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out the beloved ministry terminology muscular man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashraf it was reinstated now Mohammed narla early he was sacked big mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. All praise and worship we are to Allah subhanaw taala in a shadow Allah Allah, Allah will be witnessed that man has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we thank him for all the blessings and kindness that is bestowed upon us. And we send our love greetings and salutations so we love it. Maybe Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and his pure family to his companions, and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us steadfastness on the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to grant us to be in his companionship in the akhira to be with him in general for the dose. May

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Allah have mercy on those who have passed away. May Allah have mercy on the people of the war. And Allah grant that if they were they were if they were mistakes about Allah forgive them and pardon the faults and Mela, increase them in goodness. May Allah grant us a long and prosperous life, a life in obedience to Allah. And when death comes, may Allah subhanaw taala take us at a moment of piety, may Allah be pleased with us, and may we meet Allah in goodness mean when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. And you might be very happy to hear this that Insha Allah, this is the conclusion of this little topic on death and grief. Some people have said, you know, we've really now you know, we

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need to learn about death, but you can only go so much listening to it as the most difficult topic to talk about. It is something that we do not want to, to listen to, in fact, in a V sola salaam says, Remember, had him let that remember that thing which destroys your enjoyment, it takes away all contentment is the topic of death. It doesn't make you want to have fun. It doesn't make you want to enjoy the weekend. You don't want to, you know, when you're in that mood with death, it just robs you of all kinds of joy. And that's where the prophets of salaam says, Remember it frequently. Because we forget, part of insight is we forget, we see a janazah we saw something tragic in the

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news. We pause for a minute, maybe a day with a feeling of anxiety, and then we go back to our normal life and this is the challenge of being in sun. This is the challenge of of life. So we speak about these things because it's a reality and to prepare for these things, and inshallah we'll conclude there's a very difficult topic. As I said, I don't like speaking, mobile topics because you get enough mobile things from the news. You're getting enough mobile things from the government, from your work Joomla should be uplifting and inspiring. But we need to discuss this because it's reality.

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Last week, we spoke about the the fitna of the cover the fitna, we said is the exam of the cover Fitna means a taste of fitna is a taste I know in Cape Town Fitna means to SCANA, but fitna actually means a taste. That's the reality fitna is notice, and a taste can be good or bad, you can pass you can fail. Now the thickness of the cover is the questioning by Monica and Nikita. And that is really the final, distant exam of our lives. And the beginning of the judgment. The beginning of Kiama basically begins with this. And so the stages up until the ultimate questioning, we will stand before Allah subhanaw taala. And we say the questioning will never be easy. Like our matriculants.

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Those who are writing up students in school or university, even if you top of the class, even if you're the most well prepared student, no one likes an exam. No one enjoys an exam, we make two out of those, right? The exams are successful, I mean, and more importantly, the exam of our covered that we will pass that exam. And we will only answer those three questions Who is your Lord? What is your religion? Who did you follow? We'll only answer those three things through the actions of our life. What we do in this dunya really, we asked you must you and I must ask ourselves today, who is my Lord? Who do I turn to in times of need and difficulty? What is my relationship with Allah? If

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you have a relationship with Allah, then that relationship will answer in macabre. What is the religion you follow? If you are steadfast and we pray that we are steadfast on the deen, we cannot be perfect, we are human, we make mistakes. But if we try to the best of our ability to do the basics, avoid this and then we will answer as Allah promises you will, Allah will support you with a firm word to answer that I was a Muslim. I lived my life as a Muslim. And I believe in this religion, and I follow the visa Salam, and then you will find that answer that you passed. And that voice, yearning that voice the voice of Allah saying that my slave has spoken the truth, and that he

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has passed basically and has succeeded. You know, during this week, we saw celebrations right champions, and everyone was in a happy mood. Now when the soul of the believer goes, you have that kind of celebration of honor by the angels and your dead relatives. Clapping cheering you you've made it you are the champion. You succeeded. You are the one that succeeded

