he says stop bothering him or book so far that allows me to translate to you word for word and then we'll see what he's meant by the air. It means that a lot poured upon them a week of punishment. assault is a way or subdomains to pour water from a bucket. Now what does this refer to? When you pour water from a bucket number one it implies it implies you have any consistency that the water continuation that the water when it comes down, it comes down and he keeps on going down. In other words when a loss punishment came down upon them, it was continuous upon them. It did not stop it came down just like

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water comes down from a bucket when you pour it non stop it just came down on them a lot of soldiers is so hot

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that when the punishment came, for example, another seven days it's about

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eight nights and seven days continuous punishment. It did not stop it didn't count like what is being poured from a bucket

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is when you pour water from a bucket, it implies intensity, and it comes down quick and hard and it we can do damage if it was really high intensity. The other thing is when you pour water, when you pour water on something that is on Earth, it purifies the earth. When Allah Subhana, Allah uses the word and says he poured upon them punishment, it implies the meaning that this punishment cleansed the earth from their filth, and cleansed it from the corruption and the rebellion against the loss of habitat for some ballet, booger. And then he said, so far them a whip of punishment so far that again, when you think of whip, what does the word whip imply? Think of whip. Number one whip, in

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implies continually as well intended when you think of a whip, and the punishment associated with a whip, and a person doesn't whip one person once and that's it, he keeps on going for so Bahia implies that a lot of soldiers punishment was continuous on them. Then from among all the torture methods, one of the most severely painful torture methods that one could ever experience is the pain of a whip. Why, because it comes in contact with the skin, which right underneath that is where the nerves are. And you're going to feel that pain from the very beginning until the end of the session, and the pain will not drop us an inch will not drop, it is the most worse and horrible of pains to

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experience. When a law surgeon says he sent upon them a whip of punishment implies that the punishment was severe, it was felt on the skin, and he said so far, which is singular, implying that this is only the punishment of this life. This is the singular punishment of this life. And later on, it will be paired with the punishment of the Hereafter, the beginning of soda television set, or shift for you and water. I swear by the odd and I swear by even and the odd This is a lot so just punishment on them, and it will be even later on when they're thrown in Janda and they be punished in their lab for somebody Mr. buka sofa in our back 11 mil Saul verily your Lord has always been

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waiting in ambush for them. And Mossad comes from the word also that also that literally means an ambush. You know that? Have you seen any way that when, when a convoy ambush.

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ambush is someone else? How is it done? This is how it's done. This is what an ambush is. They'll hide. Let's say they'll hide behind trees or whatever it is, and the one that's going to ambush it has information about where the enemy is. It has information when they're going to come, he might be able to see them. And as soon as they get to where they want to ambush them. They attack them when a lot of soldier Lee says a lot of soil has been waiting in ambush for them. In other words, the loss of Hannah what Allah is telling us he knows of them and he sees them and it is only it is only a matter of time in where he grabs them all and he throws them in Johanna Allah subhanho wa Taala he

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says in solid and never he says English and never cannot middle Florida that jam is the most ideal place for ambush. So, these people guarantee they lived in this life considering that

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having the mentality of who can see us who can punish us or squander the solar before solid failure or sorry the solar that is coming after solar to failure which is solid and Belen Allah azza wa jal would highlight that kind of attitude when he says I am so glad he did this person in this arrogant human being assume that a lot of soldier is not capable of him or that he cannot grab him at someone they have Delilah Yeah. So

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he also assumed that no one has seen him day after

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Can you rely on soil and giving you had given you your eyesight to see how did you ever not associate a loss of Hannah data in terms of him seeing you but he gave you the ability of sight? Why would you assume that he doesn't see

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anyway for so badly you want to book so far other in our

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in our discussion happens.

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You see my brothers in Islam and nation does not become corrupt on its own. That doesn't happen. This is what happens. It is when enough individuals are corrupt. Enough individuals disobey and sin against the laws origin. It is when that happens that Allah Zoysia brings corruption upon a people and destroys them for now. He says

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and we associate has been speaking about nations. All of a sudden now he's speaking about an inset.

