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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various collections of Hadith's work, including a collection of hipbone, a collection of hip advised from the Prophet alayhi, and a collection of the Hadith's teachings. They emphasize the importance of authenticating collections to avoid confusion and the need for further research. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of bringing ease to people and focusing on positive emotions rather than just getting rid of the people who are doing the same thing. They stress the need to bring people to events with positive emotions and avoid mistakes.
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No, no bad 30 days of Java data to an Alima to Magara. Can you send a few Hello Excel. I'm going to start out here, let's say you do Mola Rasulillah. Early he also had the humanoid I'm cool you saw that the night of July as of last night the baraka and this night increase. As soon as you increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and all good deeds, Yahweh Imam, even a head burner for your Sahibi standard also here.

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I mean Musa eluxury Radi Allahu Anhu so the Hadith tonight is a collection of Imam Ibn headband and his sight now. Now there are a few scholars of Hadith who made collections and called them slightly aside from the Buhari and Muslim and even Hussein was one of them and even headband is another one, there's a few others. And aside rotable cardigan was one Muslim, the other collections that are called Sahaja, not all of that hadith within them are even hipbone is probably one of the better ones, many the majority of his Hadith are, but there are ones that are not so which is why we have to whenever you're ready to Hadith from inhibin, or even Hoceima, then you need to make sure that a

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scholar of hadith is authenticated it because it's not by default and Bukhari and Muslim, because of the number of scholars who have authenticated that those collections mean, those collections have been studied, historically, over 10 times by at least 25 different scholars of Hadith. And they have looked at it time and time again. And there's nothing within those collections that are not authentic. So you don't need to point out the authenticity. You can just say it's in Bukhari, and Muslim and you're good to go. But the other ones you need someone to look up a scholar of Hadith to take a look at the the chain of narration to make sure that it's authentic. Here's why. Just I just

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want to point that out, in case anyone was wondering, and this was in the hadith is within the theme of outreach and Dawa. And this one here is interesting because you get to hear from the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam, what his advice would have been to you if you were going to actually perform that or yourself if you're being sent to perform doubt or to teach or to educate or to bring people to Islam, then here's what the value is awesome. I said to two people who are on their way to do this. So he said Clara, Lama Baca who Nibi and me also actually under Halima Bader, who never use Allah Allah you sell them one more either. bingeable Eel Yemen, Paul, when he sent, he said was I

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said when the Prophet alayhi salam sent me and more either bingeable in Sao Paulo, they're very different than Niger Musa is much older than was and he sent someone who was quite advanced in age and is probably 50s at the time and while there was in his mid 20s So he sent them to go and the people of Yemen were asking for educators and teachers not all of Yemen had accepted his time but enough of them where it was safe for them to go and they were going to go there and they're going to perform Dawa and teach and and they did and that's why all of that of Yemen Yanni accepted eventually, but he's waited to the money has chosen

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the best Sheila wire Ceylon. Well, I Lima wala tuna FIRA waterpower

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said Alia slaughter was rambase Shall I bring,

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bring good news of glad tidings and give give people reason to be positive and optimistic. Give them reasons to do better to be better. That's what the machine means. She is to give someone a positive reason to be a better person to try harder to to look forward to something looking forward to something many psychologists by the way say that's what happiness is. It's just having something good to look forward to it. I know it's a really stupid definition. But if you think about it, there's there's some there's some merit to it like there's some degree of truth to that. It just having something good to look forward to. To best year like Deb she is just giving people something

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positive to look forward to but Sheila way Estella and bring ease, bring is your teachings months, bring ease, the teachings have to bring ease again bring the opposite. When we are performing Dawa in your the outcome of your teachings has to be that this will bring ease to you in your life. If your life is difficult, or you're finding difficulty or you're struggling Islam will bring you is not the opposite. Islam was never designed to make your life difficult ever. That that comprehension of it that under that perception of it is extremely flawed. It's very, very flawed. And it comes obviously from me. And you we know where it comes from this culture has built certain certain ways

