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These women do not ride horses, meaning that they're not Knights or heroes. Whenever sexual immorality spreads amongst people, and they publicize it, there are going to be diseases and ailments every single day. 7000 Africans die as a result of HIV AIDS 10,000 movies a year that glorify pornography better than waiting for the illness to take place is that we try to avoid it.

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In the name

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over the assets hasakah we'll be delivering a speech on morality in Islam, which is an important issue among the Muslims and non Muslims

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especially among the Muslims, it has been, we all think

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otherwise, but it should throw a lot of light into the subject. I requests for the acid masaka to come and deliver a speech

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or initiate en rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala MV mursaleen shaffir and Muslim vino Habib Abdullah Al Amin. Ramadan sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi been upon hearing. All praise is due to a law and made his peace and blessings be upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I bear witness that no one is worthy of worship but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was his final and last messenger. My brothers and sisters as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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The whole issue of morality is of extreme importance, as the brother said.

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Now, what makes morality important is the following. morality is the set of rules and values and principles through which or by which we choose to govern ourselves, determining what is right, what is wrong, what should be done, what is not to be done, what we can do, and what are we supposed to abstain from. And because of the consequences of morality and the consequences of immorality, this subject becomes of extreme importance very quickly, it is moral to think that human life is very valuable. Now, the opposite of that is, it is immoral to devalue humans. So a moral person would have respect for human life, an immoral person would not have respect for human life. So now shala,

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you see the consequences of immorality and the blessings of morality? an equally important question is, where do we get morality from? For example, what you consider to be moral in India may not be considered mortal somewhere else. And in the West, what is considered to be moral or immoral, may be considered the very opposite, for example, in the east. So now we are faced with this question, Where do we get our morality from? Who gets to decide whether an issue is moral or an issue is immoral? Islam recognizes four sources for the whole concept of morality. Or maybe we can say three. Number one, it is revelation, by revelation, we mean what God said either through the Quran or

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through the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. And generally speaking, when you look into either the Quran or the Sunnah, very rarely you see specifics. Rather, what the Quran does is that Allah gives general commands, such as in the La Jolla mobile ad live in Essen, that Allah commands of righteousness, and justice, but it really does not go into details as far as what that righteousness is, or what justice is. And then the following verse or the following statement of the verse says, Why unhandled fascia a well known carry one party and Allah forbids all kinds of immoral actions, whether they be private or they be public. And Allah also forbids injustice or aggression

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against other people. So now we see in Islam, it is not only a moral obligation, it is also there is an additional meaning that is added to it and that is, it makes it a religious obligation. For example, keeping a promise, something that we have a problem with as Muslims,

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keeping a promise people will say that it is good for your business rightly so. It makes you an ethical person rightly so, it makes you a moral person rightly so, through, you show respect to other people, rightly so.

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However, in Islam, although these are all good, and these are beautiful incentives, there is an extra element added. And that is, it is not only right, but it is also a religious obligation. So now we see this is revelation, the second source that Islam recognizes, as a form, a source of morality is human reasoning. Remember, Allah created intellect for us for a reason. So we are supposed to put our intellect in the proper channels, we cannot put our intellect and vacation and you know, just hope that you know somebody else do the thinking for us, we have got to you our intellect, and part of the intellect is that it provides through common sense, what is moral and

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what is immoral. But now again, we are faced with another problem or with another issue, common sense, you know, it's very relative what is considered to be common sense in the East may not be common sense in the West, and vice versa. Evan Tamia gave a beautiful example to resolve this problem. And he said the following, he said, the relationship between revelation and reason revelation being ye are an Asana and reason intellect. He said, that is like the relationship between eyesight and light. And then he gave the example, if you put a person with perfect eye vision, in a very dark room, his perfect eye vision will not be of use to him or to her. So what

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that person needs for him to benefit of his perfect eye vision is that there is an element of light that is required. So he said, similarly, your intellect without that guidance of Revelation is like your eyesight in that very dark room, it will not be of any benefit to you, if it is not accompanied by godly guidance if we may use this term. So when we speak of the Quran, respecting reason, the Quran respecting intellect, we are speaking of the integral that goes parallel to the teachings of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the teachings of the Quran, the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it gets to be very interesting, when you see how people may misuse or use their

