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couldn't be so heavy on Abdullah having a hammer.

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Well, the Allahu Anhu call in the video Salalah Holly earlier CIBJO said and Ethan a collection of both Buhari Muslim as well. And yesterday, it was very Billa hidden hammer in the US or the Allahu Anhu. And this is within the theme still within the theme of hypocrisy. I've only read any fourth, hadith is probably the sixth or seventh.

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And we have maybe a week or two to go on this topic. I think it's important because I, I feel this is my general sense that I get from talking to people that there's a little bit of a mis conception of what the * actually is and what qualifies as a follow up and where the problem actually lies in it. And I think I think that's worthy of contemplation and reflection, because the more you read his Hadith, it is thought to us and you'll find out that he's really he's pointing out a to a discrepancy. He's pointing out a schizophrenic effect in behavior, he's pointing out, someone who is extremely committed to rituals, however, has no understanding of basic human behavior, like just

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basic human conduct, just basic ethics that you should have. That's when you look at him it is awesome talk about it. This is this is what the sense you get. And obviously the talk is different degrees of order thickness, but But it's worth at least understanding some of these of these degrees that that that will affect us on the day a judge judgment that's really I don't think anyone's sitting here listening to me or is neufeldt Gadget buddy? Where are you on the inside you're hateful towards something but you're acting like that is very specific in that so obviously a problem that the Prophet audios thoughts on how to deal with him we don't deal with today, like there are people

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who are like that in the world today. But for the most part, they don't make it for a shout prayers like massage and for the most part, but there are other degrees of neufeldt that are real and can be very costly on the Day of Judgment, which he points out in this hadith that he has thoughts and this very famous is similar to the one I narrate at the beginning, but it's different also because he gives a different number. I talked about it and actually says maybe we could go so here he says out of his thoughts as I'm Carlos Isola, Salam autobahn. When couldn't Nephi him? God, I'm gonna call on mankind at fie hustler to mean Hoonah CaReNet fie hustler to minify Lt. Yada.

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So he says there are four things, whoever has them, whoever practices these four things, then this person is a full hypocrite. And if there's any aspect of them in any aspect of these for any one of them, one of these characteristics that you carry, then you have a characteristic of hypocrisy until you get to let it go. Now there's another there's a there's an additional piece to the Hadith that you find in the collection of Imam Muhammad. And a lot of those in the race. How do you say it's the collection of Muslims? Well, for the life of me, I've never been able to see that addition in the collection of Imam Muslim, I haven't been able to see with my own eyes like, like the scholars who

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narrate the Hadith in different places, they always say was that the Imam, or Muslim, that I could never I've never seen it like, I've never actually been going back and be able to see it in the collection, but Muslim. So I take it miss face value of what they're seeing. But I seen it with my own eyes and the collection of I met with authenticity with an authentic chain of narration. But I have, I just haven't able to see for whatever reason, maybe, maybe, maybe he married in a different chapter. And I just didn't come across it, but I couldn't see it. But the addition that he has here, which is extremely concerning to me, I find it very scary, because he has ads this before he

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actually points out the four very counts the four things that you already know, I honestly I ended up here, it would have nothing if I kept on going because you know exactly what these four things you've heard them a million times before. But he's what he adds to it quite a while insomma while Salah was that Amanda who Muslim.

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So he added to that this person is a full hypocrite if they do the four, and has an aspect of hypocrisy, he has wisdom. Even if this person prays and fasts and walks around claiming that they're Muslim, that they're not is what he's trying to say Ali Assad does. And you'll just want what they claim, even if they pray in the fast, it doesn't matter. If these things are there, then this person is willing to be a hypocrite. And that's very scary. Because, again, we don't seem to always see the fact that way. You know, that's not how we look at it. And maybe that's how we should be looking at it. And then he points out the four things on it, you're Salatu Salam is different by the way that

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the sequence differs from one book to the other. i This is the one that I either had this occur with to Minahan whether I have a dog, with a horse, I'm afraid you're if the person is speak, they lie.

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And if they are entrusted with something they they're not they're not trustworthy. And if they give their word or they give a cut, make a covenant, they don't see it through. And if they dispute something with someone, they're in dispute, they lose their ethics. They become obscene. They they say things that they shouldn't say they treat the person with lack of integrity. Once they're less, they're not on good terms with them. These are the four none of these are ritual based. None of them have anything to do with rituals at all. They don't even talk about food. They don't talk about acts of worship. They talk about basic human decency.

