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This lecture aims to explain how the Muslims have taken other people as their role models rather than the heroes of Islam who have attained the greatest status of earning the friendship of Allah.


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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala shinomiya masa de Maulana Muhammad Ali he was to be a humble son in your mid teen. My bad there sweetie brothers sisters Salam aleikum wa Taala.

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The theme of the conference is very interesting. It's

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Muslims be Muslims here.

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And it has a deep relevance with my topic.

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And it also conforms with the verse in the Quran where last panelist, Allah says, Yeah, you will live in amanu

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Oh, you who believe.

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Believe. Now, how can a group of people who believe believe in Nicosia Rahim? Allah says, The Seagull house in Mahal to attain that which you already have is impossible. You're either a believer or you're a disbeliever. So how can you who you believe believe so what does it mean? See, there is my man, you're a man. When we tried

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a small trial and tribulation, our Eman shakes, belief shakes. And then there is a man of the heroes of Islam, the Sahaba of the Allah and from the southern society he a Buddha or the Allah and who was a Sahabi, who was very close to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And in the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, there was this Muslim who had a monastic as a neighbor.

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And the monopoly of the hypocrite the trees from a branch, the branches from a tree, the tree would come over into the garden of the Muslim.

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And when the dates would ripen, the dates would fall. And the Muslims children would pick up the dates and they would eat them. And what his monastic would do, he would stick his finger into the mouth of the children, and take those dates out. So this Muslim went to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and he complained, and the professor Muslim called the monastic and then when I first came into the company of the Prophet, sallAllahu, Alayhi, wasallam, and the profit and loss of them said to me,

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he said, sell me a date. And I will give you a date in January.

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And the monastic refused.

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And again, the profit is a lie, there was a limited, sell me a date and I will give you a date in general. And he refused. And he went his way and there was just a hobby sitting there called a Buddha

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and Buddha Dharma, the Messenger of Allah, if I attain this date, will I also attain a place in genda? Will I also have a date in gender? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, yes, if you bring me that date, you will have a date in gentlemen. Because he or Buddha knew that once you taste the dates of gender, and you enter gender, you know, going out again.

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So Buddhadharma, viola, and he went to this monastic. And he said to this monastic, he said, who pretended that he was a Muslim? He said, sell me a date.

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And the monastic said, The Prophet asked me for a date, I didn't sell it to him, Do you think I'm gonna sell it to you?

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And a Buddha said, sell me a date. And a monastic said, What are you ready to give me and Abu Dhabi Ilana had 60 Gardens 60 Gardens in Medina. And he said, I will give you all my 16 Gardens in Medina for one date. And he said you're having a laugh, aren't you? You're gonna give me 16 Gardens of dates for one date? He said yes. And he said you won't rely on your bargain. He said no.

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And he bought one date and Abu Dhabi Allah and who gave him this 60 Gardens of date for one date. And in some narrations, I mentioned 600 Gardens of dates.

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And it bought his date back to the province of Lhasa and he was elated. And last month, Allah revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what had happened. And when a Buddha Allah new came into the company of the province on the line, he was alone, the province of La Salaam said, Oh Buddha, when you went I promised you one date. Now by Allah, I see that your agenda is filled with dates. Your agenda is filled with dates. See why because this was his Eman.

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This was his demand that the prophets of La Salaam promised him a dating Jenna and he believed in it. And this is what when Allah says, yo yo la Vina Armando Amina. Oh you believe believe

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Believe. Let me give you an example a tangible example and because they're sisters here, let me give you an example which they can relate to and you guys can relate to. So you have a brother who's locked down by his wife.

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You know everything. The eight o clock, he starts looking at his clock watch looking at his phone looking at the time he's in the company of certain brothers and he's got his phone on silent because he knows the missus got me ringing

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or you got a guy who's a bit FEC is a bit feminine. You know, He's, uh,

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and you say to him, and you say to this brother, you say, bro, be a man. Would you mean Be a man? He's already a man. So what are you saying to him? You are saying be a real man. And this is what Allah says in the Quran. Yeah, you Allah Deena amanu Aminu. Oh, you believe believe become true believers. Your Eman becomes solid? Like a Buddha like abubaker like omraam la palabra de la ano become like these people. This is what it means. Yeah, you're Latina? I'm an army No. Oh, you who believe become true believers become true believers. And you know, when many of us we hear about these stories about the Sahaba and the heroes of Islam, what do we think we get a five minute buzz.

