The British Raj 7 – Sacrifices of Muslim Scholars

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This rebellion failed in the British took the full wrath revenge. The East India Company they went on a massacring spree. They started killing especially specifically Muslim scholars that targeted Muslim scholars. It is said that there was not a tree from daily to shower on which a Muslim scholar was not hanging

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one of them for example, is William Muir. William Muir was a very important figure in British India, the mid 19th century. Why is he important?

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Does anyone know who he is? William Muir. He was one of the orientalist who wrote an entire biography of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in four volumes. He wrote a biography of Rasulullah Salam in four volumes, right. Then he wrote other histories of the Muslim like the history of caves, for example. And he was a Christian missionary. The peak of all of this took place in 1854, when a Christian missionary named founder, a German Christian missionary, was preaching in the streets of Agra. Agra was the Muslim capital in northern India, he was preaching openly against Islam, challenging Muslim scholars, you know, your faith is a lie. It's all this. It's all that he wrote

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even a book in the oral language called MacDonald. Challenging Muslim scholars, Muslim scholars at the time in India, were not trained to deal with Christian polemics, they have no idea how to deal with this, right. Okay. So while founder is going around doing causing these problems, backed by the government, no one can dare touch him. You know why? Because the British government is behind him directly. So the missionaries were sent into India all over India, trying to convert the Indians. But these missionaries wrote specifically that Hindus, some of them from the lower classes, lower costs, they may convert, but the Muslims Forget it. There is no chance they're not leaving the faith

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under any circumstances. So that's why they became more hostile towards the Muslims, the missionaries, right. And they always cause problems, as you know, probably even social media today. Nowadays, you can see what these missionaries are made off a bunch of liars, the jaws, okay, manipulators, all sorts of things, right? So they were no different than in the 19th century. So this guy called founder, German missionary, he started causing problems. But Allah when there is a fear on or when there's a shaytaan, there is also people working for a Rama, right. So when I shaytaan, like this is going around, there was a man called was econ. He went from India, I came

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from India to Britain to study medicine, to study medicine. Right? So when he's while he's studying medicine, here, he starts collecting books on Christianity. He starts reading commentaries on the Bible, when he's reading commentaries about look how Allah subhanaw taala you don't know how Allah has people work, how Allah produces remedies when there is a disease alive, also, at the same time, creating remedy. So it was recon out of the blue, he come in, come ready to study medicine, right? And he starts studying Christian theological commentaries, and then he gets exposed to all these catastrophes and disasters for the Christians, right, all the corruption of the Bible, and you know,

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the changes and changes in the Bible and all the theological issues that came up and Christians themselves are writing books to highlight these things. So he brought all these books back to to India with him. So he met a scholar Khalid Sheikh Rahmatullah Khurana and he went to the sheikh, and he said, This shaytan is challenging Muslims. Why don't we debate him? The sheiks and I don't know anything about Christianity is if I know about Christianity, you know about Sharia. You are a scholar of Islam. I can deal with him on Christianity. Let's deal with him. So they challenge him long story short, there's a big debate and, and, and the British colonial establishment is very

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confident all the judges, administrators, police IDs, you know, inspector generals, and people like William Muir are present. They are like they are gonna watch Muslims getting devastated today in this debate. Yeah, they're gonna be destroyed by the because he was very good. That guy founder was very good evil, he couldn't find his match. So he was also very excited.

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But he had no idea that the pile of books they had brought with them. They're gonna pull the rug from his feet. This is gonna get blown away. So debate starts, and was recon and Sheikh Rahmatullah. They start to ask him questions about the Bible and hold on a second you're attacking the Quran no problem. We're gonna use the same standard on you. So what about this this this this and find her had no responses completely dumbstruck for boo hit Allah the cover

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Allahu Akbar, right? And then that's it. Those administrators, judges, all those British officials, you know, they were completely blown away. There's a lot what happened there. And it became a huge thing that it became a cause of celebration for all the Muslims throughout India, the Muslims really pushed it in the newspapers, everywhere Muslim celebrated, that this debate was a disaster for them. And it was published. And a lot of scholars have even written on that debate today. So three years later, Indian Mutiny happens. This boiled, you know, things like this, the boil the blood of the people, and they the British introduced new cartilages, you know, you know, when, back in the day

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when they used to use guns, they used to use these match locks, there was a packet for gunpowder, they would put gunpowder in the muzzle and they would put the ball on top and they would press it down. I don't know if you've seen it, right. It's one of those old movies, right? So they will used to use those rifles those guns, so they gave them cartridges. So to Hindus, they gave cartridges with cow fat to Muslim they gave cartridges with pig fat. So the Muslims realize what's happening the Hindus realized for the Brahmins, those soldiers who were in the British military at the time, and the Muslims, they both rebelled, it started in a place called Mira. In India, the rebellion and

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the rebellion escalated to the to a level where all of India nearly all of North India was taken in it, right. And the British East India Company, they found themselves in a very, very difficult situation, a very difficult situation. Okay. And then

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this rebellion spread all over my own ancestors. my great grandfather's grandfather was part of this rebellion in a region called activa. In Pakistan, okay, he led a trial himself back with the lottery. And he was captured later on in 1859. And he was put on trial and seven years he was put under house arrest in chains. He was sentenced to exile for seven years of delay. So all of this was happening in India at the time. And the British they were completely shaken by this experience. Unfortunately, the rebellion did not succeed because it was not novel. These rebels were committing a lot of atrocities many scholars of Islam opposed what they were doing right they were actually

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killing women and children. Right there are example like one of the scholars in Delhi ship so you're gonna zero Sanibel me one of the other Hadith scholars on the he, he found an English woman in Bush in a bush injured crying morning due to pain she was shot and she had some injuries. And he picked her up she she couldn't speak the language the share couldn't speak a language the shaker the students were picked her up the ship took her to his house kept her for three to four months under hiding. And if they the rebels would have found our Muslim then Hindus then the Sheikh is hiding an English woman the sheikh would have been killed with his family. So you have the zero Sanibel we

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have very big name a very big scholar in the School of atrocities. In fact, some people some unfortunate people use this example to taunt him to use it against him that how can you start? What would you do in a situation like that? The Sheikh was this is exactly what the Sheikh was teaching these people that this what you're doing is not Jihad Usabilla you're killing women and children. Now my own research when I did on that woman, because the woman's name was Miss Mrs. Neeson.

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Mrs. Neeson The name was I found the name and the sheiks biography. I went and did some some of my own research on that woman, I found records that three of her children were shot dead in front of her eyes. What she told later on, okay,

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her one of the children was in her arms when the child was shot with the infant shot and the bullet went through the child and hit the mother as well. She couldn't tell all of this to the shape. The shape doesn't mention this in his biography, right. This comes from the British records what I found on that woman Hala so these are the kinds of atrocities these rebels were committing and not all of them of course, there are some noble people outside of the daily area in the central Indian region. But this failed, this rebellion failed and the British took the full wrath revenge. The East India Company, they went on a massacring spree. They started killing, especially specifically Muslim

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scholars. They targeted Muslim scholars It is said that there was not a tree from daily to be shower on, which are Muslim scholars not hanging.

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Okay. They blew people from guns, the tight people to the muzzle of the cannon, and they blew them

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to make them an example. And then Queen Victoria, who was the ruling

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monarch at the time she interviewed personally when she heard about the atrocities and she had to stop all the atrocities. And it took two years for the British to subdue the entire

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out rebellion okay and since then from that that point onwards Queen Victoria took full charge of India she became the Empress of India and East India Company was removed from the picture entirely so India became a British Property