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A representative from a food campaign is distributing food packages across multiple countries and countries, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cambodia, Cambodia, Cambodia, Cambodia, Cambodia, and Afghanistan. They are trying to distribute a donation of food to families in Syria and encourage people to keep their engagement with the campaign. The campaign is focused on providing aid to people who have been displaced and moved to a refugee camp, and distributing a cancer card and giving birth cards to children in these countries. They are also distributing a donating car and offering hamoni bread and hot star meals to those who donate. The speaker emphasizes the importance of supporting families and not letting them feel the heat of the summer. They also invite viewers to donate towards a campaign and encourage them to keep their engagement with the campaign.

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I'm going to zoom in with him now. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah Allah accepts it from all of us and from Him. May Allah Subhana Allah support him in all of his endeavors rather in the arm who's interested with our salsa is live in the Syrian refugee camp. I put him through to us now Santa Monica brother in your live with us now. Welcome Salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh shahana kephale holla hope you're well in sha Allah. Allah he very feek it's good to see your face it's good to see you in the heat getting ready to do some good work Masha Allah she'll Quran Al Hamdulillah thank you for entrusting me with your donation thank you for all of your supporters from all around the world

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to interesting human appeal interesting myself to come out here and deliver this amount of this this is the cup and sadaqa this hot and well so all of your supporters and yourself to deliver this to the most neediest of Syrian refugees here in one of the camps in the Syria. Lebanon bourdelle 100 illa

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Allah baddeck so you're on the border between Syria and Lebanon. I know you had to panela a long adventure to get there there were so many different hurdles for somebody like you who does this humanitarian work we pray that Allah supports you and carries you back home safely to your

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check I can't hear you now.

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She has the sound has gone

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Sony calm

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you can't hear me but

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sorry you can I can't hear you but you can hear me so hamdulillah we're here in one of the camps here at the Syria Lebanon border just on my right just behind those mantiene which I'm not sure if you can see just behind over there is the is Syria itself, so long. This is the actual border This is one of the camps, it houses about 150 families including orphans and I'm just gonna turn my camera this way so you guys can see me better. And we've done a needs assessment here in this camp and today Alhamdulillah we are distributing 250 food parcels so sorry there's more than 250 families here we are distributing children 50 food passes which is law which will last the families here for

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one entire month for food inshallah throughout Ramadan and beyond and hamdulillah so I'm just going to turn my camera around so you can see over there are some of the mothers that are waiting in line we've done a needs assessment with take their names off the list so that the right beneficiary those who are most in need get your support Alhamdulillah and we've just placed some of the food parcels over here if you can see just towards my left

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Can you see over there and then right behind me over there I'm just gonna point there's also a truck just right at the back over there, which also has many many food parcels Mashallah which are being distributed. So Alhamdulillah the beneficiaries are going to be coming now, they're going to be taking these food parcels here, as you can see,

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so one of these food parcels 100 law will suffice my family for one entire month Alhamdulillah so you can see that this has all of the essential ingredients that they need, rice, pasta, oil, dates, lentils, dry foods, etc. Foods that will suffice them for for an entire month Ramadan and beyond Alhamdulillah so we're just going to begin the distribution inshallah

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and you will see that people will come here to be taken the food parcels in to the camp behind me. So just so right behind those, those gates, if you can see is the camp, okay.

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And we're inside this enclosed area, so it's safe and secure. And we can do this distribution Alhamdulillah.

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And this particular campaign that you guys have been donating towards is not just for seeing refugees in Lebanon, it's actually for Syrians in Syria itself. Also

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For people in Yemen,

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Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth. One of the worst right now, we also are distributing food packs in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, in Somalia, in Iraq, in Sudan, in the Gaza, in Palestine. And your donations have been distributed in, in these countries Alhamdulillah. Throughout the month of Ramadan, we still have another 1415 days of Ramadan to go, we are doing this campaign for the full month of Ramadan. So even if you donate a food parcel today, then this food parcel will last each person in any of these countries, including here in the city and Lebanon border for one entire month or so for the remainder of Ramadan. And for two weeks beyond Alhamdulillah. Now, these

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people have been going through many struggles, they have been displaced,

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you know, 10 years of the Syrian war, some of these people Subhanallah Well, you know, professional, they were business people, they were teachers, they were doctors, they were surgeon engineers, they used to distribute the cart and set the cart to help the needy, and how their life has totally changed. Now Suhana law, they are relying on us to give them our southern cancer card. So panela

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put through no fault of their own through a war, which was had nothing to do with them. They have been displaced to move, leave the country and come here in living in a refugee camp. There are so many children in this country have been born here. You know, children have been born in this camp and country and will continue to do so. You know, I've seen children walking around here some kind of luck. And it's very heartbreaking seeing children living in refugee camps. I'm a father of two children myself, I'm sure those of you who are watching are also can you imagine our children living in a refugee camp, not knowing where the next meal is going to come from.