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And then it's all over. We are not motivated, we are not inspired. The reason that we have these stories, and they are low recall them in the Quran and the Hadith and afar is that they are a source of inspiration. They motivate us because many of us live on the glory of our past somehow, you know, somebody else is gonna come and rectify the situation. Somehow.

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He's gonna come and rectify the situation somehow Khadija roseola and he's gonna come and support the, the the oma with her well, somehow boozer is gonna come and he's gonna spend on the oma somehow Holly, do you believe he's gonna come and he's gonna assist the oppressed.

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And this is what many of us believe. But the reality is that when we listen, listen about the heroes of Islam. They should be a source of inspiration for me and you, me and you, they would motivate us because we are living in times of fitna and in times of fitna, you need people on motivation. When Allah Allah Allah gave his first footbaww What did he say then? This was amazing time, because this was a time of great fitna and difficulty. After the demise of the province of Los Alamos, no other difficulty was greater than the assassination of Monrovia Allahu

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Allah, the alanda was appointed as the Halley and what did he do? He What did he say this? First of all, he said, he ascended the pulpit. And he said, Oh, believers, you are in need of origin for a while, you are in need of a man of actions, and not of a person who just talks. Because if revolution didn't change came through talking mean you would have a revolution every hour, because you're very good at talking. But the help of a law does not come through talking. It comes through the actions of individuals, if you want the mercy of Allah to descend, if you want the help of Allah to descend, then you have to do actions, you have to perform action because this is when the help of

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Allah subhanaw taala descends.

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And earlier the alarm said, Oh people you are in need of a regular

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action man.

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Not of people who just talk

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not the people who just talk if you want the mercy of Allah to descend everyone their help of Allah to descend, we have to translate our talking into actions. You know, how often do you hear Muslims complaining, a wise and the help of Allah descending? How often do you hear them whinging? But how many actions do we do has this oma paid it's the QA and then Allah withheld his help. Has this Omar prayed Salah like it should have prayed and then Allah withheld his help. Has this alma mater province Allah Salaam, their role model then Allah withheld his help? Has this oma made people like Abu Bakr and Omar and Assad deja and Fatima they're role models and then Allah withheld his help?

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Has this Omar had the concern of the province of Muslim has a concern for the rest of humanity and then Allah without his help, or do we have the perception that somehow allies are obliged to help us somehow? Now it will be law as though we are Allah and Allah is a slave. Understand You are the slaves Allah. Allah is dependent on

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You have to fulfill the conditions and then the help of Allah descends. That's when the help of a lot the sense not that you do nothing and you go on laksa basically in your life's dunya is your Moxon. You don't learn anything about your deen and somehow allies obliged to help you. allies, the load allies Holic Allah is Malik.

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Allah does not require to help anybody. And your numbers don't make make any difference you can be 1.6 million 1.2 billion, they don't make any difference.

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Your power your wealth doesn't make any difference. What counts in the eyes of Allah? Is your quality, not your quantity, your substance and this is what allows a GM in fact in Canada, Tina Fey attended Kathy rotten B is the law. How often do you see that a small group of people, a small regiment defeat a large Li large regiment? Why with the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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with the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the time of honey bin relief, and the Battle of Yarmouk, this was the ultimate battle. After this day, the Christians never came into the Arab Peninsula, the Muslim world 41,000. And the conservative estimate of the Romans were that they were 140,000. And high even when he was checking his ranks. He was checking these men, and he walked past this young soldier who was looking at the Roman soldiers in the army. And he marveled at the numbers and how much weapons they had. And he said, How many are the Christians and how few are the Muslims and hollyburn? will either the lanuza Don't, don't say that for say, how many other Muslims and how few

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are the Romans and the Christians, because weakness comes from being forsaken by Allah subhanho wa Taala weakness comes from being forsaken by Allah, if you lose Allah, you lose everything.

