The Parables of The Quran #05 – Surah Baqarah 260 – Yes, But I Wish For My Heart To Be At Ease…

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Today we're going to do Surah Baqarah verse 260. If you remember our series is about parables and aphorisms, and by aphorisms, I mean those Quranic phrases that are so powerful that they have become a part of the common vernacular of the Arabs. And the phrase that I have in mind today, verse 260, but I will kill the ultimate inequality. It's a very famous Quranic phrase. And this has a lot of benefits that we can derive from this beautiful phrase. Where does this phrase occur? Ibrahim alayhis salam, once he has argued with the kingdom route, the evil Kingdom route, and he says to nim, rude all the Arab biella you hear you

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need, my Lord can bring the dead back to life and he causes death. So he argues with Nimrod, about the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is in the argument phase. Now he comes back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he asks Allah privately away from Nerud he asks Allah Allah biagini k for to heal Motor Show me Oh Allah, how do you resurrect the dead? In front of Nimrod? He says, My Lord can resurrect the dead, but now he's in front of Allah. And he says he out up show me how do you resurrect the dead? So Allah subhana wa tada says, I want them to mean, don't you have a man that I can do this? Don't you have faith that I have the power to resurrect the dead? And then Ibrahim says

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this famous phrase, Bella, yes, I have that Eman. Well Achille automa in Nickleby, I just want my heart to be steadfast, I want my heart to be feeling secure and firm. I want the intimate knowledge of the heart. Now, this is a very, very powerful phrase over here, because Ibrahim alayhis salam is asking for proof despite the fact that he believes in the proof, he has a man but he's still asking Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what are some of the things we can benefit in the few minutes that we have, first and foremost of the things that we benefit, we are created so weak, dear brothers and sisters, that what we hear does not have the impact as what we see. In English, this, the phrases

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Seeing is believing right? This is the reality, the manifestation, what we hear does not have the same impact as what we see, the power of the visual for us mortals is higher in our epistemological framework than the power of speech, what we see has an impact greater than what we hear. And this is also in a Hadith of the Prophet SAW something he said what they said hubzu calm or Ayana, hearing something is not the same as seeing it. This is a hadith with a sound kabu Calma Ayana hearing about something is not the same as seeing it and this is manifested as well in the story of Musa alayhis salam in a beautiful anecdote a beautiful incident in this in the life of Musa alayhis salaam Moosa

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is speaking with Allah directly in booty Cena, there is no angel. This is not intermediate ye what Callum Allahu Moosa attack Lima Moosa is speaking with Allah directly. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says to him, that your people have worshiped a calf, your people have taken the agent. So Moosa becomes angry. faraja mo Salah homie he holds a sefa Moosa is angry, how dare my people have worshipped a calf calf, then when he sees their agent, what does he do? What happens to his anger? Does it remain the same? Allah has told him that your people have worshiped a calf after you he gets angry. When he sees it within his own eyes. What does he do for a local Allah have, he has the

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divine tablets at Allah has given him it is like the Koran it is that you need the revelation from Allah. Yeah, the meaning of course, it's not the Alanis the Torah, but it is Allah who sent it down. It is a divine tablet, right? You're supposed to respect it. And in his anger, when he saw that agent, he became so angry, he threw the tablets and they broke and he went and he attacked his brother, how dare you let them do this? Right? So panela that's what our scholars say. When Allah told him he believed to love he got angry, but when he saw that's when he lost his his cool and he did what he did. And then of course, you know, he picked up the tablets afterwards. The point being

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when they sell political more Ayana, so Ibrahim alayhis salam is saying Yup, I know I have Eamon, but I'd like to see it. So of course Allah told him what to do and the birds came back. So this is point number one. Point number two. Another interesting benefit here is that Eman is of levels. eemaan is of data jAgt. And you can always rise more in your Eman. Even the prophets even Ibrahim his Eman is the highest of the high but he

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I needed to go higher. And so we can increase our Eman by connecting with Allah by making the Double of the verses of the Quran by listening to the Quran by increasing our knowledge. There are many ways to increase a man, even the prophets of Allah. They increase their Eman by now we're luckily otzma in Nickleby. So even Ibrahim Ali Salam is going higher. And the third and final point for our brief halaqa today is the reality and this is a very important point. It's also very sensitive, so pay attention, and it's especially meant for our, especially our younger, you know, college level and whatnot. It is permissible to ask for some evidence, nothing wrong with that. It's permissible

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to say, you know, I know this is true, but I want to understand why. But now we're not glioma inocle B, there are going to be things about the faith, they're going to be commandments of our religion, there's going to be verses in the Koran that perhaps I don't understand or you don't understand. It is okay to question if it is done with the right mentality and the right mindset. If we question to challenge Allah, that is not good. That is Cofer. We do not question to challenge Allah. But if we question to try to understand and if we approach the right people, and notice here, this is the beauty in front of the kingdom, rude. Ibrahim is saying Rob biella you're here you need, he's

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defending Islam. He's defending toe he he's defending the Kalima. My Lord can resurrect the dead that's in front of him rude. Now he is in front of Allah. He believes, but he just wants some affirmation. Show me some evidence of Allah. So it's okay. Dear young brother and sister. It's okay to ask legitimate questions. It's okay to come to the people of knowledge. Don't go to the mood and the followers of a new moon. Don't go to those who have rejected and ask them come to the people of knowledge first, oh, Allah Vickery and quantum Allah tada moon asked the people of Iran and come with a heart full of emotion and say, Look, I know the Quran is true. But I just I want to

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understand this verse. How do we understand it? And I guarantee you with your brothers and sisters, if you go to the right people with the right heart, your emotion will increase. This is the reality of our faith. If you go to the right people of knowledge with the right frame of mind, and what is the right frame of mind? Ibrahim alayhis. Salaam, I believe, but I just want to understand, I believe, but well actually it's we're in Nickleby. So this is a very key point that wanted to emphasize in sha Allah who to other dear brothers and sisters have the same attitude as Ibrahim alayhis salam don't problematize coming to the people of knowledge and saying, Look, I don't

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understand this. Can you prove to me Can you show me Can you explain to me and if you have your own in Allah and you go to the right people in sha Allah who to either your demand will increase no matter what question you will come with, may Allah subhana wa Tada, makers of those who say Bella will actually have my Nickleby and will continue tomorrow inshallah. So no matter

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