From Womb to the Tomb #2

Khalid Yasin


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Something from the earth

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mixed with water.

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He says First, we created up sperm and after sperm major into a clot of blood putting into the womb. Now think about that. Then after that we bring it forward as a nother creature. So it comes forward as a child, our beginning, then he says, After some time,

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you will die.

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No, maybe not some of you, not the poorest of you, not the weakest of you. But all of you will come through this process and then you will die. You know, whenever people use the word death, they use it like in a whisper. You say he died.

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The Quran says you are busy piling up, calculating,

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developing your careers, your money, your occupation, your wealth, until you visit the graves. And you say to yourself, is that it?

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I mean, 5060 years, scraping, struggling, scheming, live stealing fornicating jumping up and down, begging, working. And this is the end of it. And the people walk away from that grave.

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It's over.

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He calls us to go into another womb.

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Call the tomb. You started out in the womb of your mother and you wind up in the womb of the Earth called the tomb from the womb to the tomb

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I want you to say with me

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the simple words.

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The shahada,

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IL Allah

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Rasul Allah.

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Ash huddle

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and La

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illallah wa shadow

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anna muhammadan Abdul

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Salam Lavu alayhi wa sallam me