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In the taste of life, that feeling Can you imagine the promises of says there is no greater feeling in the dunya. When you cross over and you meet your relatives, and you meet those angels that are here to congratulate you, they want to take your hand because you are the celebrity you are the VIP, you made it through the dunya. May Allah grant all of us to experience that in a very distant future, I mean, the very distant future. I mean,

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when we say we've been up to date you take into the cover, and ultimately, the sad reality all we fought for, or we struggled every inch of strife and fighting and arguing, all of that for a little bit of the dunya is going to leave you and desert you, it will not go with you in the cupboard. Everything you plan and work through everything you broke your back for you if if many of us will not even get the things that we dream about will never get the but even if you get the your bank account is billions in it, it will not go with you in the cupboard, you will end up the man that was in bishops coat with a man with his bishop levers, they will end up exactly the same in the

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cupboard, the same, the only thing that you will show is your time you're on this dunya your deeds, and that is ultimately success and failure. Success and failure is not about which suburb you live in, what car you drive, what bank account you have, it is about the deeds on your shoulders. This is really ultimately success and failure. And that's why for those of us who are alive, we have the opportunity to still succeed we have the opportunity to prepay to make that cover our mansion and our palaces, when we say the ones who are in macabre.

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Scary, very scary, they will be the squeezing that everyone will experience the believer will experience it for a moment that this believer will experience it for eternity. And Allah protect us. The Prophet salallahu Salam says the great Sahabi Sadie Murad great great Sahabi so great that when he died, the Throne of Allah shook. That's how great he was no Sahabi the Prophet mentions this. But when sad died, he said, the sad when he died, the Arusha Allah shook when he was put into the cover, the prophet Salam said, you know, you made vicar and he said that even even if anyone was going to be saved from the squeezing, it will be sad, but he was squeezed even he was squeezed by the grave.

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But then he was let go after a moment now that squeezing only past might only be a moment for us very scary, very, very scary. Then, of course, we said the questioning and your deeds will come in a human form. And either we answer quickly and you are saved, or you will or will not be able to answer and Heinola it will be the beginning of torment. Sedna with man, I mean what mean no, no right and Rhodiola and gridseed Northman. His son may notice that he would make a lot of dua about the cover more about the cover than Jana. Now Jahannam is a totally different league to the cover. We're going to talk today very scary stuff about the other of the cover. The other the punishment of

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the cover, and the punishment and reward of the cover this punishment and reward. The other side of the cover is very small compared to the other half of Jana. And the reward of Jakob the cover is very small compared to Jana. That's why what is very scary about this topic is as morbid and as miserable as these details as gory as these details are the one being punished in Aqaba, the one being tortured in the cover. When he sees Jana, he will say let me stay Yeah, this is this is easy compared to what I see in that place. And similarly the one who's going to have the best cover when he sees Jana, you will think this is not nice, I want to get there. So this is scary. So nonetheless

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say North man used to make a lot of dua about protection from the punishment of the cover. And the sun would say why the Cobra Jana is far more far bigger. And so worth Monroe, the only say this beautiful I mean, it's very powerful phrase, he says, the grave, the cobra is the first stage of Kiama of the year after Whoever passes through the cover safely, whoever goes through the grave safely, whatever comes after that will be easier for him. But if he does not pass through it safely, whatever comes off, that will be even harder. And he said and I heard the messenger was so you said Say not man said I heard the prophets of salaam said I have never seen any seen more disturbing than

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the scenes of a cover than a piece of Salam said that. So this is a very difficult topic, very, very difficult topic that we talked about the other day and the punishment and rewards of the cupboard Allah protect us. May Allah grant us safety from that. And may Allah grant all those are in the cupboard. Those believers who made mistakes may Allah alleviate the punishment out of his mercy, his mark Farah, and ALLAH forgive all of us. I mean,

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first question, should they be a punishment in the public? What evidence do you have of the say, oh, there was a group of people that sit in the past, how can Allah How can you be punished? You have not yet been judged? How can they How can you go to jail before you add your trial? Now the trial is Kiama that's the judging. That's when the sins will be weighed. The good deeds bad deeds will be weighed. So first piano must happen. You understand the logic here, before you can be punished you