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You lose everything. And if you attain the one Allah you have everything after the Battle of the Mercado de Abu Bakr radi Allahu totally been relieved. Now, the superpower of the day, the superpower the Persians are waiting, and he said, Go and deal with them. And but allow your men those who want to go home because they fought many battles who go home and highly believe made that announcement. He has 13,000 men out of those 13,000 men 11,000 decided to go he only had 2000 men and he was gonna face the superpower, the Persians and he wrote a letter to Omar of Nakata. And he said, Oh miramont, meaning I've only got 2000 men left, and Omar and aboubaker, viola and who sent a

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reinforcement in the shape of how many men? He said, the reinforcement in the shape of one person

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for 11,000 men, and this harbors an overclocker What you doing? What you doing? Levin? 1000 men, and you're replacing them with one man? And he said yes, because those ranks which have the lights of armor will never be forsaken by Allah subhanho wa Taala because these were men of substance and by Allah, these people were never forsaken by Allah. You never had the concept of grant animal Bay. Belmarsh you will never humiliated in the title Omar Abdulaziz. One. One Muslim prisoner was humiliated in the Byzantine lands and the news reef or more of na Abdulaziz and Omar Abdulaziz wrote a letter to the governor. And he said before you place this letter down freedom Muslim prisoner for

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By Allah, I will send an army which begins here and ends where you are. There was never a time really, there was never a time like what happens in Israel and Palestine. And the time on what the same. One Muslim lady was slapped in the visit time lands, and she cried at Walmart, Sema, and the Romans began to love and they said, Why are you calling mortal sin? He's 1000s of miles away. You think he's gonna jump on his black and white horse and come and save you? And the news reached most of us in the news reach Moto Z. And moto sim sent an entire army for the is of one Muslim lady and he told every single one of them he said each one of you climb and when you go go on a black and

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white horse and you look and you look

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and you look how the last vandala turns the table or light. What is released Israeli soldier gets kidnapped, who by international law is upholding an illegal occupation and the Israelis follow the suit.

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And they send the entire army. They send the entire army. But the difference between the army and the army is a motorcycle army didn't terrorize women and children. They didn't knock out lectricity plants. They didn't terrorize innocent women and children.

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And this is the reality. Because why? Because see, actions are which count by Allah, people of substance or which count by Allah. As long as you are heavy in the scale of Allah, you will be fruitful, you will be fruitful. And when you drop in the scales of Allah, then they will you will have no wait by Allah you can be 1.6 billion. But as the prophets Allah Salaam defined you will be wallflower go for it say the prophets. Allah Salam said last night I saw a dream. And I saw a dream in Abu Bakr radi Allahu was being weighed, and the rest of the oma was being weighed and Abubakar was heavier than the rest of the oma. And then I saw more of Nakata being weighed.

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And then I saw the rest of the oma being weighed and Omarosa was heavier than the entire oma. And then in another generation, the province of Muslims in a time will come you will be go for sale, you will be like the frost not even the frost the frost is too good for you, you will be like the twigs and the rubbish in the froth. And the Sahaba said we will be small in number and the prophets Allah Sallam said you will be huge in number, maybe you met you will be over a billion in number. But you will be you will be this scum of the earth you will be a spent entity. The fifth column is of humanity. Why? Why is it that one man Abu Bakr and Omar are heavier than the entire Ummah and the

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entire Ummah, is light as the frost over a billion in number. Why? Because see, their concern was the ark era. Their concern was to attain the pleasure of Allah and the prophets. Allah Salaam says, Whoever has one concern, and that concern is the ark era. Allah will suffice him in all his concerns, all his concerns, and ever concern is the dunya. Then the prophets Allah Salaam said Allah will give him unto his concerns. What am you buying in life, in your world in your mood, and Allah doesn't care where we drop state. Allah doesn't care where he drops that Allah has no time for that person. And therefore we are people we are oma, we aspire for Jenna. We aspire for the pleasure of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore we have to be people of actions. We must always aspire for the highest always the highest second best is not good enough for this oma really second best when the prophets Allah Sallam told the Sahaba is also Jenna What did he say? He didn't say us with Jana is when you ask for gender ask for what gender so gender for those the highest the highest when you make it was the chronic diwas when Allah says

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robina hublin I mean, this was you know, was reality the kurata unit.

