Women Hijab Style and Purpose

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hijab, you didn't do the hijab for what his job is to show it's a couple of things that you're showing. One is that you fulfilling the Command of Allah azza wa jal, which is the main thing that Allah told me to cover my hair, I'm covering my hair. That's it, I'm being a servant of Allah showing him that I that I that I, you know, obey Him, just as one of the main things. The next thing is that you're showing people look, this is the reason why hijab is worn. You're showing people that I am going to be a person, like Miriam or as salaam that she used, she covered herself, she remained away from people. Now I'm not going to be like purely like because Maria Alayhis Salam, the mother

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of Sri salaam never touched a man in her life. But I am going to at least not allow a man to touch me until it comes to my Nikka time. And I will only touch that man who I do Nikka with. And I want to show through this hijab to all the other men that you do not look you should not look at me with the wrong eyes. You should respect me. Okay, I am covering myself because I am entering a protected fortress, the fortress of all the Muslim Brothers and sisters, they respect one another, especially the woman who's in hijab, I am now a person who is more sunnah, okay, I'm personally, this is a term of the Quran, I am I am coming into a life where I expect all my Muslim brothers to respect me to

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not touch me not looking at me the wrong way to protect me if I'm in trouble, okay? To not allow any other brothers to also flirt with me, or to look at me in the wrong way and so on. Okay, so this is why I'm wearing the hijab. That's the mark of the hijab. Now they've taken out a hijab. And what they do is now with the hijab, you have many styles, that's one thing, you know, you have many different styles, but then they put things on it. Okay, they'll get they'll get designer, designer jobs with designer, sort of, you know, naming on it. I mean, if you've got designer he job, will the brothers sort of look more away from you? Or probably look more towards you? Can you ask that

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question? And then they'll put this silver little dangling thing here that's shining, as they're walking on the hijab, the pindy on the hijab, and what are you doing again? Are you trying to tell the brothers don't look at me? Or are you trying to try and tell the brothers do look at me?

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Do you do want to say that they've got the hijabs where it's like, the the style is one, that color, the then with the hijab of the color will go all the different makeup that they have with the job. And it's, it's like, you've just come off one of those cat shows, you know, the fashion designer shows will have the catwalk on the Akali cat show. But anyway, it's called a fashion designer show. Yeah, were they walking on the red carpet in front of others that taking pictures of them? You've just almost come up with one of them? And are you seriously trying is the image you're trying to give to all the Muslim Brothers? Look, I don't want you to look at me.

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I don't want you to look at me. I don't want you to, you know, disrespect me. I don't want you to sort of, you know, you know, flirt with me or, you know, look at me the wrong way with all that, you know, I mean, your your makeup is the color is matching your hijab color matching your fingers or whatever. And then you've got your designer thing and then you've got your, your your glittering stuff, and then you've got all the things that are making the men want to look at you more and more. And the message you're trying to give is don't look at me. I mean, is that is that the message you're giving them? Be honest with yourself? I'm not this for the sisters or the murals. What's the

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message are you sending out what is the message that you're actually sending out?

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