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The speakers discuss the negative impact of promoting "medicals without proper values" and the importance of bringing in Islamic institutions and addressing youth concerns. They also touch on the difficulties of teaching Arabic language and the importance of learning the physical elements of Islam, including body language, social media, and belief in the holy spirit. The speakers emphasize the need for teachers to teach these elements and encourage students to use them as a tool for learning. They stress the importance of being honest and being clear about one's beliefs to avoid confusion.

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Our second speaker, I think needs little introduction is Chef Hassan Ali, born in the West Midlands and was educated in this country and completed his education later on in Bangladesh. I think many of us have probably seen him on islaam channel and listened to many of his talks, either on CD, or cassette and many conferences like this one. And I really, I think she has an ollie who Lee's little introduction so if I can welcome chef Hassan Ali to come and give us the speech. Exactly. last item

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rochman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Sallallahu taala he

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am about Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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It's wonderful to come to Birmingham. Because you get Mashallah you get a good reception, you really feel welcome when you come to Birmingham. Now, we've all got half an hour, so I'm not going to use any time in introducing anything more. My topic that I've been given is on the role of Islamic institutions in the society.

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In half an hour, it would be too much to try and bring in Islamic institutions as in all these Islamic institutions in half an hour.

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Within that I need to address the youth and is to address the young amongst and also the elderly amongst us because we shouldn't be as we shouldn't be. I think that the negative thing is for you to as one generation to start neglecting the other generations. Islam does not have that Islam as the professor lasma said, Muslim Durham, Silvana, Allah moussaka, qivana, whosoever does not have mercy on our young ones, and also recognize the responsibilities of our elders. So it's a two way system. He's not obviously for a seminar. So youngsters here.

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We've got a lot that has happened in our society, a lot of things going on a lot in institutions, a lot of bureaucracy, which I was just talking to Mawlana shatel, about just while we're sitting over there, but the bureaucracy in our institutions about some of the US as one great scholar, Abdullah bin Mubarak, he said, Well, I've said that Dena Lama Luka, what about Iran?

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Has religion been destroyed, except through the kings who have come across destroyed the religion, or the evil rabbis and the evil priests that have and that basically means evil imams that have possibly been destroying the religion of Islam. Nevertheless, to get to the point, the stomach institution that I want to talk about is one that is more most found in every single part of Britain wherever there is a monster is one form of this, it's called the Mk tub by the indo Pak background but it's also like a either weekend school, you have a weekend school or you have an after two hours after your normal school hours, two hours now if I could just have a show of hands of who's been to

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one of these either, either in the evening after you come from school when you were young, you went to one of these you're going to one right now or in the weekend you went to one or you look at total home or maybe it's by some upper down the lane somewhere. Martial Law, put your hands up straight pretty hands on martial arts almost as almost a good three quarters of you Mashallah, yeah, so I'm actually talking to the right crowd over here.

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I've been to one myself in fact, I've been to several myself and I've had the wonderful opportunity and beat Mila to actually run one myself for the last 10 years. It's known as suffer Academy I've only given the name last year of suffer Academy before that I just called it a matter because I'm really not interested in identity in making big hoo ha getting your advertisement out. This is who we are within this for your community. Please help us look what we do when none of that just just get down to the work that's what I'm really bothered about. Get down to the work get the work done. I don't know you know, Secretary and general and general secretary and you know once they get these

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names, the names have to go get some last questions you have to say the name goes with the cushion right the great the person is you know, they've got I've seen the chairs you know, the advertise executive chair chairman's chair, you know, soldier,

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but suffer Academy has been around for 10 years, and I've had some wonderful experiences with the students over there also, one year ago.

