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The speaker describes a group of people, including their brothers and sisters, who are performing tawaf during a meeting at Makkah. They discuss their needs for fulfillment, debts, and whether they should ask their fellow guests or guests. The group also talks about a wealth they have, and whether they are appointed over it.

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Do your brothers and sisters, I would like to take you back to the second generation of Islam. And the Khalif at that time was on his way to Makkah and he tells his entourage that when we get to America, you will meet the legs of a man that you have never met before. So they said, Yeah, I'm the ultimate meaning what is it that makes him so unique? And he said, you'll just have to wait and see and find out. So as they arrive into Makkah, they start performing their tawaf. And as they're doing their toe off, they run into Salim bin Abdullah ibn longer Radi Allahu Anhu Majima and the grandson of unblock atop a pious ascetic man that was residing in Makkah to that side. So the Khalifa and his

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entourage, the Kota Salem and the Khalifa says salam aleikum wa sallam I am the Khalifa. Is there any need of yours that I can fulfill? Is there any debts that you have that I can pay off for you? And Simon was an intelligent man. He always thought before he spoke. So he lowers his head and he thinks and he raises his head and he says, Yeah, on the minute Do you allow me to ask you a question before I answer you answer your question. And the Khalifa says yes, of course. And Salim says that imagine both you and I are guests in someone's house, and you have a need of yours that needs to be fulfilled. Would you ask your fellow guests or would you ask the host the Khalifa without thinking

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he says obviously I would ask the host and sell them response that here we are you and I in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala as his guests How could I possibly ask anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala for my needs, and he walked away and the entourage got upset they said yeah Khalifa let us make an example of him. Let us imprison him let us give him lashes and the Khalifa let him be we will catch up with him later. So they finish their camera and they go outside of the masjid. And again the entourage and the Felipe are waiting for them to come out. Silent comes out in the Khalifa comes up again and says salaam aleikum wa sallam Is there any need that you have that I can fulfill?

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Is there any debts that you have that I can pay off? Salim again, lowers his head and he thinks and he raises his head and he says, Yeah, me, me need. May I ask you a question before I answer your question. And the Khalifa says yes, of course. And he says this wealth that you have, do you actually own this wealth? Or are you merely appointed over it? Now the Halifa learned his lesson the first time, the khalifa to lowers his head, and he thinks and he thinks and he thinks but nothing is coming to his head. So he raises his head. And he says that I have merely been appointed over it and I do not own it. And Salim says if that is truly the case, should I ask the one that is appointed,

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or the one that owns the keys to the treasures of the heavens and the earth and everything in between? Arzak and Salim walked away, and the Khalifa turns to his entourage and says Did I not tell you you're going to meet the likes of a man that you've never met before?