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wasafi As you may know that the Rachel load data, the goal is to conclude

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the GFC and under citation of Sumitomo tahina are moved to Hana both are correct wordings. And then inshallah next week we will start with this was the stuff in sha Allah Allah and the sutras office with Mukdahan, I get a bit shorter, which I did and I showed them kind of the longer ones, the ones after that are either a page and a half or two pages at the most.

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So this was actually basically just going on to the end of the Quran just becomes smaller and shorter and shorter, and become more concise and more summarized, I enjoy them a lot and I find them fascinating. And And surely I can, I'm gonna try my best to make them interesting to you. So Dana talks about the organizational aspect of the relationships Muslims have with with non Muslims. And it looks at three categories non Muslims, or non combative, non Muslims who are combative, and those who were recently accepted Islam meaning convert, so we just entered this lab during a time of combat. And these are three, three basic scenarios that Susanna covers.

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For the most part, in our lives, we will be dealing with non Muslims non combative, right? Non combative, very rarely will you run into a Muslim who is combative, non Muslim who was actually trying to deny you your rights, which is what the sort of defines for us meaning.

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When we say the word how to be which is the word that you find in the books that will suit and fill both. When when the talk about gopher taco disbelievers divided them into two main groups how to be human and how to be this very important. By the way, anyone who says any bit of a sort of economics immediately the

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the Quran has verses that talk about gopher here have been handcuffed have been in the Quran has verses that talks about non believers, believers who are combative, how to be meaning someone who was engaging in acts of war against you, right, and just believers who are non combative. And when you read the Quran, if you don't know how to differentiate the two, and you don't know the context, that leads up to it, then you're gonna be very confused. And you're gonna start misusing verses or misunderstanding what's being said, which is why I believe it's important to kind of go through these tools. And so we're gonna die is a really good example. And this is the first session you're

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listening to sort of Medina and you have to go back and listen to the beginning, it's very important to do so there's a lot to learn from talking with dentists, for sure.

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Because it talks about the relationship we're supposed to have with the combative disbelievers. And it defines for us what combative means. So those who deny you your fundamental rights, those who persecute you, or those who help those who persecute you. Those are the three things if they exist, and you are not allowed Islamically, to show them,

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to show them, to show them love or to have them as your allies, that's what you're required to do. You're required for sure not to make them your allies and not to shower them with love, you need to draw a line whenever people are doing that. The Quran, the Sunnah actually does not give us any specific command of what we should do, it just tells us what we shouldn't do. And that and that is a huge theme in the Quran, that I point out quite often, and I hope that you're paying attention to it, the Quran has a lot of and a lot of aspects of the teachings is is in the negative.

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The reason being that if it's in the positive, then you're restricted to doing this one thing, right in the negative, it just takes off the table one or two behaviors and leaves everything else on the table, giving you more options in terms of your behaviors and practices. Instead of telling you do this, they will tell you don't do this. Now, they may say in the same, they may seem the same to you, but they're not. Because in the world is not only just two things that can be done, even though it may seem to be the case, that may seem to be the case. But really, it's not in the world. That's not how things work. If I give you if I tell you behaving in a certain manner, that you're

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restricted to behaving in that certain manner, if you don't, then you just obey the command. But if I tell you don't behave in this manner, I've opened up the door for any other type of behavior. And if you do any other type of behavior that is much more, it's easier for you, you have something to choose from. So you have a little bit more autonomy, meaning there's a little more flexibility for you if you're living in a different place or a different time and you have struggles and challenges that maybe the people before you did not have.

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And that's why when it comes to relationships with the non Muslims, combative, those who are actually going after your rights. The verses came in the sense of what you are denied to do in them and how qumola this is what I'm telling you not to do with them until a low who do not take them as your allies at the beginning of the surah he talked about to seal Rwanda in a dental corner in a humanoid don't shower them with your love. Those are the things you're not supposed to do. He will assign some talents either as a sort of explained, make love between you and them. I say Hola Hola. Hola. Vegana como Bina Latina? Are they two men whom you will bring love amongst you and your

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enemies one at one point

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but that that is going to take time, a lot needs to happen in the meantime a lot of changes need to occur, they have to stop being what they are, you have to have the upper hand, one of the two things which is the profit out of yourselves and did when he had the upper hand he he slaughters me forgave he forgave him like in abundance, he offered alpha in abundance, only a few people were not offered alpha, maybe six people altogether if you go to the books of Sierra only out of those six, two were actually executed at the six four of them were offered Alpha later on the no the bloodshed numbers was not either but it was very very, very few like then it was very limited numbers. Because of the

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when you have the upper hand you're allowed to you need to show your just don't take them as Allah He said you don't. It's very simple. Everything else is on the table, anything else you want to do being fair. And

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on the other hand, when he

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when he talked about the non Muslims, or non combative, the way it was explained was lie and Hakimullah who Anila the NLM your cause you to come to Dini, whenever you're free to come in, dare come and take a room or to proceed to either him using the Set in the frame of the way freedom of speech was, you are not denied, you are not prohibited, you're not being told not to do something, it's maybe a bit confusing for you. But it's also give me a second here. If I tell you you're prohibited to doing to do one thing, and opening the door to do everything else aside it. If I'm telling you that you are not prohibited from doing this one thing.

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What does that lead to?

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Philosophically? What does that lead to?

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When I double negative for him, when he hit you with a double negative? I tell you lie and hyperbola I am not prohibiting you from doing this.

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Right. I am opening the door for you to do everything around that more than it and less than it's anything. Or, or am I? I'm challenging. I'm asking you to think about this for a moment.

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Think about it in your life. If someone tells you, I am not denying you need the ability to do something, you're not being denied the ability to do this. So what does that mean for you? What does that entail?

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Yeah, this is a philosophical conundrum that it's well documented, well known.

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Now I won't bore you with it, but it's giving you the base minimum.

