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The speakers discuss the importance of protecting people from evil virus and not hiding from it. They stress the need to speak out when dealing with kill-looking people and caution against giving advice to anyone without knowing what's in their heart and causing their emotions to become treasonous. The speakers also emphasize the importance of not giving advice to anyone without knowing what they are doing and finding a trusted person to share one's feelings with.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to tonight's

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daily check in

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say salam where you from

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and if you know the answer to today's riddle

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where's my salaams salaams and where's from?

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bushwa in Mississauga, Alec Masada Mohammed the law here but I can't do

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Nyla in Texas, so I lick my Sadam Rama to lie about our cattle

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Who else we got?

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If you're just sitting there if you can press the share button, press Share and just send it out to the internet either and see what happens. And let me know if you shared it. So I can give you a shout out how many zoom Sharif from the UAE Malik Masada has then Maharajah rock Malik Muslimah he Wiley komatsuna son email Alec Messina Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim from Guernsey

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Mohammed Ibrahim from Guernsey

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like Madame Wahiba

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Satish Anwar Alec Muslim Samiha is how are Alec Muslim

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buddy John Mohamed radical Muslim nor Muhammad dancy radical Muslim

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shoe May Allah in Dallas radical Muslim suggest soft Dalek Muslim, can we hit 100 people before

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the top of the hour if we do, we'll begin. Center Chicago I think misinformation London Wiley komatsuna thanks Azeem Amina in Minnesota Alec Messina. Oh, we're going to hit 100 before we hit the topic, all we passed it. Let's get started. Take one, a cinematic one. I'm Dilbert Academy Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while earlier Samuel Manuel la bad inshallah Tada at the end of this, I'm going to share with you the answer to the riddle. Let me share with you the answer to the riddle. I don't have the riddle in front of me. So you'll have to read it to the text there. So

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for the last two days, we have been talking about when the Prophet said a lot I sent him the anxiety that he felt and the and the fear that he felt when he received the first revelation when he received you know Jibreel Iris Ram came to the Prophet said a lot I sent him I told him read he was up in the cave in isolation for many days and then he came down and we spoke about the first thing that he said was a Maloney is a Milani cover me up cover me up and we did one of the one of our our daily huddles on weighted blankets and how to find rest and relief inshallah Donna, I spoke about some other ways.

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And then the day after, which was yesterday, we spoke about how in the Quran Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you're a Muslim million deaths that have come comprehended. And death.

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Comfort and the reaction was the middle common Leila Illa kalila. So in those two verses, the second thing that we saw after that was homeless stand up, and we spoke about how when you are, even though you're finding rest and comfort, you need to add motion, activity to this time of isolation, whether that's in taking care of your spiritual so getting up for prayer, moving around, or external, maybe it's to get up for work, do things standing up and add more standing and movement to your day in sha Allah Tada. So today, I don't know if this will be the last one that will share from the story actually, no, I actually have some more. But the next thing that we see after the prophets of Allah

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is Adam said Zen Milan is a Maloney when he said cover me up.

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He said to his wife Khadija, or the Allah horn, he said to her Lakota, Hushai to Allah and FC, I feared for my life.

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If I feared for my life

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now I thought about this. And maybe for females, they might express their feelings more. But a lot of times men don't do that. They don't, you know, they kind of like bottle up how they're feeling today inshallah Tada, the next thing that we're going to talk about is if you're feeling sad, or you're feeling you know what your emotions are, you should speak it out, you should speak it out. So the Prophet said a lot, he said, and when he came down from that mountain, he didn't say to her deja, leave me alone, let me hide, I don't want to talk about this. I'll just deal with it myself. He didn't say that. He brought in trusted people to, to his to his circle, he said, I feared for my

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life and her danger of Elon responded to the profits of alliances and, and even she took him to a cousin of her what aka even no fun so that you know, the circle, she would say, let's talk about your feelings and what your feelings and

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and that's a way to process it not to just hide this inside your mind. But to let it out. So I was once in the Netherlands, I'm going to tell you guys like two stories here. I was once in the Netherlands. And we were just driving through myself and Dr. Walid Hakeem. And and we were on this beautiful bridge is anybody here from the Netherlands? I think we had some Netherlands people here before.

