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shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Maulana

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Muhammad, Allah He was happy. He was Tim brothers and sisters in Islam we are most welcome to another segment on our program. And that is Ramadan love. We want to look at today, matters of freedom that Ramadan has brought to us. You may think that not eating when you want to eat, and not being able to drink whenever you are thirsty, or not being able to have a nice time to wind down with your spouse is a way of infringing on your freedom to do as you want. Ramadan is not here to take you have freedom to do as we want. Rather, Ramadan is here to let us be free from the shackles of our souls, and the bondage of our bodies and the requirements of life and living. If a person

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were to put a very heavy stone on top of your green plant, you see that the stone will not allow the plant to grow will not allow you to have the freedom to thrive as it is supposed to.

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However, if one were to tie the same plant to a stick, so that it can grow well, and grows standing tall and strict. You see that restriction is not to take away its freedom, but rather to make it be much better in its growth and its survival and who is going to thrive and bloom if it were a flowering plant. And that is to say that Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is making us to fast as commanded us to fast, so as to be able to curb our ego, to be able to curb our souls of all negative appetites, and to be able to discipline our bodies so that we can grow in the right direction, so that we can thrive as Allah as has intended for us to be. In other words, for a person to grow

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truly, a lot of discipline has to be in place. If you see a very beautiful garden with thriving flowers, a very nice scissors must have worked on it, to prune them to sizes, and to prune them into the shifts that they're supposed to be. This is no restriction. This is not a negative discipline was a positive attempt to make us to be much better than what would have been if we did not learn to discipline our souls. Fasting is a way of fasting for freedom, freedom from the shackles of desires and freedom of being under the command of your body and the wants of life. Generally also Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is calling our attention to say that we first learn law contact akun so that

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we can be God conscious consciousness of Allah requires that you are free to serve Him, you are free to worship him. You are free to be in charge of your life. You are free to be in charge of your soul. You are free to tell your body what it needs and what it wants. You are the one that's in charge and controlling your body is not the other way around. The soul must have dominance over the body. If a person were to do well in life, in everything that we do, will require a certain discipline to be able to achieve success in life. And this discipline comes together with the love that we should feel in fasting. You first because you love Allah. Even though you feel the hunger

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and you feel the pangs of hunger and thirst, you do first you do him suck. You restrain yourself from indulging in all of these necessary biological activities. Not because it is a bondage, not because it is an ordinary restriction. It is because you are training your soul, to be free to love. To be free to decide to be free to determine and to be free to attach your soul to the higher end of what is going to be of benefit for you in this world and the hereafter. I do hope we have all learned that fasting is to fast forward for freedom, freedom of life, freedom of purpose, freedom of desire and freedom of decision. May Allah make it easy for us and accepted from us as act of ebara

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See you again next time insha Allah assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.