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You tell you this is the least you can do. So Diane, how come Hola, hola, hola, Dena,

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Antigua, Ruhama toxic to La Jolla, and then better and this, this is the least you can do. Just do this and above. Do this and whatever comes after it. In terms of goodness, that's what this leads to. So this wording that Alex found that he's using is, is used for a reason, because it linguistically does what it leads to. It leads to the fact that lag and Hakimullah the double negative meaning this is the least everything above that is what you're recommended to do in the mind, how can will exclusively you're denied to do one thing, you're opening the door for all the other things that you could do everything else that you can mean everything that's below it. In the

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main Hakimullah, everything that's below it, you can say well, and to allow him to take them allies, just not take them allies. What about fighting on their side? I can do that, right? Because he said, Oh, no, because that's that's more than taking the ballet. So you can't go above it in their mind, how come Allah He gives you one thing you can't do, you can't do that. And anything that comes above it in terms of of support, so you can't take them as outlines or anything that comes above that. The other the double negatives does the opposite, is that this is the least you can do, it'll be a real test, you have to do anything above that, that is the least you can do, if that makes sense. So this

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is and this is the definition or this how Allah Subhan defines the relationship we have with with non Muslims, whether they are combative, or non combative, as you can see, since Allah subhanaw taala is defining our relationship with them based on them means that we have a consistency in the way that we deal with people. You see, the way we go by them is not based on us, it is based on them. Meaning we have consistency with the way that we deal with people in general, the only time something would change is if they would change towards us, meaning if something changes from the way that they are treating us again, another important point to notice is not based on changes we have

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made the couture, I didn't go through saying well if you are strong, then this is your relationship. If you are weak, then this is what you do. And if you are many than if you're a few and if you are poor, and if you're no it didn't, it didn't go through any conditions that we have to have in order for this to occur. Is that making sense to you? Like there's no conditions on us? The conditions is on the other side, meaning that there is no it doesn't make a difference whether we are wealthy or poor, strong or weak doing well or not doing too well. You are not united or disorganized and divided. It doesn't make a difference. You will deal with people in the following manner which is

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basically and bear unless they change and become combative then you are not allowed to take them as allies. And that's it. So it's not about us. It's about them. Which is why if you go back if you were here for the earlier sessions, when we recited the piece about Ibrahim alayhis salam, then after the kind of political Musa tune Hassan, Hassan I don't feed him

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Rahima Well, Edina Ma is cordially for me him in Bora woman come when we match I will do what I'm gonna do like I thought when I become morbidly obese and our beta Kamala talked about that that took me to be Lucha Libre family Islam drew a line with them based on what they were doing based on how they were treating him based on this belief set that they were carrying, that was oppressive towards him, which is why he drew the line the way he did it, his salatu salam, same thing. If you go back to the first in the sewer that we recited, where Allah subhanaw taala said that why do we want to do welcome earlier, I'm trying to tie it together. So you can see the Sunnah actually began with the

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command of don't take my enemy and yours as an ally.

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The sorta began with that command, don't take them as an ally. The last verse we recited, or technically the last semester decided last week was, well, don't take them as allies if they are combative. That's how the story began. And then it explained what the problem was still gonna lay him Beloved,

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you are showering them with love, because the governor will be major occupational health they have just believed everything of all the truth has come to you. You can join our sooner what a year and took no biller here have become and they remove you, they displace you and the profit from the homes that you were living in, only because and taught me noble I have become so that you stopped believing in Allah here, Lord, or because of the fact that you believe in Allah here, Lord.

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what sort of Medina explains, explains to us why it is that the relationship must change. The fact that he's telling us not to take them as allies, again, opens up for many other things, just not that or anything above it. It also means that the Muslims had a tendency of doing that, anyways,

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Muslims had a tendency to take them as allies, you only give a command that makes sense to the context that you have.

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All right, you only make a command that is in keeping with the context that you're stuck with. And I'll explain to you what I mean, here in a moment, I'll give you an example to show that will make sense to you.

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So if you have, for example,

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two children at home.

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And one of them is extremely aggressive towards the other one.

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For you to give a piece of advice by saying, okay,

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the person who's aggressive to the towards the other one right for you to take the one who's aggressive, and say that if your sibling does not treat you, well, then then you don't, you're allowed not to show them love, you're not, that doesn't actually make a difference, because they're already being aggressive. They're already being aggressive to tell them not to be

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to restrict the amount of kindness that they're going to show when they're already being aggressive. makes zero sense. That's bad parenting. And that's lack of seeing what's happening in front of you. The only time you would give that command is if one of the siblings was being mistreated or abused, but kept on being extremely kind to the other one, and you have to explain, oh, you have to stand up for yourself. Sometimes you can't continue to show them this degree of kindness, if they're not being nice to you, right? Or it's makes no sense at this command does not have it. That's why understanding the context of the point is to important this command, you can only understand it, if

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you understand the context, the context of the Muslims were continuously taking their enemies, the people who are depriving them or denying them their fundamental rights as their allies, they wanted to, to extend their hand in friendship. And in partnership, they wanted to, they wanted to keep on doing it, despite the fact that they were being betrayed. And they were being mistreated. They're being displaced from their homes, and their enemy was continuing, continuously speaking about their lack of their rights to have a faith or to have a home. But the Muslims know, we keep on doing, we keep on living by our ethics. So the client had to come and say, No, you need to cut it out a little

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bit, you have to you have to slow down, you have to stop, you have to pull back a bit, stop putting your hand out to those who don't don't allow you, or else this command has no has no meaning to it, it just

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has to the commands have to have to come to the person within a context that works for them. So if you're being commanded to do something, that means you weren't doing it before. And now you're going to do it or else again, it makes no sense for you to be commanded to do something you were already doing before, or you were doing before. It has to be the opposite, in order for it to mean so if you're told not to do something, that means you were doing it or you are thinking of doing it or you are close to doing it, or else there's no context makes no sense. So that's why when you read these verses, you have to understand what was happening. The Muslims were being reminded by Allah subhanaw

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taala that they have to stand a little bit more firm in front of they want, they want their enemies to find guidance. That's what the Quran taught. The client was very is very strong and very clear on the fact that you must and you wish guidance upon that you're your worst even in the middle of battle.

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without the codename and Aloka in Aiken was Santa, let's demo Amina debit alone out of that hierarchy dunya in the midst of calm and Mr. War, if they say that, you know, in Allah, you have to pull you back your sword, even though this is not a very good time for someone to come convert. And this is very scary because this person can allow them why he converted, it has happened, but that's what the Quran taught. So the Muslims, okay, they understood the concept, the concept is that of compassion, of love of extending your hand in friendship is wanting Dawa is wanting he Dahlia for people. But then the Quran came and restricted, maybe when you need to stand your ground and say no

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That makes sense. That's what the Quran teaches. So this idea of Muslims being this blood thirsty group of people is idiotic, it's insane. It is bizarre, it is something that was inserted by by groups that are evil in nature. Those who actually inserted this idea, forget about the the puppets that they use to convince you that that's the case. Those puppets are meaningless to the they've always been meaningless. They existed since that time, I've always been a part of this, they've always cause problems, and they've never been of any value at all, and no one cares for them. But it's the evil groups that actually inserted this idea and use it that propaganda that is evil is

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evil, when you're being convinced that you are something that you are not, so that you can continuously be ashamed of your own identity. That's what it's not the first time that

