Abdulfattah Adeyemi – Who Do You Think You Are

Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "immersivity" and how it can be used to create negative thoughts. They suggest stopping thinking about certain things and focusing on what one wants to achieve, such as success or happiness. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of controlling one's thoughts and letting them overstate, and explains that one's thoughts can be positive or negative, and one's feelings can be either positive or negative. The difference between positive and negative thoughts is discussed, and one's brain uses it to differentiate between them.
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Some people think,

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well don't even know what they're thinking about.

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And some people will think, what they only think of negative things.

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Some people will think about things.

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And they think about people, but if not think about themselves.

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some people think about things and people,

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they are waiting for other people to think for them.

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They don't think about themselves, and they don't think for themselves. The question also is, is it possible that some people don't even think at all.

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When we say some people don't think about themselves, they run away from looking at themselves. We call it introspection, they run away from thinking about what they may do in future we call it imagination, or some of the things that may happen.

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All of these things have memory, imagination, retrospection, they're all some forms of descriptions of thinking, sometimes, to take it very, very far to extreme dreams are some of the ways we think in pictures when we're asleep.

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Nightmares, some representations, or something that resembles a form of thinking that we do, when we are asleep. Whether it is good thoughts was do we have good dreams, or bad thoughts, we say we have bad genes. Sometimes you are the one that transforms yourself into an external image and you end up talking to yourself when you sleep. Sometimes, it is just activities of your synapses that are reflecting some things to you, that you have seen that your heart that you have observed that you have thought about, or that you just fantasize about. And then we call it dream.

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So imagination, fantasy, the dream, you are looking at the future, you are thinking of things that could happen or thing you wish would happen. That's another kind of thinking, it's a very good thing for a person to have that imagination, sense of imagination, or daydreaming, if it is positive, from there, a good fresh idea can spin up. If it is negative, then daydreaming can turn to nightmare, so to speak, then there's another sort of a kind of fantasy that's anchored your reality. And so we think through some scenario, which is possible, but not actual, you know, it's like, yes, just just like they call it Daydream you are you are dreaming, but you are weak.

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I only don't know whether this happens to you, or you happen to eat.

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Okay, what do you think when somebody just gets into your head, and we experience before somebody goes rent a space in your head, the business sits down and basically refused to leave

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some of those entered into your mind and stays there.

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And start you keep thinking about that person.

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If you want to think of something as a personal thought will come to a head what can be responsible for that? Love? When you love somebody so much. You will not be able to think of somebody else except that person. I mean, probably experienced that kind of craziness before

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Yeah, I love the last LBST gets lost. Yes, girl. So, you know, meet somebody to just be thinking and fantasizing and wondering sometimes anger. Yes, Anger can also make somebody sit down your head or refuse to go. You have the best you don't like the best body burn, kill sitting, then trauma. Yes, well, you're traumatized about something sometimes grief

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can make the person to just stay without going away. Some kind of sadness. You've lost somebody a loved one. You start thinking about them. You start seeing them your dreams, you start anywhere you look to succeed, you see them and these things will not go away is can you stop somebody from sitting your head

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or your call? A loose look and one you get out of my head? Stop occupy my thoughts. Stop it. Stop it already. Can you do that? We'll have a look. I don't know why I keep thinking about too. Can you please leave

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Get out stops stop living in my head. Can you shut your head? Shut your mind from thinking about somebody?

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Is it possible? Can you do it? Have you tried it? Sometimes the more you try,

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the more the person stays is like you want to force a cow to sleep, will you be beating the cow to sleep, sleep slept, I wonder what we can do, I wish we can do it, that we, you know, we just lock the door and do Alignable to sit inside our head. And then there's also the sort of thinking which we'll call reasoning.

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Reasoning, this is self consciously done with a deliberate attempt to control the direction of thoughts towards some intended end product, where some obstacles have to be overcome. So that reason is a form of thinking that we have. And so we ask, are you thinking too much? What does it mean to think too much? Can somebody think too little?

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What do you mostly think about? As a matter of topic? As a matter of theme? Have you noticed to see what do I think about mostly?

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And then have you been monitoring your thoughts lately?

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In what language do you think?

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Can you control your thoughts as a person?

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Or do you have a particular time that you think? Or is it arbitrary?