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intellect. We have a problem. For example, in the US, with people driving drunk, we call a DUI, driving under the influence. And these happen, usually they happen to be young men somewhere in their early 20s. The legal age for drinking alcohol in the US is 21. So what they did is that they said, Look, we have a big problem. With young men driving under the influence, we need to teach them responsibility, how to be responsible, so that later on, we can avoid having these problems. Now, it is a good thought it is a problem. And when we say this, we're not necessarily acknowledging the drinking of alcohol, but it is a problem and a problem that needs to be addressed. So one of the

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suggestions that we're given is this and listen to it carefully, you will find it fascinating. They said we need to teach them responsibility at an earlier age. And what they meant is that instead of the drinking age being 21, let us bring the drinking age to 18.

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Now this is very interesting. The idea is to teach responsibility by an irresponsible behavior. So now we are saying that in their 20s, they are not responsible. Therefore, let us make it legal for them to drink alcohol around the age of 18.

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It may sound good, it makes sense. But then it is not the kind of reasoning that is respected. Also very similar to that is that the Arabs earlier before the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would not allow women to inherit. And when the verses were revealed, Lisa masivo said that women have a share of what is left by the relatives, some of the companions came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And they gave what we would call a logical argument and they said prophet of Allah, these women do not ride horses, meaning that they're not Knights are heroes. They do not fight in the battlefield. What entitles them to inherit, you see the argument? They don't

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fight. They don't help in the protection of the tribe or the protection of the property or of the wealth. So now they're wandering and they're saying what gives them the right to inherit, and that was supposedly a logical argument. So we said that Islam does respect intellect, however, it has to be intact.

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Left originally that goes parallel to the teachings of Allah and the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Along with this source also, there is the common universal laws that are generally accepted by people. They could be a source of defining whether certain issues are moral or immoral. We're not looking for consensus of the masses here. But generally speaking, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say, Morocco Muslim una Hashanah.

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He said that when the community of believers decide that a certain thing is good, then it must be good. But now the question is, it is a community of believers when there is something that they have deemed to be good, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is saying that it is good generally speaking, because of where these people get the ideas and the facts from many times the community does not have to be a community of believers, there is that universal common sense or universal laws, for example, stealing is wrong. Whether you are Muslim or Hindu, Christian, a Jew, an atheist, they will notice stealing is wrong, murdering Islam, or what we would refer to as the 10

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commandments. In the Quran. In South Africa, we have 12 of them. But the 10 commandments are what we would call the universal laws that are also acknowledged by all people regardless of their creed, and regardless of the religion. Also one of the ways that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke of morality or immorality is by talking about the consequences of immorality, for example, in the Hadees, it was narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said one time young Nashville and saw, he was addressing group of people, he called them alongside and these are the people that gave him help in Medina. So he said one time he said, Yeah, Mashallah Lancelot. So

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everyone started paying attention. And then he said, hum. So Chris Arlen, into the,

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into the record, when he said, five trades, five qualities or five events, if they happen during your time, and I seek refuge in a law that they do not take place during your time, there are going to be five consequences of such kind of a behavior and listen to what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he said, if people are guilty of five things, then there are going to be five consequences that are very appropriate to these five events that are taking place are these five qualities. And he said the following, he said Mammon aka munakata, Amalia him, Ala Moana,

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Walla Walla, Baja him.