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they've done that. Colonial powers have not this is not the first time they've done this. They've been doing this for a long time. They did it to the people who lived in this land, they've done it to every group of people they've they've actually went to historically they enter land, and they make the people in front of them one of the ways it makes them feel that they should be ashamed of what they are and who they are, by taking things by by playing on people's ignorance by playing on people's lack of knowledge. And then and then just propagating that an idea. And then after a while the people believe that that's who they are. They believe that the Quran is somehow bloodthirsty in

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the Quran isms, when it's not. And they believe that their ancestors were people who were God, he basically just

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just wanted war and just wanted to, for heads to fly out. You believe it and he said, Okay, that seems what it seems like it was so you start maybe wanting to whatever was never was, it's an illusion. It was all just a big bubble. That was never the case. And once you once Muslims come to that conclusion, their confidence in their own faith will change their confidence in their Deen will change their adherence to it will change and, and even the the potential for data changes. Because once we debunk something that never existed,

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it will just be just another dirty political trick that the colonial powers want to use, then things change. And I'm very adamant on this idea

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is a very important one. This is one of the most harmful ideologies that that came out of the world, any defective Muslims in the last couple of decades, very, very harmful. making us believe that somehow we were resorting and see how it works, you'll find that that's not the case. You're being told that you need to slow down for your own protection, so that you don't become fifth Natalie Lilina kufra. Right isn't that the daughter Ibrahim made at the end of that first page. And I've been allowed to January 5, Anita Lilla Dena CAFO, don't make us weak to the point where the kuffaar persecute us and then we are their test. They don't do well on the test. We die as martyrs and go

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the agenda and they all go to hell. So we don't want that scenario. We don't want that scenario where we didn't stand our ground and now we are weak. And now we are persecuted by the enemy and the enemy basically wipes us out. We all die and go to the agenda as martyrs and they go to Jehovah for killing us. That's not something we want. That's why most of these development units will make the same dua

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or banana fit Natalia will call me a volley Nina, when a Gina bureaucratic I'm gonna call mill carefully, we don't hope to be persecuted. We don't want to be personally we shouldn't that's not something that we aim for that we plan for. How do you make sure that that's not the case? You don't extend your hand in friendship with those who are persecuting you, which is the problem that we have today. The problem in our wisdom OMA today is what we call delta BIA. This is a real problem. When you normalize relationships with forces that persecute you, then basically, you're going against the the simple and clear and very consent condensed command that Allah subhanaw taala gave that really

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doesn't there's not much else to it, and gave it in the form of yen, how come? You're prohibited to do one thing? Just don't take us allies? Obviously, nothing higher than that, which is, you know, ridiculous, but you don't take us allies. So when you start building alliances with those who continue to persecute you, openly.

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I mean, if it wasn't clear, the last 1015 years and it should be clear now, right after 16,000 People have been buried under the rubble. I think that should be a good enough

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argument that you don't normalize relationships with this group. They don't see you as equal. They don't see you as human. They don't think that you have any right to be in any form or manner the land that you've lived in with your ancestors for

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Many, many centuries and millennials, then then that has to change.

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I don't think it will, but but at least the voice has to be there. The Muslim voice has to be there, regardless of your background, my German habits and what your Michelob is, and what your Matata does, it doesn't make a difference. Because Because oppression is pretty straightforward. It's a very straightforward thing. It's extremely straightforward. No one Islamically or historically within the Islamic Ummah, looked at any of these verses, and certainly hadn't said that they were abrogated Roman. So

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because that's an argument that nothing here is abrogated. This is all this is all exactly the way we follow it. And it's as clear as I was the day in a million, how can we allow your exclusively being prohibited by Allah?

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And to allow him to show that to build alliances and let the Nakatsu comfort Dean for those who tried to deny your freedom of religion?

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Well, Roger will come in directly on those removed you from your homes, well, how do I project them and helped others who wanted to move move you from your homes, so if they didn't themselves with the support of the people who did that, then that's enough. You don't normalize that that can never be, we can never have an alliance with you. Until that stop, stop that and they'll meet then of course, our hands will be, will be will be extended again, as it always was, as it always has been. as we as we want to be as secretively in our hearts to see Runa as we want it to be like Ibrahim our father wanted it to be like we would have hoped we would like Allah subhanaw taala is giving us the promise

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that it will be asked Allahu Allah Jalla VEDA Colombina the day to Mohammed, the time will come where he'll make love, you'll be great, we'll be in love between you and your enemies. So that's what we want, but not unfortunately, we can't do it as long as you behave that way. Or we will lose our Yani or identity. Okay, so you cited a number 10. And I just want to do a quick county better summary for him. And I number 1011 and 12. And the final verses of the surah. They talk about those who came accepting Islam from Medina after her debut, and specifically with the ladies,

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because it shows you a certain degree of of justice and fairness with treating, treating, you're dealing with Muslims, non Muslims who are combative, that I think is worthy of your time to think about. So what he was told to do somebody who saw twisted I mean, me now to Mohammed, you have it in front, I know there has to be a filtering process. Some way to figure out if these people these ladies were coming into Medina are actually truthful about accepting Islam, they're not coming in as spies, because many of them did again.

00:22:29--> 00:22:55

Had there not been there would be no point of this verse. To begin with, you have to understand the fact that this happened, meaning ladies will coming in saying they're accepting that giving the shahada and hello Salah You're welcome. They give them homes, they give them food after a week they're gone. They're gone. Where are they? They're back to where they came from. And then they're basically giving Intel here's how many people pray here man, here's it here's their numbers. Here's how much we think that they should be hired this there they hired this here this is the person who was very committed. This is the person who seems to be excited you someone you can target who's not

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fully, fully in the giving Intel. So this verse game said no, you need to you need to filter there has to be a filtering process. Allahu Allah, Allah will be emailed any hint, Allah subhanaw taala is knows for sure who is believer and who isn't that you can't know that for sure. But you do your best you have to do something. There's a whole different discussion in the sutra. And then you find out through the Quran, the Quran teaches you to do your best, even if your best may not be any bulletproof, even, it's not going to be 100% or 90% or even 85%. But what's your best, then do that? Do your best do what you can. If you know that there's a possibility of you allowing in spite and

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have some filtering process of some sort, even if it's not bulletproof, because we don't know what's inside people's hearts.

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So if you know that they're believers, you do not send them back to the disbelievers they are not harmful to them and not nor are the disbelievers harmful for them they there's no longer this this these relationships are no longer valid. What to whom and football these these these three words, in this world and this is what to whom man for one give the men

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and their husbands their their disbelieving. combative husbands, their disbelieving, combative husbands, give them their heart of the dowry, pay them back what they are owed from the dowry of their wives who left them because they didn't actually perform blood off on their wives if there Why is their wives and walked away saying we don't want you anymore? When that's the case, then there's a negotiation that occurs between the husband and the wife.

