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Post Isha Khaterah


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The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the hadith and the belief in God in the context of the current incident. They argue that while some may not be a part of their religion, others are not. They also mention a recent interview where a woman talks about her the lack of faith in Islam and the need for basic ethics.

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seeing in the within the theme of hypocrisy of neufeldt

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is a very important concept for us to understand as Muslims. Very important because mainly because it's actually very dangerous. It's easily something that you can ignore, end up falling into and causing you a lot of distress at the time that you don't want to be in distress. Here's why I think it's important to take some time and think about it and understand it. The hadith tonight is a very short one, I use it often in set certain settings as a test to see how people understand certain aspects of the deen.

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It doesn't really say the word in the file anywhere. But all the scholars would took this hadith and added it to their collections that came later the collections where they were just focused on putting a hadith and under specific themes. All of them took this hadith and put it under the theme of the file because it actually explains that once you hear it you understand why this is what Satan has said but another St Paul Allama Capo Burnaby you saw Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam in con. He said rarely the Prophet Allah you saw doesn't ever give a hotbar except somewhere in it he said the following call Allah Imana name Allah Allah Allah Tala wala Dena Lee Lima Hola, hola. Hola.

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That's that that's it, this simplest of words the shortest of phrases are like, extremely profound, amazingly deep. He said, The one who does not have trustworthiness, let Imana lamella amanatullah. The one who does not have trustworthiness, the one who is not trustworthy, cannot claim they have Iman. Let you know they cannot claim that they have belief in God or that they have faith in God if they have if you're not trustworthy, if they don't possess trustworthiness as an as an ethic, they can't walk around claiming they have Iman, whether DINELLI Mala, Della, and the one who cannot hold his covenant, the one who can't keep their covenant, a covenant is an agreement. Something you sign

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off on something that you agree with someone else upon, is there anything that you and I verbally say, Okay, I'll do this. Yes, you'll do it. That's odd. We've agreed verbally assaulted, there's a covenant. Anyone who cannot keep their covenants cannot claim they have religion. leadin cannot claim that they're a part of a religion. He's talking about ours, Allah has talked to a son, because it's the one he's teaching. He's not teaching some other religion. He's teaching this one Islam. So what he's saying is like, if you're not trustworthy, you can't walk around claiming you actually believe in Allah. And if you cannot keep your word, if you can't see your agreements through, if

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you're not a person of your word, if you agree to something, and then you don't actually see it through, if you promise something, but then you go ahead and break it later on, then you can't walk around claiming that you're a part of this faith. This is what he's saying. It is thought to us.

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We practice the opposite. We will lie we practice the opposite of this hadith, we take it we flip it around. And that's how we walk around acting. We flip it around and we make it

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to Lima, Lima, Allah Imara someone who's not religious can't be trustworthy. Someone who is not of our faith cannot be someone who's trusted that we walk around actually thinking these things and acting like that. When the Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us the opposite. He didn't he never said that he never ever anywhere in his Hadith, or in the Quran, or anywhere in his tradition, or anywhere in in His way of life. Did he assume that because someone wasn't Muslim, that they couldn't be trusted, or that they didn't have good ethics so that they wouldn't see their world through. He actually, most all the treaties he ever signed in his life he signed with people who weren't Muslim.

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Like his he never signed a treaty with a Muslim, he signed it with non Muslims, to Islam. And if you didn't think they were trustworthy, he would never sign a treaty with them to begin with. But when he came to his Sahaba, and taught and that is what NSA is saying, rarely did he give a hope. But without saying this at some point, that if you're not trustworthy, you can't walk around claiming you believe in Him. And if you don't, if you're not a person of your word, you can't keep your word. And you can't claim that you're a part of this. You can act like you actually embrace Islam, and that you're fully practicing if you don't, if you don't have these basics, if these basic ethics,

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exactly what I told you a couple of months ago, when he said, I didn't want you to either had difficut that if you like if you need they speak they lie when they when they dispute the they lose their ethics and when they promise they break their word, basic ethics, the basic stuff, just the basic DS human decency, if you don't have that is the losing it is the first sign of default. And the Prophet it is Sato salmon. This hadith takes it one step further with just four words. If you can't be trusted, then you can't walk around acting like you believe in Allah and Allah because that basic isn't that a basic ethic isn't there. What you what you claim doesn't matter. If you can't

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keep your word, if you can't keep your promise, if you don't see your covenants through that. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what religion you claim to belong to. It doesn't matter. If you can't do that it doesn't matter. And that's why this hadith was always narrated under the chapter of Norfolk because it's explained

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where the problem roots from a ruse from basic human decency being lost and then we run around

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holding on to claims that have no truth to them there's no truth to them.

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You're really man what I'm gonna do theme was study he be centered in Hassan, understandably Allah who I know polical Calama paella Bulama copper one and maybe your son Allah Allah Who early he was selling them in LA Paul la Imana Lima Natella

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wala Dena Lima la della sola Karasuma is Salalah aliados like we said it was Michael abomination. Hola Hola Elantra, so we'll go to Blake. Also hola sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali site, which means more logging and Baraka Lo Fi calm. Thank you for coming and Charles