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During my Master's in educational psychology, which has given me another leap ahead in my

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in the in the knowledge to share really amongst us about our own society and to reflect in our society. Now the first and foremost thing of any institution or an institution is the teacher. The teacher is the main focal point he is teaching now what is he teaching? Who is he? Is he a person who's going to come? I mean, let's really ask a straightforward question. Did a prophet an RV, the Arabian Prophet Mohammed Lawson did was he sent to Persia

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was he sent to India was he sent to Canada was he sent to Europe with the Arabian language trying to get people to he wasn't he was sent to Arabia with Arabic is Allah Salam was sent to his place in Jerusalem with the language of his time musala, salaam Munson with the language of his time with Hebrew, Aramaic, wherever, whatever language that is, Allah says in the Holy Quran, Allah insha Allah, wa salam, ala rasulillah, Illa, Billy Sonico, me leanbean Allah who, we never sent a messenger except we sent him with a messenger with his own language, language of his own people so that he may clarify and be clear about the matter of the region. So, you know, I know this is

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phasing out, but for 20 years, this is this is where, I mean, if you're sitting here, you're 30 years old, you know, you're probably feeling the same thing as me. When you're 40 years old. You're sitting here, you're probably wondering, yeah, what why was it when we were in the 70s, or 80s, we went to these local mattresses. I was in Britain, I was British cultured, and I have this amount from Pakistan coming and sent him a part Saba, he thinks.

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I'm this guy. The first thing is, you probably see the frown on his face. You know, what one law you know, you think to yourself, how do I relate to this guy? How do I relate to this person? You got no clue about religion only and all his caring about his for his him to get his salary? Five years later, he gets his visa. He can feel he can bring his family over. I mean, I know a lot of this is facing out right now. Yeah. But the big problem has been 20 years of this we put up with in the whole of the 80s 70s, specially 80s. Part of the 90s was full of this. And this is the generation we're looking at who couldn't even speak the language. Okay, then we had people who started to learn

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the language, you know, how are you I am moderating and then, you know, the kids that grow up in a big society and then naturally they want to sort of take the Mick out of the because they think they come to mosque, and it was an unfortunate case, you know, decades ago, I think he's facing out again now as well, but the way they would treat it,

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the harshness in whatever for me, it was the way that they were treated. They go to school, a kid in the society goes to school, he says, you know, how are you Ahmed? Are you okay? Did you have a nice weekend? You know, you see the Basha, you know, and then when he goes to matza, casa, Del Mar tiki bar, a party, the

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emotions the face that he was, he wasn't my man. The promise was always had a smile on his face. Okay, so you've got the emotions, that personal functionalities teacher, is he only going to teach Sharia. Now I'm going to go to a wider scale, because I know most of these market most Islamic institutions, they're concentrating on teaching a few things. They all want to teach Arabic, they all want to teach general knowledge of Islam. They all want to teach Quranic recitation, some of them Unfortunately, they can't go beyond Quranic recitation. And all they care about is to actually start from the beginning Alhamdulillah somewhere and to get to Colorado to be nice. And then after

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that, it's you know, your local mustafi ties in your umbrella. And you're, you know, just to get it out because he's happy his dad's got, you know, I've got him over to the other side of the Quran. You know, I'm, I've done my job yet, but the actual fact is, what have you created? Why is this child taken away from you know, in the now in the new millennium, things have changed again, people are really getting down to Arabic teaching Arabic language teaching, which is wonderful. But one thing I want to say is that some of us know these kids are with us. 10 hours a week, seven hours a week, whatever it is, whether it's a weekend school or a weekday school, and they're here for a few

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years, some of them for three years, four years, five years. Well, that's all you got out of them. The schools outside that have got them for seven hours a day, times five, which is 35 hours. You calculate that there's no matching with the proportion in these few hours that you've got. Do you really want to teach him? Arabic where he's learning zaroff giraffe is done in a certain line. A certain line? Yeah. and killed in chimpanzee? Oh, yeah, whatever. The animals are colors. bennacer g purple color. And then he's learning that for four, maybe five years, then he goes out of your system. What has he taken from your Quran? Didn't you want to teach them Quranic Arabic didn't want

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you to get to the Quran. What's your system? Have you actually planned this out? I mean,

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I want you as parents, I want you as the new future generation. I want you to you know, make your moms do work you make them do