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Can you stop thinking about one thing and think only about what you want to think about?

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Let me tell you something that I don't want you to think about.

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Don't think about this, and I want to tell you,

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the Seville, big elephant

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and a small puppy dog. Those barking elephants. Elephant keep moving. Without

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you think about elephant.

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A toad I say don't think about what I want to tell you.

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Did you think about elephant and a small puppy dog right now?

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You just thought of it. Even when I say don't think about what I want to tell you now?

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Do you control your thoughts?

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Or your thoughts just happen?

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Is your thoughts alive on its own?

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Or you are the one that's in charge of your thoughts?

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Or you thinking? Or are you thought?

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Let me ask you another one. Do you fear what people will think about you?

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Right now as we speak now, can you guess or imagine what somebody is thinking about you right now?

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Now the person that you're sitting beside you, what is the person thinking about you?

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Look at the business imagined?

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The bigger thinking this person is as confused as I am about this thinking topic.

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I'm thinking that this person is also thinking about what is this thinking topic we are talking about?

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Then do you think you are being misunderstood? by people who think about you? Do they think accurately about you? And then what do you think about yourself? No egg salad you think you are?

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Would you think you are somebody else would we think you are

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assumptions? is another way of describing some of the attributes of our thoughts? Is the whole of your life based on assumption

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I ever show about anything? Have you ever thought about something and it happened to be real? Or it happens to be true? It happens to be exact.

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Do you do guesswork about life about things or you actually think them and they happen to be the right thinking that you are having the thinking and the thought you have now added true? Are they right? Are they false? Are you living life based on assumptions as a result of some deceptions that some people have passed into your mind?

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What do you perceive? What do you conceive?

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Are they because you have been deceived?

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There's something inside you that says you are supposed to be blessed. Do you think this is true? There's something inside you. That tells you you can't do some things right

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If you believe these thoughts, there are some things that happened in your head to the extent that you feel there's a voice in your head. Is this voice yours? Or it's another voice entirely. That is speaking to you. In your head. Somebody will say, I just told myself that Susan, I just thought to myself that Susan, so are you thinking now that is actually an extra being apart from you?

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That is inside your head telling you things?

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So, from what I've observed, now, from what I've observed about your life, do you feel your life is a playground or a battlefield?

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You think your life is really, or it's just a dream?

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Do you think what we're experiencing is the reality, which is just in your head?

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Is your reality of what we're thinking your head? Is it the same thing as what's outside of your head? Now, where is the difference between what is going on in your head? And what's actually happening in the world around you? Is your head, another universe on its own? That is very difficult for somebody else to understand, even you cleaner be able to understand it? Ie your mind? So your mind is you?

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Are you a person that is making use of your mind? Or your mind that is making use of your body?

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Which exactly of these are you? And that's why I asked, What do you think you are? And who do you think you are?

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So generally, we have two broad types of thinking the positive one, and the negative one. And in my opinion, I think the problems people have when it comes to security, there's cybersecurity. There's so many other kinds of security. And I think what people need to take cognizance of the most nowadays is mental security. How do you protect your mind? How do you secure your mind? From internal to external, from external back to the internet? What forces work against your mind? What are the things which will you feed your mind, you cannot stop your mind from thinking some thoughts. But you may be able to protect your mind from being subjected to certain lines of thoughts. Just

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like I said, You cannot stop a bird from flying above your head. Or you can stop the bird from building a nest in your head. You may not stop some thoughts from flying around. But you may be able to edit the kind of things that you subject your mind to, or that you feed your mind with. When you fill your mind with positive things, it is possible that your mind will follow that pattern. And when you feed your mind with negative things, it is possible that your mind will go that way. In other words, I'm trying to say the brain doesn't understand positive patterns, or negative patterns. As far as the brain is concerned, what kinds of patterns.

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So I think the mind also goes the same way your mind cannot tell you. Well, your mind cannot see or your mind cannot distinguish between this thought should come in, or the thoughts you see our

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minds just absorb things. You are the one that will use your own discretion to see the one that you are going to focus more on so that you can dwell more in your mind and you won't fish will find ways of pushing aside or crowding it with better things. crowding your mind with positive things. You have listened to negative things, then you bring a lot more positive things that may eventually dispel the negative things that are going on in your head.

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What do you think about yourself? exactly do you think

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