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He says obviously Miami McLuhan Eucalan movies I really love him in Georgia yo myopia Mateen where can we move home? Alone, we don't want to dumb we're real hurry, hug misc that no one is harmed for the sake of Allah except on the Day of Judgment, they come with their wound that they were wounded for the sake of Allah.

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The color of the wound is the color of their blood. And the center is the center of misc.

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Meaning those who are wounded for the sake of Allah on the Day of Judgment, they come, and it's still apparent upon them. It's still apparent upon them so that there they are served the justice that they maybe did not get during their life and dunya. Unfortunately, many of our many of our brothers and sisters in the US tonight may not find

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it's extremely

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concerning and difficult for me to accept the fact that we're as Muslims now living at a time where the issue of Philistines, the issue of the Holy Land, is somehow debatable, or there's more than one opinion regarding it. Or we can actually afford to say that, yes, maybe maybe we have to maybe we divide maybe, maybe nothing. This is an atrocity that occurred 70 years ago, people lost their people lost their homes, people were removed unjustly from the land they lived on. Don't be fooled by anything you're told historically, otherwise. And if you're not educated on this issue, then educate yourself on this issue. There is no there is no debate on this topic. After World War Two,

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when those that when the when the colonial lysing powers decided that they wanted to make it up to the people that they murdered horrifically, they offered them land that they didn't know. And it wasn't their land did not inherited, that they did not inherit that land, that the land of Abraham, all the sons of Abraham live on that land, Muslims never removed anyone from living from the Holy Land. They lived there for as long as they wanted. What happened after that was an apartheid Zionist state that we can never accept as most of them never will. And we should not be shamed or embarrassed to say that. And when we and when the focus becomes on the people who are trying to

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resist, or the people who refuse the Muslim, the love they they refuse the oppression. And we focused on that, that no, no, that, then that becomes that double standard is so painful. And so and just so atrocious that we there's no way that you should be ever okay with that. And what's going on with our people, our brothers and sisters and put it in Vista put up with is nothing less than heroic, is nothing less than heroic, but they have to put up with every single year. It's unfortunate that we have to come to this point every year or so I have to sit here either after Oklahoma or Maharashtra, I have to say all this stuff, and then then they stop bombing after a

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couple of days. And then we forget about it. That's just the issue is not there anymore, only until it comes back again for us to talk about it again. And the reason for that is because at some point we decide that this issue is no longer work, you know, we we kind of want to forget about it. We don't want to deal with it. Now you don't have to agree with what the resistance does or what it doesn't do. It doesn't matter whether you agree or you don't agree. Your political opinion doesn't matter. You're not there. You're not someone who got kicked out of his land. You're not sitting there watching them take you're not there. You can never tell someone who was oppressed, that no,

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you should have responded to oppression a little bit better. No, you go to do a personal essay, get out, remove your question and move on. You don't get it you don't get anything else. There is nothing available to you. Someone who is oppressed, if they lash out and behave in a way that you don't like you don't get to come to them and say anything. You look at the person who oppressed them, and you remove your oppression first. And as a Muslim, I have no comments. I will never comment on anything that I don't like or don't agree with from my Muslim brothers and sisters. What I do know for sure is that they have a Huck Huck they there's a right, they have a right. And that

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right has been they've been denied that right for a long time. And that right has been forgotten about. And they're not the only ones. A lot of Muslims around the globe have the same problem, by the way. And maybe we don't do our due diligence for the other millennium. And that's not our fault. And that's my shortcoming personally for not knowing the other Millennium for brothers and sisters living in other parts of the world that maybe aren't. But because we talk about an upset specifically because because there's something there there's a religious relevance to this. There's a there's a Quranic relevance to it forces us to continue to remember that that's a message that

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Allah subhanaw taala pointed out to us that the Prophet Allah is something went to drain the swamp is something that we are responsible for. And we will never stop being responsible for and I am Syrian, but today I am Palestinian. And whenever I'm asked, I'm Palestinian to support you.

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And when they ask you why are you so upset? Are you policy say yes, I'm Palestinian, because Muslims don't really belong to a peace specific piece of Earth, because we're all Muslim. Doesn't matter where you come from your texture, the tone of your skin and the tongue that you speak means nothing. When we talk about the support and the volume and the oneness of our OMA and we don't get a lot of chances to be one by the way, we don't get like we tend to find ways to divide each other and fight and you'll find a million reasons why you don't know why you don't like me or what I have to say

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And that's fine, because we're human will never, but we have to see eye to eye on this. And for this specifically for the rights of our brothers and sisters and visit today, who are going to be the next few nights are gonna be difficult. For sure the next couple of days are gonna be very difficult for all of us to watch and to hear. If you can't stand by them with your wealth, and at least with your DUA, I know that probably, Inshallah, I know that the lmm already put something together, I'm not gonna put something together, find the outlets for who is looking for it, who's helping our brother and sister there and send wealth there to help them and make sure that we contribute to them

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in a meaningful way financially, if we can't contribute any other way, then at least do that and make dua for them. And if you have friends there, you know, people there, give them a call and make it easy, this is not an easy thing, they are carrying the taxation on behalf of all of us, the taxation of that volume that happened that was let go see alone. If you leave it, it just it's like cancer. It just keeps on growing. He just keeps on growing and it spreads. And at some point, it goes everywhere. And that volume will continue to haunt you. It will it will haunt us to the rest of the rest of our lives for as long as we decide to ignore it and not speak of it. And today we have

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the opportunity at least to talk about or at least to remind yourself to teach your children at least make sure they are proud Muslims can understand what happened in their stand what needs to happen. And they are saying that this is an aspect of their belief of their theology of their ideology of their identity that no one should ever make them feel embarrassed or ashamed of, and no one should be able to come to them and say otherwise. And they should have that confidence and that clarity. That is what I wanted to share today with you.

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May Allah subhanaw taala grant them ease and perseverance and may Allah subhana strengthen their stand me Allah subhanaw taala accepted their shahada and may Allah subhanaw taala grant she felt to all of those who are sick and ill and the ALLAH SubhanA grant safety for the children and the people who were definitely be very scared over these days alone. I mean, you already know almost including a few so he's gonna be holding on to the Allah who I know palapa NWO Salah Hollywood cinema, Amin McLuhan Eucalan movie Sadie de la he Illawarra yo Malta Yama, we're calling me Julio Dima alone one on one with them. Where do you hurry from misc. Sakala Sula, Isabella Holly's like yourself swagger

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honey Shula. Also Allah was telling him about it.