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Lesson Four, from the level kindergarten nursery level for middles of the righteous for children, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, led to hassad do not envy one another

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this is one of the bad,

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the bad characters. And this is something that we can start to teach our child at a very early age that we should be happy with what we have. And we shouldn't look at others in a negative way. If our, if we see our friend has something, and we don't have, how do we react, and so it is important to treat it to introduce the child, the whole notion of love and good behavior, and to do the right thing. And that is important at this age to try and get them to use to what is good, and how to behave the best way the right way. And one of those ways is not to envy one another, and somehow find children at a very young age, they have the pure net natural

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fit for the quality that Allah has created in them. So they don't have that tendency for bad or badness or evil.

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So teaching them about not envying one another what is envy? Envy is when you are, you know, you see somebody else you see your friend has something and you wish that you had something, talk to your parents, you know, say to your daddy or mommy, you know, can I get this I would like this. And that introduce introduces the quality of you know, talking as well to parents and aerating Can I have this, can I do this, my friend goes out, so talk to your parents and inshallah your parents will either give you something that you need, or they will give you something which is alternative, but we should always be happy for our friends. Some of our friends will have nice toys, they will have

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nice clothes, so we should be happy for them. Because we've got clothes as well, we've got toys as well, maybe not same as what they have. But we have things as well. And we have to think about those people who don't have anything So Alhamdulillah we are grateful to Allah, that He has given us this. So you can incorporate a number of lessons into this picture into this hadith, and teaching the children that have the importance of behaving while doing the right thing and avoiding all those things which are not good for us which are bad. And that way in sha Allah, the child can also learn what is good and what is right and maybe you can also ask them what do you think is a bad behavior?

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What do you think is a good behavior and trying to reinforce the good behavior and trying to discourage the bad behavior?