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The speaker discusses the uncertainty of the future and how people are afraid of the consequences of their actions. They emphasize the importance of planning for the future and not letting things happen to one's satisfaction. The potential for the future to be a " gifts" that will emerge from time to come is also discussed, with various scenarios that could lead to outcomes such as satisfaction with family, a rise in wealth, and survival of life. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing the future and being prepared to meet the potential.

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feature parity, not futility.

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fringe on is times we have getting us curious and bewildered.

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It is times where a fragment of

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the future is too vast to fathom is too large to traverse. Yet it's so close and so far simultaneous.

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You can hasten the future to rush to meet you.

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Or you can hurry to get there.

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The future is there ahead. Boy, it won't wait for you.

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Everyone is going there. But not everyone will get there.

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The feature is abstract. It is not tangible. It is vague. It is not clear. The future is speculation. It is not certain.

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And despite these uncertainties of the future, some people are afraid of the future because of their fear of impending consequences.

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impending consequences of what they have said ahead to await them in the future.

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Some are eagerly looking forward to meet and embrace the future fruits of their labor. Because not the same is not the same. Some people are looking forward to it. Some people wish they could avert they wish they could avoid it. Some people don't want the future to meet them. And they don't even want to meet the future. Because of the fear of the consequences of what they know they are surely going to meet in that future.

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Similarly, some move or do we even move to the future or were dragged to the future.

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And some people that are being dragged into the future, some of them feel and they know that they are actually walking to traps already set for them by destiny.

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Others are running towards winning the race at the end of which they will brace the table of success and lift the trophy, that wisdom in the future.

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You see, we're not the same.

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Our concept and our expectation of the future are not the same. Some of us take time to plan for almost everything.

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Sometimes sales go their way. Sometimes things go orange.

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They meet plants. They make plans and projections.

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They make plans and they meet budgets. You plan for the budget and also budget for the plan. Then have it all you will now make another plan for the plan and the budget.

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Sometimes it will work. Sometimes it will fail. And there's some amongst us too. Who does take live as it comes. You know, live is so daily. Sometimes we're not even planning anything. We don't even care. We're not bothered. Whatever the day brings, we take it if it is nice. We enjoy it. It is not nice. We enjoy it.

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So sometimes we are lucky if we look at life that way. And sometimes we just philosophize

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on both sides of people. I like that. He doesn't plan he doesn't if it comes from sometimes you will if he was the use of planning when I always get what I will get at the end of the day. Which of these work for you

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to plan and budget for things or to live live as it comes

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to cross the bridge when you get there.

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Although hold an umbrella because you think it's going to rain and some of us will just get out. If it rained fine, you will have to hide his head if there's no way to hide his head it will be deranged in the rain

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and is wet in the rain. You keep moving in the rain. You will even be peeing on himself in the rain because nobody will know.

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Well, both of these work for you. Is any midway. What exactly does the future hold in its egg in the future? Well to be an egg. What is about to emerge from the bleak darkness I hate

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sometimes, sometimes life might give you an egg or you don't know what it will hatch.

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Should you bother to find out what egg you are incubating

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will hatch into a butterfly

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But will it hurt you the most

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people love butterfly for the details the most

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with the egg that life has given you to eat a bit weird hatch into a peacock

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or will hurt you to evoke some

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people love peacock for the test devoto wag. I don't know.

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But will you be ready to embrace whatever comes out of the egg of life? Regardless?

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should it matter to you whether it hatches frog or toad?

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should it matter to you whether it hatches, portfolios or portal?

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should it matter to you whether it hatches dove or pigeon

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shouldn't matter to you whether it's CODEL or alligator should just take it like that.

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Or you shouldn't be worried. Should you be bothered about what the end of life is going to hurt for you in the future.

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And that is to say,

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we are all potential

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is the future that fools us.

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We are hatching we are unfolding with time into the future. We are like gifts we are all wrapping. We are revealing we are emerging into time. The present is the beginning of the future. And every day, we emerge from the darkness or what we thought we are.

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The future confirms the truth of what or who we truly are. Or whether we are real or fake. Let people say time will tell.

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Family tell. Many people will save 1000s of I love you. I love you. I love you as he gets married.

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Can we tell what's going to happen to that love? After many years, men who put up nice faces when they want to borrow money.

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Can we tell if that face will not change at the time who are asking for your money back. Many people are very gentle unkind when they are poor.

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Time will tell how he's able to behave when he eventually becomes rich.

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You can be very humble, unkind in poverty. But when it has morning, I will guns will destroy him. stinginess will destroy him. Greed will destroy him. Anybody can be nice when they don't have anything.

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Time will tell.

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Time will tell the tale of anyone. That's why many people will be nice and caught us Why do you need a favor from you?

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Time will tell.

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When the tables are turned around. Time will tell.

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Nothing is perfect.

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Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain.

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People are irrational. People are unpredictable. We are afraid of emptiness. We are afraid of the voice of the future that will stare at yet we can see. So how can we face the fog of our own easy our uncertain future?

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Our crazy craving for Fidelity has led us to probing into destiny to probing into fit. Want to know the fortune? Want to know what is our corner in life? Want to know what prospects do we have? Want to know? Or should be our expectations about life? Want to know what chances do we have of survival of attainment of things in life? Want to know exactly? What's our purpose? Want to know? What is the desire? And what does this slide been designed for us for? And what have we been designed for this life for?

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Who has designed us?

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We didn't come up with your man word. But what are we supposed to do about this design? Of whom we are? What and what's our vocation? Want to know what is our location? Want to know what's our charisma? Your question your allotment. So what is your circumstance? What are your demons? What is your inevitability? What is your question? What is your expectation?

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I need you to understand that there are many futures not just one. There is not the future. There are futures, right? The future of your life, the future of your job, the future of economy, the future of your health, the future of your family, the future of your environment, the future, the future. There are so many futures

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So stop looking at future assets only one. If you look at future assets only one you'll end up focusing on only one aspect of the future, neglecting the other aspects of futures that you have. You may be thinking about the future of your financial stability, you are not thinking about the future of your health and mental stability.

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The futures or impurity, begin to probe into each of those futures, manage the more you can manage, know the ones who are certain about and understand the ones who are not certain about reconcile with the ones who are not certain about no matter how old certain the future is.

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You got to learn how to face it responsibly. And at least you will have a hope that the egg that life has given to you to incubate will hatch a peacock and not a vulture.

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The caterpillar should end up being a futures water supply and not a despicable moth.

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Like they say you might not know what the future holds. But you know who the future

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the word is fertility, not fatality.

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The word is futurity, not futility.

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Every other thing falls on the Brexit of uncertainty, including the future that is hiding itself from all of us. That bewildering us that is staring us in the face and the future they will not come to us. We are the ones that will meet the future. Be very ready and prepared to meet a good future. And that's going to be dependent on what you do with your present. If you have learned from the past

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fertility not

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futurity, not futility