Seeking Knowledge in Ramadhaan

Zakir Naik


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Dr Zakir How can a person seek knowledge during the blessed month of Ramadan seeking knowledge is a very good act. especially among different than there are various way the post mystic knowledge besides reading the Quran, which is recommended thing during Ramadan, a person who would even read the translation of the Quran, he should

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read the book of Hamlet. And as far as possible, he should read the book which I say the most authentic I did. The best is the portable Seta,

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which you can read that there's nothing like it that Is Buhari Muslim, someone that may The sooner Buddha would suddenly say

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these are the best standards and permit at least we should read the same books have added that there is disable Hurry and say Muslim. If time doesn't permit, at least you did the summarized version of say Muslim, or the summarized version of say Buhari, or at least read the Metallica like the Hadith which are common between Buhari and Muslim, he can read the book of the seed of the Prophet. And the best book on the feet of the prophet in English language is regular macoun. The seal nectar, which speaks about the biography of the Prophet, there, the book, on the seat of the Prophet is

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a book on homosassa limb by talisman. That's a good book, a person can acquire knowledge by attending programs, he can go to any organization, attend lectures, attend seminars, this will increase in knowledge. He can watch video cassettes of summit lectures of some programs, he can use audio cassettes, he can go on the internet, would Islamic websites would attend Islamic websites. So these are ways in which a person can acquire knowledge. And this is a good way of spending your time in the month of Ramadan, acquiring knowledge and surely you will be benefited and you'll get a great deal of reward. inshallah, inshallah all of those books, of course, you've mentioned are available

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in various languages around the world, so there's not really much excuse for somebody not to pick them up during the lesson after Ramadan. Dr. Zakir what is the term for SMA soloq mean? And what does it mean to be good to your family during the month of Ramadan? Normally, people have an excuse that because they're fasting, they seem to be tired, they seem to be as though they have been drawn properly device that you should look cheerful and happy. You should not look to be sad, should be cheerful and happy. And we should especially be good to your family and read more time to a family so that they get reward along with you. As far as with the other people. This is the month where

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besides the normal months, in this month, you should be extra good to the people, to your neighbors, to your friends, also to relatives to good deeds, forgive the Fords. Be happy with them, be cheerful. And we should also do the Fokker levy thing and plan our day in London so that we get the maximum reward.

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May Allah make it easy for us to be very, very good and righteous and good of character and follow Rasulullah sallallahu Islam the best of character during this blessing month of Ramadan