Utilize Satellite TV Media for Propagation of Islam

Zakir Naik


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Unfortunately we Muslims, we are very backward as far as media is concerned, our technology

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you know, whatever technology is halal, what is permitted in Quran and Sunnah we have to use it. You have to convert it to Halal

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tell me television per se is not haram. I do agree 99% things that come on television haram, we have to convert the Haram into halal.

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And that's how you have to convey with Allah subhanaw taala the best way today

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that you can convey the message of Allah subhanaw taala is the satellite channel, it's the media. At least

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we can give shahada we can tell on the day of judgment to Allah subhanaw taala at least we tried our level best to let the message of Islam reach every home

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or at least as many homes as possible. And hamdulillah sama hamdulillah then three and a half years after the launch of Peace TV now the viewership of Peace TV is more than 100 million and Hamdulillah.

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People may be wondering that you know why are there so many cameras? People are saying Why 12 cameras required? One lecture one man 12 cameras,

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one man and 12 cameras,

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the television channels so we only use two or three cameras

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12 Cameras because

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we want to present Islam in a beautiful manner. When you have rock show that temporal camera no problem. When they give the lecture only two cameras

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see today's data science and technology when you want to convince the youngsters, the media is taking them on the wrong track. We have to use the same media to get our youngsters on the right track from wrong tech to the right track.

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And believe me,

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we know

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I agree that majority of the media is haram. But as long as we don't break any rule of the Sharia of the Quran and Hadith, we can use this media to the benefit of the spread of Islam.