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of thoughts. That that's that Islam was never it's not like that. And that's not the truth of it. Whether you're Cyril Calusa No, no, this is this is the ultimate ease. It's not easy. It's the ultimate ease. We still make bring people ease, bring people ease. Why Lima and teach what to not feel and don't repel people away. Don't do something that will send someone walking away. Don't behave in a certain manner. Don't speak in a certain manner. Do not do something that don't be a bad representative of this team. And when someone is trying to come close and you do something and then they walk away, don't do that. What the PA and work together. Work together. Yeah

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See, obviously, we're not going to agree on everything. You're 50 He's 25 ever seen a 50 and 25 year old get gone? No, they don't. They're two different generations a completely different generation I've completely understanding of a lot of things that can power Motala always where I compromise one day and you do it the next day, and we figured it out. And we make sure that we are being we're showing each other a certain degree when you're working in data. And when you're trying to bring people to this time, you have to have that mentality with the people who are working with you, with the Muslims who are at the front lines as well. Like you don't don't do this by slandering those who

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are doing this with you because they disagree with you on something or you differ with them on something that's not that's not healthy. The power I work with people obviously, you and I are not going to agree on everything. Obviously that is if we did then there's something wrong. One of us is lying. It's impossible. We can't agree on everything. We're going to disagree sometimes on stuff that matter. Sometimes I'll start that matter but we agree on so many other things like the 99% of Islamic faith that we agree upon. We should definitely focus on that piece of our work together don't become enemies. It's very easy when you're when two people are doing the same thing for there

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to be unhealthy competition in the misstep is very easy, but don't not endow shouldn't be in Dawa. I love this exact device for everybody. And so it was to them. You know, give people something good to look forward to bring them ease, educate them of things they can benefit from don't repel them and work together. What more do you need for Dawa? That's fine for them. Why the Yamaha when I became a little bit more meaning we worked out and we had more status and why it actually became a judge and his presence of emotion was no longer needed there anymore. And he wants to come back and visit his family and well him anymore he was in charge but he left out to the whole to era sorta like into the

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prophet Ali assaulting him with a question and this hadith obviously this piece is not necessarily a part of I wanted to narrate to you and you caught it in another home and in Yemen in Netta home Shabaab and

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middle enter the Yoruba who had reacted will resume in a shire you see al Yemen they they cook their their their grapes in a certain way and they let it sit and they make no BS from from barley like they make these drinks and I don't know what to do but we obviously he and my other we're not agreeing on exactly what the festival on this was whether this was halal or haram to drink because they were doing certain they were processing this in a certain way so the Prophet Allah Islam those who didn't know exactly what you're doing either he gave them I love this about him at least or doesn't he just gave them gave them a basic law called a cool cool Luma scholar and your salotti

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haram and anything that intoxicates you to the point where you can't be clear in your prayers have on anything that intoxicated your brain so you can't function focus anymore. It's haram. So now I will move the nose. It's not just based on whether you cooked it or you left it is based on the actual content of it. So you have to go back and take a look and see what it's like.

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But they did they disagreed they didn't agree on everything that's normal, and they still listened to him or you saw to Sam fatawa they work together. They didn't focus on those pieces because there's more to this picture than that. I think that's a beautiful teaching point for him and his thought was around when it comes to performing data that we can all benefit from I hope that you know if it was beneficial to you, Yahweh any man will be a burner for you. So he he said it this way, and the most assuredly unknown, but I felt who Rasulullah sallallahu ala you early was a lemma or either bingeable either lemon kala Houma Bashira WASC while Lima whether it's gonna feel

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waterpower Panama William was rude to the whole to ya rasool Allah in Allah whom Shalabh and may not enter the ultimate who had diacid will Mira Zhu Muna Shah at the height Lasala Lohani who it was lm kulula Escobar and sala de haram Sadaqa Rasulullah sallallahu a condition Allah Allah hey, let's start with two quick ones that Allahu wa salam O Allah like Allah and me you know, have you been on Muhammad has always been talking about I think we'll see y'all tomorrow for tomorrow at 230 sharp and always looking