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As you may know bad Yello ha hunting Mustafa Ali HeMan Hadith e OB hola turtle the Allahu Anhu an abuse of Allah Holly early you send them Hadith and a collection that you

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heard any Muslim, and it's ready to assemble around. So in the theme of hypocrisy

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before I narrate the Hadith, I guess

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it's not possible to

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not address maybe some of the

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images that are surfacing from from across the seas where the horrific

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earthquake that hit parts of Turkey and Syria, Lebanon and Iraq caused.

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Fortunately, many, many fatalities and countless number of people who are homeless and hurt.

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I tend not to I try not to speak about these things, because I feel like there's really not much left to say, in the world.

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I wouldn't know even know how to, I wouldn't know how to begin to address these things any longer. It was easier for me years ago, but

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I find it hard now. And I know that these things happen all across the globe. And some of you come from backgrounds, where are these things happening to go completely unnoticed. And for that day, I've been eternal apology that I put out into the world for you.

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Because there is no human life that is less valuable than the other. And if some human lives tend to be talked about more than others, it's a flaw of the speakers. And it's a flaw of the system, it has nothing to do with with the value of the life itself. And because of that, sometimes I tried to

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just ignore it all. But you can, at some point, it becomes very difficult. What we're seeing today is, and what bothers me is really not as the images as much as some of the comments that people make on these things. It's really, that's really what's the bothersome line, these things happen. This is a part of life, you're alive on this planet, things like this occur, they've been occurring forever. If you studied any aspect of history, or, or any amount of anthropology that you'd understand that the planet has gone through like six, six extinctions, where were horrific events occurred and all life was was wiped off many times. These things happen as a part of life, it's a part of the deal

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that we were given, when we were told you're on this planet, you're a part of life, you're a part of this extremely unique experience that we don't know, there's another example of in the universe that that's visible to us, and that we know of where you're here and you're live. And you're in your you have metacognition, and you have the ability to think and to wander into, and to build and to change things. Just very, and you're this mix of the soil of the earth and the mix something that's, that's godly and heavenly. And it's just a part of that of this deal is that you're on a planet that has a lot, there's a lot of pain in it. And there's a lot of problems and a lot of catastrophes, and

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there's disaster, it's just a part of the deal comes, it comes with the with the package. So it happens. And then and then when it does happen, we find people going around saying, Oh, this is because of the noob. Who is the noob? The people there? Honestly, the people they're like you're What are you? What are you there? You know what they were? What are you talking about? Who based on what they've done? What are you saying this? The only time you can take a font of a worldly phenomenon, and call it something call it anything besides a test, by the way, anything besides what it actually is, which is part of the world. It's a part of life, it happens. And then we're tested

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with it. Everyone is those who are under the rubble are tested and those who watch them are tested equally. It's a different type of test versus an equal test that we're all held to, for you to call it anything else requires a direct line of communication with God Almighty, that he should be speaking to you specifically telling you that I punish those people, or else you hold your tongue. What are you talking about the Newbern Ma? Ma? Why, why would you say that to something that happened to people you weren't there, if you're under the rubble, and that's what you're saying I can listen to it. I would listen to it. If you're lying there holding your five year old under the

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rubble saying is because of my room, I listened to that. But sitting here, with nothing happening to you saying something like that, or anywhere else in the world. That is an abomination. That is one of the worst things you could ever do. Because that is the amount of arrogance that comes into this from the comfort of our homes. Of course, it's easy to call this into combat. That's not That's not how this is done. This is not we don't use it like that. You see that? If you want to learn from it, remind yourself that you're weak and that yes, that's good. But if if it requires an earthquake to be reminded that you're weak, then again, the amount of Americans there needs to be reconsidered

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again, that will take an earthquake is something that you're required to be reminded that you're weak or weak by nature. It doesn't I don't even earthquake to remind me. I already know that. But when these things happen, when it should remind you of is that you're a part of a bigger picture. You're a part of a law.

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larger group of human beings, you're a part of an Oma. And if you're smart enough to see that you're a part of humanity, then when something like that happens, you respond. You respond with every aspect of your being you respond emotionally respond intellectually respond financially, and socially, you respond to their pain, and you react to their pain in a way that shows that you understand what it means to be in pain. That's what these things are, these things occur. And that's what we're supposed to do. There are people who see these catastrophes and then turn to the sky, in objection because they're ignorant. And then there's people who just keep their mouths shut and do

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the work. They go on to do the work. They see a need, they see pain, they see agony, they see suffering, and they just go and they find a way to relieve it. Even if it's one person at a time. Even if it were leaving it from even if this whole Masjid only relieves the pain of one person, it's still worth going and doing. Because imagine how many massages there are there are most more misaligned in the world. There are people who are dying and suffering right now. So every Masjid just took care of one person, there would be no need for a lot of the talk that comes out. And the thoughts and the ways have become, it's like it's the first. This is the first earthquake that ever

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happened. No earthquakes have ever occurred before. We're dealing with this for the first time this happens. This happens all over the world all the time. Why are we acting like this the first time it happens, we just respond something like this happens. We say husband, Allah, when am I lucky in that Allah, he wouldn't be here on your own, we put our hands on our pockets, and we put the money that we can and we support it, we'll make dua for them. And we stand by those who are suffering. And that's it, and we move on. And if we need to revert, if we use something like that, for our own self provision to say I should be I should be more thankful for what I've got great. But be careful on

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what you say. And be careful. It's not about them.