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you know that the moms are wonderful I'm not really you know, amongst moms are wonderful they're wonderful people they're there to work but their time is being wasted you know wasted with one people come to the mosque and a child to them of Galle mom do a good job I'd be there

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now Come on, let's talk about new stuff you know, sit down the time is being wasted through one through institutionalization through bureaucracy through them playing the politics of the local you know community they need to be have access to people like me and you and when you tell them you get Mr. West you planning with the scheme of work What are you going to teach my child what have you taught him the last year what are you going to teach them the next year you want to see in advance and not only that, but

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I've gone through many phases of teaching Arabic myself and and I must say I've tried these modern methods I tried the traditional method of trying to teach them through natural and self had fallen away may know that you know for alpha alpha alpha to maybe the natural collide and this this now I've tried the Medina system which may have been useful in Arabian Saudi Arabia but I don't think it's a it's a wonderful system maybe in this country when you start talking about this, the blackboard the pen, the whole book is just talking about the blackboard and the pen and the teacher and the the you know the Philippine that student has come you need to get down to the army so so one

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recent method that we tried was just straight off Quranic Arabic. We said you know what, let's scrap all these all these different Eric methods, let's go from Alhamdulillah onwards and Islamism onwards so that the students we said okay, you say valleca that Al Kitab book lowri no doubt fi in it, who then guidance limited in for those who are conscious of God. And we give them sheets that the memorize these sheets. So the next time we come to houden next time we come to right, next time we come to fi they expect you to know it, and hamdullah we've done about half of us of this and it's been wonderful because I turned that you know what gives me real pleasure is to turn the camera on

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anyway in the middle and say, I'm an Holocaust. amaravati we'll have one xylella comunista ma ma What does that mean? That this person this is from the 20 years of the Quran, this child looks at it and looks at it, Kevin said he can't or she can't work out a man. So she says halaqa madness to create created somewhat of heavens and earth. Well Angela and brought down lacunae for you, Mina sama from the sky and water. I think that's brilliant. If that kid grows up, even if he takes that child, a girl boy takes two three years of this chronic Quranic Arabic goes into the normal life because once they get into teenage life, they've got no links to the Islam that they need

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nourishment, they need nourishment, what have they got water taken? You know, what do they remember from the from the institution, this is something such as if they can relate to the Quran, if they can understand the Quran direct even even if it is not an Abdullah

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Abbas another way, a great scholar in recent times he has compiled and on the internet, you can get it on the PDF format. He's got 14 pages in 14 pages, he's put 80% of the vocabulary of the Quran in it 80% of the vocab in 14 pages, which is tremendous these kids I think if they do sort of Bukhara with me, they should be able to learn know, half the vocabulary. Now I'm not saying they're going to be scholars of tomorrow, but at least Allah had said law or analytic.

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I've made the plan easy for you for remembrance, are you going to take heat? At least they can take some heat. But nevertheless, part of what the what do you want to get total? So is your general knowledge in that I'm sorry to say I've got no little time to to try and say this maybe Malala might be generous and give me a few more moments, you know, make us do small amendment.

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But Sharia that needs to be to what is the Sharia that you want to teach? The teachers want to teach? Is it just the Elif? tatha? Is it just you know, some massage in some precepts about standing in prayer? Or is it that you're going to teach them first the etiquette that which is beliefs about that service of God and as a service, I don't say worship, I say service of God about that. washed up society marmelade dealings, dealings and monetary dealings,

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character development, CSR politics, these six things to just mention those again, those of you are taking notes, beliefs, service of God or worship of God of worship and service even from together martial art, which is societal development muamalat, which is monetary dealings and the correct amount of dealings in Islam o'clock.