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Just the basics of human decency,

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if you run into someone who is not honest, who cannot be trusted, who is not a person of their word, and someone who the moments you're not on the wrong terms with they will, they will take out your dirty laundry and put it out for people to see and, and they'll basically go after you saying everything that they ever knew about you because you don't agree with them anymore. That's not a decent human being. That's not a decent human, you don't want to have anything to do with that human being at all. You want to stay as far away as you possibly can from them. And you want to go around telling others to do the same. Because that lacks basic, basic human ethics likes the basics, the

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rough idea sauces, I'm saying, if you have these four or one of them, then hypocrisy is a part of you. Even if you walk around saying you're Muslim, and you pray and you finally do all the other stuff. If that's there, then you're then that's there. And this is not it. And obviously again, this is not a catalogue, I hope I've established that already for you that these are hobbies are there to catalogue, there's no first please don't build a diary and write people's page names on pages and start pointing out how many of the four they have just you know, this is not that there's not this honey, there for that honey that is for us, for each person to take and reflect upon themselves. Am

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I? Am I a logical liar? Do I lie all the time? Do I find it easy to tell a lie? Or am I someone who's always truthful and honest? Am I someone who is a man of their word, a person of their word? When I say something I see it through if I promise you I make sure it comes through with my promise. I mean, someone who can be trusted, if you trust me with something a piece of information, or that's actually more difficult to hold on to them in a piece of position, I will make sure that I'm that I'll deliver it the way I was entrusted with it. Am I someone who when I lose it when I'm no longer friends with someone? Do I still show some integrity and respect to the relationship? Or do I go

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ahead and lose all my ethics and in disagreement? Because if that's the case, then the Prophet alayhi salatu salam gave one heck of a warning. It is a scary thing for him to say it his thoughts and he said it's and it's not once or twice you'll find this hadith narrated by many people in different collections with different wordings. Same idea, same idea. If the basics of human behavior aren't their

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I'm not sure how much they do for us. I'm not sure Sharla they're beneficial, but I'm not sure because the proper audio so does anyone know this is rarely do you find in the private audio solid sentence Hadith where he points out hypocrisy to be an issue of ritual. Rarely, maybe once or twice you eluded that may not be a thing and don't make it if you're in Asia.

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They always don't make it. They're just too busy. But for them for the majority of it, he's talking about behaviors talking about ethics and morals. And I think it's something worthy of of our contemplation, please, there's a fundraising dinner coming up at lmm I'm not sure if it's dinner or not. But it's for the

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for the people in in Turkey and and Syria and other parts in that area that were horrifically and devastatingly

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harmed by the by the, by the events that occurred. And I don't know if you're

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keeping in touch with these things, or you're up to date with it. But the images that are emerging are just are just devastating, just horrific to see. Horrible, very difficult to watch some of these things and see these pictures were a generation is going to be haunted by these things, by the way, like our generation will continue to be haunted by the images of what happened to people that are very similar to us in many ways, share backgrounds, share your back, but last names, your faith, your country of origin, shared humanity, if you will, if there's nothing else there, but we and we sat for the you know, for the majority of our lives just kind of watching it occur, I can tell you

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that the the image of that,

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that boy in that red shirt and blue

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pants that washed up on a on a beach, I still see that in my dreams. I told this day I can't I can shake that I can't shake that I'll never shake that image away. That image will never leave me and will always it'll always haunt me forever. And some of the images we're seeing today with the young girl and, and her brother, that'll haunt us. That's the age of my children is the age of my kids. That's my I have a daughter that age and I have a son that age. I am not immune. None of us are immune to these things. None of us are immune to these things. The biggest the biggest, the biggest fallacy that the human being walks around with in this life is to feel that they're immune to what's

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happening to others. You're only immune until it does. And at that point, it doesn't matter anymore. You don't even think about how you you don't even recall how you thought before it doesn't matter because he completely completely fades away in your memory. We're not immune to what happens to people in this world. We are obligated by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada it's a part of being a deposit. It's a part of his life. It's a part of this if Rudy, with a moment someone is hit with a calamity that you will respond with all your might you respond the way you would respond, how it happened to your own children.

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If you see an image and you how would you respond to that

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Were those were your own. That's how you respond in anything less than that tells us that this woman is going to need another 100 or 200 years before it can figure its way out. Anything less any, any response that is emotionally less charged than how it would have been your own children tells me that dome is gonna need another generation or two, this has to be washed out. This has to be has to be written for I have to bring something different. And there's something keep in mind so so make sure that whatever efforts are being done to support these, our brothers and sisters, that you take advantage of them and and be generous and do what you can make dua for them as well as May Allah

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subhanaw taala ease their pain you'll accept them and once the shahada inshallah Jemaine you're really merman Bukhari you will Muslim couldn't be so hey I believe me I'm gonna also the Allah who I know can file an abuse of Allah Allah you earlier Salam Autobahn man couldn't Fe he kind of went on holiday so I want to kind of three plus Lotrimin Hoonah kindness The Hustler to manufacture Daya

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the Imam Ahmed when he was 30 he was in sama was Salah was the whole Muslim Maha that either had to wear either to Mina Han or either I heard the other way the whole summer Fajr sort of Rasulullah sallallahu hanyalah so I'm still struggling Huntington Allah either Hey, let's go to Lake wa sallahu wa Salam wa barakaatuh how many Mala Mala Hamburg Allah equals said I want to