00:24:24--> 00:24:31

Unless there's abuse of some sort, there isn't a good negotiation. And it's something is given up when the lady gives up some things so that you can get her divorce.

00:24:33--> 00:24:59

If demand divorces that she keeps obviously her dowry, and whatever else she she's entitled to. So to whom and for whom the law is telling the Muslims give them pay them pay the disbelieving, combative men, the husbands what they're owed of the dowry of their wives. The lady doesn't have the dowry with her she left with nothing. It's actually coming from the pockets of the Muslims. It is from both men Muslim and it's from the the wealth of Muslims it's going to be

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They're gonna pay non combative, non Muslim disbelieving husbands of the wives that left them. And I don't I'm not aware of any form of fairness that Trump's this.

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I don't know, I always I go ahead and look and see if you can find something like that. So you're gonna find during the time of war, a gesture of fairness and justice that is even remotely close to these three words who to whom

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and give them what they're owed from the dowry.

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thing to say they're persecuting, so and so's. Yeah, they're persecuting, disbelieving, combative, so and so's, and they were, they were persecuting their women and their wives. And now we've become here we give them nothing. They get the edge of our swords, know what, to whom, and give them what it is that they're owed.

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Because the moment you accept even the smallest the slightest amount of volume of oppression on anybody, you've accepted it, you open the door that will never close. You open the door. Now the moment you're okay, with any amount of oppression because it doesn't make a difference. If I accept a little bit of oppression and you accept a lot, philosophically doesn't make a difference. We're both okay with oppression. Amounts don't count. A mountain, they don't count. No one looks at a mountain. No one cares. Who started these things don't get no one cares. So you walk into your house, your kids are fighting. You don't care who started the fight, you don't care. You don't ask

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the question even like you're not even you're not interested in investigating that cause you're fighting you're both gonna be held accountable even though the person who didn't started instigated will feel that maybe I shouldn't be treated. But no, you're not gonna get treated better and you're just gonna get lost. No one cares, because you also transgressed. You made a mistake as well. The first verse person made a mistake when they transgressed, you went back and transgressed again. So now both of your fault. And you know, you're both balama, you're both you're both woodland, you're both, you're both oppressors, yes, the first one was more of an oppressor. But who cares? It doesn't

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matter, you all oppressors. So it doesn't make a difference. You're not interested in teasing this out. You're not interested in listening to the whole story. Because you're both at fault, you're both gonna be punished, get out of my face. And that's how it ends. The same thing goes for any. So the client comes in looks at where justice needs to be served, what to whom, and for whom we are fair, when it comes to wealth, when it comes to money. We do not accept anyone being oppressed. Yes, your wife left you. You didn't divorce her. You're not going to get her back. You're not going to get union is gone. You can't shoot we're not sending her back to where she where she came from.

00:27:30--> 00:28:08

You're owed the dowry. That's, that's that's the ideal effect. But they're combative. They're our enemies. It doesn't matter. That doesn't matter that doesn't. How does that play into this? How does that play into this scenario? It doesn't. And that's to explain to you that when he said anto alone the only thing you shouldn't be doing is taking them out as allies. It is not an open ticket for you to oppress. no no you're going to be fair just don't take them as allies just don't go support them and fight with them in harm your own but fairness of course, you're going to be fair, but there are enemies so what what is that change doesn't change anything you're still going to be fair, you're

00:28:08--> 00:28:11

still going to be fair to them and

00:28:12--> 00:28:32

what I do now how they come and thank you when I tell you to move who around and it there's no there's no hierarchy there's no do not it means how much there is no any shame or difficulty or problem if you want to marry these ladies who have come to Medina who are now divorced from their husbands and the dowry has been given back if you if you obviously perform your worship either day to Mohana or Jordan

00:28:33--> 00:28:34

why is that in there?

00:28:36--> 00:28:37

Anyone know why that's there?

00:28:39--> 00:28:45

I remember I was reading it I always thought like what why is Yeah, so she's divorced you can marry someone else. Why is this Anya?

00:28:48--> 00:29:23

He said either to Mohan ojo, Rohan, you have to give them their dowry. You can say well, we just paid your husband dowry on your behalf. So we kind of already you aren't you kind of in debt to us, so we're just gonna marry you with no, you're gonna you're gonna give her her dowry. You're gonna give her a hug and you're going to pay you it's not that Willa, you came to us, and we accepted your iman and your Islam, and we paid your husband has your monitor sent him back? We did it on your behalf. We didn't ask you for the wealth. That doesn't mean that now we decided how we can marry you without giving you your money, you're going to be given the money. That's why that's there. So

00:29:23--> 00:29:28

fairness, even if that's why these verses are there to explain, this is the fairness of it.

00:29:29--> 00:29:53

You paid the maharam behind it because that's what Muslims are owed. That's what a Muslim is owed by his country and by the people who support she is owed that she's protected. She's kept in Medina, she's not sent back. And that that financial burden that she carries is taken care of. That doesn't mean that now she's enslaved by the state doesn't mean that she has less rights than everyone else. You can marry her but you have to either take two who knows?

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

It's very beautiful is very it's very meaningful. These verses are very the only the it's not the Quran doesn't have

00:30:00--> 00:30:28

An idea in a test just for the sake of speaking, because you want to fill in fill in lines so that you can have 30 days to memorize, and it's gonna take forever. No everything that you're memorizing, there's a reason of why it's there. There's a reason that why Allah so I said that and if you take time to actually take a step back and think about it, it's it's extremely, extremely meaningful. What happens she could be a soy milk outfit, I guess. One is the contracts of marriage, the words estima is the control of

00:30:29--> 00:30:35

the Union. If you study is a fifth type of Islam, there's, this is an important piece.

00:30:38--> 00:30:44

The contract of marriage that is based on the agreement of both parties, but to end it, only one party has the ESMA

00:30:45--> 00:31:17

the majority of that is the men, the men they had they carry that they control whether this marriage stays or not, can it be the woman could totally be the woman that could be agreed upon amongst the within this vote amongst the the two, that there was in your hand, I know a ton of men who should not have the resume in their hands. And a lot of men who do not deserve this man their hands. And that's why I'm not a marriage counselor. Because I don't know if I'm going to do this, I'm going to be telling men to their faces that you don't deserve this, my you should not be in control of this. Mary, she should be because you're not mad enough. Because you don't understand how this works. And

00:31:17--> 00:31:25

you lose your temper and you say things you should never say he's like, look at what it is. Is it Dean going to say yes, thank you very much appreciate it, thank you.

