How does a person end up becoming a friend of the Shyataan

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Whether you shave on a friend of the shape or not, that is what does he do? Listen to the look how corrupt this becomes now, and you will see its relevance in our society today. Allah azza wa jal now he tells us the signs of a friend of shape on how do you point him out? How do you spot him out? Long story short, he says

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the friend of a Chopin does this. What you have found ofan Schatten all

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wala who are more on our behalf? What is that fou fisherton When they do a vulgar, Shameless, immoral deed? When they do a fascia, see the word fair he even takes effort to say it because that's how nasty it is. That's how that's how he did it is by Allah azza wa jal and fascia is the evil bead that is even recognized by a person. Every enough's Allah has put inside of it recognition to know what is fascia. Llama Huff was Yoda what the

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law social installed in the soul, the ability to recognize and for your sins and transgression and immorality.

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So these people now follow fashion, they do a shameless deed by next what do they do?

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filofax Schatten Kalu worship now.

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We found our forefathers doing the same thing. Yeah, and the society is doing it. So the first stage is committing the sin without shame. The second stage is normalization. The sin is normalized in society. What is it now?

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What's the deal? Everyone is doing the same thing. Everyone is coming up with this sin. Why am I supposed to be different? Which naturally?

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Meanwhile, sort of earlier in Milan, Allah azza wa jal speaks about the believers because the believer could do a fair shot as well. But the difference between whether you share upon whether you're right man, the friend of Allah and the friend of a ship on the difference is that if a believer was to do a sin, Allah said, What is that fibrofatty Schatten ovilla more emphasis on that God Allah for still thoroughly thought obey him. Immediately they turn to Allah azza wa jal, and they seek Allah's forgiveness for the sins that they have done. The humble, they feel bad and sad about what they had done. And they humbly beg Allah to accept their their their words of

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forgiveness, and more leadership on he goes a step further. And he says, so he commits the sin.

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He tries to justify it and normalize it in society. And they look at this one Allahu Amana

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and Allah commanded us to do this. He made it religion. He made his

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religion he legislated. He spoke on behalf of Allah. And he seemed to the people this is what Allah commanded us.

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Yanni, like what we saw in few in recent years, and fascia is done first, homosexuality and it's likes, then it's normalized before it was concealed, then we should now

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everyone is doing it as the world society from one country to another they all support each other. And then what Allah Who Ahmad unhappier Allah loves equality. Did you hear that? Is how they ascribed to Allah some, some che upon ascribed to deen and religion. Allahu Amara and Arabiya

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have a at least there's no bullet after this. And this is clear for you to open your eyes and see it. Same Sex Marriage was forbidden. What happened it became legal it's legislated what Allah who is not an app yet. He says the stage we've reached

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when he shot that is presented as well. One Hola Hola, Amara and

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this is what is this what Allah commanded you? This is

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woman, Muslim woman swimwear? Is this what Allah commanded for you to go to the beach and wear tight clothing and swim among the and swim among others and among non Mahara men.

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And then you say I'm wearing my hijab,

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wearing my hijab at the beach,

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walla who Amara on our behalf.

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Now, look at the response that comes and this is supposed to be the response of every preacher of every believer, so that we can recalibrate

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the standard that has gone and lost we need to collaborate it once again. In Hola Hola, Monroeville fascia. Look how nice and simple and clear it is. Just come out and say Allah does not care.

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mant immorality

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because if he did, it wouldn't have been called the morality it wouldn't have been called fascia

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in the law Hello moral Bill fascia

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Allah Allah He may Allah Tala moon

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are you people that are PLA re playing in society left and right. And changing from Allah's law what you like, are you people speaking on behalf of Allah, that which you have no knowledge about. In other words, the problem was ignorance. Ignorance, but you see outside of change and mess and corruption is ignorance, which shaitan calls to ignorance. Because knowledge is sought in other massage it was shame upon his role is to remove you from the masjid and to keep you away from all that which is related to Islam and the deen of Allah Azza wa Jalla knowledge

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and speaking on behalf of Allah, out of ignorance is worse than shirk.

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Islam it is the essence of *. Why do people worship other than Allah? Because someone that is ignorant, sat in the position of Allah made himself a legislator and told the people this is a God besides Allah worship Him.

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speaking against on behalf of Allah with ignorance is worse it is the root cause of schicke at the Aluna Allah Allah He may Allah Tala Moon