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Tina, Mama, you ask Allah make our partners and our children the coolest of our eyes and make us the mom of the turkey. The Mom, you ask him to become the mom of Turkey because believers always aspire for the highest. You always aspire for the highest and the problem is that you know any situation we wait for somebody else to resolve the situation. Somebody else is gonna help and assist most the mustard diner in a state of total dysfunction is not our duty is somebody else's duty. People are dying to death in the Muslim world or in the non Muslims. It's not our duty is somebody else's duty. How omarama hottub is not gonna come today.

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Abu Bakr Siddiq is not gonna come Ayesha and Khadija are not gonna come today if there are any heroes you people have to become the heroes of Islam. You have to learn about your deen and then you have to translate those those knowledge into actions. The problem is that we don't translate we talk you know, how often do you see brothers, they're talking for hours about the decadence of the Muslim Ummah come for July can't wake up for the future Salah

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you can't wake up for the future Salah you can't change yourself and you're talking about changing the world. You know there is something which is withholding the help of Allah and I'll tell you what it is it is my and your actions. It is my and your actions because we have to be people of

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character, people should see our character. How often do you see people who have a good character and they start practicing. And now they don't want to give anybody Salaam anymore. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, none of you can enter into Jannah

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until he believes and none of you can be a believer until he loves his Muslim brother.

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And Shall I tell you a way of increasing that love? Give each other Salaam love your Muslim brother.

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But for us, everything divides us. The smallest thing divided, we can always find something to divide us. You know, you come from you come from Africa. You come from the Middle East. We come from the subcontinent. And if that's not good enough, you come from Bangladesh. I come from Pakistan. And that's not good enough that we go closer. You come from subhead, I come from Karachi. And if that's not good enough, then you belong to the junk. broderie. You belong to this family. I belong to this family. You can always find things to divide us. You come from Somalia, I come from Pakistan, I come from Gujarat. You can always find things to divide you. But why don't we speak about those things?

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Which Unitas I wasn't what is that? It's La ilaha illa Allah. That's what unites us.

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And therefore my dear respective brothers and sisters as seriously speaking, we have to be people of actions. We have to contribute towards our society, we have to put positivity back into our society. We are a nation whose first revelation was extra read. And you look at how illiterate our youngsters are,

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how illiterate our youngsters are, how do you split the help of Allah to descend? You look at areas 50 some Muslim areas 50 60% of women don't even know they're fond of goosal these are mothers, these are wives, they cook and clean for the children all their life, they cook, how are you going to Baraka in your house, when you have women who don't even know how to purify themselves, or their lives, they just go spend in the state of impurity and when they die, and they're given the birth, they're given the Muslim, this is the only time that they become pure.

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How do you expect the help of Allah to descend?

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And therefore I say one thing, you know, one thing first that we need to take is that we need to make create some alpha amongst us. You know, often you have brother speaking about often you his speaker speaking about unity, you know, they speak about you need to unite. But you know, often the statements are very disingenuous, because it means you have to unite on my worldview. And that's what unity is.

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As long as you conform to what I believe in, that's what unity is. Now we know that people are always an always had different outlooks. aboubaker had a different outlook.

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And if aboubaker Omar argued on every issue, Islam wouldn't have gone past Medina.

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You know, there are different approaches. But the approach was within the Atlas novel, Gemma and Omar have defined what the Atlas on novel jomar is.

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Now as long as the difference are within the Atlas in the world Juma we should carry on

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because there are other forces trying to divide us and really we are falling into the trap. You know, before it was a division, you're a Wahhabi, Salafi. I'm a Sunni, I'm a Sufi, you know, all kinds of divisions. But it's gone past that now, isn't it? Now other people are dividing you. They're giving you terminologies. So you're a moderate Muslim, you're a lefty Muslim, you're a conservative Muslim, you're a right wing, Muslim. And people are giving you all these new labels. And you know, often we adopt these labels, we adopt them just to define and defend our irreligious disposition. So we see a brother, who prays five times a day, who's got to bed with a thought, and

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we know we can't do it. So what do we do? We want to feel good about ourselves. So he's a pro. He's a bit fanatic, and he

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is very hardcore.

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You know why? Because we want to feel good about our own self.

