Ramadan 2021- Qur’anic Expression #16

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by Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai

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Now with

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this philosophy of cinema, I loved it, he was happy as rain. So I'm Welcome everyone, we are continuing with our discussions, picking up whatever gems we can that I think are easy to explain for everybody, even you guys that don't have any background in Arabic, or have minimal background in Arabic, to try to appreciate some of the subtleties in the Quran. Today, I'm going to talk to you about something that is maybe a little bit more complex, but I think we can simplify it. So let's, you know, start by taking talking to you about the concept itself. So English is a kind of language in which we don't have diacritical marks, or we don't have, you know, declarations though, that

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those are big words. So let me tell you what that means. Simply the word book, it doesn't matter how you use it in a sentence is still going to sound like the word book, the word car is still going to sound like the word car, right? So it doesn't matter what it's doing in the sentence, the car sounds like the car. But in Arabic, a word changes the way it sounds at the end, depending on how you're using it in a sentence. So the Arabic word for book is GitHub. And in some cases, you'll, you'll hear guitar one, right. And other cases you hear Kitab been with an annuity and or other cases, you hear kids I've been at the end. So even though the word is Kitab would be the last letters above.

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But we add certain endings to it, depending on what role it's playing in a sentence. Right. So that's very telling, because we don't look at the entire sentence to figure out what's going on with this word. The word itself is giving us quite a bit of information because of its declined endings, those endings at the end, those ending sounds that I just told you on n, n n or o n e, among others. These are the sounds that give away a lot of what's going on inside of a sentence in the Arabic language. This is not our lesson on grammar. But what I wanted to show you is first and foremost, just those things have a significance, right. So let's turn to the screen and I'll show you a couple

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of words. And those of you that are my students of Arabic, this should be fairly easy to understand. But those of you who are not students of Arabic, this shouldn't be too hard to understand either.

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So the word is salam, which means peace. So I'll write it in English, too. So for those of you can't read in Arabic, salaam, right? But weren't one time I wrote it as Salah moon. So I added an own at the end. And this other time, I'm writing Seta, men, I'm adding an N at the end. Okay, so Arabic students know that this one is offer. And this one is nothing. Yeah.

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this, the word itself is peace.

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That's all it means peace. Okay, so it's as if the word peace had owned once, and another time, but it's still peace, right? However, it does make a difference if especially if you see the word in isolation just by itself, just by itself. So what this if you see Salah more, and if you see the one at the end, then and this is something I haven't really taught you guys in detail yet. But I've taught you enough of the pieces of this for you to get it if you see cinnamon or the oil at the end, because it's a refer status.

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This is actually even if it's by itself. It's a

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GI Joe likes me.

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But why? Because refer beginning. Jim likes me. Right? If you see set a man, which is nuts of status, that's what we call this an Arabic right? That means it's some kind of rule. Because there's no harshness or nothing else making it awesome. This is a Joomla failure. Now let's put this in English. This is a noun based statement. And this is a verb

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based statement. And we're still in that chapter. We're discussing nouns versus verbs, right? And we've said a few things about nouns before nouns are timeless.

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Right? Don't have a Dewar.

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If you say Apple, you don't say who did it. No, you just an apple. There's no door. Okay?

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And there is timeless, actually timeless and don't have a door is good enough. As a constant also, the constant inside timeless so that's that's okay.

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Then, Salah man, verb base, what is the verb base thing have? Well, it's limited in time.

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Right? Has a door.

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Right? So

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here's the deal. You have this Taka de su lifefy Ibrahim al mcra mean that the news of the guests have given

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Raheem the noble ones the noble guests of Abraham did the news of them come to you

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is when the hadoo IE when they entered upon him meaning when they came to his home for Carlo. Then they said Santa man

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they said one month so they use the NASA when they when you see the NASA on its own like that which one is it? Is it a Gemini failure or a Gemini Izmir? Which one is this is a fairly good one Maria, Allah he responded, meaning Ibrahim said center mon Jolla Izmir.

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Now an English translation of Surah 51 is 24 and 25 will say something like they entered upon his home. They said peace he said peace.

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This is peace, Solomon, this is peace. So that won't accept and all women Korean people I don't know that people are known to me. Meaning he said I've never seen you guys before but still peace. However, in the Arabic You can clearly tell that there's a difference between the way they said Salaam and the way he said Salaam. Right? This is kind of like a Somali icon. And this is kind of like moloko salon. Right? Except it's single word. So nine nossob salon one refer? So which one did they give him? The number one? The number one is a Joomla philia. So it's actually like this. It's not just piece by piece is actually a detail. It's nestled right. It's a detail. So it's like saying

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we offer you peace. We wish you peace. We come in peace. Okay.

