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Adnan Rajeh
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No hamburger early he also here Jemaine, oh God, Yahweh. Che Hi. And if you have a difficult day human, how do you feel misaligned? Probably Allah will call it pardon the use of Allah Allah who earlier celebrated a collection of both Bukhari and Muslim Rituals by himself, Mr. Ravi, Allah and the Prophet Alia. So it was John's wife, one of the early Muslims, and one of the great mothers of believers within our legacy. And this hadith is a also famous, it's funny, like, I think I've repeated the same phrase for the last maybe three weeks, because all that I need to talk about anti oppression are very known, are very well known. They're their central within our faith. And it tells

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you something about what it is that we stand for, and what Islam is really about. Which all the Hadith that talk about oppression and talk about volume are very well known to Muslims and even though they're known to us, you memorize the wordings it's just a little bit too confusing. Sometimes we haven't really memorized the value in the practice itself. So what what he says out of your salatu salam, this hadith for Karla is awesome in the Bashar rune.

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We're in Nakhon del just the Mona Lisa, I am exclusively a human being I am nothing more than human I use Salatu was Salam o. And this is an important Yanni concept to remember I use thought was one of his strengths is that he was only human, like one of the things that you should celebrate and understanding Him is the fact that he was only human. If he wasn't, if he was more than human, then a lot of what is impressive about him will stop being so impressive. I'm not sure if you're understanding what I'm trying to explain here, the impressive piece of him out of your soul to me is the fact that he was only human because when you look at what he did, it's impossible that somebody

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a human can do that. So either you believe that he's not human, to make it easier for you to accept the fact that, you know, for me, it's easier just to accept it accept me, I don't want accept my failure. So I just believe that he's not really human, he's a bit more than humans. So because I can't do anything that he does, I cannot, I cannot fill any aspect of the shoes he left at all. So it just easier for me to he's not human, because that way, I don't have to feel bad about myself. But if he is human, then it's really much more impressive, because I'm human, and I can't do that. And that's the beauty of understanding as humanity out of us thought was not taking away from his

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value it is adding to it. But I don't see some people just don't seem to understand that piece. And I don't know for the life of me, I don't want to spend my life arguing about it. But the beauty of it is the fact that he's only human. I think it's awesome, that's more impressive. Look at what he did. How does one human being go do all that, unless there's something more to our own humanity that we have failed to understand ourselves in the conduct of Simona. And I'm only human, and you will come to me with your problems with your disputes. And I have to offer you a ruling. Well, I love Allah Kuhn, and your corner, Hannah before Jetty him and Bob, and maybe some of you are better at

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articulating their points than others. So two people come together to argue a dispute to dispute something, and one of them has the outcome and the other one doesn't, but the other one knows how to speak a bit better. And it gets a bit more articulate. The other person is who as they call them, simple doesn't really not very good at having these arguments that have

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stutters and stumbles and it doesn't know which word to use and is overwhelmed sometimes a little bit maybe bit shy maybe a little bit of a just a good person just not not articulate when it comes to you know, disputes in this type of setting. But sometimes some of you will be more articulate, articulate regarding their points, then others

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for after the law who been we met smart, and then I will give my judgment based on what I heard

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from an called a Tula who be healthy he che and fit in America Day to know who the Titan

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so any person that I give a lot for meeting, I offered judgment and I give them something and it's not theirs,

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then they they know that I am giving them a piece of jahannam.

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You see, if you had a dispute with someone, and you went to rasool Allah solicit them, and he gave the judgment to you. Would anyone on this planet be able to convince you that it's not yours?

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Would anyone on the planet be able to convince you that that is not rightfully yours? But I thought Allah gave it up for me. He's coming and saying, I'm giving you a piece of Jahannam if it's not really yours, he is saying himself. So Allah Who Salallahu Alaihe Salam who is a better judge than him, who could you trust judgments? whose judgment can you trust more than him out of your saw to Islam? And yet if you if even if he judge gives you the judgment, even if he even if there's a pier of 12 people, even if the United name doesn't matter who judges something for you, if it's not yours, you are taking a piece of the hellfire and you will take it with you there and you will

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return it at some scholars say oh man, I mean a naughty child. Definitely. You know, yeah. And if you take something with a Hellfire you will have to take it and put it back into hellfire. Well, it may Allah subhanaw taala protect us

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because it's a piece of the Hellfire it has to be taken back to where it came from. So you will take it in

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So that's what he's saying on here starts out with his judgment imagine others, the judgment of others is worthless if you compare it to him, but he's telling I can easily make a judgment and it'd be wrong. Because when it comes to disputes Allahu Allah, only Allah subhana knows what the intentions were what actually happened. It's all hearsay it's all evidence that maybe an important piece of evidence is destroyed so we can't prove it. You can win through the courts of this Donia but know what you're taking with you this is the interesting this this phrasing this wording is so heavy so heavy because it's bold because

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the wording of Islam the Prophet idea sometimes wording was always was never like that. But he talks about volume that's what he used would say something that that heavy not difficult because Because It's that serious you always say talking about difficult it human How do you feel Mr lemme totally Allah on call it Barnaby also Allah Allah Who earliest like yourself in no matter no bishop or in the dark they'll say Munna either Yeah.

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Well I love Allah come and you're gonna kill Hannah Jetty Haman bowed Falcon Lila, who naturally Emma Esma from Aqaba Tula who will be happy he he che and in nama Kobe Tula who took part and salsa Sula, Hassan Allah Allah you're just like so so Michael Ganesha Allah

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so Allah has sent Mr. Mohammed Zocalo Hey about a kilometer I'm gonna show after sunnah I start my castle please pray your sunnah and either attend or allow us to space to start this lesson inshallah we'll start in two and a half minutes and show he's looking

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