Please quit your sin right now I beg you

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I'd like you all to close your eyes.

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Please, please.

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When we do this therapy, people pay lots of money for it. I'm going to give it to you for free. I'm going to help you with something.

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Please close your eyes.

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I'd like you to think

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amongst all the sins that you are making, I want you to think of only one thing, just one, just one.

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I don't want to know it. But you think of one thing that you've been doing for so many years. Maybe a sin which you do not want to quit. Just once you think

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you see yourself committing it.

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Want to ask you by Allah, look, look,

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you're committing that sin.

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How many people have you made unhappy with your sin?

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You made your parents cry so much.

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You caused so much suffering.

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You caused so much suffering with the sin that you've been making. You don't want to quit.

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You hurt so many people with that sin.

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It hurts so many people.

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And the law keeps giving you chances to come back. But you don't want to quit.

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You don't want to quit.

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You end up hurting yourself.

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You're even hurting yourself though in it.

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People are begging you to stay away from it.

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It keeps saying inshallah inshallah,

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but you keep doing it.

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Okay, I'm gonna ask you, please. Right now, by Allah. I beg you. I beg you quit the sin right now tonight.

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Like now please make an intention to quit. Please, I beg you. Maybe the people in Syria are suffering because of your sin. The people in Palestine are suffering because of your sin, because of your sin. Because of my sin. The people in Iraq are suffering because of your sin. I must say, I beg you, I beg you by the name of Allah, by Allah, the One who created me and created you. Please just quit the same. Please quit it. Now, not tomorrow. Now. I want you to stop it right now. Right now. Please make an intention right now. Please. And look at yourself quit in it. Imagine if you were to stop it. Imagine how many people you make happy. Imagine how many people who make smiling when you

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squinted the first or maybe you parents, maybe your spouse, maybe your children, your community. They would be happy because you have quit. That's in