3 Ways To Cleanse Your Heart

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It shall eliminate that rancor that Ill Will you're going to sleep and you just wish to punch somebody you wish something would happen. No that's not have a pure heart even if you don't like the person that much have a pure heart as much as you can three things. Number one, I will prophesy Some said it will also Allama Lilla. Doing your Amel Mukhlas for the sake of Allah. Whatever you do something, don't do it for other people do it for Allah subhanho wa taala. You train yourself to have a class. When you have a class for Allah, it will help you overcome your Hill. When you pray when you fast. When you give charity, you train your heart to always monitor Allah subhanho wa

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taala. And when you monitor Allah, it will become easier for you to let go of the grudge to not be so bitter and angry. Number two Manasa how to imitate a Muslim in wanting the best and giving Naziha to the leaders of the Muslims. wanting the best the leaders here means both political and clergy and scholarship. One whenever the Quran says will attend Ahmed, one of the Quran says well el amor generally applies also to the political but as it been Abbas had and also to those of religious authority amongst you, these are the leaders, the one in the political, the other in the spiritual realm. In other words, don't desire to see the downfall of the OMA, politically and academically.

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Don't wish that the leaders are all evil, and you find their faults and you put them down. Don't wish that the scholars and their inheritors of the process and oh, all our Otama all our molvi class all this is not healthy, is just not healthy, to put down to make fun of to always find the faults of the leaders have a pure heart. This doesn't mean the leaders are all pious, but you should not busy yourself with the faults of the leaders. If you busy yourself with their faults, What have you accomplished. And this is not to exonerate what they're doing as you're aware, but it is rather you are responsible for yourself. And if you must, then wish good for the Ummah, try your best to help

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whenever you can, the leaders of the OMA and again, it is not of the way of our righteous, you know scholars to associate too much with the leaders either always putting them down, always praising them up you let them be, but if you're going to constantly want to destroy them verbally, and the leaders of the Muslims in terms of the clergy and the aroma, if you constantly make fun of them and put them down, then your heart is not pure. That doesn't mean all clergy are good, but you should not be following their false and making a big deal of it. So Manasa having nasiha in your heart for the leadership means your heart is pure for the for the ones in charge is going to be pure for those

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under them. And number three, what was Umoja it him stick with the GEMA of the believers be involved with your community Subhanallah One thing I've noticed Wallahi brothers and sisters, those people who are constantly constantly creating drama in the community or online, you never find them active in the misogyny you never find them being involved with their local ground community. And this is the reality across the globe. There are some people they have made a name for themselves, you know creating drama putting you know so much fitna out there and their local Masjid is unaware of them completely unaware. Our Prophet system said stick with the GEMA of the believers. humanize Islam be

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involved with your communities stick with the group of believers when you're interacting with other Muslims automatically you will understand we are all human I make mistakes they make mistakes you will be involved in something which is tangible good real good witches in our communities. So these three things are prophets as I said if you do them lie yeah Hello Alan hinda Kalibo Muslim you're called will have no hill number one is lost to Allah subhana wa Tada everything you do. Number two, have good thoughts and have Naseeha you want to have good for the leaders of the of the Muslims. Number three stick with the jemar of Muslims

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