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He said that whenever people stop giving their zecca, their obligatory charity, that is the right of the poor, Allah is going to stop sending them rain from the sky, and had it not been for the animals, our love would have never sent a drop of water on these people. But here what we see is that morality goes beyond defining what is right and what is wrong morality exceeds and goes beyond the individual to say, what are the rights of other people and if you are fulfilling the rights of other people, then you are a moral person. And if you are neglecting the rights of other people, then you are becoming immoral. So he said, whenever the rich in the community do not fulfill their

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rights with regard to the poor of the community, then there is going to be a consequence for such an immoral behavior. The other statement that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, well, Masha heterotopia,

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will be here in LA to Louisville ammeraal, they will ask them to come see us laughing. And then he said, whenever sexual immorality spreads amongst people, and they publicize it, there are going to be diseases and ailments that are going to exist in that community that has not existed in previous nations. And we can see nowadays with all the spread of STDs, sexually transmitted diseases, how catastrophic that is, the condition that the process of love said is this. He said that sexual immorality has always existed, even during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before him after him during the time it has always existed. But here is the condition that he put,

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he said, whenever it is a spreading, and then it is made publicized, it is public, meaning that people behave immorally as we see as Muslims are no one says anything about it. He said that the consequence of this immoral behavior is that there are going to be ailments and diseases.

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did not exist before these people, but they're going to go in them now. And like I said, nowadays, I think the average is that every four seconds, every four seconds, someone is infected with either AIDS or HIV. Every four seconds in the world, someone is infected with HIV. This is crazy. 7000 Africans die every single day, every single day 7000 Africans die as a result of HIV AIDS. Now we're not being judgmental against the people that have contracted it. Maybe it was through blood transfusion or what have you. But the idea is, it is known to be an STD a sexually transmitted disease. And we can see how it is publicized nowadays, for example, where I come from in California,

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there is a city San Gabriel Valley, they call it it is the value of pornography where x rated movies are made. And the average is 10,000 movies a year are made

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10,000 movies a year that glorify pornography. Remember, like we said earlier, there is nothing with sex, per se in Islam. However, what Islam dislikes, and what Islam of course, is the way sex is commercialized. The way sex is limited to be an animalistic act only. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, You earn a sadhaka by satisfying your own personal sexual passion. So it's not sex that Islam is against it is the immorality, the wickedness that is associated with sex, and many times it gets to be very sad. It is not only when you have got the consent of the two adults, or whoever it is that is engaged in it. But when sex becomes a mean of trans action, you all

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know about the UNICEF on what they have done in West Africa, the workers that work for UNICEF, the united nation MISSION that is supposed to be helping the children of West Africa, the workers would hold on to their food. And they would say, if you want food, then what do you have to do, you have got to give us some sexual favors.

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And you also see how sex is used in wars, where to demolish the spirit of the other party, constantly, women are raped, it is literally used as a weapon to destroy the spirit, and degrade and dehumanize and humiliate the other party, you look more entered SubhanAllah. And you see even more wicked consequences. For example, in Uganda, I maybe I said this briefly the other day, but what happens is, you have a young boy or a young girl that was living with their parents, one of their parents becomes infected with HIV AIDS, then they can no longer work. So now these little children will have to leave the school and support their family, another uncle or aunt dies, and then they

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have the children of the other uncle or aunt coming in and moving with them. They are so poor, and now they're becoming even poorer. Or look at it the other way. You have a teacher that contracts HIV AIDS, he can no longer come to school. So a class of 50 students does not have a teacher anymore. So now the teachers are not coming to school, the students are not finding anyone to help them in their schooling. So now schools are closing down

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because of such an action, but please remember, it is not the sex part that Islam abhors or Islam is against it is the way it has been practiced. And you can see again, the way it is being publicized, read in the form of pornography, we see it in the form of pictures with whatever it is it has gotten so low and it has gotten so wicked, it is unbelievable. I was listening the other day, and they caught or they arrested this big huge ring, not of any kind of pornography, but they were involved in children pornography.

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And now people are asking, Is it the constitutional right of people, whether they want to practice something like this or they do not simply because of this. See in the West, what happens is that there is so much that is given as the rights to the individual at the expense of the society.

