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chord C or D chord.

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That's the kind of code that creates the connection between two people.

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And that connection, or connectivity. The word use for it is

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The people you were coded, they also determined the wife that you marry. They also determine the kind of husband that you marry.

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Because you're courting would determine your choice.

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self confidence, self doubt. Sometimes you want to do something, you'll be doubting whether you can do it. Why? Because the five people that are closest to you cannot help you.

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If your marriage has problem, and there's no one or two persons, you can call and they can step in immediately and resolve issues between you and your spouse. It is not coded to the right group of people.

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It means to be happy is going to be very far from you.

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That is why people suffer. And that's why we go through a lot of hardship in life. Beware of the people who are caught with lecture coding is something that will be mutual benefit, mutual goodness, mutual happiness. You make him happy, makes you happy. Who have you coded with