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The re the connection between this and that is that a lot of Zoysia now wants to give us

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The journey of where corruption begins, or corruption begins with the one individual human being. And how does it begin? It begins with a corrupt mentality has about loss of how to what I'm going to explain. He says from an inset. This is now the journey of where corruption begins. How does a human being ended up sitting against the law and enter your filter or calls you to that which is pure and good? How does the insert end up disappearing? Or how does it happen? Listen to the journey of where sin begins. It begins with the one human being Eva putana hora boo each and every single time I'm also part of what I was statistic, if the level meaning to be tested but a rough test, they mean the

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words in the plan for this there are three words there is in the hand, in the hand refers to a test that there is no pain involved with like a massage and he says what I can learn from the hammer monclova has got no pain involved. Then there's Burnett in that Bella will never come out but no nails have an agenda, but is a test that's much more difficult than him to have. But it's easily done and you can go by it's not as difficult and the worse and the most difficult types of tests in the Quran they're called empty lack they begin with the Hamza was an empty let

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rough rigorous tests Yanni lay with Allah Subhana Allah describe the tests of Ibrahim Allah you set up he said why even patella Ebola email abou we can event How did a lot of social testable he

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had to walk into a fire had to leave his family behind enormous what can be explained a certain death, leave them in the desert and walk off at the store, his son is married and he set up these, these don't seem to be like easy tests. These are off a lot. So you're called the dealer now in this area of law, so he says each and every single time we roughly and rigorously test this human being. But how does he test him? He said karma sounds very strange for a karma. How does he roughly test him? What's this enormous huge test upon the human being?

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He causes him to be honored. minicom Yan is such a person becomes honored, he becomes respected. People look up to him. He becomes a role model for people who gave him this.

00:27:32--> 00:28:17

He's calling it in the Koran and tiller refers not only that one hour, and he showered him with blessings. Now I'm a who comes from the word NEMA. Nema comes from more than Norma. Norma means comfort and something that is soft. And Navajo has a shutdown. The idea was shut down I always mentioned to me implies emphasis. And this guy wasn't only given a few things in life that made his life easy. He was showered with blessings nama who showered with blessing upon blessing upon blessing. This guy was living a life outside the house he's respected. People look up to him Mashallah people love him they're attached to him. That's a gobo and inside the house what's

00:28:17--> 00:28:32

happening inside the house? marisha more luxuries at his disposal is life is easy. No worries. Allah azza wa jal is calling that a difficult test is very difficult to process. How is that a difficult test? Listen to how it's a difficult test.

00:28:34--> 00:28:42

To test this person. How did this person now respond? Now it's going to it's going to highlight the current mentality that people have.

00:28:43--> 00:28:48

This is how people begin to sin against the law by having this corruption corrupt mentality, fail.

00:28:50--> 00:29:02

Failure cool present tense In other words, he continuously says and it is not something he says one off, this is a state of mind a state of heart, he actually believes this is what's happening to you fail or be

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or be a common, fail or be a common. He always in continuously says makes it audible public whatever it is, my Lord,

00:29:15--> 00:29:20

my Lord, how many things that are very, very common. When

00:29:21--> 00:29:25

he said my load on it and he did not say it'll be a comedy.

00:29:26--> 00:29:59

He said my load on at the tip full stop. This spicy not be a common and not seeing a common your B which is the normal way of saying it. He said Don't be a common. It implies arrogance. That mild honor, the worse. He didn't even say will be a Kalani. My Lord honored me by not honored for slot of a finished and he did not say anything about the now but what gave him Why? Because his corrupt mentality said to him since your audit since people love you since you're in

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Spectre tindie is now you deserve them. They're also on your property it belongs to, you don't have to think about social for them.

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And I deserve all this. And all my hard work and my connections. And I've been in the business for so many years. And I've been around for this many years. People respect me, what I have is of my hard work, and I deserve all of this. That's where the corrupt mentality begins. Well, this is why a lot of Zoysia COVID, a rough and an extreme rigorous test. Why? Because people fail to realize it's a test. That's why it's a hard test. And the forest before you pass this test, you're supposed to first recognize it's a test, then after this, it requires continuous sugar from you. And this person failed, they couldn't even realize it was a test. And look at you look at his arrogant response to

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Allah Subhana Allah when he gives him for what we learned from this, and if you were to look at the lives of the Sahaba the lives of the prophets, the lives of the righteous in each and every single time they related, then they refer to what Allah has given them. What did they say, for example, look at slavery is slavery, what you have and what you're going to accumulate and gathering your entire life will come to you 1% of what he had

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a king he was a king, basically, we know that Neville says, we strengthen these kingdom and we gave him that now so a man either you set up

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when the Queen bulkiest, the queen of Southern, she knew that he's going to come and attack her. What did she do? She sent a messenger with a gift. Take this gift and give it to you and hope that he just passed turns away from us and doesn't come and find us. When the messenger came with the gift, what digital eventcity he said fana Nia Whoa, whoa, whoa Minda and Danko

