Abdulfattah Adeyemi – Keynote address at the commemoration Of DTM Sonye Allanah at 60

Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The importance of leaders in inspiring people to take action and create change is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for leaders to inspire others to take action and create change, as it is crucial for survival. The speaker also discusses the importance of belief in the process of survival and being able to use animals and other animals to help keep people safe. The need for leaders to understand their audiences and use their words to influence others is emphasized.
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you end up having to repeat, rewind and replay the same thing and the same story over and over.

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Another thing that is similar to that, which is another theme, I want us to ruminate over with regards to matters of leadership is what happened in one original berubah soul in his book. Later,

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he returned back to one day, one young man saw an advert of people crying for help, you know, then the Suez Canal was being constructed. And what was it? They said, enormous rats have started attacking the Deagle site for the canal. And so they asked, What can we do, people have brought a lot of exterminators. So many who have come around this rats kept increasing, and increasing and increasing. So this young man woke up and said, I can solve this problem. We are your water company with you, I don't have enough of an idea. So what I want to do

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instead is to give him some data. So he went around and collected from all Nova, he came in with a cage full of cats, I release them into the site, and went back to sleep, so to speak.

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After a few weeks, the rat population began to dig deep. And so how many people think about that, whenever there's a problem, there's a conventional way, people who are both leaders, or people can solve enormous problems with little resources. And something that is practical, healthy, workable, and results oriented.

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Another thing about leadership, the thought leadership is that everybody's important. It's always somebody who doesn't want to lead when somebody is given.

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Unlimited what happens. Sorry, to tell stories.

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There's a farmer who had a sick dog, this donkey happens to be his number one, you know,

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To go buy seeds to plant seeds to take proceeds to the market is this donkey. So the point is, that is donkey fil a, and the follow suit is

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the same on some farmland, you have a good or some other animals. But this good and don't return something with you, they do owners very close. So at the point, this donkey was in the farmer century,

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this donkey is going to die in three days time. But let's actually start something you can succeed. Fine. If you don't, then we'll have to, you know, kill this donkey so that the disease will not spread to the farm and other farm animals. So

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he got to go to the doctor.

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Easy, say this medication ion, we are going to be cured you don't get one in three days. So the fourth day, the good was around the second day now look at it, this medicine should work. It wouldn't work if you don't eat.

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Now, the night before thought the

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the good team around.

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Try to try to stand out a little tip wants to take you see you can we try to make a strat check to see if you can, you know, translate we can run as the word means that very early in the morning, the farmer you know. And so what was going on that you don't need now get up and walk and run around. So the farmer called on to the neighbors never everybody come around after something very strange today. They don't see I suppose to die will now survive.

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And we must celebrate

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what happened actually?

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Will you

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be back?

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Yes, but he was innocent. He didn't know that the presence was actually instrumental to the survival of the donkey. He does anyone

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whether they speak to you or they couldn't? Whether you could hear them or you couldn't? Every person on there you are within your jurisdiction is very important and you must love them. You must appreciate them and you must let them be

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You see, leadership requires the ability and the knowledge

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And the wisdom to make things work.

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This what I mean by this, you see, generally we know that

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it's all about faith is all about belief is about knowledge. It's about insight, so foresight, about deep understanding of how the universe, you know, flu, prayer doesn't work with liveness.

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Guidance doesn't work with ignorance.

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Understanding, doesn't work with shortsightedness and blessings do work with industry, it is not nearly enough to be visionary or to be an atheist or an intellectual to define it as you are to be a leader. Because there are so many scholars who cannot lead.

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You know,

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there are many experts who cannot evolve direct humans to any meaningful achievement. You know, a professor of biology can or can even take an amoeba

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is so scholarly, we can meet anyone. And there are so many scholars of sociology who can lead their own family talk. So maintain unity the community. So it's not about the higher degree. It's all about understanding how things work. And let me tell you, this one, which I will use to refer people, leaders need to inspire people to take action. leaders need to do things that will facilitate how things move, and how things work amongst the people.

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I want to quickly divorce example of know how all of us know,

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you know, everybody knows about how we build an art and stuff. You know that no, I was not an engineer, per se,

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has been preached for over 900 years, very handful of people follows him. Then suddenly, he had another task, he had to build an ark.

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He had to gather animals,

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the Googles

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of this world, the elephant, the big ones and the small ones, we have to put all of them together, including the snakes. If I were him, I will see the airport. Mind if I exclude the snakes. I don't like snakes naturally. But it was not to put them all in. Maybe most people's work to be included.

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Put all of these together in one single booth Narada no matter what engine, no machine, no packing device, it will remain in there with them for days, that was not cool when for good to end. And you couldn't move out of the dog to go play outside, you know what it means.

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So he had to use the same way to which animals

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you know, if you put the line where the zebras work, or you put the antelopes where the Tigers work, something we eat something

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you will not get this decision with all the animals in

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some things, we eat something. And so he had to be wise enough to know how do I make this grouping, social, some things we've learned some things you have to know where to put the ad animals, maybe on the lower deck and the lighter animals and the letter was open to the birds that may be roaming open up

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the first floor of the deck. If Noah didn't use his discretion, if you don't use his wisdom, I will not be talking about him as a man of God now and that is what a leader is supposed to understand.

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Forgive me for saying that many of us will either actually like animals and go to know the lions, the cheetahs.

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You got to know the fleet. You got to know them and know how to keep the foxes away from the chicken.

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Let me tell you one more

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deadly that's required require leader follower

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and honorable and all of the leaders here who

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is going to be very difficult to lead people that are not enabled.

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You see a convert Count

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100 cows one thing anybody can use a stick to hurt them from one point of the state to another state in fact cross they will pass through me.

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You know what I mean?

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Only one Fulani boy can use one stick. He said they know what it means.

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You know what it means? If they were to park through a river and you wouldn't want them to stop there you will give a signal and they won't stop. You can be behind them and believe they can stay

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Different meds that you can do within them, you will see believing they know and they recognize that we have failed one of them who approved that board.

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But they won't do that. However, can you hurt?

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Can you make to move from here, through that

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rope on their neck, it will walk rope on their legs, it will walk, you know why you can't hurt 10 cuts because each of them have their own agenda. Sometimes, leadership may only succeed if you're smart enough to understand the people who are leading and know how to lead

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follow us are not the same, but they are very crucial in determining your leadership skill and style. Sometimes, they are instrumental to the success of your leadership in my opinion, that cannot be good leaders without good followers. A good leader must work on the followers I have you read

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permit me to use 45 seconds as possible. I don't feel like stopping

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there's this bicycle part of what I normally give to people so they won't forget

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bicycle Yes, excellent.

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Way bicycle has two wheels one in the front and one behind right of the two wheels which of them is more important.

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The one

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the front is more important right?

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Because that is the one that direct can be one of the one behind the camera is attached. And the person can move without that will be able to change your mind.

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Which of them is a leader which is a follower.

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You know, obviously, I will position right in front of

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the leader. But you see the one that goes for the walk? What's the one behind stop moving?

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What is the one behind deflated

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shouldn't be in synchrony with one another. Surely one ad for respect the one behind should the one in the front fear the one behind is useless can be one it won't get anywhere without the one behind. Good leaders understand that very well.

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And I want you to do this exercise for me. This point to anybody in this audience

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is 1.2 people that you like.

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Now when do you

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When do you sell

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Why did you

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why not make this?

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Why do you

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You know why? Because subliminally you believe that that is where you are.

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So when it comes to leadership

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Thank you

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