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The speaker discusses the importance of gratitude in life and how it can be achieved through actions and statements. They explain that gratitude is not something that is a habit, but rather something that is present within one's heart. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of gratitude in making oneself aware of one's blessings and making others feel grateful for it.

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It could have been much worse. Each and every one of us have said that in our life at one point of our lives, something has happened to us. And we looked at the bright side, we looked at the glass being half full, we were very optimistic. And we said this statement or we have heard it from someone that hopefully has had a good influence on us, because they made that statement of gratitude of being grateful, grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Ultimately, being grateful to someone, if we have the correct intention, it can be gratefulness to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is something that the list of must uphold within their hearts. So within their actions and statements. As a

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matter of fact, the scholars have mentioned that sugar gratitude is of three manifestations or three pillars, in order for it to be that which is a solid and truthful form of gratitude. So here, Allah subhanho wa Taala, when he mentions gratefulness, a lot of the exalted after that says the result of that being that he will increase you, but he doesn't mention the object of increase. He mentioned that he will increase you But what will it be in righteous children in righteousness for you. And truthfulness used to be someone that was a compulsive liar, but now you've gotten better. And someone, someone treating you well, in your money and your stature, whatever that is, that will

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increase you with Allah and being an action of good that he is pleased with. Allah doesn't mention the object to show you that he is Wesley. Eileen, that he is the abundant and he is well knowledgeable of your gratitude. So when we talk about gratitude, firstly, it's the statement, if you were to say, you know, it could have been much worse. And that is the introduction to the statement of saying hamdulillah or we got to thank God, we, you know, we've gotten gotten over COVID You know, I've gotten over this injury, it could have been much worse. We got to thank God and we got to show some kind of gratitude towards that the statement, well, I'm the vignette material

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because I had it and it's for the Blessings of your Lord, then speak about him. Secondly, is that which is in your heart, you really truthfully are grateful to God, you're grateful to him, because what he has done for you any second end moment when you open your eyes, your eyes itself, the fact that you can see in color, the fact that it is not cloudy, and even if there is cloudy vision, you're still able to function in some capacity, the brain that you had to acknowledge the cloudy vision, every single thing that is on this earth deserves gratefulness to Allah subhana wa tada because it is a miracle, it is a blessing. So having that in your heart that you are thankful to

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God, oh God, I just want to thank you for what you have done to me. And thirdly, that you use it. You express this gratitude in your heart. And in that statement with actions, you're going to make Salah, you give charity, you say a good word to someone, you go knock on your neighbor's door and you give them something you show them that you care for them. You go and feed a poor person, you show it with your actions. And those are the three arcand or tokens or pillars of gratitude. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that are grateful to Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that reflect on his blessings, which will make us grateful to Allah in our statements in

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our heart in interactions, a cinematic, but up until a bit of catch up. Thank you