00:31:27--> 00:32:02

There is my son, the hand of the one who is less likely to get a moment of rage or upset and the union. That's why it's in the hands of the man because you're less likely to do that, because you're a little bit more control. It's nothing. It's nothing to belittle the woman at all. If it wasn't for the fact that that woman is extremely emotional, and filled with compassion, no children would have survived over the age of one, like all choked, everyone would die within because you cannot put up but it's because of that amount of emotion and compassion that the mother has. We all sit here today, saying you can maybe survive but you will survive in a sane way. If Adam was in charge of all

00:32:02--> 00:32:35

his children, the young he would have gone back to being monkeys again, like he would have just said we haven't progressed backwards again, because he wouldn't be you what how much time do you think a father can spend spend with a with an infant are very few. Oh, wives know exactly what I'm talking about? If 1015 minutes, and then you need to get them out of them. They don't do a very good job. So that emotional, emotional aspect of of women with their children is normal. So the way the US my works is to just make sure that this union doesn't end. When we if two people quarrel or they fight or they say things that we don't end this year because they're Muslim UK union is done based on

00:32:35--> 00:33:10

words meaning people speak it's a job in Cameroon. It's not now today, it's all written. That's why I don't believe today that if you say anything, you actually you lose your marriage, your esteem. It's like you've made it like you made a mistake, you gave me an oath that you broke. So you have to go to cathartically I mean, because everything today is signed, and men don't have control over anymore. And they'll use the word that Talaq as if it's Siani if they're eating any Doritos, to pull up your Polanco if you do this toilet, but it's a very heavy word you're never supposed to use ever. And it's a big deal. But that's what estimate is, as far as the control of this union, one person

00:33:10--> 00:33:41

has to be able to end this union if needed. And the woman has the ability to perform color, the woman has the ability to ask for the end of the Union, which is why I'm telling you, if you ask for it, then there's a negotiation. And usually the guy gets back a set amount of a certain amount of the dowry, if not the whole thing, unless there's abuse obviously. So when I do music will be so many come after me as Muslim men who their wives did not accept Islam and they stayed back in Mecca state wherever they are. From now, why do you divorce them, you end that marriage is over. If they continue to be disbelievers, and combative, then you end that you end that

00:33:42--> 00:34:20

that relationship that union was Aluma, and factum, and ask for a certain amount of your dowry back and ask for what you what you put in terms of your wealth. Because you're, you're asking your wife to come and be with you and she's refusing she wants to stay with the sofa. That's not she shouldn't become with her husband wherever he moves. So she says no, so ask for your amount of dowry. Well, yes, Aluma and Falco and may the men whose wives have left coloration come to come to Medina to accept this and may they ask for their amount of dowry as well. That alikoum How come Allah He gonna come that is indeed the ruling of Allah that He rules amongst you with? Allahu Allah even Hakeem and

00:34:20--> 00:34:59

Allah subhanaw taala is the omniscient and the most wise and giving this ruling. This established the full independence of women when it came to accepting Islam and being a part of the Muslim nation. This established the full independence that they had in being a part of the Muslim nation. Instead of she being the wife of some guy who's a Muslim, meaning she's just an accessory in an adjacent to a Muslim man who's ex Muslim. No, this gave them full independence of being a Muslim on her own, where she is no longer following her husband and that in their center back and she exists now in Medina as an independent single woman who is

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

Muslimah this was unprecedented within the history of Arabia, it never happened before. That doesn't for a woman to live outside of her tribe, unmarried in another country. There's only one example for that to be acceptable is that if she's enslaved there, if she was taken as a slave in war, and that's the only and even then she would have a master who would be her husband

00:35:27--> 00:35:54

is more likely, I mean, it's a marriage, it's a union, it's a unit that has a contract to it to like it's not it's not open, there's a contract to it. But for a woman to live in a city back then, with no family, and single sheet is completely independent. This had never happened before ever, this cause a lot of upset. And amongst the ladies who were Grant who were pioneer, this was omocha resume been talked about even Abby miles.

00:35:55--> 00:36:33

You know, one of the one of the most impressive persecute of going so far in the in the history of the Prophet, Allah usados, that I'm XLIF he actually he's actually one, he's actually number one. And Bucha is number two, was way worse, was much more aggressive to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam throughout his life, physically, financially and verbally, and he died during the time of whether he died, his daughter omocha stone would come seeking refuge in the Prophet it is still up to us throughout this country. And it just it's always struck me as a SubhanAllah. You just you just you just do your thing. You just do what is correct. Don't Don't waste your time, being upset or worried

00:36:33--> 00:37:04

or concerned about what other people are saying or doing and how they treat you or the Look at you. But just focus on doing what his height was correct and, and it'll all work out. And I think the problem it solves I must have, at some point in his mind, appreciated the fact that his daughter now is coming. And his daughter was married to a combative non Muslim man and the Prophet Allah Islam and from made by the Muslim paid her dowry, he paid the dowry uncle to him to her to the husband, and she stayed in Medina as an independent Muslim woman, a part of the nation this had never happened before.

00:37:05--> 00:37:20

This isn't that this is the importance of the verses that were reciting here and certainly among Dinah, because the fact that the Quran is saying, Okay, now the union is being broken, she does not have to go back to her husband, we will pay her dowry on her behalf.

00:37:21--> 00:37:24

And as Muslim men, the women didn't want to come,

00:37:25--> 00:37:27

divorced him and asked for your dowry.

00:37:28--> 00:38:09

Basically, breaking the unit, marriage in Islam is very important. It's a sacred thing. We don't have a lot of examples where were brought up as actually being facilitated. You don't have examples of divorce being facilitated by the Quran except this example here. It's being facilitated for the rights of the people who are involved, to make sure that we preserve their rights, preserve their protection, make sure that they're safe, that they have their secure, and, more importantly, to establish that they are that they have individual autonomy over their choices, and they are seen as such, or else it would be. So what's what's the contrast here, just so you understand, the contrast

00:38:09--> 00:38:21

here is that you don't accept. And this is this is the norms, I'm telling you what Arabia, you don't accept a woman fleeing to your country on her own, you send her back to her family, or to her husband, you don't want that they're

00:38:23--> 00:39:00

out of tribes, you don't want that. And if you did come as a woman seeking refuge, then you would either be enslaved on the spot, or you would only be accepted in if you're going to be married to someone. That was the only the only this was the only scenario is acceptable. This scenario that we're reading right here and assume tahina is very different that's not what we're what he's talking about subpoena with, no, they are going to come to you, they're not going to listen back to their husbands or their families. And they're going to be they're going to be free and they don't have to get married they don't want meaning. Now you understand the importance of that. Well as you know,

00:39:00--> 00:39:12

Harlequin to get a woman that either day to move on your own you can marry them if you do right by them but the but if they don't want to then they don't. And now she exists as an independent single woman who does not have family in a land that is foreign to her

00:39:13--> 00:39:15

that you're talking about a Yanni

00:39:17--> 00:39:31

breaking a ceiling that there you go, shattering a ceiling that that's that that was never that never happened before. And the biggest problem they ate was with this and how is this even acceptable? How is it acceptable? We're pairing here's your dowry. If it's about the money, take the money.