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must first go to court and you must be found guilty and only Allah then can pronounce a sentence for you what evidence do we have many many evidences that there is such a thing as the other of the cupboard from the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says

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and now you are all doing Allah who the one who actually yeah, the fire the people are speaking about the people around the fire they are exposed to in the morning and the afternoon they're being punished in the cupboard with fire and then on his way OMA the cool Musa and on the day when the Hour will be established

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at the URL of it I'm gonna shut that either we will then take fit our own and his group to the heaviest punishment in Jana. So the fire they are feeling now even though frown is not in the cupboard, he is on display in a museum, he is being burned in a certain way that we can understand in the bazaar. Allah says the fire which will only these people are experiencing in the morning and the evening is only a small part. But when Kiama comes we will take him to the lowest and the deep the most severe point in Jana Mala protectors panel and Allah protect us. The so this is very clear from the Quran that they are those being punished in the cover. And there are people who've been

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rewarded in the cover the very clearly from the Sunnah more explicitly in Bari, the province also losses when a person is placed in his grave and his companions leave and he can no longer year, the sound of the footsteps to angels will come to him and make him sit up. And they asked him What did you say about this man, Mohamed Salah Salem, and he will say I bear witness that he is the slave of Allah and the Messenger of Allah. And he said, look at your place at Jana, they will say look, this is Jana, you are meant to go there. But Allah has replaced for you a place in Jana. So even the believer will see into Jana. One of the one of the rewards is to know that you averted the calamity

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one of the rewards. And conversely, for the disbeliever it will be set to NCS them both. But as for the caliphate as for the disbelievers or the hypocrite demographic, he says you won't be able to answer I don't know. I used to say what the people said I used I just followed what I heard.

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And if he said you did not know and you don't know that you did not follow those who knew. So then the angels will respond. You don't know and you didn't really follow that. Then now this is one of the punishments rather protectors. The angel will strike this man with an iron hammer between his ears, meaning his head and he screams a scream which everything of creation between besides humans and jinn will hear this is the beginning of the tortures of the cover. Is this hitting with a hammer by these angels because the person is unable to answer

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of the two minutes of the cover. The Prophet SAW Selim says it was his custom budget time during off the budget Salah in the management so they done a cinematic budget to make the car then they would sit in the masjid until sunrise until Iraq and they would make the intricacies very great sunnah. The one who does that the reward is like a Hajj, you get the reward of Hajj, you said from fajr make vicar until sunrise when the sun is about 510 minutes as a reason you make trackers so do ha and then you would have that is a hutch SubhanAllah. So every day we and hygiene removes all your sins. So every so maybe we should try to do this, you know as much as we can. At that time between Fudger

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and sunrise, that episode would speak to Sahaba. And he would ask them Has anyone had a dream? Did any of you see a dream and he was so happy we mentioned a dream. The Prophet SAW Selim would interpret them. Then one day the Prophet was I had a very strange dream last night, the prophet is telling the Sahaba he said last night, two people came to me in my dream, and they woke me up and said to me, follow us. I sit so I walked with him. And we came across a man lying down. And behold, another person was standing over his head with a huge rock. And then the man standing with the rock, bashed this person's head in with a rock crushed it and the rocket all the way. And then the man

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went and he fixed the rock. And when he came back, that man's head was restored. And he did this again and again and again and again. And the prophets Rohan Allah, what is this? What are you showing me and these two means it can keep moving, keep moving. And so the Prophet says, So we proceeded. And I came to a man lying on his back, and another man standing over his head with an iron hook. And then he put the hook in the side of the man's mouth, and he rubbed the side of his face all the way to the back of his neck. And suddenly to the one side of his nose and the side of his face and his eye. Then he took the hook and he placed it on the other side and he did the same.

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And when he came back the right side was restored and this happened again and again and this repeated over and over the results of this one Allah What is this? You're showing me? What is this you showing me? And so they said, follow up, continue continue. So the problem is we came across a an oven, like a huge oven.