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character development, and CSR, which is politics, all these six things unanimously have been agreed by all the scholars from the beginning of Islam till now that they are they are the fundamental components of our religion. And all six need to be taught some institutions You know, they're just they're just become spiritual and they can go to the to the physical elements, some becomes physical they can go to the spiritual, some teach Sharia they can come to haqiqa some teacher can come to Sharia, some will teach Islam but not enough, some will teach a man and Islam but not your son. And these are I mean, I really can't go into the details of these these from the famous Hadith. You need

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to learn the outer physical Islam, the inner spiritual Islam combined together you come to a level that is a sign that you serve God as though God is watching you. And if as though you're watching God and if you can't, then you know that God is watching you on top of the locker Nikita, Valium, Tara,

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you come to that level, this is the combination of your outer and your inner. Now, when a kid comes to the institution, you know, you tell us you tell a child, what's your hairstyle like that, we have no problem where have you got short back and sides, we've got a ring on your on your or your necklace around your neck or something or you tell a woman yo you should wear the hijab, you should wear the heater out outer with the inner, if the inner doesn't go with that, the minute they will leave you institution.

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The minute that you basically you have the child leaving the leaving the premises, they've taken away the headscarf away, if you don't get to the inner, and this is one massive problem. In this day and age, we are trying to force put Islam from the outer, we're not taking care of the inner, the inner is when the love of God enters into the heart, the love of the messenger shall hate them. He was talking about tawheed, which is the base and it's true. So hate is the base of all foundational religion. But with the tauheed you know, the shadow has got limited time. I'm sure he would expand it on this. But with that tool sheet, you also need to have not just chapters and paragraphs about

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God, not just about if you must be three things about God, seven things about the messenger, five things as a Muslim 10 things of Islam, da da da robotic Islam. I mean, it's not gonna really go down people's throats. With all of that you need haqiqa the teacher needs to be inspirational. The teacher needs to have a way of communicating from the mind communicate from the soul to soul. I mean, when they came to the Messenger of Allah, I mean, you know, I just went to Spain a couple of weeks back there was a there's a gym over there in a mosque.

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There was a there was an Egyptian Imam there, and he's talking about the love of the Prophet. And when he's talking about love, and we must love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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whoa, man, his love of the Prophet.

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We must love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was such a gentle person, you know, your expressions need to go with it. If this is kind of, you know, military Islam has given to people and even the gentle things you know, there's a gentle side of Islam, and there isn't military side of Islam. Let's not go to one side and discard the other. That's a big, you know, mistake that common people you know, people are making our time when the media gets attention about fundamentalism, you get people liberal Islam is peace, peace, peace, you know that. That's what Islam means peace. And then and then you know, when you have too much of peace going on, nothing happening when people will

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go to the other side. You know, it's nice to have some activities inside. Well, why don't you start from the beginning, give both sides. But when you talk about each side, have your right expression and you need to have your right it's not just about your words, it's about your character. And I remember one chef said in one talk, you're trying to teach your children love of Allah and His Prophet. Do they see that in your life?

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Do they see that it's something Do you think about your home saying and Marian when a cup of tea Ah, you didn't even cook for me this morning. And now I'm cleaning the baby I mean, I'm trying to Maryam berezina talk too much later to mom your husband right now and then your kid comes in front and you're trying to tell the kid you know kid you should always listen to your parents should be good to them to talk nicely to them. And you use if you've got a harsh tone and you see that every day from you he doesn't see peace in your life no peace in his mother's life his mother's running lucky and you know around the house like a clock a clock around the you know the hands of a clock around

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the clock she's running around the house that you're outside you know, you've got your children hurt you got your your big image that you will take care of and he's gonna grow up and he's gonna become like your prophet but he doesn't see it. You can tell him and your environment a Muslim, tell as much as you as you want because

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He needs to see. And that's another problem we have in our society. We need individuals to grow up with this in their lives, so that it can be interpreted naturally into children, children, you know, you want to get children to stop talking about their Real Madrid, their, you know,

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their football stars, their menus and the, you know, the Italian teams are you want to get to stop Southern going that direction? Well, it's us, it's me and you Who are we? What have we done for them? What are we showing them? Are we showing them just you know, some turbans and some hats, but inside there they can see what's going on. We've got turmoil inside our mind, you've got bureaucracy, we fighting with one another? Do you think that is really going to relate to the children? Do you think that that is something that they're going to

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So that's, that's one thing, so a child when he's growing up, so he's got his teacher, his teacher needs to teach him both the shalya and the happycar needs to come from his personality needs to come from the words his teaching and the character he has needs to be one. And that would then you know, come into the into the child's life the child has got

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if I just maybe one got about 10 minutes left.

