The Jews Believe in the Old Testament. But Why do the Christians do not Believe in the Old Testament

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I need a clarification. I mean, I'm not so sure about it. The Jews believe in the Old Testament, and the Christians don't follow the Old Testament. What is the logic behind this? And can you explain my mean? Why they don't consider Old Testament important? And is the New Testament that they take into consideration when the Jews take under the Old Testament? The Steiner Jews take on the Old Testament, the Christian, they're supposed to follow the Old Testament. Why do they only stick on the New Testament, whether just as outlined, the Bible is given two parts, the Old Testament, New Testament, Old Testament D is with the lifestyle of the prophets that came before Jesus gets built

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upon New Testament, it starts the life of Jesus peace be upon him, and about his apostles, and also the two divisions. Now, the Jews are supposed to follow the Torah, the Psalms, everything that's there, that is the Old Testament. So Jews are sticking to that. Now, if other Christians are concerned, theoretically, they have to follow both. If they don't follow both, the old Christianity will fall apart. Why? Because whatever, then the New Testament, it is based on the Old Testament, the prophet of Jesus guys peace be upon him, they claim that he's got at sort of the claim. So the claim is only supported by the processes Old Testament, which we disclaim, we say, these prophecies

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of the Prophet coming out about a god coming based on the Old Testament, the New Testament will, without Old Testament, the New Testament on its own, doesn't have any value. So many of the Christians don't know about this, too, theoretically, without Old Testament what Jesus says, In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter number five, was the Muslim need to think not that I have come to destroy the law and the prophets, I have come not to disturb the fulfill, till heaven and the earth pass away, not one jot or tittle can pass away from the law and all be fulfilled. And whosoever shall break one of the least commandments, shall be called listen the kingdom of heaven. And whosoever

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shall keep the commandments, and teach the same, shall be called greeting the kingdom of heaven, unless your righteousness exceeds that he said, the sky than the Pharisees. In no way shall you enter the kingdom of heaven, Psalm 100, Jesus guys, unless you're not more pure than the Jews, unless you don't follow all the laws and come up with the Jews, you cannot go to Paradise. So if you take out the laws of the Jews, how can you go to Paradise? So cuando gsps be upon him. The New Testament is built on Old Testament. So theoretically, they have to follow if they don't follow, they cannot be good Christian, they cannot enter Paradise. So they have to, sorry. No, they have to

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say theoretically or practically, when we argue with them, and proof within the form, the Old Testament becomes know about the Prophet, the masala, no, we don't follow the Old Testament, these people who don't have much knowledge, but a knowledgeable person cannot say that, because if they don't follow the Old Testament, the New Testament itself carries no weight. Because the New Testament says that you have to follow what is in the law of the musalla Santa Peter, Gospel of Matthew, gospel of john was full of all these gospels, for GSK said that it has to be said of the old times, Thou shall not commit adultery, but I say to you, so what I mean are the old times,

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something Jesus Christ has made his own statements, but as a whole, he said that you have to follow each and every law of the Old Testament. If you take one Georgia degree, you should not enter China. So if you don't have that law, how can you follow? So theoretically, and practically, they have to follow but they don't do it. To third degree, they may give importance, but practically, when you argue with them, those who have less knowledge, then they say okay, we only follow New Testament so we can even prove about Hamas or LA Salam from the New Testament, we can prove Jesus crucified, peace be upon him from the New Testament. So if available, comparative religion, even without Old

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Testament you can get convinced the world is no longer a testament if you have a robust

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but actually, practically they have to follow both of them.