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Before we jump into the topic right away, I want to take you 1000s of years ago Can we do that Inshallah, like why would you do that? This is like, signs of Yamo piano but I want to tell you a little bit very briefly who are huge and Madrid sounds good. You love Smilla so Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions their story in the Quran and how does it start? Allah says Allah will be learning she taught me rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Well, yes Luna candle Kernighan they ask you about the current who's we who's they? I mean they are who the Jews right? They actually the Jews, they try to challenge Mohamed Salah Salem with certain questions and one of the questions they asked him who's

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the guy that traveled the world and did this and that and Allah revealed the story in El Cap. Did they believe they are hood?

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No. Anyhow, waste Aluna candle Carnegie. Allah says I will tell you how much how much of a story you look at the morning splits actually Camino vichara Allah says I will share with you some information about him. Allah says in the Quran about the canon in a cannula who fill or the WA t now I'm in cliche in suburbia we gave him so much of this world to show on maybe one day we have a full blown session just about this beautiful I am very motivational by the way. Allah gave him every mean fame strength, influence physical strength everything they can think of a man have given me man so don't say he's the Alexander the Great shot of all these weird stuff because Alexander lasting I know he

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was died as a calf right? So he's a great righteous man. Why are they KNOW Him in cliche in suburbia? We give him all the means of success. Did he use the means or no? Yes. So he traveled he took this means now he traveled to the west. He traveled to the east and the details are in the Quran. But that's not my focus here. He traveled to the east the details are in the Quran, but the focus is not here. The focus was on this one. He had the third trip the Quran does not tell you much this or Maghrib Allah says they basically he traveled let's go to this ayat. Had to either Bella Boehner said Dean I want you to imagine to Carnegie massive army. Why is he going traveling to

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spread La ilaha illallah that says ultimate golf. While he's traveling, he reached a point a valley between two massive mountains. Okay, did he find something that is interesting? Yes. Allah says what did that mean? Dooney Hema coma del Carmen while he was traveling he saw a group of people a tribe and nation they're okay what's wrong with them? They can barely communicate so the language of these people is not the same of the language of

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excellent mashallah you guys are with me right? The same language will correct so they barely can communicate. So those Kernighan has a guy maybe that knows French the guy who knows French knows another guy knows Italian so the French knows Italian Italian knows liberal French so they communicate. They maybe there's a guy that knows some Arabic they communicate until they eventually find some words they can put together you know when you'd like translate a video like seven times. Just to get to the point. That's almost how it was so they barely were able to communicate my son hamdulillah Docker nine had some people to be able to help. Okay, what is it that they want to talk

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about? Paul we are recording so these people says ozone Carmine perhaps he was very famous across Earth very powerful. The Strongest Man perhaps. He says they said to them in a Jo Jo Emma George, don't cry. I'm gonna tell you something. There are two nations so yeah, who is or what? Not two people there who? Two nations massive nations. Yeah. Do toma George move sildenafil all these people do nothing but corrupt in this world. Okay, and how can I help Vandana laka, Harajuku karma and can I pay you whatever money that you want? But under one thing, what is it? Please, please? Ajahn Albanian our Bynum said that you see the mountain that we live in just put a a dam a barrier between

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us and them anything that's how horrible these people are. So how much money will will train us for?

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How much money

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absolutely, I sent fantastic, right? Nothing. So he says my mechanics here are behind law. I don't want your money. Allah gave me so much. Okay, but look, he could have built it himself and his army. But what does he say? He says I don't want your money but assist me with resources. So I want you guys to help me. They tell you I'm not sure of the exact wording of the statement, but you need to teach someone how to fish and not just bring them the actual fish right. So I want you to learn how to do this in cases renovations needed whatever the case is. For it normally people will help me out Agile Boehner come well they know Madama they want said that and I will do right now like I'll do

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even a better job than what you asked for. Subhanallah try to aim high when you fulfill your assignments especially to your brothers and sisters and of course for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala your Allah What does he want? What material does he want to need? Zubat Hadith I want you guys to give me blocks of iron. Okay, then what? Hunter a there's our banal soda. Fine, they'll bring the iron and put it one over the other one over the other until when? A man

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In the amount of iron they used to reach the peak of the two mountains Subhan Allah knows how many tonnes and how much weight is required had to Edessa was a once the iron blocks are now reaching the peak of the two mountains. What does he ask for? On football fantastic. Yola blow heat up the steel he rocked the island blow it Okay, now what's really hot? What should we do? We should pour more metal over the llama Barrymore Santa Monica like he's answering the right answer so that's good my Santa Monica Allah had to either Jahanara when it becomes very very hot he says a toonie bring me molten copper to pour it over it so if you're in chemistry you can check this out the relationship