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And inside they were screaming and when I looked inside

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I found it for both naked men and women and flames were coming up and burning them from from beneath. And they were screaming. And the Prophet said, Who are these people? And they said, continue. And so I came to a river.

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The provinces I think it was read, and I think the provinces I think it was blood.

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And behold, in the river, there was a man swimming, and he was drowning in the server. And on the bank, there was another person collecting rocks and throwing it at him. And this person Swimming was forced to swallow those rocks into his mouth, and it caused his stomach to swell and to become bigger and bigger, and the prophecy what is happening here and they said, continue continue. He returned every time and they continue this over and then they said, we will inform you about this. So then they mentioned as for the first man whose head was being crushed, Allah protect us. This is the alim, this is the share. This is the molana this is the half of the Quran. The person who

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studied the Quran, but neglected it, and even neglected his surah Allah protect us from Allah.

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You know, in Surah Fatiha Allah speaks about three types of people with regards to knowledge. There are those who Allah is pleased, was pleased with and I'm telling him the one who receives Allah's pleasure. Those are the ones who learn, and they implement what they've learned. Then you have those who are the man who do be Allah him, the one who's encouraged Allah anger, who are they? They're the ones who learned but don't act on the knowledge. You see the guy who commits a crime, and he's ignorant. They steal an excuse for him. But the man who knows and he commits a crime, it's so much worse. And then the last category is someone who has no knowledge. Balint, they just misguided they

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live their life without any guidance, so naturally, they'll be astray. But the first And subhanAllah you know, the first person who's going to join them the Hadith which we learn in Medina, you come late to Medina, the first thing they teach, you know, the very first man going to Jana, not going to be the Xena maker, not going to be the murderer, not going to be the drug addict is going to be the island the chef, the one who learns, didn't implement his knowledge and he did it for the sake of of showing Allah protect us Subhan Allah, may Allah protect us from Allah protect us, Allah grant us to implement what we've learned, but then we know May Allah grant us to be implemented that as for the

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man whose face was being torn off like this from one side, he's the person who used to spread lies, spread false news, misinformation, and he goes and it spreads throughout the world. He goes out in the morning, and he lies and he lies and he lies.

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Maybe his business, this is original, not China made whatever and he lies to how many Wallah he you Allah who Allah He was so original, whole day he's lying holder, he's cheating. And so because he's lying continuously, this is the punishment he gets asked for the people when they could in the in the oven. Of course, those were the people who committed illegal haram sexual actions, zani Amazonia May Allah protect us from that, as for the man in the river, that was a person who used to indulge in Riba is to eat Riba. So he is swallowing up fire in his abdomen, those stones are like coals burning. And so he will be made to eat that which he ate haram in the dunya, you will eat haram in

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in you will be forced to feed on the stones of fire.

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So these are some of the punishments of the cover. Another punishment of the cover the prophets of Allah mentioned one of the Sahaba before jihad, and, you know, one of the Nazis he was a new convert, basically, but he fought in jihad, and he stole some of the war booty. Now, during the battles the issue altogether. When you fight the battle, all the money that is taken when the enemy runs, he leaves he leaves his armor, he leaves his house, he runs away, okay, this stuff that he's taken, you can't just take it, it goes to the government, the Treasury, and this will be distributed as per the laws of jihad. So one man took a piece of government without in unlawfully. And so the

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prophets of salaam said and he died, that even though he was entitled he would have gotten this thing it was to go to the Treasury and then he would have gotten a che but because he took it without permission. He's being wrapped with that in the cupboard, and it's burning him it's a government of fire. So this Subhan Allah Allah Ma said, If this is what a man gets for taking a property, which really belongs to him, but he took it without right what about if you take some property you die in your position is some haram property, the hack of someone else, someone else's property that you have not returned? Someone else's hack you have taken and you have it in your bank

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account? It will be it will into your cover with you as a form of punishment. And Allah protect us now Allah forgive us. One of the scary punishments of the cover is that we spoke before of date. The man who dies, not covering his debts, debt. He owes money. He borrowed money, and he didn't pay it back. And no one covers it for him. Family members can't cover it.