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But when these things happen anywhere, I remember the same thing came out years ago when I was younger when the tsunami hit to one part of the world. And it became an octave of punishment.

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The arrogance that comes with that. The arrogance of saying something like that is beyond me. I don't understand it. I cannot call branded, how can we say something like that? Unless God is speaking to you directly. He talked about certain things being punishment. Subhana wa taala. In the Quran, we know what happened to home loans, we have what happened to consigner, in a poem booed and we know he called them punishments. I have no right to call anything that happens to anybody punishments. But I do have the ability to identify a need to see suffering, to see agony and pain, and to respond to that emotionally and

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find out do what I can respond do given by God. That is what we're supposed to do here. Any other reaction is just is just a cowardly, run away from from the escape from reality. That's all it is. It's just trying to figure out a way to say that it wouldn't have happened to me, I have to burst your little bubble there could happen to any of us. There is no reason that happened to that one group of people in Turkey and Syria or Pakistan or Afghanistan or, or any part of the world where these things happen and they continue to happen and I'm at fault for not knowing what when they happen and how they happen. And I'm ashamed of it honestly, I really am. But it's not about them.

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It's not about us, these things happen. And then you respond to them appropriately if Allah subhanaw taala granted you the ability to be safe when it did. That's it and you leave it at that humbly with humility, and with with a certain degree of reverence of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada as it goes on. And that's all I have to say about it. Keep them in your door and look for ways to support them. There's a lot of efforts that are going out on daily basis to support them, see what you can do to support them. It's something that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy to observe or ever be a part of. May Allah protect all of us and show then all the Muslims. Alright, the Hadith quickly led Imam

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Bukhari Muslim Barrera will say the Prophet Allah Sato Salam says taggi do mean shattering Nursey yo Mel piano team valuate hain. Yello Ha ha, Hula,

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hula AB.

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Within the theme of hypocrisy, the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam says, you find on the Day of Judgment, the worst people, the people who are going to are ranked the lowest on the Day of Judgment, the lowest, or the people or two faced. That's the wording in the Hadith. This is a literal translation and the figurative one works perfectly valuating the person with two faces, it comes to this group with one face and come to the another group with another face. Be very careful. Be careful, be very careful of doing that, of playing it on both sides of not of not having an identity of not having a backbone of not being able to stand for what is correct, gossiping with

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this group and then gossiping with the other standing with this group with them and then standing with the other group over there. No diplomatic. It has nothing to do with being diplomatic or political. It has to do with the fact that there's a problem. This is basic human decency.

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When he first talks about, he talks about you took all the rituals, but you lost basic human decency. No, no, no, that's not you cannot substitute this with that. You can't say well, I don't have to because I suddenly insolvent No, no. If you don't have this, this is not going to help you. It's not going to you need you need it. Of course you need basic human decency and basic human decency is being honest about who you are being truthful when you speak to people. And make sure that you say what you would say all the time, that you wouldn't say something to someone and then go around and say the opposite to someone else to please them. Just trying to get through what you

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want, then which again, is a problem human opium. These people come in they they're in the worst state, because they that's where a lot of a lot of social catastrophes occur from a court from people cannot seem to just be themselves. Sometimes being yourself and being honest, and being truthful is hard. It hurts a little bit, but it's still worth doing. Because at least I may not like you, but if I know what you're about, I can trust you. If I know what you say what you think at all times I can I can trust you. You may be always in my face, but I can trust you because you're the same person you're not going to change once I turn my face but if you do that even if you're

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friendly to me, I have no way to trust you. I can't because I don't know what's going to happen the moment it looks the other way. So you're better off with someone who's annoying but always the same. There's someone who will whatever the wind blows you'll find a way to capitalize and that's not what this is about your will in my mind Buhari will Muslim colon FISA. Hey, hon, you're worried about that all the Allahu Anhu upon Barnaby, yo, Sal, Allahu Allah, you early you also have to send them do you mean shattering? Nursey yo Amalthea Mati evaluate your Hain Yello Ha ha, Ed Raja

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sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, so Pagla behind the Shinola Illa. Allah and to still go to booty also Allahu wa salam O Allah like identity you know Muhammad,

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Allah feelin Baraka Lo Fi Mr. Romani.