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between iron and copper very interesting stuff Allahumma barik when the iron became red hot, he said Bring me molten copper to pour over it. Okay, that is possibly very strong, indigenous, Allah says, and so they could neither climate who's The

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Fantasticks? Right so yeah, Jay met George are not able to climb it, nor are they able to poke a hole through it. So you cannot climb it nor can you break through it. But look what those Carmine says ready to things Hello Rama Tim Robbins now because I'm not Carmine with tough guy was Allahu Akbar. May Allah grant us the attitude of the Quran in Europe. This success that you see the greatness that you see, it's not from me or people. It is from Allah subhanho wa taala. That wealth is from Allah, that strength is from Allah, their ability to communicate with you and understand the problem. They'll be able to know the chemistry it's not from me, it's from Allah voi he studied.

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Though he worked hard, though he had like all the sweat and blood and tears he had all that but he knows at the end of the day is because of who? Allah subhanaw taala May Allah make us like, always. Then he says something very interesting for either Java or Adobe. But listen, you guys, when the Promise of Allah comes gyla who Allah will cause the dam or the ladina or the barrier towards to collapse? What can I do Rob be hacker and indeed the Promise of Allah is what? Absolutely true. So this is the fact that it will happen. Now Allah subhanaw taala I shall have the idea here. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions how the Judah Judah eventually exit but let me tell you the process.

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Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says so now all these 1000s of years have passed. He says in a judo mat Jude Yeah. Furuno Coolio authentic narrative, every Hadith. I mentioned this entire series as authentic inshallah. And that was a little bit stricter in this series than any other one. Because much of the unseen. He says every single day. Yeah, George and George are trying to drill into that. Hold on to that one. One day Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So wait one second, one second one second brother. You said about 1000s of years ago this took place then the prophets of Allah has said them says they try to dig every single day. So and he said they're large nation

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and so on. Where are they?

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Unseen brother? I really love Islam, but I'm having a hard time. My mind. What do you mean? So if you can't see them, you cannot believe them.

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We cannot see Allah so we cannot believe in him. Subhanallah you can't see a virus so you don't think it exists? Right. So believing does not have to be seen or seeing does not have to be believing. Right now. Like how can Allah hide them? Yeah, habibi. They're looking for the hostages for 70 days he couldn't find one.

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Right? When Allah wants to hide someone, do you think he cannot make people not see them? Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us all victory on an island. So here, the Prophet says every day they're trying to dig every single day. But then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he wakes up from the can nightmare. He wakes up. He says Leila, Leila in Loma.

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Why don't you mean Sharon conducta bow to the hara from an evil that is fast approaching. What is it? He's talking to his wife who the hell yell today today just today? They were able to do what? Break a hole into the wall. Then the Prophet actually did this to show you how small the hole is in the wall. Suzanna brought the Allahu anha she tells the Prophet Salah Salem because the Prophet had two wives as Dana, this one the sister may Allah bless her the Mother of the Believers, Xena vintage. She says yeah rasool Allah because she was nervous. They will people are coming out. Your rasool Allah Allah Allah cofina. What aside the phone, will we as an OMA see that corruption and

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among us are righteous people? You see the connections he's making or no, there's a lot of good people like do we face the hardship? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yes, in a castle on Sabbath? Yes, when evil increases around the world, it is a means of more evil to come.

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So there's a correlation Rasul Allah is Allah who is showing us inflation, diseases, viruses, calamities, crises in manners, crises in economy, all of that is correlated to sins. That's what Islam teaches us. So now they put the whole housing situation right now anybody knows the situation of judo majors right now?

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How is the hole looking like what do you think?

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A close I sent try.

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The hole is now filled. What? How do we know that rasool Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam he says, Every day they try to dig into the hole and want onto the wall. So now they broke the hole. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says had to either Cardo Cardo around a schwa Shams, now they're breaking they're able to see the rays of the sun in halacha. But to come out and be able to break more and more and more. They say the master of the geometric says at zero. Let's go back rest. And tomorrow we will continue what digging. So they come tomorrow and what happens to the hole it is filled as a brother May Allah bless him as mentioned. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

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this happens to them almost every day. Tomorrow we will continue and then the wall is closed. Tomorrow we will continue and the wall is closed.