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When he's being punished because of that date in the cupboard, we know that hadith we mentioned this last time, the prophets of salaam says, Oh, what a, he was looking up and he got a shock. And he said, What a heavy thing Allah has sent to me what a difficult thing Allah has now revealed to me. And also Hubbard said was so scared. We didn't want to ask him what just happened. So we wait to the entire day until tomorrow. And then once obviously, the law what happened yesterday. And so the prophets of Solomon said, Allah informed me that if a man food visa vie de la jihad for Allah, and he's martyred, but he has debts, and he's brought back any martyred again, dies, and a third time he

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meaning he dies again and again and again, visa vie the law, but he has debts, he will not he will still be punished in the cupboard for these dates, you will still be punished until the debts are paid, you will be detained, this reward will be held back. So Subhanallah This is the season we did accumulate. This is the season we did accumulate. don't overspend and over indulge. You don't know if those things can be covered? Make sure that Subhanallah one of the things that we do you prepare your will, that if Allah takes you, then your finances are in order. No one can claim anything against you. And Allah subhanaw taala Have mercy on us, which is a side note about your profit son

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was at some because this debt thing was so big and difficult. Within a visa Salama heard someone had a debt, then he would personally out of his own pocket, he would say okay, can anyone pay this man's debts? No. Then he would say okay, I have and he would pay and he would say, as Allah mentioned in the Quran, Rasool is closer to you than your own selves. So he said, and I will take it upon myself to pay the debts of my ummah, but if they leave any money, they don't have to give it to me, I don't inherit anything, but I will pay the debts as much as I can on behalf of the ummah. This is the rasool Salallahu, salam,

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and other punishment, the prophets of Allah comes across, he finds two people, they in the cupboard, and he says they're being punished in this cupboard now. So obviously what happened? What did they do? And so the promises of they did something which most people take a small, small thing, we assume they're small, but they are a means a reasonable punishment in the cupboard. One, he did not use the toilet properly, and you would spoil and splash on himself. Subhanallah I mean, some of us go to the toilet. In UK, the next person walks in, it's disgusting.

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We leave it in the state for that to be punished in the cupboard, it's not worth it. Leave the toilet in the state you found it or better. And of course, taking care not to splash urine on your clothing to stingy properly. These things it is something which you have the property we regard as smoke, but it's the reason why people are being punished in the cupboard. The other man What did he do he back but he was backbiting talking to gossiping about this one about that one, talking about people using just a harmless conversation. But Subhanallah that punishment is happening in the cover sidenote, so why should Allah punish so severely in the cupboard? One of the reasons is even the

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believers so the question is, is even the believer Yes, even the believer who has sins, either Allah forgives or punishes up to him. But if he punishes in the cupboard, then for the believer, it is a means of purifying you before the big punishment of PM.

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So they are people Subhanallah they get all the hardships on the dunya they go through death, loved ones die, they money, problems, health problems. And you look at this point in your shame this man has a difficult life. I don't want to be like him. But when he dies, he's paid his debt to Allah He sins are written off. So he meets Allah has no more, no more to pay. Now there's nothing in the cupboard but reward and if it follows other people Subhanallah they come with sins. And so as a mercy, Allah makes it difficult in the cupboard, so that when they meet him on piano, then that is deducted from the account or the people Subhanallah the sins are so much that they get punishment in

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the dunya in the cupboard on pm in Jana, it will continue because of the amount of Sins of Allah subhanaw taala protect us may Allah Subhana Allah forgive us, as we said, if an abyssal Salam would make dua every single sada five times a day every Salah, the man who is most perfect, if he's making dua to Allah protect me from the cupboard. We should be making more than that we should be making more than that. And subhanAllah I see the mood is really despondent spiral some of these sins we are guilty of that. This is the opportunity now in Juma we don't know if we live to answer yeah ALLAH forgive all our sins yeah Allah, Ya Allah you can wipe those sins away. Just with, with with with

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you know when decree Allahu Allah in Nikka foon to him will affect one now Allah you are the one who raises sins, you love to erase sins, so erase our sins here Allah forgive us here live Mercy on us this act of Juma we are asking, Could you forgive us and the people in the cupboard right now cannot make dua May Allah forgive them as well.