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A sister wears a hijab or niqab, and then you have other sisters who don't want to do it, but they want to feel good about their own Islam. She's really conservative, isn't she? She don't speak to men anymore. Because they want to justify the irreligious disposition. And let me give you an example. Maybe a tangible example. You know, and maybe you Sufi don't know, but to be solved in a book about these, you know, the current Miss England

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I know she's current but the one large she was a Muslim she's known as to be a Muslim. Do you regard yourself as a Muslim? Now you never heard before that Oh, the Miss England is, is a Christian is a Catholic is a Protestant is a Hindu is a Jew, but soon as she's a Muslim, and you know, you know, in the current climate, even if you look like the back of a bus, they would have, you know, they would have chosen because they want to bring you out of your closet.

00:25:29--> 00:25:40

Now, she was on a political show, speaking about Islam and terrorism. And she really and before you guys start saying that molana chicks out, Miss England, somebody told me this

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as a disclaimer.

00:25:45--> 00:26:10

Now, she was on this political show speaking about Islam, Islam and terrorism. And somebody, you know, she's relating the incident where she was at this contest and she met Miss Lebanon, and Miss Lebanon asked her, why aren't you wearing a swimsuit? Why you wear it away and you're wearing a bikini? Why are you wearing a swimsuit? And she said, The reason I'm wearing a swimsuit is because I'm a Muslim.

00:26:13--> 00:26:18

So Miss Lebanon in her bikini said I'm a Muslim as well.

00:26:27--> 00:26:36

So can you understand the lesson from this story? In order to speak about Miss England and Miss Lebanon, but can you understand where Miss Lebanon stands?

00:26:38--> 00:26:42

Miss England for not wearing a bikini wearing a swimsuit is a bit conservative.

00:26:44--> 00:26:54

And we're those sisters were a hit job in the niqab to miss England. Our right wingers are very very conservative. Because it depends where you stand.

00:26:56--> 00:26:59

And Allah define this oma as omoton wasa

00:27:01--> 00:27:05

a modra Omar, this is what we are, we are a moderate oma.

00:27:06--> 00:27:33

And what defines our moderation it is aligned is sort of tools and nothing else. So not what you feel like it will align it also will define and how Islam has been understood for the last 1400 years. Because the reality is if the Sahaba didn't understand Islam, the son of didn't understand Islam for 1400 years, they didn't understand Islam. You guys in white chapel London are not gonna understand this term. Simple as that.

00:27:35--> 00:27:39

You're not gonna understand Islam. And therefore my dear respective brothers and sisters.

00:27:40--> 00:28:03

You know, we need to be heavy in this last panel. We need to be people have actions. The prophets Allah Sallam said in an original letter by Muslim minister he, on the day of judgment, a man will come he will be a Roger looser middle of him. He will be a huge fat man. massive weight, it will be huge. A fat man.

00:28:04--> 00:28:06

But in the scale of Allah, you know how much he would wait?

00:28:08--> 00:28:53

Have you ever thought what aboubaker looked like? Have you ever imagined how aboubaker was a man who's through thick and thin sided with the prophets? Allah says this man must be massive. He must have been huge. Then arratia mentioned Omar and Harley been bullied was so huge that when they would sit on the horse, they frequently touched the floor. Can you imagine? And they would say and they would say that Abu Bakr was even braver than these two. So what did Abu Bakar look like? His daughter eyeshadow, viola and her mentioned, my father Abu Bakar was so thin that his trousers would have remained around his waist. He was so thin that his eyes that sank out and his cheekbones were

00:28:53--> 00:29:33

proved true that he was so thin that you could see the bones on his finger. He was and when he would walk he would walk with a stoop. He would walk with a stoop. This is how thin Abu Bakr Siddiq roseola and who was but they would say that Abu Bakar was the weakest in body but when it came to the commands of Allah, he was the strongest. Upon occasion of the woman Massoud was climbing a tree and he had very thin shins and the Sahaba they looked at his thin shins and they began to laugh. And the prophets Allah cellarmaster Sahaba he said, What making you laugh and they said Justin Shindo, dilemna Massoud and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, bye by Allah. If these things

