Hadith – Everyday He Is Engaged In A Matter

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah in this hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is engaging with us giving us that FC at giving us an explanation of a verse.

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In in this narration, he is giving us reflection on the saying of Allah, which is Asien solid man, Coolio men who are fishing every day he is in a matter or he is engaged in the matter or he's engaged in an affair and the prophesy Salems comment on this saying is that obvious matters of the affairs that he is engaged in is that he forgives us in a he relieves hardships, anxiety or difficulties. He raises up people raises their status gives them things maybe even raises them up in in in different ways that we have maybe in terms of their position in terms of their life in terms of their in terms of their closeness and proximity to him and he displaces others, there ends the

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Hadith. And you can see that what is happening here first of all, see that the professor was giving us an explanation and that's quite unique in the Hadith, because see the prophesy sensitive seer is very little because the Quran was sent down in a pure Arabic language a lot of the time the Sahaba understood the Quran without explanation. However, in certain circumstances, the prophesy Salah wanted us to understand a little bit more. So in this specific context, he's telling us that Allah Subhana Allah is continuously forgiving, continuously, helping, supporting, raising people displacing others, that's part of the situation that's part of the affairs if you like that's the

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part of the matters that he is doing on a daily basis because Allah subhanaw taala is giving people as they need. Does that sound like