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We pray for you for peace.

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pieces of detail of all these we because they came in and they said we come in peace we wish you peace. You know so when they say the word peace there themselves are doing some they're referring to an act it didn't say it. Okay.

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So this is what they're saying. Right? But when he said piece

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there's no action behind it. There's no Ferrell behind it. Because it's not the female version. It's the SM version. So utilize me. Right It doesn't have a door. There's no we offer you or we or I offer you peace back. He's saying

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peace. May peace

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be on you.

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on me.

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Fortran forever.

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Why am I saying that? Because first of all, as an SM doesn't have a door.

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It doesn't have a door. So he's not even talking about I'm giving you peace back. He's saying I hope there's peace.

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And he doesn't mention a detail. So there's no limit on what the details are. So he's not just saying peace to them. He's also saying peace to himself. I hope I stay at peace because you guys are here. Meaning I hope you guys don't kill me. I don't know who you are. And I pray for I'm asking Allah for peace. And where will this peace come from? It may be the peace from coming from Allah from the angels from each other. There is no limit to what this can mean because it's a noun. It's not limited by a verb. So this Salaam is kind of unlimited. Their Salaam is actually what limited by the depth of them offering peace because it's part of a Joomla fairly, it's restricted by a fair and

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a fair is stuck in time. So their pieces current his pieces forever and may hit me I I pray it was always there. And I pray will always be there and I pray it's there during our interaction. In other words, he responded with a piece that is better than theirs.

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You know that that?

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I have the Quran where either we know the Arabic waiter who you don't be the heating for her UBS and I mean her our duha in Allah Allah kind of laquisha in her Siemens also Nisa, Allah says if you were greeted with a greeting, then respond with something better, or at least return the same, which is what we do in Islam. Somebody says Somali come with a radical Islam at least, or we say radical Islam or to lie with regard to In other words, we respond with something better. Even just by making this refer Allah is telling us that Ibrahim Ali said on 1000s of years before coming of the Koran was already living that when somebody would offer him peace, he was responding with something

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better. Just another offer. And that beautiful lesson about the manners of Ibrahima, they set up and actually the situation at hand

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Because he's off, he's asking for divine peace to come in this strange situation. All of that is missed because we don't know that this ending is different from this ending. Right? It's such a powerful lesson that just got lost. Now look at this one. So last night I was told in certain Muslim male house where

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flop Brian

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Jamie Lynn

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spear sobrang jameelah We call this a mufe role model of you see the Anatolian sobran Jimmy Lin Be patient in the most beautiful way.

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But this is a this is an AMA there's an act as a fit in here and this is the detail and details on what status nessa yeah so be patient in what way in the most beautiful way okay. This is the Prophet was told these words several 100 million and they are nothing you can see that Yeah, they are the unending

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Alright, so now let's pay attention to sword use of wood. Cammisa he be Domine because they've been they brought his shirt with false blood. You know that part of the story. When they brought you suffer the same shirt with fake blood on it to his dad. Like they took him out to the woods they threw him in a well they took his shirt, they put an animal blood on it and they came back to make up a story to their data will fade him so they are convinced they're dead they brought a shirt with fake blood on it like a blood of an animal a blood that's a blood that was a lie wasn't his blood.

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Color. He said Well, sir, well documented for Sakuma No, the truth is something you've done some decision you've made you made your you made it convenient for yourselves, meaning you made you made it okay for yourselves to come. It's such a vile act, and you're lying to me. Right so you call them out on their nonsense. Then he said this is the father who knows that his sons are lying about killing their brother or their brother being killed about by a wolf there wasn't a wolf for sub ruin. Jimmy you see the similar words? Yeah, but what status are they?

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Allah told the prophets of Salaam when the people of Makkah insult you. sobran jameelah nothing. Why? Because our fearless temporary is Allah's way of telling the prophets I surrender to torture you're going to in Makkah is not permanent.

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Just for now, hold out, just hold out in a beautiful way.