00:29:33--> 00:29:59

shins were placed in one side of the scale, on the day of judgment, and the mountain of code was placed on the other side of the scale, these thin sheets would be heavier than the mountain of art. Why? Because every pound every muscle every vein was for the sake of the last panel data and what was the last alum said on the Day of Judgment a man will come he will be original Aviva semi huge, but in the scales of Allah

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

In this scales of Allah, He will be lighter than a mosquitoes wink. Why? Because there's no hydronym there's no good on him. He had no concern for humanity. He had no concern for irresponsibility to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And these are the people who will be waiting, you may have no really, you may have no status in the dunya you may not have no big car,

00:30:26--> 00:30:45

you may not have a car to watch live in a nice area, but your status is by Allah as long as you are obedient to the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. That is what is stated, you know, amazing how Muslims suck up to people who have cars, guy buys a new q seven, and he's got loads of new friends.

00:30:46--> 00:30:55

I mean, what does it say about those friends? online? What does it say about those friends, that you are impressed? Because he's bought a piece of metal?

00:30:57--> 00:31:00

You are sucking up to him because he bought a new piece of metal.

00:31:02--> 00:31:06

You respect people on the basis of where they live?

00:31:08--> 00:31:14

On a few pieces on a few bricks on the basis of a few bricks, is this the state that the Muslims have come down to?

00:31:16--> 00:31:59

There was a time what was the size of the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. The House of this the size of the house of the province of Muslim was this. It was four meters by 4.5 meters. That was the entire size of the house of the professor lesson. Was there any house in the history of humanity which had more Baraka than the house of the prophets Allah Salaam. What was the size of the masjid Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you compare it to this huge mustard eastland machine, what was the size of Machina we? It was 30 meters by 35 meters. And after the Battle of haber, it was extended slightly, just slightly. There was no fancy carpet on the floor. The ceiling barely

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exceeded the heads of those who prayed within it. And the walls were made out of unbaked clay but the men and the women which emanated from this machine were bait were baked. And until a teenager, there was not even a lanten in machinery Salalah alayhi wa sallam enthymeme Daria the land who bought a lantern and ate hegira from this small dark machine emanated in light, which extinguished the darkness of suffering half of the world and half of the world because it was a place of substance. You respect people on the clues that they were really, I mean, amazing. It is to say it says about it says a lot about us.

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What state of decadence that we have reached that we are going to respect the person on the clothes that he wore

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when the profits and losses have left this dunya you know the clothes that the professor Lawson left this dunya in had 11 patches he was the greatest accretions on the La La was when Abu Bakar left this dunya the clues that he had had 14 patches when Omar Abdulaziz left this dunya who was Omar Abdullah Abdullah zS. Abdulaziz was that man that when he was the leaf, his khilafah span from China to Spain, from the Caucasus to the depths of Africa, when he left when he was dying, somebody came to his wife and they said, change his clothes changes clues. Okay, can't you see he's got dirty clothes on.

00:33:30--> 00:33:42

And she remained quiet. And again, the person said change his clothes. He's got dirty clothes on. And he remained quiet. She remained quiet. Upon the third time, the man said angrily. He's dying. Why don't you change his clothes.

00:33:43--> 00:33:48

And she said by Allah, because these are the only clothes that he has.

00:33:49--> 00:33:54

These are the only clothes that he has. So on the day, I'm going to finish here because the law is getting very

00:33:58--> 00:33:59

and I've been promised him I'll finish early.

00:34:00--> 00:34:38

So no good, no good to break a promise. On the day. The profit or loss of them said that on the day that a man will come he will be a huge mess but in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala he will have no wait. And on the Day of Judgment many people will come to and they will be waiting in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala they will have no status in this dunya but they will be wakey in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam there was just a hobby and I'll finish on this story. There was just a hobby, he came to the province on the line it was him and his name was saddled us with a tsunami or the Allahu anhu and saddled us with a tsunami or the

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

Lando was just a hobby, you know, status amongst the people. He had no money and no wealth. And he said O Messenger of Allah. If I embrace do I also going to generate the profits or losses? Yes, it's a What is my status in general and the profits or loss items that you will obtain what is for Abu Bakr and Omar and the rest of the Sahaba and then he said Mr. Avila, why is it that no