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Now we fast forward till your beautiful birthday 1980 to 1997 2003 2012 2016. If you're telling 16 date of birth, may Allah granted Jana, right? Until what point Maddie comes they're still working every day. Maddie comes. The gel comes. The gel is killed every day. I want you to background what's the imager doing? Breaking every time right tomorrow will come tomorrow. That day the gel is killed. The Prophet told the son Mullah Lonnie will sell him nothing narration one day as they're digging through the hole. They say tomorrow we will continue breaking the wall and they say in sha Allah. The moment they say in sha Allah what happens the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says

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Pharaoh Duna alayhi wa who work at Hinata Raku they go back they find the hole just like how they left it last night or yesterday. The power of insha Allah so believe it in sha Allah wholeheartedly if evil people believed in it, imagine righteous people like you in sha Allah. Right? So but you have to know how to use in sha Allah properly though. Yes or no? So some people ask them what's your name? Magic inshallah I put him in charge limit like tomorrow your

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weapons, right? So you have to make sure you're doing it right. We mentioned that before dua. May Allah forgive you all in sha Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he strictly explicitly said Do not say Inshallah, when you make dua and many sometimes even emails they make a mistake and it's accidental, I truly believe right and the some of them may not know of course, but I believe many of us just got used to inshallah Inshallah, right? So may Allah Subhana Allah Greatist Jana

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Amin Okinawa sha Allah good. So we got there Right? So they say Inshallah, now when they say in sha Allah, they continue digging eventually until they leave Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals to a certain Imodium, whatever I said so far. And back to the story. He said, What just happened? I had to do a lot of history to make sense of what's happening. So then when they come out, you do nine he said the truth when the time comes Allah Allah has promised Allah gives revelation to Asa in naked to a burden Lee, I have brought forth from among my servants, who are the layer that layer Danny they hadn't defeated him, no one is able to find them. So what should we do here Allah for Henry's a

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baddie Isla a tour so take My servants to a safe place known as a tool. So as an Imodium, he goes there Allah his daughter was salam. And Allah describes their attitude ready, not the believers, you imagine Allah says, had either 40 had to Joe dwama George were homing coolly harder b&c Loon, Allah says they will come from every direction, every path, they are so much in number, you know, to what extent rasool Allah is Allah Maha Adamson says how big of a number they are. He says the first person in their army passes by a lake and he mentions the lake property. Yeah. He drinks from the lake by the time the end of the army reaches the lake. They say We heard there was water here.

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We heard there was water here. That's how many of them perhaps are at that time. Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He is saying how the believers and recently Meriam are stressed out they're getting hungry.

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because they're spending so much time in the Jabra tour, he says the profit where the hustle in NASA minimum fee Haussmannian and many of the people, they go to the fortresses, their homes, we have Federal National Minimum and they run away as fast and as far as they can profit ASA and the believers are still in the mountain. The situation is extremely hard. They've been there for the longest time. The Prophet says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the amount of difficulty you thought, yeah, judge may kill them. Now they may die out of hunger and thirst Subhanallah and look what's happening to our brothers and sisters in the desert today. Some of them are dying, not because of

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bullets and missiles, they're dying because of thirst because of hunger. May Allah feed the near a beta alanine and grant them water that is healthy and nutritious, the audible alanine and protect them from the enemy and grant and victory IR hamara Haneen. So now they're struggling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he even gives you an actual example of how hungry they are, he says had to Coonrod so thorough, so much. So the difficulty is at the head of an ox, the head of a bull like who eats that. The Prophet says they are so desperate that just the head let alone the shoulder or the leg will be so valuable to them. Then 100 dinars to one of you today. So talk about 1000s of

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dollars. No, no, I want the head of a bull. I'll give you a million No, no, give me a piece of meat. That's how hungry they would be at that time. They make dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. And yet during that George are all over the earth and they're spreading corruption. Look at the arrogance. Look at the arrogance. They say Catana Halal ARB, we destroyed all people on Earth. We don't see any one gentleman here. No, the whole army we don't see anyone. So they brag we killed everybody. So then they say, let's now kill people not on Earth. Let's kill people were in the heavens in the sky. So they actually get arrows. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says they get arrows and