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Please good news also Subhan Allah, they are those people may we be of them. I mean

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that they will begin the reward in the cupboard already. They Janna begins in the cupboard and what follows will only be an extension of that reward. What do they get? What do we know we said we know that the grave will be a garden from the gardens of Jana meaning a doorway into general will be opened and it will flood into your cover. It will be made so wide as far as your eye can see. So yes you feel I mean the copper How is this possible this isn't the buzzer but your as far as you it will be a brand new world you will be inside the best holiday destination you can think of your cupboard will be better than that. You will be clothed with a clothing of Jannah you will be clothed with the

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clothing of Jana, and the cool A and the breeze and the smells of Jana will enter your cupboard.

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And you will already receive the good news. Allah will already confirm to him that you've passed and the ultimate Jana is waiting for you. The prophets of salaam says when the deceased is buried. Two angels come and monka and Nikita and they will ask you those questions. And when he passes those questions, right when he passes those questions, then his grave is made wide and is filled with note and light. And he will say literally go to my family. And let me tell them Can I go back to the dunya I just want to tell them how good things is in October I'm going to tell them don't be scared of death, work hard die and join me in the cupboard. I want to give the good news to my children, my

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family and they will say no, you can't go back. But they're all the sleep and the rest like a bridegroom like on your IQ on your honeymoon. Enjoy yourself and you will wake up at his most beloved that you will be happy you will just and then it says sleep and rest. And when you are woken up you'll be woken up by Your most Beloved meaning ALLAH will wake you up. You will be woken up by Your most Beloved. Some souls. They will be sleeping in the cupboard. They'll be sleeping, some of them will have the honor to move around and meet each other in the Barossa relatives will meet each other and some will even have the honor the Shuhada these are one of the rewards of the Shaheed the

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man who dies visa vie the law of the rewards his soul is taken up he doesn't stay in the cupboard, but rather it it turns to the it moves to the Irish of Allah, it will be risen up above the seven somewhat above to either way even Gibreel can go the souls of the pious people that will ascend to the ashram Allah and they can be in close proximity to Allah. This is an exclusivity award for the shahada, those who die fighting free Sabine de la vie Sabina Allah.

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The Prophet SAW Salem and that's why he advises us as I said, one of the good news so either for you depends, for some people, the reward will be the list, they will list in the cupboard for others, they will move around for some you'll meet your relatives and that's where the promises is, whoever takes the responsibility of preparing the coffin, the burial shroud for his brother, then make it look nice. So you know, do it properly, because they will visit each other in the civil see each other in that so your relatives will meet, that's a good comforting thing that you meet and you will you will get to know one another you will get to spend some time, but ultimately everyone will die.

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And everyone the buzzer also has a time period and everyone will then be put to sleep. So Allah Subhan says in the Quran, whooping cough is super there that before we get to the so you live on so just to summarize our existence, we live 50 6070 If we're lucky at 90, we're very, very lucky 100 years, right? When you die SubhanAllah. And then you look at the car you go to the cemetery is this panel, this guy only lived 50 years, but it's been in the topper for almost 100 years. He spent more time already in the Barza than on the dunya. Our dunya period is nothing's wrong, Allah is nothing and everything depends on it. It's such a difficult exam. It's such a strange exam that Allah has

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given us but it's reality. This short 50 year period six year period will determine your eternity.