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It's a very heartbreaking situation. But Alhamdulillah at least we are providing them with some relief by taking away alleviating some of the struggles and some of the difficulties by giving them food at least they can have a star and so who in this lesson month of Ramadan Subhan Allah imagine the other imagine the reward that you will be getting when these people eat this food inshallah today for a start in the morning for sohus for a start tomorrow and for the rest of Ramadan. Absolutely amazing. So I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart again for interesting human appeal for entrusting me to come and deliver this aid. It wasn't an easy journey coming here.

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It was quite a long journey, especially traveling through COVID chambers hamdulillah Allah enabled me He gave me the trophy to come here and deliver this aid on your behalf I feel honored. I feel blessed Alhamdulillah Allah tala accepted for me me accepted from our team here on the ground, we've been working very hard milada accepted from you inshallah. And now we can be just be beginning, the distribution of just gonna

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turn the camera around, inshallah, so it's starting so he's gonna see the first beneficiary sister is coming here and she'd be collecting the food parcel.

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This is a mother.

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She's now taking the food back, as you can see 60 to 70 kgs will last year for the entire month of Ramadan.

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So your food, your sadhika user card is being distributed right now and handily last.

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So this sister, these mothers, they have a ticket, we did a needs assessment in this particular camp, to ensure that these people

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are the most needed and that they get our support. And they come they present a ticket so it's organized, it's structured, and hamdulillah we can give the food to these families in a dignified manner, because keeping the dignity of our beneficiaries is very important Al Hamdulillah and I'm very impressed with our team, our partners on the ground here who have organized this in a very ethical and very dignified and professional manner Alhamdulillah and as you can see, Mashallah live right now. Allahu Akbar Subhana Allah, RC and brothers, sisters, refugees who have been displaced, you know, taking this food, your sadaqa your socket is being distributed live right now Allah He

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This is so overwhelming to see this.

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I'm really I feel very

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your Nexus is very emotional. You know, seeing these people

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you know, have literally nothing, you know, and they had everything once upon a time and due to the water being displaced. Living here. These these mothers have been in this camp for eight years. For eight years. They've been in this camp Subhanallah

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as you know, they didn't know that we were coming Well, they did not know that you

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Share here Abraham, all of his supporters will be donating and that this will be distributed. They did not notice we tend to trade for them. It's a surprise, somehow that they don't know after this month where the next food is going to come from. So Allah chose you, my brothers and sisters, those of you watching the 25 of you who are watching right now, Allah chose you, and everybody else was gonna watch this live stream shared on share here, here Abraham's platform. Those of you who donated honestly Alhamdulillah I prayed Allah Subhana Allah accept this from you. I pray that this donation weighs heavy on your scales on your multi armor. I pray that this SATA card is the card that you

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give is a means for you and your family to enter general for those Armenia Rob, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, you can see the distribution is happening. You can see the truck right behind me as well. I'm just going to go this way. I'm just gonna walk around and show you the actual trucks of rope in shallow so just follow me inshallah, my signal doesn't go. So this truck here, can you see brothers sisters are hungry lovers.

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About 250 foot passes for 250 families, we've done about half already. As you can see, we've been here for about an hour or so. And, you know, this is a distribution center, I'm just going to turn my camera around, can you see over there, the Mother's Day standing, we've got we've got a setup over there, this is organized in a dignified manner to handle the day calm, the registered. And I'm just going to go outside the camp as well, just to show you some of the conditions here. So you can see some on and off on the wheelbarrow, that child taking the food parcel on the wheelbarrow right over there.

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Some just outside here.