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they aim upwards and he starts shooting. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says Allah will cause Allah will cause the arrows to come back. I thought when I read the Hadith, the arrows come back and hit him by the Prophet says the arrows come back filled with blood to deceive them. So then they say for HANA Helen Odwalla Anna Anna Sana, we defeated the people on the earth. We killed those in the heavens were the best of the best. He says making dua, believers making dua Europe Europe is getting very difficult. Allah subhanho wa Taala then sends what upon them, he sends, warms tiny little insects, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa says another favorite hobby and it falls under

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next tiny ones enters the body for us to be Hoonah the prophesy centum says within no time, they all die, never seen wider at once. Allah and hundreds of 1000s Millions Allah knows best to all die from a little warm, and inshallah we'll talk about that later. How Allah is punishment, even to us May Allah forgive us. Allah's punishment in general, is correlated to the sin that was committed. Remember that someone keeps watching haram damage me happen to the eyes. Someone keeps hearing haram damage me happen to the IRS. Someone chooses their money and their job at the expense of salatu Juma you gave up Joomla because you were shy to tell your boss I have to go pay Joomla then that job will

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become the means of paying for the individual stress and anxiety. May Allah protect us. Oh, I don't want to do this. I want to dress that way you are willing to dress in a way against Allah? Because to look this and that that will be a means of your own pain. May Allah protect us Europe SubhanAllah. So what's the connection? When asked you? What's the connection? Of what I said to the punishment of the warmth to the agent message? What's the connection? What would it take? What would you connect it with?

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Arrogance they were defeated by the smallest. Fantastic they were so arrogant. May Allah protect you and make us all humble? So arrogant. We'd be everybody you got killed by a worm.

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You got killed by a worm, not comparing a worm to Sahabi or comparing the Jews to Abuja hell. But Abu Jahan who was known as the pharaoh of Ahmed Mohamed Salah Salem. He was massive he was big and he was intelligent but not enough to become Muslim. When better when Abu Jamal was killed, who came and stood in his body. Abdullah then muster with one of the smallest Sahaba but the biggest in value. So he stood in Abuja like imagine a full blown man can stand on another guy like that's how small Elon Musk was, and that's how big Abuja Hell was. So look at the scene that Abuja you are this or that you got killed by someone valuable, but look at the size

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Right And may Allah grant those who seem weak. May Allah grant them victory to the superpowers that are evil in this world. So here Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, how they died from an insect. Yeah, because you're nothing you're arrogant walking like this. So that also Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Look what he says. He says that a 70 Meriam. He eventually leaves and some Sahaba they see they look outside the mountain. What did they see? The bodies of yeah, do janma juice all over the place? And the Prophet says it smells so disgusting. Imagine all these bodies dying. Zaha move to a new home. So then a semi Maria makes dua of what am I learning from this whole

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thing as anybody makes dua? What is a 70? Meriam showing you

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the power of DUA and then when they were struggling Yeah, Allah help us help us Allah sent what the worms so your DUA can send missiles without you being in jail.

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He like

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he's gonna get me in trouble now. Right? So, so basically it also very suddenly muddy and Enix dua to Allah this time. They're dead but what do you want? Ya Allah help us because the scene is terrible, the bodies the stink, and Allah subhanho wa Taala sends birds, birds that not look familiar to us, he says, play Iran Carnac in both their necks of these birds are like the necks of camels. So they come for the Milou home and carries the bodies of every one of you I just met George Fetta rowhome Then it throws it away wherever Allah wills, then is that it? No the blood still the smell. The promises to Yudhisthira Allahu matara. Then Allah says so much rain, not a single house

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on Earth. That's what the Prophet says. Walla wa even attend that and he made from a simple material every single house will have water that cleans the entire orb had to call her cat Zilpha makes it seem like a mirror. So clean, so beautiful. Then recently Madame comes down. They're so happy. They're so delighted. Sahaba come down. Yeah. Are Dead, no more the gel. Then the goal of Prophet Isa and the Muslims. Now what would it be? What would be the goal of Prophet recently Maria Medina, Salam class and we went through so much right. Mohamed Cobra, the great Darrow we just had an Maddie and the army. We just had the JAD we just had the usual juge, what will be the goal now? How do the

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elite move from one face to the other face? How do people today celebrate their achievements? How brothers and sisters he goes, conveys the message in the most beautiful way ever? And question to you. Do you think people believe especially the loving and many of them are genuine Christians when they say he said he talks to them? I'm not a god. I mean, I'm a human being just like you I'm a messenger of God. This is an that do you think they will believe?

