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Muslim Speech on Pro-Israeli Rally

Mohammed Hijab


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Okay, everybody, now listen carefully, we have to make our objectives very, very, very clear.

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The Muslim community, and not just the Muslim community, but all those who have witnessed the atrocities of this terrorist apartheid state of Israel. I'm not here to cause provocation, we all had to alter our narrative.

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We're here to show

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them by the people of Palestine,

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the international community,

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the international community,

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action, even

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those areas, which are not recognized as part of the state of Israel, by

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those areas, occupied and colonized in the modern day.

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So called liberals who believe in equality, equality of opportunity, and so called equality of race,

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just like South Africa,

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Muslim states that is dealing with a minority

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and the way that Israel is dealing with a minority population, with the international community

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believe that the international community would stand idly by, I believe,

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into the context of our rising

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children, that deliberate targeting of civilians.

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They are totally grossly mistaken about that.

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Standing in the streets of London in the heart of London, to proclaim

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just gonna protest.

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It would be seen as

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a state

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of colonialism

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that they want to install

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their provinces

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this room

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are allowed to say what they want because America's geopolitical interest.

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You can say what you want to

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change the theater has changed the game, the people

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Then scientists that came into this protest

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area, the Koran even tells us there's a group of tribes,

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they won't fight together in less than 45 hours behind

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these ancient tactics.

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So to wrap up, I say this.

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I say this here today,

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3 million tourists on topic.

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I said 50 million views in just the last two weeks. And that is double almost double the population of the so called service robots having 9 million population. It seems to me that the missiles that we need to throw

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our social media to solve our narrative changing missiles,

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online, Palestinian flags,

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Muslims with 2 billion people,

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so we must be active on the internet. We must be as loud as possible. And let me tell you this once and be unequivocal and unambiguous in my directive, no one thought violence, but if someone

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comes to you, then you know, you can apply the reasonable force