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You probably tried to teach inside the institutions about sila, about the profit or loss of life, not all the Quran, Quranic teachings again, the teacher needs to be what Mona Cheryl said earlier, which is that we've got to give up, learn how to give up my Islam, my dad's Islam, my style Islam, my country's Islam, and the real prophetic Islam.

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I'm assuming that there are many Islam.

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Islam is of indo Pak does even even live in endocarp. You find you know, this Islamic group Islam, which Marcia who talks about, you know, mosques? Forget about it. Forget about the cultural baggage that you've got this messed up. You know, what we need to be honest, my Prophet, I see him he's told his congregation prophets, Allah loves them. He's talked about military, you know, actually, he's talked about, you know, getting people together, governance, politics, that is my Prophet, that is my religion. My Prophet sallallahu also is a lovely father. He's a lovely husband. He's a person who has Hasson Hussein on his back while he's in Sudan. He takes has a long to do. He's not getting up

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the Sahaba say later on. Why didn't you get up? He said, You know, I did not want to, you know, spoil spoil their fun. I didn't want to do that. My prophet also he has tears rolling down his eyes. He's affectionate. He will hold hands man, probably some of them. I mean, on the one hand, like she

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said, you know, the easiest time has a some points, non compromising situations, but it's Tom does have compromising as well. We need to be honest, when we teach our kids the Syrah, or the professionalism at one point yes, the messenger lesson did say to his uncle Abu Talib, he said they put the sun in my right hand, the moon in my left hand, I'm not going to give up my mission. at another point he's outside Mark I just come from if he's bled over there, they've tried to stone him he feared for his life in Makkah because his uncle Abu Talib has passed away, he seeks the refuge of a calf Isla de inhotim. And he asks for him to come over and give them protection in Mexican

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society. The Prophet is seeking amnesty, amnesty and protection from a capital.

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This just be honest with it, let's not get so rigid against you know, people who are

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broad and open about their progress in the last nine years of his prophetic life. He was under the protection of Abu Talib a coffee that died as a coffee. A non believer that died as a non believer but giving the promises and protection. Let's be honest about howard dean is so you know, to be open, to be honest. My professor Lawson had a terrible sofa in his Masjid, they used to sit down and do come, they say Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah but you know, not 100 times 100 and somehow Allah has hundreds 100 times and my profit has got howdy you know, the Hadith that we've got intimidate alone, you probably find 10s of Hadith is talking about this. For the

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purposes of say saying, say Subhana Allah this many times, say Alhamdulillah this many times. My professor doesn't have those people inside the masjid doing that my professors have also had like she has item and just said about Osama bin Zayed going out and you know, being a leader of an army. in Bihar, you will find that 20 years came and stayed with the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam for a number of days in the master the process on where he taught him how to pray at night. Now we've got all of this. So why should I be a teacher or I should be a person giving people religion and telling them that religion is only one sided? No, no, no, this convicted business it's better. Why? Why

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should I be dishonest? Why should I be dishonest and say, no, it's only spiritual. It's not this physical side. Why should that be dishonest? That's where we're getting a lot of trouble coming down because people are not being honest about the religion on all levels. I'm talking about from one end of Britain to another end of Britain and even if I go to the transcend Atlantic part, maybe in Europe, you look you'll find people are not being honest.

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Because their fathers taught them a type of religion they want to teach their teachers taught them a religion they want to teach they follow a man has a track that they want to teach. The institution has taught a tribe type. So they want to teach that I don't care whether it's Dale Bundy with brandy, Wahhabi, Salafi what you want to put down here, and to a kewanee, I don't care about the I want to know what my Prophet taught. And I want to teach my children Alhamdulillah in the suffer Academy that I've got in there, you know, there are brand new students coming, Wahhabi might have called them happy. I've never raised that in 10 years, I've had Shia students coming Shia students.