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How many of them percentage? Look what Allah says, Wait a minute. Nikki Tabby in La Mina in the copula mountain Allah says every single one will believe not a single one will be away from Islam. Every single one will believe and a 70 Miriam and all earth becomes what? Muslim Earth will have nothing except Islam. What will they say do this authentic narration Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says he will do three things three highlights. Number one Yuxi will Salib the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that Jesus when He descends he will go and break the cross. This is very offensive. I was not crucified I was not very much naked on a cross bleeding attribute in the I

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was a son of God no. So that symbol he goes and he breaks a sudden pneumonia. What else does he do sisters?

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Were Yocto Alcon zero cent and he kills the swine. If we did not know this eating pig or pork is haram even for the good and the Christians. And then we have our Jizya there is some sort of tax that was taken from non Muslims that live in Muslim lands and they are safe and they are protected one more time some non Muslims lived were in Muslims land Muslims gave them protection, but at the expense you pay a certain tax known as Jizya do they pay Zakat and and Muslims and Muslim lands no Muslims pays occur these people they paid Jizya so he drops it why does he drop Jizya one of the meanings why

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because there's no non Muslims left on Allah and Sophie's so far is right the moment he gets a wrong answer. We

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In a

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viola protectives I mean because there are no more non Muslims there all Muslims pay you this is great role this is amazing oh he didn't hear anything yet we're going to finish very soon shall I take a nice long break? But when this happened he drops the jizya ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed to the Prophet sallahu wa Salam wa where doesn't have will middle every single religion you name it will no longer exist exist Allah and Islam with a Kunal Karim Allah Haider all Earth is united. When you are bad Illa Allah no one is worshipped by Allah. What are those Harboe Zara what does that mean? No more war none of that is necessary. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala tells Earth man this this

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is going to be pretty nice yeah, you're caught up and btw some erotic go bring forth your fruit. What connection? Do we find Dean Eman. Allah puts hieratic Allah puts blessings, there's a connection, because there's a lot of corruption. So a lot of damage, economy, health, education, etc. So then Allah tells Earth, grow your fruit, restore your blessings, ready for the blessings because right in sha Allah some examples,

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the province of Allahu alayhi wa sallam says that it will be such a blessed time. If you put a seed this rock on the rock, it will become a whole tree.

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How is that that's how blessed the time is. I remember when I was doing my sprinkler system, a guy came in when they do the sprinkler system, they installed it. They tried to see like a wide angle. Why do you do that? Because they don't want it to come to the

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land that is not going to benefit from the water. So I remember one time the water was coming on the concrete and he made me a joke and some humor it and he says you know what? Make sure you want to put on the concrete because no grass grows on the concrete. And I know that's why you're here but there's really no right. Right? Right. May Allah bless him and guide him say I mean, so he's doing this he's like, we're gonna make sure doesn't touch the concrete. If we live that time, we'll do two things. We will put seeds on the concrete and take off the sprinkler system.

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That's how much Baraka at that time there will be the province of Allah and he was and says about the food. He just had to send me another a group of people will gather I'll cut feminine end up with a cluster of grapes or a piece of grape. The whole family shares it well let him do that was great. Not only for cashews and foster holiday and pistachio and all that stuff and get coffee didn't get the tea. Then make sure you get the cake from cause none of that stuff great enough. Everybody's happy every satisfied. Look at this the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Why is Temuera never so much Baraka a group of people will gather under Romana on a pomegranate. What the whole

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community Smilla the eat from it how if a Baraka Baraka May Allah bringing the baraka back to Rome Merab the Aleppo Baraka in our time, in our health in our mind and our Eman and our Salah era Baraka, Allah my bad Clara but Alinea the baraka the Prophet says it will not just suffice them they go under the shade of the skin of the pomegranate they brought the hell come come here to my patio mashallah nice designs Okay, that's a pomegranate.

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That's the matter of Baraka like now we talked about size as well. How about the drink Rasul? allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is what you burdock for reason, and the milk would be so blessed that milk from a camel one camel is enough as the meanness to a large population one bowl of milk enough, and milk from a cow will be enough for a whole tribe. And the milk from a sheep would be enough for the entire family and the cousins Subhanallah by your What about emotions, emotions, God by emotions, let us have an a Santa no more enmity, no more conflict. No more why he's looking at me like that. Because when I walked in a few view, we're looking at me in a very weird way.

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And one of you commented on my hair.

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You guys are laughing because you're mean.

