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When Prophet Musa returned following his encounter with Allah only to find his people worshipping the Golden Calf, his anger at his brother Harun, who he had delegated in his absence, was uncontrollable. But when Harun appealed to their brotherhood, Musa prayed for forgiveness and mercy for both of them, immediately relieving the tension. When you pray for those who have upset you in their presence, it heals any previous damage to the relationship.

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salatu salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He was happy to welcome everybody to amused by the Khurana series in which I love sharing with you things I find amazing about the Quran. Today I want to share with you something that's against very sentimental actually,

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again, small phrases in the Koran that just tell us absolutely incredible things musala salam was he comes back after meeting with Allah. And when he comes back, he notices that people are worshipping the golden calf. And he gets angry at his brother, I left you in charge. What did you do? And they had overpowered him that he doesn't have the strong personality that masala Salaam has. So much Allison grabs him by the beard and by his head. And he Yanks at him and he gets really really really upset. And he has to literally call out as he's being grabbed and manhandled. Yagna own son of my mother Come on, just kind of calling on mom because mom soft corner, you know, it kind of chills him

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out a little bit relaxes him. But of course, his brother knows how to knows and he said I'm dead massage really, really upset. And right at the moment of being so so angry at him. Here are the next words. Karl Lagerfeld de

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Master, Master, forgive me and my brother. Now when he says those words, forgive me on my brother who can hear him, hold on can hear him how long he was just grabbed yelled at, got in so much trouble. My brother hates me right now, man, he's just so he doesn't really want to see my face. You know, that's when you would feel like, and yet immediately he gives him relief by knowing that when he prays to Allah for forgiveness, he included his brother, Robert fairly well, you know, but still still, there's another way of saying it. You could just say forgive us.

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But he separated me and my brother. So from a language perspective, there's still a gap. You still didn't put them in one word. Because if you put them in one word, it's like kind of like a unity. When you put them as two words is kind of still like a separation. Like forgive me and also forgive my brother, he royally messed up kind of separating. I need forgiveness, what he really needs forgiveness, you know, it's like two different levels of forgiveness because they've been separated. But then what does he say in the very next words, so it's, he's still mad, he's still mad. So you can tell that he's separated them even though there's some relief in these words. The next words are

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well enough to

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enter both of us into your mercy and your love.

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Now, when he says enter us, he doesn't say enter me and my brother, he just says enter us. So you can see musala, asylums, anger coming down, and his love for his brother returning, and his brother can hear it in his prayer. He could hear that his he's been he's okay with him now. Because he's ready to ask Allah, the same way he would ask for himself is going to combine himself with alone, even the pronoun the fact that he prayed for him to begin with was already the beginning of mercy and love. So, you know, why is this important? Why is this important to mention? Because you know, when you pray for those that you that have upset you, sometimes it's okay to pray for those that

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have upset you in front of them.

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Your child, pray midol for them, in front of them, make the offer your brother in front of him, make the offer your sister, your spouse in front of them. When they hear you praying for them. It removes some of the pain of the anger that was demonstrated. Yes, there was something that was worthy of being upset. Yes, there was. But it shouldn't create permanent scars in the relationship. It's too valuable the love that you have for a loved one. And the good that that is in a relationship is far too valuable for that anger to be carried over and what more beautiful way to get rid of that anger. But to have them here. You genuinely pray to Allah for them as you would pray for yourself. That's

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what's happened in this incredible incredible Dr. Monica lovely welcome. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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