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

Ready to give me the daughter and the prophets. Allah Salam says I'm on the Wahab here, and I'm one of the Wahab was one of the leaders on Medina. And they said O Messenger of Allah. No, he's not here. And the prophets, Allah, some of that son go to our house and tell him that I've sent you to request his daughter's hand in marriage. And sad when he was elated because amber was known for he was one of the lead the Medina and his daughter was known for a beauty and sadly knocked on the door and Ahmad opened the door and sat on the line who said, he said, I'm the Messenger of Allah sent me to ask your daughter's hand in marriage. And I looked at him and he said, You, my daughter? Don't

00:35:40--> 00:35:45

you know, one of the leaders of Medina Don't you know, my daughter is known for a beauty on your bike.

00:35:47--> 00:36:28

And his daughter was listening to this. And she said, Oh my father, wait, wait. This is a request of the Messenger of Allah. We will repeat we turned on the request of the Messenger of Allah and she turned to stop and she said, Oh, sorry, go back and tell the Messenger of Allah I'm ready to marry you. And then nikka was performed on 400. Durham's and Saad said messenger for la 400. Durham's received 400 dirhams. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said go to any of mine and ask each one of them to give you 200. Durham's each and he went to him, and every single one of them, gave him 200 plus Durham's, and he thought before he goes back to his wife, let him go to the

00:36:28--> 00:37:07

marketplace and buy some presents for his new beautiful wife. And he went into the marketplace and he was buying his presence. And all of a sudden, there was a call, Yeah, hi Lama, he can be your high Lama. He can be Bill genetti, the call of jihad came. And then Rachel mentioned that son stood there, and he looked to the heavens, and he said, Lord of the heavens and the earth, I will buy that which is pleasing unto thee. And he bought a sword and he bought a horse. And he went into the battlefield and he covered his face, because he knew of the prophets Allah Salaam saw him, he would send him back and say, sir, you just got married, go back, your wife and the Sahaba began to discuss

00:37:07--> 00:37:30

amongst them Who is this man? Never seen him covering his face. And earlier, the alarmist is coming to fight leave him. And then Rachel mentioned sod went into the battlefield, and his horse was struck, and he fell off the horse. And when he fell off his horse, he stood up and he went like this. He pulled up his sleeves, and the professor Lawson saw his dark skin and he said, Oh, sorry, is that you?

00:37:31--> 00:38:15

and Sandra Viola and who said made my mother my father be sacrificed for your message of Allah, it is sad. And the prophets Allah Sallam said, Oh, son, there is no abode for you. But Jenna, and start became elated and he jumped back into the battlefield. And after a while, there was a call Oh Siva Sato sivasagar. Started has been martyred, sada to be martyred and nonracial mentioned, the prophets of Allah Islam ran into the battlefield. He ran into the battlefield, and he took son, and he placed his head upon in his thigh, and tears were flowing from the cheeks, to the face of the Lamb who and the profits and losses. After a while, he began to smile. And then he turned away. And the Sahaba

00:38:15--> 00:38:46

was standing there is a message of Allah we saw you do something today, which we never seen you do before you cried, you smile, and then you turned away. And the prophets, Allah Salam said, I cried upon the departure of my beloved companion. But when I saw his status by Allah, I began to smile, because he had reached the house. And the Sahaba said, What is the whole message of Allah? He said, it is water fountain, which is given to me where the water is sweeter than honey, and whiter than milk. And whoever drinks from it will never be thirsty again.

00:38:48--> 00:39:21

And then they said, what about this turning around on messenger of Allah and the province on the line there was a woman said that I saw his wives in general running towards him. And they were running with so much eagerness that the shins were becoming unveiled. And I looked the other way. And then the province of Los Alamos turn to the Sahaba. And they said, This is his horse, and this is a sword, take it to his wife, and tell her that this is what he has left behind an informer that Allah has given him women and wives in general, which are even more beautiful than chiefs.

00:39:23--> 00:39:53

This was a man who a couple of hours ago didn't know because of his status in society, that would he actually enter into Jenna but this was a status by a last panel about May of last month Allah makers people who were heavy in his skills Come on, give it a bit may last month Allah makers people were heavy in his skills. May Allah Allah keep us united in this Delia, and May of last month other reminders in general for those panic alone can be considered life.