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he said to me, Walmart has given me is much better than what you people offer. He did not see what I have is better than what you offer. He said what Allah has given me is better than what you offer. This is a king and a king speaking like this would be perceived as weak. How can you describe the power to yourself of the demo to yourself allows origin is teaching us even in the case of Sulaiman Ali who set up there is no arrogance. Allah azza wa jal gave him the honor, the power and the respect. He did not abuse it. He thanked the law so Germany ascribed in Maastricht to a bar and said for the attorney of law

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will call name name was a king as well. And he basically and he controlled the entire globe. There are only two people that can try to control the entire globe in history. So they better have a ceremonial cabinet to convince stories mentioned in the letter cafetiere vocal name, Allah azza wa jal he says

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human coalition in Savannah we gave him in we gave him away every single thing from everything we gave him something I had translated the

00:33:10--> 00:33:14

doctors with him he had translators he had from this and from that he had so many things with him

00:33:16--> 00:33:37

eventually when he went and he found the people have that works that were complaining from usual who wish they said to me please can you build for us a wall a wall between us and extrusion machines because they corruption has hurt us too much? What did he do? He built the wall for them and they said to him before they build the wall that the wall they said to him Yeah, they said fine.

00:33:39--> 00:33:47

Can we pay you a tribute? Can we make some money for you and give you for the hard work that you're going to just enjoy right now building this wall

00:33:50--> 00:34:35

elevated albedo said What did you say look our response to the jack like sorry about all he said, he said to the man McKenney fee up be higher. Finally, he says one has given me is much better than what you people offer. Keep your money in your pocket and I'll build it on my own. This is now the loss of habitat. And when he built the wall, he said I had our motto lumpy. This is a this is a lot of soldiers mercy upon him, I got nothing to do with it. Okay, this is the real attitude that when a laceration gives you honor and respect and position like so a man sitting on a throne like boot camp named leading an army like in your in your business and you lead and you control. Never ever for one

00:34:35--> 00:35:00

second ever assume that what's in your hand and in your pocket. You deserve that because of your hard work. From the very beginning. You are born let me appreciate and much cooler. You won't even mention us when you're beginning was pathetic. How now all of a sudden, 30 years go by. Well you have the audacity to sit and you say I deserve this. And this is mine. Nothing is yours. This is why when we wake up in the world

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

One of the first ones we're supposed to say is a spa spa.

00:35:04--> 00:35:29

We remind ourselves every single morning right before your eyes opening, that we wake up this morning and the kingdom belongs to a law from the morning you're reminding yourself you owe nothing you own nothing. Nothing What are your car whether your keys or your house nothing so you can live in our lives, our data upon you. And if you fail to realize that that's how the beginning of crusher happens. That's, that's

00:35:31--> 00:35:57

that was adage mentality with what Allah has given them. That was the moon's mentality with a login that was filled out mentality with a man's origin with what a lot of soldiers gave him and eventually didn't lead to the destruction. It led to the destruction. What is their wealth going to do for them now? Look at the case of Cologne, who was from among the people of Busan, he said, and then he rebelled, why did he rebel when he came out of the bottle mercial origin and given him

00:35:58--> 00:36:02

described his assets, he said that men never

00:36:04--> 00:36:06

let a movie loose but he will in

00:36:07--> 00:36:25

any way just the keys to open his treasures. And the just the keys required several strong men to carry us the key. Remember, they carry the key, they put it in the lock, they turn it now open the door home owner what's inside, that was just the key.

00:36:27--> 00:36:48

had so much one day he came up these people have a hollow shout out to me if he's you know, wearing his clothes, his perfume and his bracelet and whatever it is he's wearing. At my shop, it looks presentable, you walk down and the people said to him, How old was all this wrong? When did it come from? He said to them color enamel, od

00:36:50--> 00:37:33

nd he said and I have I have gathered have collected all this. Because of my knowledge. My experience can be unfair in the business for so many years. I deserve what I have. right then and there that one statement that word nd you don't see the word a lot. You don't see the word love being there like so a man how do you set up a name for herself Navy Daddy, automatically right then and there if your earth was close to split after a lot of soldiers permission. And it's one of the concepts that we tried him literally here, and he's well, and he's treasures and his houses, and he's still thinking on this until this day? Why? As a lesson for you and I that this is the end of

00:37:33--> 00:37:37

those who do not ascribe the net more of a loss of power data to a large division.

00:37:41--> 00:38:06

or bigger. He did not say why maybe now if I did, when it comes to the blessings make mention, he said, when it comes to the Blessings of your Lord, don't forget these are more big for happy with the money that you have. Was it because of your work and your holiday for whatever it is? That's maybe a reason. But ultimately, it was from a loss of how to what the other one maybe no matter how big of a hug the 5 million said with me forever, boo,

00:38:07--> 00:38:16

boo, boo. So this test now look at the other time. Well, this is the second thing that could happen to him. Well,

00:38:17--> 00:38:22

even after the second time around belies testing, but how does he test him this time?