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And it's so small Subhanallah it's just a moment. And then you can have ultimate success, ultimate joy ultimately what nonstop holiday nonstop happiness, but you will live on the dunya and then you will die, reality all of us. Then we'll spend time in the UK either awake, or at some point sleeping. Then all of existence will come to an end then everyone will go to the Verizon and Allah says one of his sewer that the angel Israel is Ruffin the angel of the trumpet he will blow into the trumpet

00:29:34--> 00:29:52

for Sarika month is similar to one filled out and everything in the heavens and everything in the earth all of creation will fall meaning will die. You will you will die all the angels all the beliefs everyone that's alive at that point will die. Then to Manaphy Rafi okra and then

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

again, the Trumpet will be blown for either whom pm union rune and then all of a sudden when the second trumpet

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

There's blown we will wake up, we will rise up and find yourself on the plane of Kiama. The Day of Judgment, the souls the body will stand up. Surya seen call to Yahweh Ilana Mombasa Nami Mercadona, su o to us who woke us up from our sleep, we were sleeping, and all of a sudden we are now awake and alive. And we find ourselves now on the day of karma. And that's a whole long discussion. What happens on piano what is going to happen on that day, even more difficult to recover is the Day of Judgment when Allah Himself will come in his manner, which never before he will be angry like that day, but he will reward and he will punish on the day as only is only as only your reward. Some will

00:30:40--> 00:31:08

go to Jana. Some will go to jahannam. The believer him some might go directly to Jana. Well, hamdulillah May Allah grant that for us. There might be some believers who will go and spend some years in Jana, and then go to Jana, may Allah grant us Jana without getting them without getting to Jana, and there are some Malla protectors who will be admitted to jahannam. And they will never leave that place May Allah protect as well. And that is for the one as we said will come with a chick who worshiped others besides Allah. So this topic of death,

00:31:09--> 00:31:48

it is to be taken and understood, and thought about myself first and then for all of us and to prepay to prepay through our deeds. When we leave the masjid when it come to our weekends or work, everything is counted, everything is taken into account but Allah subhanaw taala and it will determine like you prepare you build your house in the dunya you are building your house in the cupboard. I mentioned that famous imam of Saudi Arabia is students would come to his house check with a man that would come to his house and they would teach and then they said to him, Chef, you you're a big chef big it we also many books with us move you to a new one of the princessy to him

00:31:48--> 00:32:20

let me build you a nice a nice like little flat villa. You don't have say an apartment. I give you a house you students can come and I can move you so the check said don't worry. Yeah, I mean, oh, Prince Don't worry. I'm already building a new house. So he students said we didn't know you moving where's your new house going to be? So he gave an address? And when they when they it was the cemetery said What do you mean? So he said I'm pretty sure that's my house. I'm gonna go the soon. That's my house. 10 years, 20 years. That's where I'm gonna go. So I'm building it already. I'm working on that project. You don't have to worry. I'm already got my architect. I already got my

00:32:20--> 00:32:58

plans in order. I'm already furnishing the cover. So you should do the same Allah Subhan Allah grant us to furnish our final homes which is the cover. I mean, just a few announcements, we asked to make dua for Buddha, uma shabu Dean. He was the chairman of Parana Islam many, many years ago. He's hospital in a critical condition. And he's in Heike. I mean, he's in I think he's a GMC. So a man who had done a lot for this organization for this masjid, spinal are so many people and again, one of the great things once you once you you you even out of this do the good thing about doing good works and for the community even when you no longer active as people come sit here and make dua

00:32:58--> 00:33:32

you're still getting the rewards that hamdullah even after you leave this dunya Malaga to the Shabbat in good health and all those who are sick, may Allah returning to strength. I mean, also our last class for perhaps this year, it's going to be on Monday. Why are you smiling so happy our last class is smiling, right on Monday in sha Allah from six to seven. Say now as an ally of the Alon the Back to Basics. I've sent out the audio which we're sending out a few. But we back to basics, something about the so after my class on Monday, you might want to attend it's about the miracles of the Quran. How do you prove that this book really is from Allah subhanaw taala we're going through

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that so anyone would like to attend free of charge? It's often on a Monday evening in sha Allah, Allah. I'll be off for a few weeks, but inshallah I'll see you again we've Nila of the sometimes as UCLA, Santa Monica library data