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And I'm just gonna turn around here, this is one of the you can see these that cancel all the behind. So these models of commodity from there to take the food parcel into come here in the distribution center. And as you can see, here's our truck outside, I'm just going to come back in here is our mother of a sister who's taking the food parcel. I'm just going to go back inside, can you see that a child coming here? I'm just going to show you right behind me. There's a child with a wheelbarrow

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whose was an orphan child sponder who's coming with the fuel barrel. And he's gonna take his food parcel, and then take it back to his camp, or his tent if you like. So

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I'm just gonna, I see you can see here the truck. Under my shoulder, you can see the fruit crops is being distributed at this distribution point undertaken of Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. And these mothers, the sisters

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are coming here.

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Can you see golden sisters?

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200 just to show you just some of your food parcels have already been distributed. Can you see?

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This is the banner just to show that this donation was made by Shahe bream. So the food passes from this event literally in less than five minutes. And we've just got like, I think in the truck, as you saw maybe another maybe another 50 food passes left. So 250 have been distributed here. Subhan Allah, you know, this is just one camp, we are going to be going to another camp shortly. and distributing I think another 100 food parcels there as well. 100 law. So we are doing this distributions across the next three or four days. But I just want to say that they are hundreds of 1000s of Syrian refugees living in these camps, and we can't support all of them. It's not possible

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however, we can do our best to support as many as possible. And you should not rest on our laurels to think that we have supported one or two families that is grateful. But there are hundreds and 1000s of other families who are in desperate need right now in this month of Ramadan. They are fasting just like us, but they do not know where their information is going to come from what they are going to be having for school. Some of them they asked for, for very minimal food from the neighbors or the you know, they just live in the hope that they will have to fix that. But you know, they they are so

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keen. The day is so strong that they still fast without the food without knowing that what they will have pursued and if they still fast. explainer Shea is very warm. My arms are sweating. I'm not sure if you can see it's about 35 degrees right now. I'm fasting myself and I'm feeling very thirsty right now. And it's only I think it's like it's like when it's about 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Like 11:30am actually, and I'm actually feeling the heat right now. And it's going to get hotter. Can you imagine what

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Like for these people living in the summer months, can you imagine the heat in the months of May, June and July here? It gets extremely hot. There's no air conditioning in these camps. There's no, there's no, you know, fan, you know that there's no, there's no infrastructure here if you like it's just a tank. Because people live in the snow carpeted. They don't have a fridge, they don't have a kitchen. You know, six, seven people living in 1/10 of one again, just to emphasize, look, you can see Mashallah, I'm just going to go here next to this queue. These are people, our brothers and sisters, our mothers, you know, our family members, they are just, they are like us some holiday

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party. You know, when one party What if more hurts, and the entire body hurts, and we should feel their pain, we should feel their struggle and the suffering eight years, these mothers, these families have been living here in this capsule, eight years, the same people had had successful jobs in Syria, they had businesses, some of them were doctors and surgeons, and through no fault of their own, through a war, they have been displaced. And these women's support, not aid not some of them had lost their husbands. Some of their husbands have disappeared, they do not even know if they're alive or not dead or alive. Can you imagine the psychological trauma that these mothers our sisters

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are going through? When their children ask Allah Baba nRb? Where is my father? Where is my father, the mothers, they do not know how to respond. So how lucky Can you imagine that? Now?

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You You can't imagine honestly. But at least Allah has given us the opportunity. They just bless it month of Ramadan, in this blessed month of Ramadan with deeds are multiplied by 70 that we can provide them with some food to alleviate some of their suffering some of the pain some of the struggles and give them food at least for this month of Ramadan and beyond inshallah, so

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as your brother in Islam, I asked you, I encourage you, please visit Shaheed Abraham's fundraising page on his Facebook, or he's just giving page and donate whatever you can. No amount is too small. However, for those of you who are watching, for those of you who are listening here, I'm sure that there are people here that you know, Subhanallah could donate more than one food parcel, I'm sure that there's people watching that could perhaps donate 10 food pasta to 10 different families here, in Yemen, in Pakistan, in Kashmir, in Iraq, in Somalia, in Sudan, 700 pounds, however many dollars that is, will provide some key people of your 10 different family this food for the entire month of

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Ramadan. I know that we're going through a pandemic, I know many of us have perhaps lost a job or our businesses have suffered. But at the same time, I know that some of us we have food and other businesses have blossomed due to everything going online. And those of you who are in that position, I encourage you to be thankful to Allah to be grateful and to distribute your votes to give us a card. The card is a compulsory act we all have to do we're not doing anybody a favor Subhanallah by giving us a copy. It's our sadaqa it's additional charity, that is the real test for us as believers, how much additional charity outside outside of us, the court will be beginning because

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the court is mandatory. It's like praying five times a day. We have to pray for it as well how many of us actually pray know, how many of us actually prayed the sooner how many of us actually paid the hadoo that's the real test of a believer, right? So honestly, I encourage you all please donate, as you can see, Mashallah that, you know, the distribution is happening right over there. You know, we've been here for the last couple of hours and hamdulillah you know, that our mothers our sisters are lining up, they're taking they've been they've been here for now that hour and a half, almost two hours. Right. So can you imagine how many people have been? I've been provided with food

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Alhamdulillah so share, I'm gonna hand it over to you. inshallah.