00:39:32--> 00:39:53

It's about the money is your money you want your dowry will pay it to you give us ours. They didn't. By the way, what's the Luma? In fact, I'm gonna ask for yours. Well, yes, Luma and for who they didn't, they didn't give anything. Read the eye after it so that you have clarity and shows you the number a little bit and you'll see what I mean. We'll be learning Amina showing up on your body.

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

Bismillah R Rahman. You're

00:40:00--> 00:40:00


00:40:04--> 00:40:10

what in fact, che mean as well G comb eel Khufu?

00:40:18--> 00:40:20

For COVID tomb

00:40:22--> 00:40:27

for to living as a habit as word to whom Mifflin

00:40:29--> 00:40:30


00:40:38--> 00:40:45

What duckula Halevi and to be him I mean

00:40:51--> 00:41:26

we're in fact a comerciais woman as far as you can go for and if your wives leave you, or they steak or for disbelievers combative in another country and they basically the union is broken for Taco meaning you miss something you miss what you miss, you're, you're happier, you're right of the dowry, or what you were given back fat to come home as well as something is missed, you don't you're not giving it back. They don't give it back to you for our club. And later on, at some point, you're able as a nation to restore some of some of the stolen wealth that you have for her to learn another habit as well as your home Islam and don't go back to the husbands who who never got their rights

00:41:26--> 00:42:01

from this and give them what they what it is that they spent. So this is basically establishing explain that they didn't get it back. In was Aluma and facto and ask your enemy for your rights, your wealth rights, from the from these unions being broken? Well, yes, Aluma and Phil when they can ask for their rights and everyone be given their rights. And that's the Hukam of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, now they didn't do it, then they would ask for their rights to profit Alison would pay the Muslims asked for theirs and they would not be paid. So the I came and said we're in inverted commas shape as far as you can go, even if that happened, and you lost an amount of your wealth, because

00:42:01--> 00:42:08

they wouldn't give you back what is yours for them in the later on you're you're capable of retaining or

00:42:09--> 00:42:28

getting back some of that wealth in Morocco, meaning if you catch a caravan, there's like there's a small ambush, you're able to take some of your wealth back from your enemy who was stolen from you, then you have wealth now for our two Latina the habit as well you don't give the people whom wives had left them miss them out and before that, which is what they spent, which is their salary.

00:42:29--> 00:43:19

To be fair, to the ladies who came to the combat of non Muslim husbands who didn't want to persecute them, and to the men, Muslim men who lost their wives, these verses covered the concept of being fair to everyone involved in this situation, why to establish a new norm to establish a norm of women being able to join Islam on their own, not on the merit of their brothers or fathers or husbands or anyone else on their own merit just coming as an independent woman with nothing but her name and her Jonnie her Iman and accepting Islam and being accepted into into the into the Nation of Islam all of these things had all these verses to establish how the the intricacies and the details

00:43:19--> 00:43:51

of how that's going to be worked out, because there's a lot of little problems here if he's going to come well there's going to be all this so there's a mess behind it again, because there's too many laws that already exist here's how to deal with all these laws. Here's how to make everyone here's how to make sure everyone gets their rights so that they don't complain about this because this is going to be the rule whether the Muslim men like it or they don't or whether the non Muslim doesn't make a difference because no one liked this this was a big change this gave me this this tilted the the skills quite a bit to be for it to become more clear let's recite the last two verses then

00:43:51--> 00:43:58

you'll see what I mean shall you have 250 mins we'll go through them yeah, you can be you either.

00:43:59--> 00:44:01

Can Mina at

00:44:08--> 00:44:14

you by NACA Allah Allah you shriek Nabi he sharing

00:44:21--> 00:44:25

while you're sleep on our yes Nene

00:44:29--> 00:44:30

Wallah yeah PowToon

00:44:31--> 00:44:32


00:44:36--> 00:44:41

while Tina Bebo Danny F Darina

00:44:47--> 00:44:53

yesterday now who's been ed in our L Julie in

00:44:59--> 00:44:59


00:45:00--> 00:45:02

Yeah Selena aka female

00:45:07--> 00:45:13

further yeah who was still very low who nulla

00:45:19--> 00:45:23

in hola how waffle Raheem

00:45:27--> 00:45:32

yeah a UI levena Murmu data what no bang

00:45:40--> 00:45:43

woman while we belong to Him

00:45:47--> 00:45:49

for the year is to Meenal.

00:45:54--> 00:45:59

Ghana yeah ESL Khufu rooming us Hi, Bill booboo

00:46:05--> 00:46:23

so I after he has taught Allah Hi Neil Samuel centimeters commanded as the prophet. Now that means this is a command that is given to the leader, not to general, all Muslims. It's important because this is the guy that talks about the buyer, the buyer is a pledge, it's a pledge. It's a promise. It's a contract, it's an agreement.

00:46:25--> 00:46:48

We use it politically a lot. But before it was ever political, it was always spiritual, religious way before it was political. Before the word by became a political term, it was always a religious term, or something even beyond that, something that encompassed all of what is religious, spiritual, political, social, financial, etc, etc. intrapersonal kind of keep on going. So when he's commanded, yeah, you have to be you owe profit.

00:46:49--> 00:47:29

That means to Allah Azza wa, JAL is being told to do it in the capacity of his leadership. So that if you extrapolate this ayah later, you extrapolate it to your leader, the base of Islam is not taken by anybody and should be taken by the leader. And it should be established by leadership so that people feel significant, that they have a meeting with someone who is religiously a leader that they're not being sidetracked to someone else, or that this is some form of authority that all Muslims have over non Muslims. No, this is an issue of leadership. So evangelical movement to you by now oh prophet. If the believers the lady believers, they come to you and they want to pledge their

00:47:29--> 00:47:32

except Islam or offer their shahada or pledge their alliance

00:47:34--> 00:47:48

then what is it that you're going to do? You buy Yeah, Anika I usually can I Billahi Shayla, so number one that they do not associate anyone else with Allah subhanaw taala which is the concept of of dough hate that which is what Islam is built upon. This is the number one topic or

00:47:50--> 00:48:10

concept within Islam which is the concept of to hate nothing trumps it, nothing's more important than it exists, it stands alone, it stands alone and a level of importance that nothing else is parallel to and if you have that piece, then you can afford to not have a lot more Ellison still still hope to make it because though he does have that much power and significance and importance.