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And on this bridge, there was a sign that, you know, right beside the bridge, there was a sign and I was really it was it's in the Netherlands language. I don't know what language that is. Maybe it's Dutch or something? I don't know. And I was really intrigued by this sign. And I wanted to know, what does it say? So I went in, I got my Google Translate, Google Translate has, you know, picture translate. So I put this up on the sign. And the sign said this, the sign said something to the effect of you are loved, please don't jump, you know, and then it had, it had a phone number to call. And so all around these places where people kill themselves, may Allah protect us and protect

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You'll see signs that say speak to somebody, you are loved, speak to somebody out of anything that could be said, those the request is please speak to someone, don't hide these feelings. You're not alone. There's people who care about you people that you should be speaking with. And that's not only if somebody went to the level of

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to the level of suicide, but even in our day to day, we need trusted friends trusted loved ones, that

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that you can speak out loud to them, what's your feeling, and I understand that not everybody when you speak to them, that maybe they won't have the tools to help you. Or you might save speak to somebody and then they make things worse, they'll tell you things like just suck it up. And, and and Tasha mela saying there's signs like this on the golden Golden Gate Bridge. There's actually those kinds of signs everywhere, where people you know,

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train tracks, bridges, lots of places have the mail as puntata protect. You know, what's interesting about these situations? In his book,

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in his book, what's his name?

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David and Goliath, what's that guy, Malcolm Gladwell, black, Malcolm Gladwell in his book, where he spoke about the issue of suicide. And he made the argument that suicide is location based, meaning that the person if you can talk them off from Golden Gate Bridge, don't jump or something like that. And you might think to yourself, well, they'll just go to another bridge, and do the same thing. So what's the point is actually, you know, studies show and the data shows that if you can save, talk the person down, they actually won't do it, they won't do it. Or if they don't have access to that bridge, they won't do it. You can look in his book and see more about it anyways. So we're talking

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about talking your feelings out loud to somebody that you trust and somebody that can help you and and let you process that inshallah Tada. Something I love about the sea of the Prophet sallallahu de Sena, is whenever somebody would do something really weird.

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The province that Allah and it and it's kind of obvious that this person made a mistake and it's obvious that they should be reprimanded. The prophets of Allah they sent me you'll see this this is a consistence in consistence under the prophets of Allah Islam would bring this person to the front, speak to them and say this statement province that a lot of you some would say, Matt Hamelech Allah had, what made you do this? I love that because I

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as I as I deal with, you know, life coaching and talking to people, I and let's suppose somebody's talking in a group, and I'm listening and somebody else is listening, sometimes the person who's beside me jumps to a conclusion and says, Oh, you're doing it because such as us, and I'll tell the person beside me, please keep quiet. We don't know what's in this person's heart. It may seem as if it's obvious, but it actually isn't. You don't know what's in their heart, you don't know what's in their head. That's why we fall into the profits of advice. And when we ask nahama llegada Why did you do this? Why, what caused you to do this? Or what led you to do this, if that's the center of

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the province that Eliason so as Imams? And as leaders, we should also not jump to conclusions until we've spoken to the person and say, Why have you done this? Now, I'm talking about talking about feelings.

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I give you an example of what I'm talking. So one of the companions when they were going to the conquest of Mecca, and one of the companions knew about it, and he sent a word to the people of Mecca that Muhammad said Allah Islam is coming, the Muslims are coming. So prepare yourself, and which is treason, and prophesize and Gibreel told them about this letter. And earlier, the aligners sent, he got the letter back, and then he brought back in hand in and so it's obviously treason. It's obviously treason. So so the prophets that Elijah Saddam said to him, now Hamelech, Allah Harada What made you do that? You know, you're a companion, this companion attended better tended

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all the battles with the prophesy some, why would you, you know, tell on us, which would cause like death to so many of the Muslim army and your muscle? Why would you do that? And this companion said, that I have family in Mecca that has no defense, and I hope that people have Metka would protect my family if I gave them this information. And I modeled the law I wanted him to wanted to execute Him, because He

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did treason and the prophets that alias him said,

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he said, Leave them alone. Amara, it may be that Allah subhanaw taala looked down at all those who attended bedden and said, do whatever you wish from here forward for I forgiven you, your promise Jana, and so on, what are the Allahu Anhu said, Allah, Allah, Allahu wa rasuluh Adam, and that should always be our attitude, Allah and His Messenger know best. So we're always asking, Why are you doing this? I'm kind of there are two different things. One is for us personally, we should speak what's really going on. And for somebody else, don't jump to conclusions with other people assuming this is why they're doing some something. And this is why and this is why they're not doing

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something. So I'll give you another example. This happened to me a

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long time ago, many, many years ago, I was in a masjid, I was new in a community and I kind of liked to keep quiet, don't like to rock the boat. And so I was leading the prayer, somebody pushed me to lead the prayer once and then I was inspired. So after the prayer, I gave a mini speech. I did one on my like a Facebook Live, if you will, after salah.