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when he heard that they've done this, he realizes this problem is not getting solved anytime soon. I better be ready for a timeless long summer. So what does he say? He says sovereign Jimmy lawn, and he didn't even make himself the door as if I'm not sure if I can do it. But I know that's what's needed right now. Right. So his words are so beautiful, because they actually encapsulate his plea to Allah that I he didn't say, I shall be patient in a beautiful way. He didn't make himself the door. If he made himself the door, this would have been sobrang Jamil and, and the tech lead would have been for ospital, Sabra and jameelah. And he didn't make himself to do her, because he's

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recognizing his weakness in that moment. And he's turning to a lion saying suburu and jameelah is what is needed. Several 100 million from somewhere Europe may suffer Anja below and come on me and come on this child, whatever situation he's in, like he used the SM version to not limit the door to not limit the time to actually express his inability at the moment that it has to be divine intervention that will make him capable of somebody in this moment. And he did all of that just by using and by the way, also that because the Izmir is long term and timeless, he is asking a lot, not just for Seville in this moment. But he can also foresee that maybe Allah will, you know, test him

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with this suburb, and his sons will put him in this difficulty for years and years and years. So he needs a kind of server like a fuel tank that won't run out, it'll have to be constant. And so he uses the some form is so powerful. And we would say this the same phrase as the Prophet slicin. But this one is massive. And this one is rough and it changes everything. It just changes I look at what it does for the profit slice of them. And what it does for the profit slice is it tells him that it's going to come to an end.

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Right? Because I look could have said to the prophets, I said I'm for sabrewing jameelah

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right. You don't have to save us we're sovereign jameelah you can say well, just like Jaco bison, first of all engineering. Right. And it has had those been the words. It's like the prophets I seldom would have been told this needs to be an endless thing. This is your career. Most of your life will be spent in somebody if not all of it. You

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have to tolerate what they're doing to you. But he didn't have to do that they were overcome. Right. So, and actually the temporary nature of it is so beautiful and so to Mohammed, first wave Sabra and jameelah and in Nomura who bear Eden when Ah, who could even so beautiful, because, you know, I showed this beautiful patients demonstrate this beautiful patients, they see it as far away we see it as near even the text is alluding to how temporary this whole situation is going to be. by referring to the ohana itself. I just like the alcohol, they think it's far away and it's near, while the victory is also not that far away. And the relief that's coming to you is not that far

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away. So I hope you guys appreciated this small little nugget of beauty in the way Allah describes his suburb. And also, one thing I didn't say it also shows you the special love Allah has for his messenger sallallahu sallam. So even when he puts his messenger Salaam in a difficult situation, he still includes in it that relief is on the way. Right? So even when the proposition is being twisted, attested, there is a relief that is embedded inside of the meanings. And that's why everybody should learn a little bit of Arabic. It's not that hard. Is it? Is it children?

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The same way he was like Piece of cake. That's not even doesn't even take summer, Jamil.

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Who you know, to learn Arabic, so everybody can everybody can, it doesn't matter if you know nothing. If you know a lot, any one of you can learn Arabic. So I'd encourage you to sign up and start some of you ask, oh, when can we where can we sign up and you know, the recordings are already there. And you'll enjoy the recordings, I promise you, if you're if you're committed, you can get a lot done, you don't even have to sign up on bernina.tv yet, you can start on YouTube, just YouTube search dream intensive one day one, and get started from there. And once you finish the four intensives, then you can sign up on being a TV. And I'm reminding you again in the month of Ramadan,

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we have 1000s of students around the world that are learning with us that

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are benefiting from this program. Many of them can't afford the $112 a year that we asked for as a tuition for this education and the other library. And so if you'd like to sponsor any one of them, I'd encourage you to do so by visiting bernina.tv. If you can't do that, all we ask for is your doors, because they're all learning Quran from all over the world. And we'd love to, you know, support them, even if my policy and but he knows even if we can't find any sponsors for them. We're still going to sponsor them, we'll find some way. But if you'd like to take part in their award, and you know, get get their dollars because I get some beautiful emails. I've been getting them every

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day now. Like some students will write to me and say I was waiting to have somebody sponsor me I just found out I got sponsored. And then like a long list of heartfelt dollars for the person that sponsored them, even though they don't know each other and they don't have each other's contact information, right? Which is so cool. Because the person the one who has both contact informations are the angels that are writing it down. So there's going to be this other like, you know how your phone has a contact list on Judgement day there's going to be a different contact list like hey, so your rewards contact list there's this person. Your earlier was fun. Oh, also Thank you. Yeah, I

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studied a lot. Thank you for studying a lot it helped me and luck have given me rewards. So they're going to be giving each other hugs on judgment day. Right so allows me to give all of you reward for your own learning and for helping somebody else learn barakallahu li walakum Somali como

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guys have a good day inshallah. And remember, do your best and the Lord will do the rest. Ain't that the truth?