00:48:12--> 00:48:12

Number two, what is

00:48:13--> 00:48:44

for you not to steal what is needed not to commit Zina? Well, I opportunity not to kill your children, whether that being physically or emotionally or mentally or intellectually, whatever way you're doing that without doing this using the horn a lot. And a lot of examples that we have of that being something that is both literal and figurative. What I what I Tina, people have done, you have Terina Hubei and ad hinda. Well, Judy hen, and Bhutan is a horrible lie, you're not come up with a horrible lie that is going to be produced between your arms and legs. And this is referring to calling

00:48:46--> 00:48:59

a child, the son of someone who is not the son of that person, right? What are you seeing a female roof and that and that they don't just obey you when it comes to them out oath meaning they as all Muslims, by the way, this is the baya of October.

00:49:01--> 00:49:33

This is the bedrock of Allah basically not too many words, meaning without with a few exceptions or changes. The first day the Prophet alayhi salam did with the 12 guiding people from yesterday, not the first year, not the six people he met on the 10th year of high school, they went through they came back with 12 and there were four of them from us because the first all six of them were from college, he didn't want to do a bi with them because he then he would be it would come as the as the prophet of Muslims he didn't want to become the prophet of husbands he wanted to become Medina as a leader for all so go bring me back some people from oh so they did they came back with 12 people for

00:49:33--> 00:49:59

them was from only a third but that was still enough so the Prophet Allah Islam performed and he sews them back laptop and Gouda and bad luck, but it was almost this word for word. Now there should be like a test report that doesn't know that up to the auditor come in that also female roof this is what He commanded it so then they all the the offer that and it's all ethical. Right? So ethical, he did not command that and you must pray the five times and then you must be Ramadan and then he didn't talk about that idea. Start to Western

00:50:00--> 00:50:13

And that's not even with the clients. It's very ethical. It's very behaviorally oriented. It's not something that is based on rituals that they are is not based on rituals. It's based on ethics. It's based on, on morality,

00:50:14--> 00:50:51

on the perspective you have regarding life and an attitude that you carry as you live, rather than practicing specific rituals. What's the point of practicing specific rituals if the if the ethicality is not there, so you pray five times a day, but then you steal and you take might hold on? What's the point? There's no point I'm telling, there is no point. There is no point it has to stop. It's hard to say that and sometimes I feel very scared saying it, but I'm saying it because I, because there's truth to it, and you have to kind of comprehend it. There's no point. If you are openly, if you're ethically compromised, and you continue to be so and there's no effort on your

00:50:51--> 00:51:28

behalf to change that. Like you're not actually working towards getting rid of that compromise. Ethically, then it doesn't matter how many Hodges and Ramona as you do and how many, it doesn't really matter, it's not going anywhere, you're not going to get anything out of it. If you continue to rip people off and lie to them and and your crooked in your in your, in the way that you treat others around you and you you lack of honesty, and you cheat. Go ahead. Yeah, cry as much as you may or tears run a river every night in your head doesn't doesn't make a difference. They're not listening to you. Because because this comes first, this was the first thing that you should equal

00:51:28--> 00:52:10

obviously to hate. Don't hate, nothing comes close to it in terms of what Islam is. But then don't don't steal. You don't you don't commit Zina, you use the ethics, the ethics. For the lazise. There's three of them regarding you know, the sexual ethics, Xena, and then their children left one or the other one. And then Latina will tell you after you know that you don't claim a child to be someone's someone's son and daughter. If it's not, you don't don't claim that this child that you gave birth to it was put on son, and it's not their son. It's because that ruins, Jani genealogy and it causes and it causes problems. Why? Because the lady is the source of stability of of the social

00:52:10--> 00:52:31

structure. The social structure can only be stable, if the woman understands what her role is, as a mother and as a spouse, society crumbles into nothingness. If that's not the case, society that ceases to exist. If sisters are Muslim, I don't understand the importance of of a obstinance of ephah of loyalty

00:52:33--> 00:53:05

of taking care of their children, not what I have to know what I don't know of making sure that they that they keep the the bloodline and clear and honest and nothing change nothing. Society, this, which is why we watched the which is why we're living in a time that that people listened to me saying this and they don't know what it's because you don't understand how it was before and how it could where we're going right now you don't know fully comprehend where we're going as a society as a human society. I'm not talking as a Muslim community, specifically, as a human society, where these basic understandings don't exist anymore. They're not being practiced as they should.

00:53:07--> 00:53:11

And he wants to ruin the the unit of the family.

00:53:12--> 00:53:24

Fellows, there is nothing left to fight for. And there's nothing left to be upset about. And it's just, it's just a downward downward spiral from there. It's a matter of time, it's just a matter of time.

00:53:25--> 00:53:58

And we are actually in a position where we're just we're running the clock here. We're running the clock, because families are slowly slowly crumbling. Some of us are waking up some some groups of religious people who have ethical compasses and moral standards are waking up and saying, no, no, we need somehow to bring this back again. And it's important that but I don't know if we'll make it because we're living in a time where a sister feels she's I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. But this is what I this is based on conversations I've had with younger, younger and older sister, that the world is making them feel as if they if they just

00:53:59--> 00:54:02

are mothers, then that's like not enough.

00:54:03--> 00:54:21

That you know, that's That's it, you just you're just you're just a housewife, just just a mother. We need just a mother. You're nurturing light, whatever you're producing life. You can can you produce life? What can a man produce? What's the best thing that a man can produce, and be proud of?

00:54:22--> 00:54:48

Now, there's nothing there's nothing to be proud of you you produce meat produce nothing that you can actually want to produce his life. And she nurtures life from her own body. And she allows life to grow and achieve a certain degree of sanity so that it can actually exist. If that action, if that nurturing of life to to intellectual newness and adulthood is somehow second to something. I want to see that something.

00:54:50--> 00:54:59

I want you to explain to me what that something is that this action is second to because I do I don't know of anything that is even remotely close to a miracle aside from a woman becoming pregnant.