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Now the local imam in that place, was kind of really nervous about me kind of like speaking up and causing fitna like me or whatever. He was kind of freaked out. So I don't know why.

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Because I'm very charismatic. And if I open my mouth, Pied Piper, people will follow. So the Imam called me up on a very special date to me, and I was actually going to invite him to an event on this special day. And before I could invite him to the special day, he ripped into me, he ripped into me for speaking without getting permission from him. That's why he was really mad. He's like, Don't you dare come in my messages and speak up and it's not you know, this isn't that so he's telling me off. So at first I was like, you know, I was trying to defend myself. But then I said, Hold up, buddy.

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Hold up my friend stuff relationship, buddy. I said the Prophet said a lot. He said, I'm always asked the person first. What led you to do that? I this is some this is like a principle for me. Mohammed legata had and I told him you're a man. And you know, you shouldn't have accused me before you first said Muhammad Allah Allah, you're not better than the prophets of Allah Islam. So don't tell me what I did such and such for such and such a reason. Unless you first say Muhammad Allah gonna have what caused you to do such and such. What a merciful approach the prophets of Allah Allah Salaam. What a merciful approach the prophets of Allah, they said I'm had and if we adopted these

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things, and we understood the Sierra, I know we hear stories of this, you know, but actually going into detail pulling it out and applying these things, even with our children. If you're in your house before you

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accuse your child and tell them oh, you did this because you know you're lazy or you're the before you make an accusation, hold the child by the shoulders, sit them down and say, My Hamelech Allah herba what caused you to do such and such? What was what were you thinking in a nice way? Not like what were you thinking when you're not rhetorical.

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And so you'll see another one final example I'll give you is the story of Yusuf alayhi salam when he was lost to his father and his father would always cry and his feelings were known to his other sons. And so he and his sons would say that you're gonna keep crying until until you die.

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And then use his father said in nama school bethey was needed Allah that I complain my sadness to Allah Allah moment Allah him Allah Tala Mon, and even never lost hope. So he did speak his feelings, and but he never lost hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, which is also an amazing extra benefit that we learned there. Okay, so we're coming to our conclusion, here are some practical applications for this. The first thing that you want to do is find a trusted person that you can speak your feelings to, maybe sisters, you already have like a trusted person you can I know for, for brothers, this is really hard to speak out loud your feelings, maybe brothers, they don't like

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to speak their feelings or they don't have people who know how to process, you know those outward feelings.

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But it's important to find somebody safe, somebody trustworthy, somebody that can, you know, not try to give you advice and tell you this and that, but somebody that you can just speak it out. So find that person

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and start sharing how are you feeling today? How are you feeling today? How is it going today? What was the ups and downs, tell us about it, just speak it out loud, sometimes. That's the solution right there.

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Online, you have some groups, there is our own group, the DA versus COVID, which we set up, we did a open, visionary ask type of event. And that Facebook group is there and I said on the group, so we'd love to hear from you. So if you're feeling some fears, or you know, things that you want to discuss with people from what you're going through, you're welcome to post it there. Now maybe that's a little bit too personal, a little out there to posted on the group. But if you do Hamdulillah, you'll see that there's a lot of people that would be happy to interact with you and share with you and talk with you. The other suggestion that I would give if that's too personal, is maybe find a

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Reddit group Reddit, Reddit because you can go a little bit anonymous on that Facebook, usually your name is there, but

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on Reddit and maybe you guys have other suggestions for places where you can find anonymous groups and and support groups and just say hey, I'm feeling such and such and I need a little I need a little hug. I need a little love sending you peace and love all around the world. And that's it. I am done. Zach Allah Hi, anon.

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The answer to the riddle is the letter E and the letter E.

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What come what comes once in June? I think it's twice in November, and doesn't come in some other month. April, they'll answer is the letter E. Exactly the time for tuning in tomorrow on Java data. We'll see you soon. We start about five minutes before the top of the hour that's 3pm New York. But if we hit 100 people before the hour comes, we will get started just like that. So always be on your heels get ready for it. Inshallah. Tada Sokoloff Panasonic Rahmatullah.