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And seriously, to me, it's Islam. You want to learn Islam, this is Islam. This is what I know about Islam from the province of Laos until you learn Islam this way, I don't care where you come from, what background you come from, and you know, people making a mess out of small issues, small issues and making a massive thing. Now the main factor after this is please say Monica, inshallah, the main thing after this is, once the student leaves, what is he going into when you're teaching the student? There's one book that many of us have forgotten. And I asked him the reason reasons check about this. And I was just asking, you know, where were we failing in the Muslim world? And is a

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wonderful, wonderful thing. He said, you know, many books are talking about one book isn't the Book of Life, the Book of Life is ignored, which means that you bring students into an institution, you teach them this is why religion to the bob books, papers can writing, and you know, drawings and posters and all of that wonderful, yeah. But when are you going to take the time out, to take them out into the society, or to allow them while you're teaching them and save them, go into your society, go and preach what I've taught you now, go to the Christians around, you go to the Jews around you go to school friends, tell them about the thing that you learned here, go see the sick

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gums, did the graves gone go to janazah unless students come back to you and interpret what they see. And it's wonderful, it's absolutely wonderful. You know, I've got kids they know, again, a year in year out histories from them, you know, my friend is an atheist. And I had a, we had a, we had a sort of discussion about Darwinism about evolution, all of that, and I teach them but I said, Look, we're not stopping here, I want you to go out there. And when you teach, it talks about evolution, you have to stand up and say, I'm not taking any of this, this is false. And you've got to prove that this is false. So I'm going to recently one of my students, you know, he said, you know, to his

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teacher, that you should read more of the Quran.

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And then, you know, the young kid about 12 years old, you should read more about the Quran. And she said,

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Can you really think and lambda, he's done some Quranic Arabic, so he said, Look, in the Quran, God says, Yeah, you Hannah's Oh, people are going to rub back on your Lord and Lady holla. I'm the one who has created you, one Latina, mean public among the people before you.

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So that you may have some awareness of him Allah Jalla wa, Camilla, Russia, the one who made the earth, you know, a place for you to walk on was Santa Barbara, and has made the sky a protective, you know, a roof over you. And these are like the evidences that the exact evidence is that he needs to say to that teacher, and a teacher, at least that teacher said, you know, I've got a copy of the Quran, but I've never looked at it the way you said it, there's so much that you've said in one single page that you've read out to me, this is the kind of thing that we need our students to do to relate to Islam to feel strong about it, give them scientific miracles, scientific miracles, let

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them discover that they discover science, tell them that in the Quran, in the Quran, there are things in the Quran that we have, we have known for 1400 years, which led just to discovering one of the recent things I used to.

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But anyway, the Book of Life, the Book of Life is something which they need to take out there and they need to start outside. Now I've only given thinking about institution of Islam in in in the small amount of time that I've got there are many other things which is you know, the the child's home, the child's home, the parents, the expectations of the parents, the child's schoolfriends the kind of language that they will share the environment outside the technology, all of that if I mean we've got we don't need to look far we've got the Quran I believe the Quran is enough, but please, number one, be honest about the Quran. Be honest about the spirituality and its physical side. be

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absolutely honest. When you when you start to preach the Quran, and preach the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as a person who's preaching and if you're a student here, you've been a student, and you haven't you know, something I'm saying to you is new. I would want you to go and rediscover your Islam, just call rediscover it. Well, you know, find books book I've never asked your scholars what book can I can read if you ask me. You know what book you

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You can possibly read

00:30:02--> 00:30:06

there's Islam the natural way, which is a good book

00:30:07--> 00:30:13

you can get that shows quite a few of these different sides of Islam Islam the natural way.

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that's one book there are. I mean, I wouldn't necessarily say to you just go straight to baja doesn't mean you need to have Islam given to you from abroad, sort of understanding that people who have got a broad understanding who can give you an Islam in the correct manner. There's a lot of hype and what I what I really wish is that we can start telling