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Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of mercy in marriage, including the need for people to learn to be merciful and be honest. They also mention the need for people to be trained and trained in this field. The speaker emphasizes that among the core values of marriage, mercy is essential.
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Mercy, mercy, mercy Rama, mercy be merciful to one another, be merciful. Is there anything that you can use to substitute muscle

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is any class better than muscle? You know what it is to be merciful to somebody.

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One of the Sisters of Mercy is kindness. Another sister of mercy is forgiveness. Analysis of mercy is consideration. And analysis sister of mercy is being selfless, you know, profiling somebody else before you say

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Allahu Akbar, the tool also have a story of, of a copula that

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of a capo and the demand when wanted to go in the morning

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he realized that the wife was using a hand to do to straighten her hand

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because she doesn't have a comb.

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Then the wife also realized that the husband was asking the neighbor for time, so I will not be late for work.

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He didn't have a wristwatch.

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Lo and behold the two of them planned behind each other. The wife went to sell some of our clothes to buy this word for the husband, the husband on his way back he found ways to buy comb for the wife. It will then go back home and obon says I have surprise for you the website also have so prideful Okay, tell me also Brian for now you tell me your own father, tell me okay. Nobody will be surprised that you have the wife brings you this watch your mom protocol.

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That is mercy.

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One one merciful to one another. There's nothing you do or you say, you go physical or you go insulting or you go abusive, or the way people behave, they treat you like animals, like trash.

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You will see that Wendy Graham mentioned his core values, I want you to think very deeply about it. Mercy, that's one of the most important core values in every marriage, in every family. If you are not merciful to one another, tell me what is left. What's the opposite of massive

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wickedness is that supposed to

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the person that is wicked is not happy, the person to whom wickedness is visually is not happy? Well, if it were mercy, there is nothing we do to each other that will know forgive one another out you know, and he will have mercy towards one another will be thinking for one another will be reflecting for one another will be considering one another will be feeling for one another will have some pity for one another. One lady told me that her husband beat her regularly. And the last time we beat her was when she was four months pregnant and the pregnancy was lost. I even didn't come to the hospital to check on her. After she eventually recovered people told her to go and pick her up

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and apologize.

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We don't want

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to marry

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the mothers in our family to beat them

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up No, she should go back to that man or not.

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And you know what? It is very sad. People don't change. A cruel person will be cruel. You wicked, wicked, immense will always be mean. Someone who is merciless will always be merciless. It doesn't matter if he married wherever he doesn't matter what email you have, or what is.

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It doesn't matter whether you do the hard you do. Or you fast in the daytime, or maybe even fast in the day you go so fast in the night.

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It doesn't matter if we cables will be weaker, you will see your

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core value of marriage should be mercy. How do people get to be merciful? I think people need to learn to be merciful. People need to be trained to

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nobody is trained, while is cool, how to be merciful. Maybe those days when they used to teach us more stuff. Maybe the thought of kindness, the thought of mercy in the Quran would emphasize in Prabhu Kanata

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isana Allah Dickens watching him crying was appearance. Allah mentioned kindness, mission giving, measuring generosity in so many ways, because these are all things that are put together to form mercy. And I used to say is rough man is the most and when want to reset goals.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim we mentioned that mercy, mercy mercy, because we should know that among the core values that we need in life is mercy,

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especially within the family. Now, having mentioned those three now let's quickly go to the law

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