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We as an individually have got so much right, but your rights are affecting the over all moral caliber of the society. Now in Islam, it does both. it respects your right as an individual, but not at the expense of the moral aspect of the overall society. So drinking in your house is one thing but being drunk in public is something else. What

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happens is, and this is a very interesting point, Islam wants enormities cupbearer enormities major, big huge acts of wickedness to remain as such in the eyes of the public. And that is why the Prophet peace be upon him said, if you are guilty of something, do not come and publicize it, it is a form of hypocrisy, by the way, it is a form of hypocrisy, no argument there. However, this form of hypocrisy is the lesser evil than this society losing its respect or the way it feels about enormities, for example, you have got nowadays it's been happening all over the US, you know, what happened was Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Now, the argument is used at school. You know, when

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scientists, sociologists, they go around in high schools, they're asking questions, you know, they want to see the average age of a boy and a girl being sexually active. And they asked, what do you do, and they all refer to Bill Clinton, as you know, doing what he has done. And the argument that is used is, if the President can do, then I can do it. Now, what happens is, let's say if the Imam or the chef or the scholar is guilty of something, people will say, Oh, the scholar is guilty of this, the Imam has done this, the chef has done this, I must not be bad at all. Because if these people are doing it, then I must not be the terrible person that I fought to be. So what happens is

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for enormities, to stay as enormities, they must not be publicized.

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And that is how society keeps itself on a check of morality. Because again, if you say, well, this person has done so this person has done so what happens is that we become very decent size, we become very numb, we become very cold towards, for example, nowadays. And it's funny, because the way people do it is usually they use very fancy words to do that. It is known that people cheat on their wives. It just happens so many times, oh, he's cheating, he's cheating, he's cheating, then gradually, what happens is that it becomes expected, it's no longer a surprise to most people. Why is this because people became very decent sized by it. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam tells us about our measurement, and measurement or a standard reference point that we can use to see whether we are faithful or not. He said, Whoever sees monka monka is a morality, it could be in the form of injustice in the form of wickedness in the form of whatever it is, he said, Whoever sees a morality, they should do something about it, they should either eradicate it with enhance, they should either speak against it, and if they're not able to either eradicate nor are they able to speak against it, because of their circumstances. What do they do? Nothing. No, he said they should at least denounce it with their heart. When was the last time you pass by a wine shop,

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and you denounced it, as almost all of us we have seen a wine shop. Now, when was the last time you saw a wine shop, and you just became so irritated by that, because of what you know, alcohol is doing to people.

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But the idea is, what is it that is happening, you pass by it every day, you see it's a wine shop, you see people standing in line by it, then what happens? You get used to it. That is the nature of man. If you what happens is that when you are constantly bombarded with it everyday, everyday, everyday, you tend to accept it, or it no longer has the effects on you than it did before. And you've seen that people usually notice see, they don't give you an enormity, all at once. Rather it is done very gradually. You can see with TV, it does not start right away. But rather they wean you into it like they when a baby, little by little gradually here and there so that you become at least

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if you are not fully accepting it. At that point, you become complacent with it, you know it no longer bothers you. And that is why Islam says that it is not enough that you only be a moral person, but you should also be an advocate of morality. And you should stand in front of immorality, be proactive and to not be passive. You cannot say it's wrong, and then to not do anything about it. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will speak about communities and how they are going to lose how communities are destroyed as a result of this kind of immorality. Like for example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the destruction of the children of Israel started was

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what said that it started with a morality. You know the relationship between men and

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Women in Islam we believe that there should be a gap between men and women, there should be a distance, an emotional distance as well as a physical distance. Not that we are afraid of one another. It is just the nature of men and women, when women are attracted to men and men are attracted to women, and Islam is a very pragmatic, it is a very practical religion. It does not wait for things to happen, and then advocate, you know, does not for the illness to take place, and then prescribe the medicine better than waiting for the illness to take place is that we try to avoid it before it takes place. And that is why it's the advocates what it does advocate. But immorality is

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not only in the form of lust and desire, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam goes on speaking of the consequences of immorality, and then he said in the same Hadees, in the same prophetic say, he said, and then whenever people are not honest, in their measurements, when they're doing their plan is action, Allah is going to give the domination alone is going to make their enemies prosperous for Kudo, Baba Murphy ID and their enemies are going to get a hold of what these people possess. Let me say this one more time, so that whenever people are not honest in their transaction, in any form, it comes in the form of money when you are selling when you are why, because it is immoral, you should