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Right? I know. I know standing this way and that way I'm, I'm trying to recover because Angela, some of us we went through ombre. And may Allah grant us humble and celebrate Eileen. And honestly this is one of the things to appreciate about cutting the hair really short or even shaving the head like some brothers have done. It's very humbling every time you look at the mirror like man, I went to someone says my shoulder came back from hombre so what happens to you? You actually think twice before committing a sin. I just came back from Omaha. This is Barack and it makes you very humble Subhanallah and it makes you patient Yes. makes you very patient. Today I went to the barber and he

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looked at me he's like, wondering what to do with you right? I don't like helpless Subhanallah like just pick up the beard lineup do something right? So I asked him today I said his name is Alia said honey can we do something here? He's like it's like I don't think anything will help you. I'm like some gel is like if you put gel This was then I'm like Leila and Lola is very humbling. By the way. It's very humbling. It tests people's love like you love me for who I who I am or for my hair mail. Forgive us. Right. Right. All these things mail UPS power. Granted the best

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I shared with him a statement. He was so impressed by the statement I'm gonna share with you guys to share it. I learned it from one of our machines. The statement is men die jealous che Kubla Awani Rukia beheaded man. If you Hastin something before it's time you will be punished by losing it. If you Hastin something before its time you will be punished by losing it you baking a cake as an example. You're so hasty I only nine minutes and a half but sets on the box 10 minutes yeah but what 30 seconds will change it you are hasty you take it off you ruin the cake. It start from from scratch. So all this because of the air situation anyhow. So ALLAH SubhanA pours the blessings, the

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food, emotions, no enmity, no conflict, no tobacco, no hatred, no to hazard. No envy, Allahu Akbar. No jealousy, none of that stuff. Everything is beautiful. Okay, how about safety and security? Allah has it robotic when it comes to safety and security ready for this? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallahu wa sallam. He says the amount of safety and security will even pour onto animals that the lions will be nurtured next to camels, no fence. And if a kid is a private says actually the little girl will come see a lion no fence forget Detroit Zoo. You go to the line. And she thought Douro was the daughter of like smacks the lion. Right, fella Yagura. The lion looks No, no worries, no harm no

00:31:31--> 00:31:53

fear Allah Milazzo Baraka in our lives. Your moral Raju and a man would walk by a lion like maybe because it's a baby no The problem is that even a man would walk by a lion Labrador row when the MA room Al Baqarah and the Tigers will live peacefully with the cows ready for next one? Ready? With the album? I listen, I'm all the videos that you watch the sheep and the wolf. They'll be canceled. The Prophet says the wolves will live with the sheep

00:31:55--> 00:32:31

forever it look in that time that they will not eat one another they will not harm one another you want more. Look what he says. We have Kuhn with the Bluefin tuna can now kill Booyah. So it's not just live peacefully. The wolves defend the sheep again when you walk in with no lines like I'm going is it okay that don't no matter what my sheep who is defending the sheep, the wolves while I was Serbian who beat her yet and the kids they play with snakes lots of room. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says even a child that who Ukrainian when either you had the hoof and hire a snake would open up right so the kid does this fella to dobro look I'm explicit Muhammad, Allah says

00:32:32--> 00:32:35

snakes will not hurt no one. A child will step on a Snake

00:32:37--> 00:33:23

Snake now you see what a centipede you call the whole world. Right Dearborn new centipede and right on this stream of warm stressed out snake it no problem. The Prophet says we're twins our Hema to Kulu daddy, Hema what does that mean? Every poisonous animal the poison will be extracted off of it so no more poison Subhanallah while your field will man and money will be so much in abundance. So much so that no one wants to get any money. No Zika no more fundraisers. No more soft pitch you know, donate this and by the way, please donate today sit inshallah. All right, because now it's a blessing. Because a time will come and like, I wish I don't need it before Allahu Akbar. So the

00:33:23--> 00:34:05

doors of sadaqa donations are open right now. So give look what the Prophet says. This time is so blessing. No one wants money. What are coons said that one prostration will be more valuable than all of Earth and what's on it? Because there's not much of support to give to other people. everybody's comfortable. So one of the best things you can do is what? pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that's a great life right? That's why the Prophet SAW Selim says to Burley ation bad and mercy what a great life it is for to live at a time of 870 Mariam and he performs hajj and umrah May Allah make us in his group. If we live long enough, right? There'll be a nice religious leader in your

00:34:05--> 00:34:18

home or group right? May Allah grant us the best. This lasts for about seven years. Maddie eventually passes away or he suddenly Meriam eventually passes away. What happens to Earth after that?