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He is asking me shala Well, there were two things that I wanted to say brother and and before I let you go and I know you have so many other sites and other places to go, I need more of inshallah, we're going to be doing their aid gift and distribute distribution for some of the orphans. I think a list of different options and charma the easiest each gift as a brand new eat clothes will be distributed where the orphans will come and choose the all their own clothes, the ones that their their choice of clothes on Thursday and Friday 600 children that you raise money for the your supporters, those who are on this link. Those who will be watching this afterwards have donated

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tools, and those 600 sets of brand new eat cloth a variety of clothes will be distributed by myself and the team in Charlotte on Thursday and Friday. In addition shampoo, over 500 hot star meals will be prepared and disputed over the next couple of days. And I'll be sharing that footage with you as well to show the transport

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To show exactly the every single penny that people have donated with this occurred with the circle that has been distributed in sha Allah, you know. So that's going to be happening as well. hamdulillah. So Abuja will be doing more than happy to do a live link to show what's going on windows are being distributed to Cindy and children. That's amazing, that campaign is still running. I encourage everyone to donate towards that. We're providing his gifts not only in food, Syrians here, but also in other countries as well. Alhamdulillah. There are many orphans across the world. So let's please keep donating. Please keep, you know, once you're here share, we want to raise as

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much money as possible to provide many more families with food we can only distribute.

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What I've always said to the people who had hamdulillah have open open their hearts more than anything else, was that this is an Amana that we seek to fulfill, I always make dua for you and your team to fulfill that a manner to be protected. And that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us to be examples for others in the good that we do. This is something that you are delivering my Varys account, my father, my mother in law, my wife secca, my sisters, that my sisters in Lhasa, teachers in my schools because this is something that is I've taken as as a mission in sha Allah to to provide the best of services that we can and to see the dignity that you've offered to the people

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there nobody's jumping over each other everybody is in a state where they understand that all of them are assisting one another interesting our sisters carrying some Pamela 1415 needles in the in the sacks of rice that they have to come back for all of this is something inspiring. And I pray that the Lord strengthens you, my brother and I look forward to working with you to Morrow and another live with you Thursday and Friday in sha Allah and we want

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people to see the need but also to see that their wealth has not been spent in a place that is not reaching its place and may not give you the strength to fulfill it.

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I mean, you're just a shareholder for your device for your trust and for your support for believing in human appeal as your church's choice of charity for trusting in me believing me seeing as your younger brother in Islam, and I want to thank all of the supporters who have entrusted you interest in human appeal and myself to come here to donate please keep me in your doors. It's not easy and inshallah given the trophy complete ability to keep doing this with Easter karma with her for the rest of the week in sha Allah, Allah Allah Ameen take care I will see you again soon inshallah. Brother and I'm Allah hematic fiig zakka Lochhead. May Allah keep you safe and May Allah fulfill

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that Amanda through you Allah Houma, Amina Allah. Allah Fisher salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah.

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Marcia, Lata Bartok Allah what an inspirational moments of hamdulillah just being able to see my brother doing what we have asked him to do in trusted with man Allah Subhana Allah grant them strength. May Allah Subhana Allah Open your hearts towards that which is good. May Allah spend upon those who have spent and the drought of the prophets I seldom Allah, amen, amen. I was screaming safarnama Allah give food to those who have given us food. Imagine that you have these people who are in these camps, that they make your app for you that you be suffice because you suffice the May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah use you for good and use you for that, which is how you're Allahumma I

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mean, may Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us, and I'll see you again in sha Allah shortly for a lot of tarawih it will be a live broadcast in sha Allah with our limited COVID restrictions. But we hope to broadcast it for our community was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. subhanak Allahumma BMD Casa de La La Land, Stafford cuarto. We like make your little light except from all of us, Allah