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be as honest as possible when you are selling or buying or there is any transaction that is taking place. He said whenever people become guilty of this, what happens is that and people know about it, they all become complacent to this morality that is going on. They don't do anything about it. It is their enemies that are going to be prosperous at their expense. He said, Yeah, we'll do it, they will take some of what these people possess, they could have been enjoying it, it could come in the form of oil, it could come in the form of cheap labor. It could come in the form of intellect, where instead of you spending it on your own place, your own country is going somewhere else. But here the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is speaking of a different kind of morality that people usually don't pay attention to. You know, when when we usually speak of a morality, it has to do with our behavior towards the other sex, but that's not where it ends. Islam takes you way beyond this point, my brothers and sisters, and then also the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaks of injustice. And he said, whenever people ruled by other than what Allah has revealed, then he said that the people who are going to lead are will be amongst the most oppressive, they're going to be amongst the tyrant, and they're going to torture the people that they will, again, simply the question now,

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or the point is this, you see a morality you have an obligation towards it, my brothers and sisters, and Islam and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stands for morality. You know, it is so beautiful, the way the process alum spoke and advocate for Islam, and he said

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to me, Mama Carmen, I was sent by Allah subhanho, wa Taala, to complete the perfection of good character, or the perfection or good manners, or the perfection of morality. He is summing his mission. He said, My mission is about spreading morality in all aspects. And again, we said, the prophet SAW Selim, whenever he speaks, he speaks in these general terms, so that any act of goodness will be considered to be a religious app, no matter how secular it may be, no matter how personal it may be, the idea is about morality. So it's not enough that you only be moral, that make sure that we are advocates of morality. Let me tell you about some of the immoralities that are out there in

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the community, what people are not aware. And remember, we're not talking about the obvious, because they say that which can easily be seen by the eye is easily usually is easily missed, it is not seen. It is so close, yet it is so far. You know, we mentioned some of it be the issue of divorcees with the issue of honor killing and again, it really does not matter who is guilty, it really does not matter whether these people are Muslims or non Muslims, it does not matter, when you see wrong in your community. Unless you do something about it, it is going to creep into your own community, you cannot say these are the problems of the non Muslims, these are the problems of this party or

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this part of the nation. That is not islamically acceptable, because it does not concern you it does not mean that it should not be corrected. Rather whenever you see wrong, you've got a moral and an ethical obligation with regard to that which are about the divorcees and how they are dehumanized about the widows again, and how they are unwanted of AIDS patients and how they are outcasts by the community about reverse that do not necessarily sometimes receive

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The same amount of respect as other people do about prisoners that are being put praised wrongly and justly for political gain. And the community is not doing anything about it. What about them who's speaking on their behalf? Today it is him or his her. But then what happens tomorrow when it is your turn or her turn, was going to speak on your behalf.

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And that is again, why we say morality is not just you being moral or you being good, you must be an advocate of that goodness, you must involve that mission. My brothers and sisters, you know, maybe we have repeated this so many times. But we said that as a Muslim with pride, it means that you are holder of right. Part of the obligation that you have as a holder of right is that you see into it, that you contribute positively to humanity. And there is nothing better absolutely nothing better than help the area around you, wherever you may be in making sure that you are a strong advocate of justice, and you are a strong advocate of morality, and the province has elements in it duck

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Allahumma, Puente will accuracy yet and has an attempt to harm Holly Vanessa before looking handsome. He said that a tequila hyphema can't be conscious of Allah, wherever you may be, does not matter. you're traveling you are at home, what have you for morality is not what we do in public. morality and ethics is what we do when no one else is looking at the law. Well as Seattle has an attempt, and if you are ever guilty of doing something bad, then make sure that you rectify for it by doing something that is good. And this the processes have said we'll wipe it away. So as a Muslim, you are always engaged constantly in the concept of Islamic directives.