00:38:25--> 00:38:48

He is exactly opposite to the previous this time around when a lot of soldiers rigorously or slow test him. How does he test him this time? He is called under law meaning by yaka Li disco. He may he decreased His provision. This person maybe became poor, he lost that which he had

00:38:49--> 00:39:04

other meaning to constrict, to restrict one's budget, right? Is wolf all of a sudden decreased, was have had a lot of beautiful about one other, which means the decrease in one's provision. Also, what does it mean? What does other

00:39:06--> 00:39:21

other means the decree and other Hideyoshi? what's beautiful about the word when it means decrease in provision. And it also means the other In other words, the law socialists teaching us his decrease in provision was the force of habit

00:39:22--> 00:39:32

upon him, and how he realized it was the other, he should have just sat down and said nothing except that humbly left, but that doesn't happen. Watch what he said, Well, I made them up that

00:39:33--> 00:39:58

is His provision, once it is called, it is called is everything that a lot of Zoysia gives you whether it's honor and respect the login, that's part of the orders, whether it's a noun that Allah gives him that's part of your disk, all of it is part of that is if a surgeon was to decrease him in his risk. And let's say he loses his business. He loses his money in his investments. He loses his

00:40:00--> 00:40:22

He loses health. He was healthy one day. Now. He doesn't have a sick now and the old the meaning of Colorado here is how does he respond and how does he react? And this is exactly how he ends up doing sim Lucas react. They are cool. Gani continuously keeps on saying that his mental state of mind Obi Wan

00:40:23--> 00:40:24


00:40:25--> 00:40:25


00:40:27--> 00:40:34

my lord dishonored me. My Lord humiliated me. Jani was not happy with me Why?

00:40:35--> 00:41:00

Allah hates me, this is a lot of punishment on me. This is a lot of social justice, pleasure and anger upon me. What's that called, that's called soul what we learn. So overtly we learn in the time of crisis would lead to us sitting and committing sin against the laws of origin. There are examples of this, the only, for example, someone, a lot of social provides him with hard work, he works hard, and

00:41:02--> 00:41:22

all of a sudden, Allah Zoysia puts him in a test, he loses his job in when he was making a decent income and feeding his family. He lost his hard work. And what does he say? He says, a lot of surgeon, he doesn't want me to learn how that was my job, I have to turn to that which is how I have to look.

00:41:23--> 00:41:42

Look at look at this embarrassment it will be it won't be and and look at this humiliation a lot of soldiers had put upon me. And he makes that a reason to go and seek out which is hard. And he falls into harm. And that's how you seem to get a lot. He did not realize that this is a time in our lives origin is testing him as he called it.

00:41:43--> 00:42:24

And that was what was required from him a solemn sublime delivered in a way that was required from him sit down and solid and think about origin for the good and for the bad. And that's what would have saved him from sin. But he quickly rushed to blame Alliance origin for the terrible situation he's in. Well, this is why you need to understand that the first I spoke about a person being tested with that which is good. And the response of a person should be able to be a comment or a comedy and not be an Armani or be that was his response. It should have been like that. And it should have been a responsive way he thanked the last version. And his other response when Allah Zoysia sent upon in

00:42:24--> 00:43:05

very difficult tests. He failed when he had that father in law, he was supposed to say and humbly law, the law soldier they said this upon me or this is Allah subhanaw taala upon me and as a result, he should have remained patient like a yo Bala is set up set as a role model and an example in the blood and exactly like this, he would have passed this test after these two allows origin says color. You can look at the way you say no when someone says something wrong. Allah azzawajal is saying no to that corrupt mentality and state of mind can lead that's wrong. Since when? Since when was it a sign of a most honor upon you will not have given your honor and blessings. How was that

00:43:05--> 00:43:46

ever a sign of honor for you? And how was it ever a sign of a loss of power? Who are the others anger upon you when he took everything away from you can learn No, no, that wasn't the case. And the idea now would come to explain what the reality is can never lead to criminality. What are the how buena barley whiskey kulula Lama was booed and Madhava jamaa that was the problem for why you have this mentality against the loss of Hannah What are these are now and it takes us in a whole different direction. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make that which we heard of a benefit. Ask him Subhana Allah data to make us people of color. People of the suit novels, little muscle, the

00:43:46--> 00:43:53

more likely to send them in nobody was elico and father Ali salam, wa salam, O Allah God and of you know how many water Eddie or sapi