00:55:00--> 00:55:39

Growing life inside her body, producing it, nurturing it from her body and then allowing it to grow up. Show me something that's more impressive than that. What? What are you? What is it an eight to five clerk job signing papers and moving them from one desk to the other or waiting, whatever it is that you're doing nothing comes close to it. This is not to be little careers. Now prime doesn't even know what I'm trying to say at all. But for this action to be belittled, or just to be seen as second to something else, or that's not enough is insane. What do you mean not enough. There's nothing that we do that is even close to that. There's nothing that I will do in my life that is

00:55:39--> 00:55:49

more important than what my wife does with my children. Nothing I do. Like it doesn't matter how many jobs I work, it doesn't matter what she's doing. Because whatever I do is worthless. If she doesn't do her job,

00:55:50--> 00:56:00

she'll still survive. If I don't do my job, she'll most most of us have figured out a way to survive and take care of their children. But if she doesn't do her part, everything I've done in my life adds up to nothing.

00:56:02--> 00:56:33

Nothing is means nothing at all. He says if I didn't live, it's actually better if I didn't, if I didn't exist altogether, cannot send it this is not going to work. So there's no comparison whatsoever, which is why these verses talk about that because Allah subhanaw taala Salim Hakeem, as he said, the verse before, he knows what he's taught, this is how you need this. So that's why the Bible with the ladies a little bit different than they are with them in certain things were different, not the whole thing, only one or two points at the end. Because the importance of preserving, preserving family, preserving the ethics that will allow families to exist and societies

00:56:33--> 00:57:03

to grow. And once women stop doing that, then call us we're done. We're done. And that's why it's a very scary time to be alive right now. What I have seen a female do and they don't disobey you when you're giving a command of height and a command of goodness where you're doing something for their own sake for their protection for their own safety and for their well being. Then they should not disobey verbally if they offer you that so by offering to offer them the pledge offer it back at least some did not shake those he said buy it you say buy it if you accept it was still was good, Allahu Allah and ask Allah to forgive them if they've had if they had breached any of these things

00:57:03--> 00:57:07

in the past in the log of all Rahim Indeed, Allah subhana wa Bucha Rahim, a lady.

00:57:09--> 00:57:34

Look quickly, there's a lady I'm not going to ever forget to say this next time. I don't say no. So a lady came to the Prophet. It is awesome to perform this bale, right. She came and she was she's just covering her face completely. And she was a little bit she was hiding back a little bit. And she she didn't want the Prophet Ali's want to know who she was. Right? I'll tell you in a moment. So she starts performing the bath. So he says are you salatu salam ala to Siddiqui Billahi che if you don't associate it with Opus Allah Subhanallah so she says

00:57:35--> 00:57:38

Well lucky mana for Aetna last name Shiva

00:57:39--> 00:57:45

never helped us anyway, so I have nothing to like I worship them for years they did nothing for me so I don't care.

00:57:46--> 00:58:08

What ethnicity theme so she said in the Who do men marry me Sophia Anna Hannah tin. Well, the hell Julie? I take sometimes from the wealth of my husband. That was if you had a little bit of money here and there. Right, for Sophia is sitting behind for Las Vegas, Nevada. Tula Kima aka Thea Yeah, but you took his island. Now the Prophet alayhi salam knows who she is. There was she?

00:58:09--> 00:58:47

Anyone know is Hyndman daughter, the lady who, who took out the liver of Hamza bin Multilib. The lady who hired someone to kill his beloved uncle, but sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he never got over the death of Hamza by the way ever. He continued to carry his death in his heart till the day he died on the hill. So to us demand for quality stature to become Yasuda Allah. I am seeking refuge in New York Rasulullah for Call of Duty I offer you that refuge because you got scared that now he knows who she is. She's going to retaliate and punish her. So she asked him for for refuge and to protect her so he offered it to makalah without his knee and you don't commit Zina to call it our

00:58:47--> 00:59:20

test need her to ya rasool Allah why there's a free lady committed Zina, when does it feel lady ever commit Zina? When does a lady with any degree of integrity or freedom commit Zina Zina is something committed by the slaves by people who have no upbringing will have no ethics or morality don't come from families. A lady a woman who was a hunter, he doesn't commit Zina. She almost felt offended but the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam was telling her you need to pledge that you will not commit Zina. She felt offended What do you mean? Commit Zina? I am a free light I would never do something like that no free lady would. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam just sat there and he didn't say

00:59:20--> 00:59:57

anything, as if he knew what was coming. The Times would change and just Just say yes, just say yes. When I used it when I told him that all either one and murder your children for God and Rob Boehner homestead Hara for Cattell to home and our Amalfi bedroom in Kibera. I raised them as children and you murdered them in bedroom. She's talking about her two children and her husband who fought in bed with with the machine again. I can be out here salatu salam he could not he left Kolkata Where are you at now? Turning after you know you don't bring a bottle you know, for Katella in Alberta Anna kabhi when Nicola de Makari. Mila Philip indeed are both done to make up a lie of such severity is a

00:59:58--> 01:00:00

disgusting thing and you only

01:00:00--> 01:00:33

Teach us to be those of ethics. What I have seen like a female roofer not to disobey when it comes to me because man, I tell you to get your hair done makan, where Fein FC and RCFE che and yellow suit Allah, I did not come to this place that this is where I am right now in front of you and in my mind and heart that I'll ever disobey you ever again. So Hola. Hola. Hola, familia, I have a blog article about the Allahu Anhu Allah and she became one of the Sahaba yet and he did this for all the ladies. So Allah Allah Savio Salam, the final verse, I'm sorry, I just let me I have to finish the Sunnah Yeah, you already know it's very simple to say she the the Sunnah began with don't take

01:00:33--> 01:01:10

allies of your enemies. And it ended with don't take allies and that there were low calm the problem was with building alliances with those who are combative with you. So what that tells us the relationships between Muslims and non Muslims is saying the main problem is building alliances with those who persecute you don't do that one. If you don't do that one, then you're good inshallah for whatever comes next, let's at our low don't take our lives home and people won't leave Allahu Allah him Allah subhanaw taala is showing them His wrath because of the persecution that they perform. But the assuming they have no hope in any form of salvation on the Day of Judgment, come, he said

01:01:10--> 01:01:42

Profoto just like the disbelievers have no hope and us have been football, there's only the disbelievers back then they didn't believe that anyone who died who ever resurrected us high school football that people have graves. So don't take Allah is those who have brought upon themselves Allah's wrath by persecuting others, because they have no hope in the hereafter just like them. disbelievers have no hope and people being resurrected on the day of judgment. And that's what sort of Montana teaches us. It talks about building alliances, but it explains to us the relationship we have with non Muslims, combative, non Muslims non combative and converts to Islam. And there's a

01:01:42--> 01:01:53

beautiful piece there of establishing independence for women as parts of the Muslim nation, something that had never happened ever before. Historically. I hope that was a benefit to you. So buckle up dandy Sheila.

01:01:54--> 01:01:55

Also Allahu wa salam, O Allah